my personal stories of activism

I don't know if this is activism, but this was my initial reaction to 9/11:

In autumn 2001, I called in to NPR Seattle and asked a question about why the planes weren't stopped. I can't remember the show and could not find a link. My recollection is that this guy was being interviewed, but I could be wrong:

I wrote this letter, on my own time, because I thought it was the right thing to do:

I now feel like an idiot for wasting my time on this, but at the time, it seemed like the right thing to do.

After that, I don't think I did anything about 9/11, but it has been on my mind. I know I was speaking out about and marching against the war during this time, just as I had spoken about and marched against the bombing of Serbia.

In 2005 or 2006 I joined a listserv in Seattle about 9/11, and they announced a meeting about 9/11 on 10/28/2006. Judy Wood, Morgan Reynolds, and Wayne Madsen spoke.

I don't remember anything Wayne Madsen said.

Judy Wood's talk was very interesting.

Morgan Reynold's talk struck me as a load of disinfo The planes, anyway. But I had spoken to him before his speech, and he seemed like a straight-up guy, and he said he had a paper on the Internet.

So I looked at it, and did what I thought was necessary to validate his "crazy" idea, and now I agree with Dr. Reynolds. Not all of his arguments, but most of them, and his conclusions.

So I have been writing about this. My me me mine.

Dwight Van Winkle

Good Werk!

"and now I agree with Dr. Reynolds. Not all of his arguments, but most of them, and his conclusions."

That's brilliant activism there pal. Surely you're a student of SDS and MLK? Your ingenious tactic of attempting to dispute the basic laws of physics puts the Boston Tea Party to shame. Personally, I think we should all embrace these controversial but bold methods, pushing "no planes" and holograms to newbies. If possible we should also push space beams and UFO's. We can have a whole army of dipshits for the next anniversary!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

PS: I'd like to utilize this

PS: I'd like to utilize this otherwise worthless piece to showcase the marvelous moderating methods of 911blogger. The above piece by Ninjy about no planes activism was received with enthusuiasm -- while the following -- a basic attempt to warn folks about the legacy of tabloid journalism, the potency of disinfo and the toxic legacy of Generoso Pope -- was rejected.

Good werk dz!


"As pointed out in Grossed-Out Surgeon Vomits Inside Patient! An Insider's Look At Supermarket Tabloids, by Jim Hogshire, a study by Deborah Gruenfeld revealed that headlines tend to influence people's beliefs to a degree which makes the articles nearly worthless in value. Further, tabloids only trail marginally behind mainstream journalism in terms of believability (which, considering the equally disgusting level of deceit in both, is quite understandable.) Thus, the best way to influence public opinion is not through well-reasoned and well-written articles, but by having headlines with sensational - and thus attention-getting - claims shoved in the face of the most number of people. Like, say, at the checkout counter of a supermarket.

The founder of the model for supermarket tabloid publishing was a man named Generoso Pope. In 1951, as Mr. Pope would readily admit in his own "Who's Who" Biography, he worked for the CIA in their psychological warfare division. In 1952, he bought the Hearst-owned New York Enquirer (he changed the name to The National Enquirer) and started his media empire, supposedly independent of his lone one year stint (or so he claims) in league with Langely. Pope financed the purchase via a loan for twenty grand from mobster Frank Costello, who also happened to be godfather of Pope's children. According to Pope, the loan was at "zero interest." Thus, the beginnings of tabloid journalism have the predictable intelligence/Mafia fingerprints all over the place.

In retrospect, it all makes sense. At the time, the CIA plot known as Operation MOCKINGBIRD was in full effect, an attempt to put it's bloody tentacles over the entire korporate media apparatus, an attempt that has clearly succeeded. But as any expert of Machiavellian plots will tell you, to truly kontrol something, you also must kontrol the alternatives. It should then be no surprise that suddenly the supermarket tabloid popped up, to give the masses a false option of "choice". By being an option that is so easily discredited, it somehow manages to reinforce the "legitimacy" and "integrity" of mainstream korporate journalism. The tabloid also serves for middle America as another kontrol mechanism, the pages filled with a reactionary ideology that is disgustingly racist and sexist, which explains why tabloids regularly have been propaganda mills for the ruling klass. And finally, the tabloids are the perfect place to throw a legitimate story that the elites desire to discredit.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

I agree

The no-planes theory is clearly disinformation.

This new attempt to repackage it under the auspices of legitimate sensible research - yet again - is doomed to failure - given the history of those people responsible for promoting it - in addition to the utter lack of credibility of the core argument itself.

theoretical physics could make the case that an elephant could hang off a cliff by a dandelion.

Ningen is free to post his voluminous blogs attacking Dr Stephen Jones - and claiming complex physics and graphs and photos to prove that that elephant COULD be hanging by a dandelion - but, i think its clear that this particular brand of disinformation has run its course here at 911Blogger and has been effectively neutralized.

what is important to remember is that this research has not only been 100% debunked by the self-evident nature of its own basic premise - but by the virtually thousands of eyewitness accounts at ground zero who saw the planes themselves.

Furthermore, the outlandish behavior of those researchers (like Nico Haupt) responsible for this disinformation campaign - who have attacked members of this movement relentlessly - are also responsible for fronting one absurd theory after another - no planes - mini nukes - space beams - pods - and accusing every legitimate researcher of being a spook or spy.

so - now they trot out Ningen - the physics expert - taking yet another stab at selling us this same old disinformation?

i think this is valuable in that it demonstrates that there is indeed SOMETHING that these disinfo artists are indeed trying to hide.

