Tarpley - Peace Movement Must Embrace 9/11 Truth


The Rock Creek Free Press
Week of January 27, 2007 - P.8


by Webster G. Tarpley

The escalation announced in Bush’s January 10 television speech was much bigger than many expected: the threats he made against Iran and Syria threaten a wider US aggression, quite possibly carried out with nuclear weapons. In addition to his 21,000 extra GIs, Bush is sending an additional carrier battle group and Patriot missiles to the Gulf. Admiral Fallon, the new Centcom commander, is a carrier admiral trained in air attacks, not land warfare. John “Death Squads” Negroponte, Rice’s new deputy at the State Department, is said to be assembling a team of private contractors to prepare the attack on Iran. Russian intelligence reports indicate that there are four US missile-firing submarines in the Gulf. The London Sunday Times says that the Israeli air force is actively drilling for a sneak attack on Iranian military facilities at Natanz, Isfahan, and Bushehr. The ING international banking group is telling its clients that the Israelis may attack Iran in February or March. February 17 or March 18, the preferred sneak attack times of the new moon, may thus mark the beginning of a regional Middle East war, a war tending to slide into World War III.


...Peace activists often ask why the 9/11 truth movement insists on making the truth about terrorism a central component of anti-war agitation. One answer is that we bring up 9/11 frequently because Bush and Cheney do – they incessantly parrot slogans about the “global war on terror” and “the lessons of 9/11.” Bush claims that he is fighting terrorists in Iraq so that the US will not have to fight them over here. He raves that, if US forces pull out of Iraq, the terrorists will follow them back home and launch attacks on US territory. There can be no doubt that 9/11 is the foundation of Bush’s castle of warmonger lying – the fountainhead, motivation, and legitimation of the entire policy of unilateral aggression. To ignore the centrality of 9/11 to Bush’s every move is like trying to fight Hitler without mentioning anti-Semitism. Attacks on Bush that do not include 9/11 truth are simply impotent, and will not be effective.


The vast majority of the American people have repudiated Bush’s demagogy of war and terror. Back in October, a CBS-New York Times poll showed that 81% of Americans – including the most benighted and backward Republican strongholds – thought that the US government was either hiding something or mostly lying about the events of 9/11. This extraordinary shift in public opinion reflects the success of the 9/11 truth movement over the past five years. This shift explains why the Bush-Rove demagogy of terror, which had traction in 2002 and 2004, simply did not work in 2006. It was only under these conditions that the Republican machine could be defeated. In this broad sense, the 9/11 truth movement was a critical component in creating the climate of opinion for Bush’s defeat at the polls in November 2006. The challenge is now to bring US institutions – the political parties, the media, academia, etc. – into line with what the American people have already understood.


Only 12% of Americans support a surge in the abstract, but once Bush is brought into the question, support rises to almost one third – about 31%. Many of these are persons who are sincerely terrified by the notion of al Qaeda and Bin Laden as malevolent forces that want to come to their communities and kill them. Unless and until this belief can be challenged, these persons will continue to support Bush and his promises to protect them from the terrorists. (We note in passing that these persons have been shamefully betrayed by the leading left-liberal intellectuals, including Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, and The Nation magazine, all of whom obsessively parrot the Bush propaganda line.) These persons are largely impervious to antiwar and related arguments about genocide, torture at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, illegal rendition, wiretapping, surveillance, police-state totalitarianism, and related issues, which they dismiss with the comment that these are the necessities of self-defense forced upon the United States by an unprovoked attack by foreign terrorists. The only way to attrit and erode Bush’s hard-core base of support is to bring home the leading facts of 9/11 truth: the 9/11 attacks did not emerge from the world of Bin Laden, Atta, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the laptop, and the cave in Pushtunistan; they were a deliberate war provocation and coup d’etat launched by the invisible government or rogue network which infests the highest levels of the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, DIA, and other military and security agencies, all for the purpose of starting the War of Civilizations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Syria and Iran. These are revelations of the greatest explosive power, capable of tearing apart Bush’s political base and opening the way for impeachment and removal from office. They are also capable of defeating the Hillary Clinton-Lieberman-Rahm Emmanuel-Lantos-Stenny Hoyer warmonger wing of the Democratic Party, removing the sabotage of impeachment from that quarter...


Kill the virus

If you want to rid yourself of the disease you have to get rid of the virus. Treating the symptoms won't work any longer (never has). The fate of our species (among others) hangs in the balance.

