Maine rejects Real ID Act

Go here to read about Maine's rejection of of the national ID act:

And here for an explanation of how the National ID Act will effect you:

Most disturbing to me is:

the Real ID Act "establishes a national ID card" and "gives authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security to unilaterally add requirements as he sees fit."

A Prayer for Our Brother Aaron Russo

The Best healing comes from every possible avenue. Let us please take a moment to send our Brother Aaron Russo this prayer below.


Our Father Creator,

We humbly come to you in Prayer for the good sakes of our Brother Aaron Russo. Please dear Father, bless this Good Man with your healing energies and helpful love that he may be cured miraculously of any sickness he has. For this we pray. Give unto our brother ALL, and EVERY possible help from every possible vector, from every possible dimensional level of existence, by any possible benevolence of medicine, or homeopathic healings. By Your Hand may he realize all his dreams, and that his cup of wishes is always empty. Oh Father Dear, by the good works of the Holy Spirit, let all your Loving care come forth to insure that all this heart Aaron Russo can ask for be granted unto him. Oh please be sure that all his childhood dreams of happiness come true and every aspiration in love be met. May our dear brother forever know true Contentment and that Grounded PEACE of mind, body, and heart that is the result. By your hand Oh Lord, let the Peace of the Holy Comforter into the heart and world of our brother Aaron Russo. Thou art all that is; Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omnipowerful, Infinite, and Vast. We are your loyal children and we are blessed by you. May we ask for this prayer to be granted. Let us please ask this; anoint, bless, heal, and help our good hearted American hero brother Aaron Russo for truly, he has done well at lying up his treasures in Heaven. Aman among Amen.


Let come the Comforter.

Dr Jay


This is good news regarding the possible demise

of a dreaded attempted government move against civil liberties. I hope every damn state joins in this movement of the people against fascism. We must all multitask by engaging in very important issues where we might effect positive change.