Show "Like I thought, punk" by Ningen

Do you feel lucky...

Like I said

You have nothing. Nothing.

Ok I'm posting this so

Ok I'm posting this so people can see just how ridiculous and crazy Nico's "research" is;

9/11 Truthling Cult Infiltration Watch Pt.3: The MIT-AI -9/11 Connection

By ewing2001,

9/11 Truthling Cult Infiltration Watch Pt.3
The MIT-AI -9/11 Connection
By ewing2001
December 08, 2006
(Draft v.1. -Version 2 will be released later today, maybe with a statement of Judy Wood)

UPDATE: Addendum aka Chapter IV (12/08.06, 9:45 PM EST, UPDATE: 11:16 PM EST, UPDATE: 0:03 AM EST 12/09)

...of course the 9/11 Truthlings do not bother reading or commenting Pt.3 of this series, with more bold facts on the table...
Especially if it is released too close after Pt.2 (Pt.1 is here).
Especially if its a about a simulation about 9/11, which also included the artificial exchange of research and cyber activism on 9/11 and was written as a program years before 9/11.

This thesis is about a classified MIT/DoD Program, which is now backed up by at least one Reality, *this* article *here*.

Was that a surprise anyway, MIT? Did you expect this too? (NOTE: I received an email from a close 9/11 Scholar Correspondent, who pointed out, that he got lost after Pt.2 of this series.
He wrote, that "your conclusion seems to be that virtually no one can be trusted, because they all have their own agenda".
This 9/11 Scholar however misunderstood the article.
I'm not Mr. Paranoid Fintan "Tavistock Dupe" Dunne or the cheap version of WING TV and similar "hunters"!
I wrote back to him by saying, that "it's not about distrust or paranoia but analysis of the system and concept.
At the TOP are only 6 people right now. That's not much. [They have to be disabled].
Maybe Chapter III will bring final light into all this...)

(NOTE 2: Don't even expect that 9/11 Scholar and pseudo religious scientist David Ray Griffin cannot be replaced by another "god".
He can. There are several "truthers" of his kind around.
One of my latest candidates is Francis S. Collins. Collins was recently promoted on the Colbert Report. He's a former awardist from Bayer Corporation, a theologican, who has Ph.D. in chemistry from Yale University.
He's also musician and professor of internal medicine and human genetics and for sure a MIT Futurist Geek.
In Perp Year 1993, he was appointed director of the National Center for Human Genome Research at the National Institutes of Health.
This year, he released a book called "The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief".
Watch out if people like him talk about the truth on 9/11. But i'm sure the MIT 9/11 Perps have tons of folks like him.

If it comes to a "bizarre" 9/11-MIT connection, most 9/11 Truthlings think otherwise and even my very closest circle doesn't know what i am talking about. It is either "toooo geeky", "way out there" or even already TREASON to talk about it by using their tools, or also described as "Monsterhouse" or '...whatever'.

How ironic or hipocrite (sp., see Dutch Spook RoyMcCoy) to talk like that, since EVERY 9/11 'movement' member OPERATES(!) on this very same military MIT-DoD Internet!!

I called this the classic response of a "digital limited hangouter" and i call myself a DLH as well and potential truthling of the future, since i often was sabotaged and/or disabled with my tools and had to compromise way too often, also depending on someone else.

And here is how UNTERMensch 9/11 Truthling (do you want me to talk like that, MIT 9/11 perp?) thinks about *us" multiple personalities:

It is either version 1) of their own misconstrued (sp., f*k [english] language, see MIRC chat lingo!) Reality:

It is *Haupt, Holmgren, Grable*, who must be "crazy". As suggested by many, i.e. also 9/11 Truthling Manic Dem Bruce Styles, one of the most rabid 9/11 Truthlings on, but ironically a hiphop fan like me.
Did the perps pick him for me, to trigger my negative emotions? If so, the perps tried that also with Eastman, Jonathan Gold and Kyle Hence before, all 'music empty'.

Since i am also an electronic music fan, especially drum n'bass, where is *that* truthling for it yet, dumbasses?!

Or version 2):
Haupt, Holmgren, Grable *must* work for German-, Australian- and U.S. Intel.

It is "fascinating" (Spock, X-Files, Twin Peaks, Buchowski, GG Allin, SEXBOX Munich etc..), that most 9/11 Truthlings are even too stupid or ignorant to express this concept 2! ....

more at

* Posted on: Sat, Dec 9 2006

Some of the most entertaining and sometimes also disturbing examples of the past:

1. Bill Douglas (911Visibility), who called Haupt an "agent" and "ContelPRO". Douglas did indeed use this spelling. Obviously he didn't even go to Wikipedia to look up the history of Cointel Pro.
Douglas also doesn't know that the meaning of an "agent" on Cyberspace is something completely harmless and has to do with digging digital skills. In that context i *am* an agent and don't feel insulted at all!

The MIT Software Agents Group furthermore describes "agents" as a team, which investigates computer systems to which one can delegate tasks.
Software agents differ from conventional software in that they are long-lived, semi-autonomous, proactive, and adaptive.
Are we agents in a cognitive sense of the MIT Lab? Yes, we are. Anyone who wants to argue with me on that, please welcome.

2. Multiple disorderded Dick Eastman thinks that Haupt is a Nazi, Zionist and 9/11 Perp at the same Time. The perps picked him for me in the first years after 9/11, to trigger my emotions, especially reg. Zionism or getting distracted with the analysis of his person.
It actually worked in the first years.
The perps also picked Hence and Ruppert to sabotage my research and activism. It worked successfully too.

