9/11 Activists create newspaper to cover 9/11 Truth.

Rock Creek Free Press

Rock Creek Free Press will release its first issue to coincide with the Jan 27 Peace March on Washington. While the paper is not exclusively dedicated to 9/11 truth, it is one of the main topics we will cover. The first issue has no less than 5 articles on 9/11, including articles by Webster Tarpley and Wayne Madsen. In addition, Cynthia McKinney writes about the need for impeachment, while Louis Wolf writes about the looming conflict with Iran, and much more. Read it now at http://RockCreekFreePress.com.

Most of the first press run of 10,000 copies will be distributed at the January 27th peace march on Washington, but copies of the paper will be available to interested 9/11 truth activists across the country. To get your copy, visit the RockCreekFreePress.com website and click on SUBSCRIBE. I will send you a copy of the paper at no charge and with no obligation.

We are already planning the next issue which will be dedicated exclusively to 9/11truth. We are designing that issue to be an educational tool for 9/11 truth groups across the country. The newspaper format permits us to produce an expansive and powerful educational tool at a very low cost. If that sounds like something your local 9/11 truth group would be interested in, please contact me through the website, RockCreekFreePress.com.

If you would like to write, or you have already written, an article about 9/11 and would like to have it published, there is a place on the website for you to submit your article. If your 911truth group is planning an event, or you have a book, DVD, T-shirt, bumper sticker or other product useful to the 911truth community that you would like us to advertise, that too can be submitted from the website.

With your support, I intend to publish "The Creek" as often as I can, and make it available around all the power centers of Washington. Even if the Senators and Congress people don't read it, if their cab driver, the doorman, waiters, and others around them do, it can't help but have an impact. And who knows, maybe even congressional staffers and a few lawmakers will have the courage to pick up a copy.

Please visit the website and help support the RockCreekFreePress.com

Come to Washington this weekend to demand the truth. dc911truth.org has all the details.

Matt Sullivan, Editor@RockCreekFreePress.com

Very cool...

I just printed my first copy.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002


Now that's what I'm talking about!!

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

This is GREAT NEWS!!!

Finally we have our own media. I just downloaded the PDF file and read some of the articles. All I can say is Great Job!! I also noticed they posted a link to this site! This just made my day.

Very Impressive...

Great Job all at Rock Creek Free Press !!!

Good luck and well done :)

Nice Idea!

Hope they get rid of the PDF files!
To slow! Html is easier and faster!
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PDF is by far the best choice for printing...

Complex formats (like this newspaper) are very difficult to present in HTML.

Hope that explains a bit

I'm loving this!

Let's spread the word!!!

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Great job, Matt

Very exciting - congratulations on the first issue.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Way to go!

I am a most happy truther right now. Awesome concept and implementation! You missed some typos in there, but apart from that it's perfect!

Kudos ....but

Formatting problems made the one front page article nearly impossible to read.

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