I told a friend not to move to Miami because of weather related liability. She thinks I'm a little off. All I can do is to keep trying calmly to deliver the message.

Totally Agree

What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy: The war against the Third World

I highly recommend this video. Sorry to say, this stuff is nothing new. Our country has been killing 100,000s in 3rd world for the sake of profit for years. See the crimes Chumpsky keeps railing about.

The media has been covering up crimes for decades!

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"


Peace activists are to some degree controlled, just like the oragnized left. They predictably show up, news team cover them and the rest of the population says "See Dear, it will be OK, those people marching for Peace and Justice will protect my rights"

Like the slow boiling Frog who nevers jumps out of the Pot, most people will count on teen agers and Hippies to protect them from Fascist Rule, while they ignore the slow drip of social control structures being put up all around them.

Yes, the peace activist and 9/11 activist need to turn up the heat, however, predictability plays into the hands of the controllers. Bold and creative means are necesary to unmask the dark forces at work and re-gain our country.

We all seek truth, plain and simple..

This is a powerful poem from history~~

911Truth Deniers should learn from history, lest it be repeated!!

Ignore. That's what the vast majority of Germans did in the 1930s as Hitler curtailed civil liberties and launched aggressive wars. I was born in August 1939, a week before Hitler sent German tanks into Poland to start World War II. I have studied that crucial time in some detail. And during the five years I served in Germany I had occasion to ask all manner of people how it could possibly be that, highly educated and cultured as they were, the Germans for the most part could simply ignore. Why was it that the institutional churches, Catholic and Evangelical Lutheran, could not find their voice? Why was it that so few spoke out?

A few did ... and they provide good example for us today. Lutheran Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer spoke out, plotted against Hitler, and was executed. Also executed was a more obscure but equally courageous professor from the University of Berlin, Albrecht Haushofer.

Like Bonhoeffer, Haushofer was arrested for speaking out. The SS prison guards were required to extract a confession from prisoners before they were hanged or shot, but Haushofer refused. When they removed his body, though, a paper fell out of his pocket. It was his admission of guilt written in the form of a sonnet:

...schuldig bin ich Anders als Ihr denkt.
Ich musste früher meine Pflicht erkennen;
Ich musste schärfer Unheil Unheil nennen;
Mein Urteil habe ich zu lang gelenkt...
Ich habe gewarnt,
Aber nicht genug, und klar;
Und heute weiß ich, was ich schuldig war.

I am guilty,
But not in the way you think.
I should have earlier recognized my duty;
I should have more sharply called evil evil;
I reined in my judgment too long.
I did warn,
But not enough, and clear;
And today I know what I was guilty of.

"Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest." - Benjamin Franklin

Thanks for the poem

Styve, you mention 911Truth Deniers. Perhaps, similar to the situation in Germany, many people here are in some way unable to comprehend this situation? It does not fit into one's world-view that government itself could attack us. People can't evaluate the evidence for this, since it doesn't fit anywhere in our preconceptions.

Hausehoffer says, "heute weiß ich, was ich schuldig war." He may not have been able to say this 'gestern.' He may not have been able to see it then.

I am interested in the psychology of this blindness. I wonder how we may overcome it this time around. Do you have any insights?

You are right, people aren't prep. to accept such evil...

...is possible from their own government. That is one reason I thought the poem could apply to those that hide from the truth about 911.

Admittedly, it is an "event", whereas Nazi Fascism was a demented socio-political ideology (I don't have time to be precise on this...sorry), but acceptance of the truth of what happened that day, may be essential to the fight against Bush Fascism, as Tarpley stated more eloquently.

I have to find something I wrote on another blog, and I should post it... Back sometime...

"Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest." - Benjamin Franklin

Here is what I posted in October on our local group board...

...and an interesting response, or part of the response...
Hey...let's keep an eye out for...

articles that address the psychological issues pertaining to 9/11 Truth acceptance, the topic that was brought up in the Alliance meeting last night.

I hear people's initial efforts to convey the truth to those in denial generally focus on WTC 7, 3 bldgs down at freefall speed, the implausibility of a 767 having made the "hole" in the Pentagon, no remains at either the Pentagon or Shankstown sites, etc.

I am envisioning a similar hierarchy of the "walls of resistance" people erect for security purposes, and beyond that...who knows?! I think that if the Truth Movement can begin to show the frailty of the psychological defense strategies in the face of truth/facts, we might start to see a dismantling of the strategic fog the GOP is dependent on
for its power-retention.