In the latest multiple obsession of Eastman, he claimed that Haupt meanwhile works either for austrian- or liechtenstein secret service (?)!
Eastman's attacks are obviously rarely *really insulting*, but the result of his multiple disorder, who is himself sometimes also ghostwritten by his former Webmaster Mark "Butterhead" Bilk.

3. "Agent" John Albanese attacks Haupt openly on as "CointelPro" and even tried to call the INS on him to check his immigration status.

This is an illogical character assassination strategy of Albanese, himself however also linked to some multiple disorder.
In one case it is a construct by someone called, that Albanese allegedly works for Canadian Intel. But Albanese's "strategy" is indeed completely illogical:
*If* Haupt would be illegal in the U.S., wouldn't the INS protect him, after informed by the indirect line of the 9/11 Perps?

Or would they do the opposite and trick him out with a very sinister honeypot connection? Did they?

Albanese is either so dumb like fish or cointel-pro concept himself.
However we know he isn't that dumb at all and a slick limited hangouter at least.

4. Many 9/11 truthlings think that *Haupt, Holmgren, Grable* must be nuts, wacko, retarded, crazy etc...

Think about these attributes! Are they really insulting and disable or debunk our research?
Maybe in the brains of extreme dumb 9/11 Truthlings.
But in reality these are weak attempts to escape from the argument and evidence, we all 3 presented in the last 5.x years.

5. Webster Tarpley thinks that Holmgren is "poison", Haupt must have read the wrong philosophers when he was younger and Grable, ...well i forgot what he had to say about her.
Apparently Tarpley *must* say all these things to build an own buffer zone to expand his own fanclub, or he indeed turned into a neo-larouchian version of a new worldwide cult?
Are you on revenge tour against Lyndon "StarWars" LaRouche, Webster?

Is that the reason, why your intellectual ego couldn't resist to support 9/11 TV Fakery at one point?

Why did you sell out Webster? Is it just the lack of money?

6. Compared to the rabid 9/11 Truthling Generation of 2006, former less rabid Gatekeepers like Kyle Hence said about Haupt: "Saboteur" and similar attributes.
Sabotage? Of course an Orwellian Concept is indeed sabotaged by me, especially "Special K" activism, the worst form of sabotaged pseudo activism itself,
see also my YOUTUBE Interview from RadicalPragmatist, in which i ironically look like Charles Manson. It must have been my brain cells, influencing my skin apparatus : )

Do the perps want to turn me into a suicide commando, Vendetta or terrorist or cancerize me with Polonium 210-cigarettes (True Blue?)?

Hence said similar things on so called "sabotage" about Holmgren and Grable as well.
He must know why. He once worked for the Soros family!

7. Obvious Spooks like Ruppert, Schwarz and others called us 'spooks' as well.
It is logical that they cannot reach out for other attributes.

8. Former 9/11 "truth candidate" Craig Hill occasionally sides with Haupt, but calls Grable and Holmgren "agents".

Hill's logic is illogical as well. If Grable and Holmgren are "agents", Haupt *must* be too.
Hill isn't able to grasp the whole amount of our research and therefore prefers a limited hangout to insult our 'intelligence' and his own.

9. Most idiotic Hangouter Jonathan Gold doesn't even know the work of Grable and Holmgren and concentrates therefore on Haupt aka ewing2001 only,
which he sometimes calls a "damager of the truth".
In case of Gold i can only detect a very low level of IQ and the worst Cult Victim of all of them.
I analysed also his language in videos and audios. I believe he has no self-confidence at all and possibly was rejected from many friends when he was younger
and sees "9/11 Truth" as THE chance to build an ego, desperately overpromotes any kind of 9/11 hangout crap, to become a "truth hero".
First i tried to feel sorry for him, then we both literally tried to beat up each other in NYC but when we finally met, we ironically both chickened out,
which is fun, because he's much stronger than me and mighy have won a box fight in the third run. Then again , Gold is also a Vendetta type and threatened to kill me once. Maybe that's how the FBI 9/11 perps will set us up one day.

But some 9/11 analysts and -decoders even give Gold more credit and think he's the best shill of all of them and works for either IntelOps of Howard Stern or the Porn Industry.
I couldn't figure out yet, where *this satire* was created.

10. Shill and Daisy Committee "" tried to deconstruct our argument in some endless bot-a-like constructions.

But Holmgren won. I was second. He never beat Grable either.

10. The Orwellian Axis of Evil incl. Bowman, Prof. Jones and Hoffman never call us names at all.
Of course *that* is most logical, since the biggest "spooks" will protect themselves against any suspicions and any kind of investigation about themselves
and therefore tried to keep it diplomatic.
But we will not stop to dig on them!
Hofman is here the weakest link, since his genius ego doesn't allow him to shut up.
But his critique is still very quiet and sophisticated, and occasionally his girlfriend Victoria Ashley (9/11 Truth Alliance) is doing the dirt work for him.

Of course also the TOP, David Ray Griffin, in Pt.2 described as Charlatan, Plagiarist and Cultist (brainwashed Northhead-/CFR dupe) is the slickest of all of them.
Since he was constructed as GOD into the TOP of the Orwellian 9/11 Truthling Movement,
he's not insulting *anyone" in this movement to hide and remain not vulnerable as well.

This tactic makes absolutely sense for me.
Would the idea of a real GOD attack anyone of us?

Of course not.

Would the idea of a real DEVIL attack anyone of us?
Of course.

