C-SPAN 2, September 12, 2001 - Another WTC eyewitness describes explosion before the collapse

Are you beginning to see a pattern here? Not only did this guy hear an explosion before the collapse, he also questioned the lack of air support in NYC and even spoke to an FBI agent who said he knew the WTC was about to collapse. If so, why were hundreds of FDNY allowed to rush into structures that were about to collapse? Why weren't they warned?

CSPAN 2 - Another WTC witness to hear explosion before collapse

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The Perps need to be caught and justice served.

Thanks Gideon, I've heard and seen many vids, but not this one before.

Very sad, I always thought they had car bombs there too, to add to the confusion.

Thanks and good luck

Thanks. I have 250 hours of

Thanks. I have 250 hours of recorded news surrounding those events that I'm still in the process of looking through. Check out the video section of my site and you'll see many more videos that I found that a lot of people haven't seen yet.

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exploding cars

EMT Patricia Ondrovic reported exploding cars in her testimony of October 2001:

"I guess that's North Park. It's a big green, grassy area, and there's nothing there. As I was running up here, two or three more cars exploded on me. They weren't near any buildings at that point, they were just parked on the street. The traffic guys hadn't gotten a chance to tow anything yet, cause this was all during the first hour I guess of this thing happening. So there were still cars parked on the street that were completely independent of that. Three cars blew up on me, stuff was being thrown. I went home all bruised that day. Thank God it was only bruises. I just ran into this park along with a bunch of other people, and stuff was still blowing up, I don't think I looked back, but you couldn't see anything, everything was just black."

This is also proof of an inside job, because the official story puts the hijackers out of town the day before. It wasn't like Al Qaeda parked a bunch of car bombs next to the WTC, then boarded planes at Newark or Washington, DC.

I have yet to hear an OCT provide an explanation for the exploding cars. Let me guess: fog of war?

Excellent simuvac...

I've been looking for that original interview for ages... cheers...

It all added to the panic, confusion and mayhem...

Psyop 101 - the bastards

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I bet

that there is security or traffic cameras which show people parking cars there earlier that day..... they would have had to do it early in the morning to make sure they got the prime spots
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Car exploded all over the place

All cars have a gasoline tank. When the buildings came down some kind of shockwave(?) caused these tanks to blow.

Now go one step further. Underground the WTC complex was parking for 2000 cars. They all had gas tanks too. If the cars above ground spontaneously blew up, then the same thing probably happened underground.

BTW: I've never seen anything resembling a car in the pit.

9-11: Paul Wolfowitz - "There didn't seem to be much to do about it immediately and we went on with whatever the meeting was."

Another witness to cars exploding


Another witness, Tamar Rosbrook, who was staying with her husband at the Millennium Hotel next to the World Trade Center, described going into the street after the planes hit.

They heard “cars exploding and a strange chirping sound coming from every direction.” She later learned that was the sound of body alarms carried by New York firefighters; the alarm sounds if the wearer stops moving, so rescuers can find downed firefighters.


..........WOW ! Another eyebrow rasier added.With all the unanswered questions how the hell could anyone not want a new independant investagation?

powerful clip

good job.

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