I have to look more closely at the article about the 5 year goal of info suppression that the GOP employed, but I am sure that in these past 5 years, there are many pieces to this "mindfuck puzzle" that we all have missed, and that might be useful for 9-11 Truth awareness.



Thanks for addressing this difficult subject.

Psychology and the science of Consciousness are definitely important elements in what we do within and around the 9/11 Truth movement. They might even be the most important of all the elements.

The conflict between false consciousness and clear Consciousness, the conflict between an enslaved consciousness and a free Consciousness that is able to reflect on the Truth, is what makes or breaks the
ability of a community to mobilize itself on the basis of truth, and to forge itself into a force capable of political, social and personal change.

Another way of saying it is wonderfully articulated by Mia Hamel in her excellent newsletter "9/11 Truth Newsletter" - she wrote:

"9/11 Truth is a keyhole into consciousness.
We search our hearts and minds for meaning and inspiration to effectively spread 9/11 truth. As we examine our inner landscape and its impact on the exterior world, the connections offer infinite opportunities for change, and choices of attitude and behavior. We profoundly sense our interconnectedness." - Sept/Oct 2006 issue. {The White Rose Lives!}

Styve calls it a "mindfuck puzzle" - what an excellent way of phrasing it.

Part of what we face in this problem is the surrounding context: most of the people who are involved in the 9/11 Truth movement are relatively new to politics. Added to this situation are:
a. Denial of the truth by individuals and organizations in leadership positions in the Left, accompanied by an emotional/political inability to face the 9/11 issue with maturity and clarity.
b. Worse, the 9/11 Truth community is a hunting-gathering ground by Right wingers who have been actively recruiting with the 9/11 community and promoting hate-speech and an ideology of "resistance" to the global US Empire on an entirely false premise: what they promote is the same
kind of "resistance" that was pursued by the German and Italian fascists in the past who seized the state in those countries in order to "save the nation from democracy". Similar agendas today are promoted by Right wing militias all over the US.

So, in this political context, new individuals and organizations who are attracted to the messages of the 9/11 Truth movement become very quickly exposed to overwhelming material which triggers inner and outer conflict, and they are left with no support whatsoever to process the informational and ideological material so that they can come to terms with it.

The findings and methodologies of Psychology and the science of Consciousness are intimately connected to the questions related to what we do in order to build, expand, deepen and empower the 9/11 Truth movement, what kind of alliances we build, what kinds of strategies and
tactics we adopt.

More specifically, the findings and articulations of what, exactly, determines a person's attachment to certain ideologies or worldviews, are of prime relevance for our work. The inverse question is also prime for us: what, exactly, determines a person's mental-emotional
flexibility in giving consideration to new, or even troubling,
information which ultimately might lead to a change in one's worldview?

This question has been the focus of a lot of investigation by
activists, forces and researchers involved on both sides of the struggle for social and personal liberty for more than a hundred years.


"Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest." - Benjamin Franklin

The Psychological Resistance to 9/11

I stumbled across this video a few weeks ago and this guy has some very good points. I don't know who he is but what he's saying makes a lot of sense.

This is the only video I've seen addressing the psychological nature of 9/11.. I definitely reccommend taking a look at it here:



Thankyou, thankyou!

Great post after great post. This the best so far!

Regards John

where's the rest of the article?


CNN interviews researcher on 911


CNN Interviews
Christopher Bollyn, 9/11 Researcher
23 January 2007


See also: "The Likud Criminal Gang Behind 9/11 and the War on Terror"

Here is the video excerpt of the Israelis' admission on TV:

Show "Who rules America?" by Concrete man

Israeli connection

There are some highly suspicious connections between Israel and the September 11th attacks. I have not read the book you suggested, but I will try and recall some of the damaging facts here:

1. 5 mossad agents arrested on 9-11 for celebrating the WTC destructions ("cries of joy and mockery", Haaretz)

2. 200 Israeli agents arrested, including a bogus "art student" ring that was infiltrating us govt. buildings and harassing govt. officials at their homes. Some of them were located down the street from the alleged hijackers.

3. Four part investigation on Fox by Carl Cameron exposed the telephone system records of nearly all big US telecoms are processed by Israeli govt. connected company AMDOCS. Entire transcript and record of this investigation was wiped off of Fox's website.