11. Since the closest bodyguards of "GOD", in Chapter 1 described as DOGs,
have to protect the Orwellian Elite, you will rarely hear insults of them as well, to protect their position as well.
That means the current bodyguard elite Fetzer, Wood, Reynolds and Mattingly use only their intellectual rhetoric to hide 'insults' very carefully.

The slickest hidden diatribes are currently constructed in Mattinglys appearances at However since i "insulted" him as a bodyguard as well, he backed up of it.
Some 9/11 decoders thinks Mattingly is Mossad.
I honestly don't care and think he is instead the biggest victim of the bodyguard league and might wake up one day.

Wood might have been scared or blackmailed into this bodyguard role. I give her that benefit of a doubt, since her assistant, Michael Zebuhr was once killed.
I am hoping here, it isn't worse and someone might help her to escape from that role again.

Reynolds was somehow manipulated into Doublespeak, but not Doublethink yet (December 2006). I can only construct a "conspiracy theory" on this:
Maybe his former Bush- or Robert Gates associates found some dirt in his past.
My hope is that it isn't the case.

Fetzer is just the same ignorant like he always was. I don't care about his motives any longer.

Holmgren is the better analyst of Fetzer. Read him.
Other 9/11 decoders however think that Fetzer is still 'undercover' and/or brainwashed as well, since he was working on AI research himself. I doubt that.

Here in NYC at also bodyguard Les Jamieson (URANTIA) rarely is using Insults against Haupt, co-founder of
This concept is following the same logic as Griffin does, see above.
Jamieson even makes jokes about talking with the HQ of URANTIA on his cell phone, when he sees Haupt.
He did good. I laughed.

Who else of the 9/11 Truthlings is currently sabotaging us and other 9/11 encoders?

Of course Alexander Floum aka GeorgeWashington (,
His role of bodyguardism has yet to be deeper examined, especially regarding his close association with ICANN, Los Alamos and Department of Energy.
I am afraid he's currently threatening Judy Wood who tried to tell me something about Floum, but was obviously too scared, to tell me this in a mini email list of 10+.
She either didn't trust the others or it's worse:

She's indeed threatened in an intense way (which i don't hope) or much worse -turned around a while ago.

Maybe Wood has *now* an opportunity to tell me what she knows about Floum but i think it should happen soon to protect herself ASAP.
(I will release any kind of response in an addendum of Draft v.2)

MIT 9/11 'Agent' Land

Let's now construct the possibility and *concept* that the 9/11 MIT Perps *indeed* somehow picked Haupt, Grable, Holmgren as digital 'agents' to
detect, encode/decipher and first research the system of 9/11, but also even with the additional goal to let them analyse the Infiltration System of the 9/11 Truthling Movement.

They even somehow "predicted", that i would create a cartoon community for this purpose, inspired by the language of Grable and rational sarcasm of Holmgren.

Of course they would never payroll any of us, but try to protect us to some particular level and stay away from us as long as possible and never talk with us at all.
And they also have to make sure, that all three of us stay as poor as possible and won't get any regular job after a while, instead apparently remain on the Internet only, to either turn us into willingless cyber zombies or at one point, "maybe" turn us around and finally payroll us.
I doubt the latter.

If this concept is indeed the case, i had to think a long time who exactly of the MIT would make sense to create this team to *find* us.
And what kind of simulation, backed up by at least one reality did they really produce for us?

It must have been a team of 3, which must have been close to *OUR* skills and own mindsets.

If i am right, these 3 MIT Scientists do have meanwhile a huge team, including moles or openly infiltrators of Department of Defense and/or worse,
from privatized Intelligence, cyber supremacist fascists, NASA/NRO/NGA geeks and many so called Daisy Committees
(agents who share same IP Address, but work with 100s, one of the most famous 9/11 resesarch and activism saboteurs are 'LARED'/Democratic Underground, on 300-500 Forums at the same time and many 'anonymous' members currently operating at

And i am sure they secretly RSS us since 09/11/01, 24/7, with some silly three dimensional color barcode google map alert system plus other social community systems.
Maybe the perps are even too bored and feed us with new contacts from time to time.
Some of them we detected as "Vickes" etc. See 9/11 Truthling Community.

I have to start with a "conspiracy theory" and picked these 3 MIT "suspects" below
(maybe in my idealistic and 'naive' hope about the 'open source' MIT, they're even not aware of what's going on):

MIT 9/11 PERP Suspect No.1:
Marvin Minsky (wants to reduce emotions in Cyberspace and Neurobotic Science)

If i am right, *his team* indirectly 'picked' (found) Holmgren,
a master of controlling his emotions and winning the argument.
As many of us know, Holmgren is real(!) and a musician. He's not a BOT.
Though Mark Rabinowitz once thought otherwise, but Holmgren is actually funnier than me and might tell this story again by himself.
Holmgren was also very active in argumentations against the local political scene of Australia. He always won. Holmgren is a genius.

Since his brother is also well known in the eco agenda and there is also this australian 9/11 Plotline connection (John Howard/"AA77"), ANZUS (Inc.), Levy/Twin Towers/WESTFIELD etc..,
there was maybe plenty of opportunity to 'find' Holmgren and somehow trigger him to feel curious about 9/11.

They probably also prefered that Holmgren had the worst Hardware Equipment, zero Video in the beginning and ugliest Web design templates, almost 1993-style.

An insider joke?

The MIT Perps must have known he's still intelligent enough to find the FAA BTS Database, even though he isn't a geek at all.
And Holmgren did. A genius as i said. Many musicians have similar skills.
That's how he figured that some of the 9/11 Flights did not exist.

