D.C. Coverage - Is it just me...

...or has anyone else noticed what seems to be a near complete news blackout on what's been happening in D.C. today.

If someone has any decent links to D.C. photos or vid clips of today's protest, please post them.

I have searched the news for stories and photos for quite some time and only seem to find AP rehacks and sparse photos. There were absolutely no photos of long shots that would give an idea of the numbers of people present. Many photos were close shots of only a few protesters, some signs, and some costumes.

Though not surprising, coverage on MSM web sites has been slim to none.

I followed a link to D.C. traffic cams and could not get any of them to load:


Possibly, ddot.gov is in partnership with M$ and those without IE are unable to view the cams? So, maybe it's a browser issue with me though, I tried in both Opera nad Firefox. (Linux = no IE 4 me) If anyone can try with the pigbrowser IE, please post whether you are able to view the traffic cams.

Of course, I will listen to Tarpley today. Hopefully, the Webster will an accurate assessment of what's going on in addition to the censoring of 9/11 Truthers at the podium.


I posted a blog with photos captured from the traffic cams ut it has not been approved yet.


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Americablog posted some.


And I managed to get a 9-11 discussion going in the comment thread.

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