4. Odigo, Israeli instant messaging firm had warnings 2 hours before the towers were struck by airplanes.

5. Zinn Israeli America Shipping (connections to Israeli govt) broke its lease and left the WTC 1 week before the attacks.

6. Israeli government "warning" pre-911 warns of "200" followers of "bin Laden", much like the 200 of Mossad found by US authorities, and also attempted to link the upcoming attacks to "Iraq."

7. Bibi Netanyahu was on tv telling the world that bin Laden did it immediately after the planes had crashed.

There are a lot more suspicious incidents involving Israelis and prominent American Jews, such as Larry Silverstein, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz. It is no secret that this plan for the US to invade the middle east is an Israeli wet dream, and that they have written about breaking up the Arab countries into sectarian and ethnic factions since the late 1970s. The Project for a New American Century has come out of this reasoning.

Wayne Madsen has a lengthy article about suspicous Israeli intelligence activity around 9-11:


John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

All information is vetted for accuracy. If you have a factual challenge to any of the information, email: johndoraemi --at-- yahoo.com.

Petras' book

has exactly one tiny little blurb about 9/11 - something about Mossad possibly having foreknowledge.

Supposedly there's plenty of other good info in the book but the treatment of 9/11 is a joke.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

You're kidding me!? You mean

You're kidding me!? You mean Tarpley DOESN'T come to the same conclusion as to who was behind 9/11 as CONCRETE MAN?!
This is a travesty! I am sending a call out to all 9/11 truthers who don't implicate the same fiends behind the scam as Concrete man does!
Because, obviously, if someone doesn't know EXACTLY who is behind the curtain, they are OBVIOUSLY working for the CIA.
We should all thank Concrete man for pointing this out.
It's so obvious now! How could we not see it!? This good man, Webster Tarpley, who puts all his time in energy to exposing 9/11 was a fraud, who is articulate and intelligent in his ways of bringing out the truth is WORKING FOR THE CIA because he doesn't know who was totally behind the attacks (Zionists, of course!).
He is hurting the entire movement.
I vote to put Concrete man in charge of the 9/11 Truth Movement from now on.
Somehow, he managed to find out EXACTLY who was behind the attacks and he is so good at pointing out CIA shills.
Never mind the fact that Tarpley brings up only the most selective of 9/11 Truth facts to prove his point, the fact that he does NOT implicate the group responsible proves he is a very evil, deceitful man.
However, Concrete man is here to save us from such evil!!!!
OK, I can't do this anymore. Lol.
Concrete man, go away. You bring nothing productive to the truth movement by pulling down others who have done 100 times your work and do not reach your same conclusion on who the culprits actually are.
You're a joke...like most of this post was.

Show "CardShort" by Concrete man

gratuitous invective is

generally counter productive, particularly if it's culture based, e.g. pejorative reference: "...Talmudic based USA system of laws and ethics..." As for unfettered "...democratic discourse...," until a few days ago this was the most open blog in all of cyberspace — guess the decision was made that it needed some TLC — anyway, I don't see a great love for Zionists being espoused here. Their agenda is pretty well understood, so culture bashing is indeed suspicious — could be seen as cointel... subtle injection of bigoted tone... kind of brings down the neighborhood... lends fuel to the truth bashers... get the picture?

"OK, I can't do this

"OK, I can't do this anymore. Lol."

Everyone thinks being a sarcastic bastard is easy...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

You bonehead!

9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA is by far the best book on 9/11 I have read, and in my top 10 overall. It's brilliant. Way to go Webster Tarpley!

This is exactly my sentiment! Tarpley nails it again!

What a great article and an excellent wakeup call to some of the over conservative types that are trying to fight the war mongers directly and on their chosen ground.
They must be undermined and weakened at the base, then they will fall to dust just like the towers did.

Kindest regards John

You obviously haven't read Tarpley's Book

Tarpley does not at all ignore the Israel connections to 9/11. He gives them accurate representation. He states regularly that the Mossad could not have done this. This is a very logical conclusion because the Mossad couldn't have set it up on U.S. soil. Getting stuck on the Israeli connections protects the real perpetrators.

Right On Folks

Respect to all of those in the few posts above me. Tarpley is one of the most if not the most articulate figures in the 9/11 Truth movement. He is completely focused on organizing a movement. Tarpley's historical knowledge is unmatched in todays political climate. His book is ESSENTIAL for it contains stacks of the most important facts which are simply ignored by most of the 9/11 truth movement. Leaving him out is leaving yourself behind.