If i am right, this is clear hint for me, that the MIT 9/11 perps had a backup of this database, which is live triggered by the Satellite ACARS System and cannot be hacked.

MIT 9/11 PERP Suspect No.2: ?
I honestly had to think a little bit longer to guess about which MIT 'geek' indirectly "picked" Grable, without insulting her Intelligence.
But i am taking the risk.

I will therefore use "noname" but followed by Ray Kurzweill -maybe very close to Dod Veteran PsyOp manager Andrew "Yoda" Marshall and let her decide on my "guess"

This potential 9/11 MIT Team "picked" Rosalee Grable (Chicago) for her visual skills, her cartoonic language, her research about- and possible direct experience with Cults, to turn these skills against her, if from need.

This MIT Team must be also close with the main HQ of URANTIA, which is in Chicago, to sabotage, threaten and dehumiliate her.

Which of course happened for years. Grable was the biggest victim of the 9/11 encoders, maybe now followed by me.
She reported openly about the visual manipulations of 9/11 first, but maybe somehow got deceived into the wrong conclusions: Holography.
But that was just until 2004. Maybe the 9/11 MIT Perps didn't like Rosalee's angle anymore and tipped her off again, this time on Video Fakery (which was almost close to TV Fakery, which is about the LIVE Manipulations).

Ironically this was Marcus Icke from England, which we suspect as a manipulated Tavistock victim since a long time.
And it was URANTIA supporter Dr. Stephan Grossman from germany, who manipulated and supported Grable into her misconception of the Holography thesis.

The perps did think about everything even about the consistency of Rosalee to continue working on 9/11. And it worked out. She recovered.
And ironically that *must* be the reason, why she still *supports* Judy Wood most, because it was also Rosalee who reported first about exotic weaponry of any kind.
For this she was attacked in the most disgusting way i ever learned on the Internet, and i am around since 1993, since GOPHER!

The MIT 9/11 Perps of course tried to sabotage us from time to time to delay the truth.

That is what i call AI Diatribes.

They just recently started to try *again* to divert Grable, Holmgren and me from each other.

How long do they think, they have to play that stupid game? Or will they suceed this time? Is that the plan?
Or is until the beginning of WW4/5 between U.S., Russia and China? Next year? 2007?
Also during a civil riot or civil war?

Will we get even better wireless equipment of the MIT? Why isn't it coming NOW??!!

MIT 9/11 PERP Suspect No.3: Rodney A. Brooks
Rodney A. Brooks wants to build the perfect robot or bionic super soldier, especially also for "Space Exploration".

Which brings us to *me*.
Of course, this MIT team must have read one of my many german articles about the Internet since 1993 and then about the MIT itself.

But the MIT 9/11 perps needed me here in NYC. Why?

It must have been to do with the humanisation of the 9/11 Truth Movement.
But also with my VideoSkills. And that's how i found about 9/11 TV Fakery and even saw a special CABLE feed in Brooklyn, which also included an 'amateur' non-live footage with an obvious CGI, "buttering" into the South Tower.

I immediately thought on the morning of 9/11, it was fake, but a re-dramatization.
Maybe this special TV feed was even wired and/or produced by ex-associates of PSEUDO TV, i once worked for.
It was later also broadcasted on CNN, as a so called "replay". The 9/11 TV Fakery specialists know what i am talking about, since only 2 live feeds did exist:
On FOX 11 and ABC7. The key are the WESCAM choppers, but this Orwellian Truthling Movement doesn't care about the names of the pilots and camera operators.

I meanwhile believe there must be also a german, even Duesseldorf video connection (ironically there is also a 9/11 plotline and Fortuna Duesseldorf connection, see my older articles on globalfreepress),
since some of the post 9/11 TV Fakery footage *WAS* indeed produced in Germany and there was even a PRE 9/11 commercial on german TV, which aired 1, 2 days before 9/11 on german TV.
Furthermore also ironically i was just recently tipped off on this footage (i missed that before, what a shame , by a german correspondent who claims, he used to work for the german department of the NSA.
This footage DOES really exist and we followed that case at 911INSIDE Jobbers Yahoo.
We even got in touch with the director of it, but he denied cooperation.

The 9/11 MIT Perps MUST have known that i am obsessed with creating group projects of any kind, actually i *am* a 'uniter' and not the opposite (see also my computer-, video-, radio- and party history), the MIT 9/11 perps know that i enjoy any kind of geeky stuff,
do investigative research on people and companies, construct too many long sentences (*as in now*) so that only particular people would understand it and that i am/was a "partyman", who is NOT able to reduce my feelings, though i would like to, often making the joke to inplant a chip into myself but with "open source" and that's why i worked for PSEUDO TV and Josh Harris and i miss both.

The MIT 9/11 perps also think, they found my weakest link to turn it against me: Pornography and Voyeurism obsessions.

(Well on that matter i am pretty dissapointed of the MIT 9/11 Perps:
Hey Folks, i am in NYC!!!
I worked for Christoph Schlingensieff and Josh Harris.
It was all in WIRED Magazine already years ago!
Are u stupid, LOL?? Bring on the tapes!

Of course, once the perps might have to silence me, they will construct kiddieporn on my harddrive and a suicide note.
Yawnzzz, it's probably already there

So how did i come to NYC? There is no secret about it, since i released a diary about this already during 1999, also via "chainletter" in my unpublished novel "Memories of a cheesen DJ".
The real story is, that Stan Wiechers (ex-R/GA) 'found' my articles at de:bug
(see chapter 2) and we developed an email relationship over about
6-8 months. Then i finally visited him and decided to stay in NYC, legally! That was Summer 1999.

I had no chance to ask Stan Wiechers yet, if he agrees with this "conspiracy theory", since of course he
disagreed with the Idea that 9/11 was an Inside Job incl. Controlled Demolition and once we had a fight
about the "no-planes" video research. Since 1 year and longer i have no real contact with him any longer.

Of course i will not insult my friend Stan, who brought me to the U.S. and NYC in the first place. I love NYC.
Is Stan an MIT Perp? Logically i wouldn't use that word for him but his former company *HAS* huge MIT contacts.

Whether Stan or R/GA did meanwhile or formerly also work for US Intelligence Contractors regarding marketing or programming projects, isn't even an Insult to think about.

It makes absolutely sense to me, if he would work for US Intel or HS because that's where the best tools and money is. I wouldn't criticize him, since he's a programmer genius.

Did he "program" me?
I don't know.
My ego says NO.

My props to Stan, who if he reads me right now, should give me a PING
I hope, he's safe, lucky and enjoys this article.

So back to the "borings" (from my forthcoming cartoon community project "Paradigm Deli"):

If you are a 9/11 Truthling and was able to read this until *now and here*, you will grasp by now to the biggest insult ever, won't you?

I am already bored. What might that be?

"...Nico *must* be on LSD or other chemicals... He completely lost it now...He doesn't know who his real friends are...He still betrays the movement...
A wacko...That must have been good weed.....He's out of his mind....He *MUST* work for the MIT himself...He MUST be NSA/NRO/NGA himself...
He must be a terrorist...He definetely MUST BE A TRAITOR...He even seems to backstab his closest friends....He is paranoid...He maybe DID 9/11...HE *IS* 9/11...
He wrote 9/11....he must have helped building a simulation for 9/11...He maybe did all these no-plane videos...He did the 9/11 TV Fakery...
...he programmed the BTS...He deceived Webfairy..He must be a weapon dealer....He IS CointelPRO.... He's the only most authentic bionic hologram developed by the MIT *ever*...He does not exist..He's not human...we have to kill him..." etc... etc..."

Well, there is only one logical answer of myself to all this.

For those who know me best and know how i would *really like* to react:

.....more at

see also
9/11 Truthling Infiltration Watch Pt.2:
How Bodyguards Fetzer/Wood/Mattingly/Reynolds sold out for DoubleSpeak and Orwellian STARWARS Axis of Evil (Draft v.2)

By ewing2001

December 6, 2006
Time is valuable these days and by putting too many thoughts on hold, it produces the risk of "racing" too much and i don't wanna do this.

Pt.2 of "9/11 Truthling Infiltration Watch" will continue to put the facts as boldly on the table as they *are*. (Pt.1 is here)

First of all, let me continue by describing my own strategy of "re-infiltration"
and destabilization concept at
Pt.1 was furthermore an analyis of competing coup d'etat concepts which try to take over at ny911"URANTIA"

In case you are a 9/11 Truthling, no matter if you believe me or not, but i *personally* don't want to become a leader at ny911.

I also don't wanna waste time with distraction concepts like fruitloopers, gatekeepers, trolls, hangouters, mid center shills or dupes at the bottom.

The 9/11 perps and 9/11 MIT perps tried to keep us busy with these kind of 9/11 truthlings during the first years after 9/11, to not destabilize the TOP too quickly.

The current, meanwhile clearly Orwellianized TOP is Griffin, followed by ProfJones, Bowman and Hoffman, followed by Attorney Floum (st.911, and ProfJones' supporters and truthlings at the most dynamic news portal of the 9/11 "truth" movement, at
911blogger meanwhile basically behaves like another CULT, by building so called "truthers",
though it's still a helpful news platform to analyse hangout crap from Jonathan Gold or John Albanese.

(Photo: Gatekeeper and Pakistan Hangouter Paul Thompson, dupe Peter Dale Scott,
"god" Cultist Dr. David Ray Griffin, and Dupe Jonathan "Mega Hangout" Gold)


The 9/11 Truthling Border is very important for the 9/11 MIT Perps, functionalizing as a protection 'buffer zone' to the Orwellian Elite.
Floum aka GeorgeWashington helped building this border anonymously at, before we outed him some weeks ago.
Concept: The more brainwashed truthlings, the stronger the Truthling Border.
Or speaking with a LouDobbs analogy: Make sure to call everyone of the immigrants "terrorists" or "disinfo".

It occasionally even succesfully manipulates the en-/decoders into a temporary 9/11 truthling situation as well.
The 9/11 decoders however tried to destabilize the Orwellian TOP
(i.e. as victims of bodyguards and/or b, c--trolls, especially in EMail_Land or as "digital limited hangouters" or other 'positions'.)

Risk has it that even in WEB2.0 land (which is much more dynamic than news portals or slower non-RSSed Discussion Boards),
(not yet independent) newsspeak (embedded into former 'outsourced' NSA monitor tools, i.e. digg, netvibes, blogmarks, feedburner etc...) might be infiltrated or misunderstood as well.

If you're reading this as a "9/11 Truthling", you should ask yourself:
If *i* would be a saboteur and not only a "monitor", encoder and researcher, wouldn't i run this movement?

Then again, with *your* way of logic, you cannot identify the Orwellian TOP anyway and it's just logical that your false hope Mindset concludes, that saboteurs act only in the mid center or you think that we're just "crazy".