Well that's just not true.

"He states regularly that the Mossad could not have done this. This is a very logical conclusion because the Mossad couldn't have set it up on U.S. soil. Getting stuck on the Israeli connections protects the real perpetrators."

There is nothing true in that paragraph.

We know for a fact that Mossad was here and operating for many months with a minimum of 200 agents. They were caught in vans with "explosive residue" detected. Some of them were "demolitions experts" according to the Jewish Forward Magazine.

Someone apparently wired the world trade center for demolition (according to most 911 "truthers" anyway). Obviously the Mossad are prime candidates. They have expertise, and they were caught celebrating the demolitions, while attempting to place blame on "Palestinians."

I'm not "stuck" on anything, except exposing the truth wherever I find it. Read the Wayne Madsen piece, from start to finish, and tell me exactly why they "couldn't have set it up on U.S. soil."

I don't believe you want to know, for whatever undisclosed reason.

Mossad didn't have to be the sole perpetrator in order to participate in the attacks. Pakistani ISI is implicated. Saudi Arabia may have had a role, as well as US CIA and Cheney and Rumsfeld.

But if Mossad slipped up and gave away too much evidence of involvement -- as they have -- then it is you who is "stuck" with your head up your ass ignoring the obvious.

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

All information is vetted for accuracy. If you have a factual challenge to any of the information, email: johndoraemi --at-- yahoo.com.

Sparse evidence that does not imply a direct role.

How about the Angel is Next phone call which came in through a series of secret codes which are changed daily through a multitude of intelligence agencies. Could the Mossad have done this?

How about the drills which are the real planning and perpetrating of the attacks. These have to have come from the U.S. intelligence agencies.

The Mossad may have been observers, but they cannot set up and command drills. Mossad do not have access to the multitude of the code words which were spoken through the air force one phone. Mossad were not meeting with the main money man to Atta. Even thought the wars carried out since the attacks have been encouraged by Israel, this does not implicate that the Mossad had a primary role.

Mossad connections are important to explore and investigate. These connections are however not the most important thing to show the American people. There are to many Americans who will turn that into ' the 9/11 truth movement are all anti-semites.' I know this is not the truth. I know that the Mossad does not represent the views of everyday Jewish people. However, if Mossad connections are the primary points which 9/11 truth pushes, our growth will be severely limited. Mossad connection discussions are still valid but are simply not the most effective at waking up those with "unanswered questions".

Also, I recommend listening to Tarpley's radio show. He regularly discusses that it is of the utmost importantance to form a truly independent Palestinian state. He also regularly discusses how important it is to discuss Israeli nukes as well as any other country's nukes. He also references all throughout 9/11 Synthetic Terror past examples of false flag terror perpetrated by the Mossad. I don't think these states could come from a Zionist protector.

Show "TARPLEY IS A DUPE" by Concrete man

Portland 9/11 Truth for Peace

This is a video I found on the local indymedia. If you watch closely, you can catch a glimpse of Truthers with big signs behind Alex Ansary (RBN radio host in a blue button-down with a bullhorn.)


This kicks! Is it on YouTube yet? Lots of people should see this!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Absolutely true. Wars

Absolutely true. Wars generally will not stop until enough people become aware of how artificial they are--that is, being a product of the ruling classes squabbling and everybody else paying for it. And the mother of all war makers are False Flags ops.

The next time your'e hanging with your otherwise well informed activist-y mates and some well meaning git starts to go on about how wars will stop only when we become "more evolved", kindly give him/her a (metaphorical) kick and remind them it has ALWAYS been a SMALL group of powerful, sociapathic, people who caused MOST of the misery in the world.

Most people of most times have only wanted to live and let live. The awareness of 911 and false flag phenomina(ok--I know that's horribly mis-spelled-but I'm too lazy to check) generally needs to rise in the public consciencness.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

reply to Jenny

Love all you wrote, but one question: How can a corrupt congress impeach? Too many of them would have to tie the noose around their own neck simultaneously I think. How about press repeatedly through any and all legak means we can get our hands on: to press for crimes against humanity....or something like that.

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

Wow. The whole Rock Creek Free Press

...paper is excellent. I think the NY Truth group needs to use these to replace the awful, dusty old fliers we've been using since the beginning of time.