But this logic is BS. Saboteurs are always at the TOP! In the past that was Mike Ruppert, Karl Schwarz, Kyle Hence, Bill Douglas and others.

But what else?
It is true. *We* are at "cyberwar" (without conventional 'hacker tools') with without any negotiations right now.

(NOTE: The Hacker movement was infiltrated within the flagwaver script kiddie scene by "ex"-CIA Robert Steele since the 90s.
For the leftgatekeeper script kiddie scene a similar manipulation was designed with the help of dupe and pseudo-progressive Jello Biafra (good friend of bogus BBC-Reporter Greg Palast [sic: corrected from Draft v.1: Greg Palast's illustrator isn't Biafra but someone named Winston Smith.
Biafra once also hosted an event with Cindy Sheehan and Palast), ex-Dead Kennedys.
I confront both Steele and Biafra publicly every 2 years at the H2K gatherings in NYC.
(ed: i didn't burn my old Dead Kennedys records yet and what MP3s depends, i don't listen to DK anymore since years ; )

Why is the "re-infiltration" and destabilization of aka "DigitalHerpes" so important(only if you have enuff 'gas', food, vitamines and water!!)?

Because Roger Peters aka dz (inspired by a name of the 1984-"parody" "Brazil") aka dazinith is continuing to censor at by blocking IPs and Anonymizers.

If it isn't him, it must be Alexander Floum aka GeorgeWashington who is still at 911blogger and still didn't reveal him clearly on his role with Steven E. "Los Alamos" Jones plus Floum's clients with strong links to DOE/Los Alamos.

What happened lately? Let's try to summarize:

1) JUNK SCIENCE DISTRACTION vs. AI (MIT Artificial Intelligence Programs, especially since 1993 and 2001)

I am very aware that the MIT perps, who helped establishing the WWW (formerly known as Darpanet/MILNET/Internet) in 1993, must be connected with the 9/11 Perps Concept plus an additional AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept.

Remember that 1993 was also year of Attack 1 on Twin Towers and beginning of the 'Green Peril' psyOP by neocon Daniel Pipes; with the help of TIME Magazine and german DER SPIEGEL, which started as a MI5/6, Tavistock front in the 50s.

Ironically the 9/11 MIT Perps want us to encode/decipher the idea and concept of 9/11 but also helped finding the infiltrators of 9/11 Truth Movement aka 9/11 DoubleThink Movement Cult.

That could explain why Holmgren/Haupt/Grable (anti-propagandized by Mark "Butterhead" Bilk and his puppet and multiple personality AI disorder victim Dick Eastman/RENSE) are sabotaged and protected at the same time, since they're apparently one of the best encoders of *that* system.

(Photo: Jim Fetzer with TV News Lies reporter Jesse Richard, "PNAC Specialist")

Both Jim Fetzer, representing junk science (who once researched and wrote about AI) and Rick Rajter, representing smart science, MIT (pro- "no-planers", but weak on 9/11 TV fakery paper analysis -i don't blame him on that!) couldn't help me so far to establish more infos on the current position of Marvin Minsky (MIT), who wants to reduce emotions in Cyberspace and Neurobotic Science.

PS: One of the next parts of this series (9/11 Truthling Infiltration Watch) will concentrate on Minsky's fellows like Robotic Scientist Rodney Brooks.
I wrote about MIT a lot at "de:bug" in the early and mid90s, which is a german electronic life style magazine.


Just recently all for a sudden also Morgan Reynolds kind of "sold out" for DoubleSpeak (but maybe not for DoubleThink yet?).

In yesterday's Radio Show (12/06/06) from "Dynamic Duo" Jim Fetzer, now depending on - and marginalized by GCN, 'Guest' Reynolds completely ignored much more important problems, instead decided to analyse the paper of Judy Wood, which appears to be a multiple strategy identity as well (Wood_Person, Paper_Wood, Wood_ExoWPaper)

This works into the hand of both 9/11 Truthlings and Flagwavers, both barely to distinguish anymore from each other and both are extreme brainwashed, believing in the one or another version of their 'hangout' truth.
9/11 MIT Perp Doublethink Concept:
If one Program or Simulation is backed up by at least one Reality, it *does* exist and will be able to co-exist with other Realities at the same time.

In Fetzer's Radioshow with Reynolds we analysed:

a) neither Fetzer or Reynolds find it necessary to talk about the Orwellian Infiltration of this Movement but instead superficially made some jokes at the beginning about someone's CIA-"connection" without mentioning Names.

Furthermore both used an alibi by talking about the "infighting" in this movement, which seems like they made jokes about themselves or about the "encoders" like myself.

Thanks for backstabbing, Morgan

b) neither Fetzer or Reynolds talked about the disturbing scandal of Alexander Floum aka 'GeorgeWashington' holding the domain of st911 against Jones/Fetzer, therefore protecting and covering up this story!

c) neither Fetzer or Reynolds talked about Floum's additional Censorship role at, which is personally my biggest point against Floum.

d) neither Fetzer or Reynolds talked about Floum's further suspicious conflict of interest reg. his attorney connections with LosAlamos/DOE and ICANN clients of his company...

e) neither Fetzer or Reynolds talked about Judy Wood's own knowledge about Floum.

f) neither Fetzer or Reynolds talked about !!!9/11 TV fakery!!! as the core No.1 Evidence on 9/11 FalseFlag, which also leads to the WESCAM- /+ possible "ExoW Choppers" (ExoW= Exotic Weaponry of any kind), which should make us most upset as well,
however this is also what the 9/11 perps want:

"Racing", or using close buddies as Strawmen and other Cointel-PRO concepts.

And i don't talk now about the Rajter version but pure 9/11 TV Fakery as in also the methodological concept, described by and great newbies like Justdiggin, Coffinman and Co.!! (911logic.blogspot, crashphysics.blogspot etc...)

Check their blogs for the latest.

I wasn't surprised about Reynolds' attitude, since we had a huge fight recently in a 10++ CC list with several people (incl. Mattingly, Reynolds, Wood), though i wanted to wait until this show to speak out about my final opinion.

(ed: On Thomas J Mattingly more in Pt.3 (which is apparently not linked to Thomas K. Mattingly II, NASA).
Mattingly brokered a public event for Fetzer/Jones(?) in January 2007 for the McClendon Group, once founded by White House correspondent and investigative reporter Sara McClendon.
The McClendon Group occasionally also covers UFO hearings or other controversial concepts, at the National Press Club in DC. )

This email mini correspondence list mentioned above, broke apart with no further input by Fetzer as well, furthermore also ZERO response in the beginning by Floum or dz Peters (911b), which we removed.

I also think the Jones-Fetzer fight was a setup to begin with, as also Rick Siegel, Holmgren and me correctly analysed in its early stage, maybe also even with the attempt to divert and conquer the encoders of 9/11.

It was generally designed for the 9/11 Truthlings to give ProfJones more power than ever before (*which he also still has, even after his fake retirement from 911 scholars, because running the 9/11 truthlings is much more important anyway and also Floum STILL holds!)
(ed: ProfJones recently seems to compete with Mike Ruppert's "retirements".
Only Dick 'Ole' Eastman "retired" more often, maybe over a dozen of times.)

It is also a win-win situation for 9/11 MIT Perp Land.

If Fetzer will ever appear on U.S. TV again, it will divide and conquer flagwavers vs. truthlings, but we will also know that Judy Wood's ExoW must be a hangout against all other ExoWs, which the perps might have used at the same time on the morning of 9/11.

This would be a perfect Media Stunt for the 9/11 perps to "discredit the movement" (Hence/Soros Meme 2004) ......


"Truthlings"? "Planehuggers"? Dude is fuckin' whacked out of his skull.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

he calls me "dumb like fish"


Mr. Paranoid Fintan

Mr. Paranoid Fintan "Tavistock Dupe" Dunne

or also described as "Monsterhouse" or '...whatever'.

How ironic or hipocrite (sp., see Dutch Spook RoyMcCoy)

one of the most rabid 9/11 Truthlings on, but ironically a hiphop fan like me.

former Webmaster Mark "Butterhead" Bilk.

Albanese allegedly works for Canadian Intel.

That's as far as I got.

In all seriousness, this post reveals Haupt as a paranoid schizophrenic. What we have here is classic “word salad” combined with ultra-paranoid ideations. Go easy on this fellow – he’s mentally ill, and I say that without sarcasm.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


my canadian intelligence ties are secret.

Blame Canada

I knew it! I always suspected the Canadians were all up in 911. Hockey, healthcare and black ops -- it's the Canadian axis of evil. All this time we've been focussing on Cheney and Israel and Pakistan while the Canucks have been laughing all the way to the bank! I've got your number Albanese!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Canada & 9/11

"Canada and the U.S., of course, share responsibilities for North America’s defense. Since 1958, the principal expression of that common defense is the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), into which both U.S. and Canadian personnel are fully integrated. In fact, on September 11 a Canadian general was in command." -- Ambassador Roger F. Noriega
U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, September 14, 2004

Touche ;) The Eleventh Day

Mr. Haupt

is clearly mentally ill and needs help. I hope he gets the help he needs soon.

Very sad....

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

"The MIT 9/11 perps also

"The MIT 9/11 perps also think, they found my weakest link to turn it against me: Pornography and Voyeurism obsessions."

^ LOL, what?



John I've had an idea for a

John I've had an idea for a sequence in "Disinformation in the Information Age", would it be possible for you to get as many people as you know who saw the planes strike the Towers. And then say you've got ten perhaps on the spot mini interviews, then edit them so you get the beginning of the sequence going quick fire through them one after another just with their short statement on seeing the planes, e.g "I saw it" "I saw them" "I saw them hit" etc. Then cut back to each one once that rapid succession of statements is over so they can all elaborate just a bit, say for about 30 seconds each. After which you can say of course "I also saw the planes" etc. It's difficult for me to convey this exactly because it's what I've imagined and I might not be articulating it that well, but I think the accumulative effect of everyone saying "I saw it" in rapid succession would be incredibly persuasive, powerful and undeniable.

What you think?

i am doing something every similar

in that i do a rapid fire narrative from the Oral History archives - showing how so many of our first responders are on the record as having seen the planes.

but, of course i do not want to spend too much time attempting to debunk the no-planes theory. it is a waste of time. all i really have to do is show Nico's own quotes and theories - and then when people are done laughing at him i can make the case against his "supporters"

Cool, I'm sure what you'll

Cool, I'm sure what you'll come up with will be excellent. I was just thinking as well as first responders say for example if you had colleagues, friends etc that you could get hold of who also witnessed it all happen, that would be powerful. But anyway man good luck whatever you do, definitely looking forward to it!

Show "I wouldn't cheer too early." by u2r2h


what an amazing prediction!

i'm sure we are all impressed

Show "Anyway" by Ningen
Show "and Marietta" by Ningen


Fart in the tent, you sleep outside.

What happened to me as disinfo?

I told you entities who I am, and I got a crock of shiite in response. Like I said, you got nothing.