For the Sake of Entertainment

It has been just over five years since the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Five years since our world changed. Many have said that it's just too soon.Americans have been made very aware of the many threats which could at any time dessimate their currrent way of life

Yet many Americans somehow find entertainment in in these visions projected upon them by the very people who desperately wish to control their thoughts and minds.


I'm not sure if you have noticed but we ae are entering the 6th season of the highly touted and most watched television shows probably in history. I know you have all seen it. I am talking about 24. Staring our friend Jack Bauer.

I call him my friend because I feel like I know the man. He comes into my house 24 weeks out of the
year to make me feel like we have good. competent, hard working and passionate people out there protecting
me and my family from the evils of terrorism! This is entertainment.

Six years! This means that this script was being written since the very minute that 9/11 happened.
This is entertainment?

We are drowning in a pool of "Entertainment" based on the very thing we should fear the most.
Is this what we should fear the most?
This is what they tell us that we should fear the most?

Nearly every night of the week you can tune in and find at least one show which revolves around terrorism. There are people who want to do this country harm and there are people out there stopping them.

7 day a week!

Shows like: "24", "The Unit", "CSI, Scars" on the WB and even the show Heros which has a story line which
involves stopping a nuclear explosion in New York City which is set to take place on 11/08/08.

It is this, which we are currently waging a war. A "War on Terror". A war that will go on till the end of time if it were in the hands of those currently running the world.

In terror, we find entertainment.?

Terrorism being pumped into your living rooms 7 days a week. Terrorism being injected into your every day.
Terrorism on your thoughts, knowingly or unknowingly, several times a day.

This is mind control and the American people are the target.

24 is brought to you by Rupert Murdoch. The owner of FOX. The same people who make FOX News

24 and the 24 hour news network?


Do I need to elaborate on this?


JJJames, i find that i

JJJames, i find that i usually agree with you on most things, but i disagree with both you and the Watsons on this one. do me a favor and read some of the responses in the comments section of these 2 articles. there is a good argument to be made that 24 has the reverse effect of what you say. i know, its on Murdochs network, but have you een the show? last season was an "inside job" and the president was brought top justice. one of the main "villians" this year is the one calling for the concentration camps and crackdown on freedoms, while one of the main "heros" is firmly against them. i find both of these articles to be some of prisonplanet.coms most sensationalistic and reactionary work ever. i say this as someone who reads the site daily and thinks its a great resource.

New 24 Season Showcases Mass Terror, Concentration Camps
Propaganda Keeps Being Pushed by FOX
The new season of 24, that is to air this coming weekend, is to prepare the American people for the idea of concentration camps, detention centers and the rounding up of people in times of crisis.

The opener depicts an America besieged by mass terrorist attacks and public paranoia, with 11 cities, including New York, Atlanta, San Antonio and L.A., having been attacked in the space of a few weeks. Watch it:

Is 24 Propaganda? Is The Pope Catholic?
Talking heads omit fact that U.S. government, Neo-Con ideologues met with cast members to run PR for war on terror

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, January 17, 2007

To coincide with the start of a new season of Fox's much vaunted 24 program, MSNBC featured a debate asking whether the lead character, Jack Bauer, was a right-wing propagandist. What the talking heads and others that defend the neutrality of the show consistently fail to omit is the fact that 24 cast and crew members met with U.S. government officials and Neo-Con ideologues to run PR for the war on terror last year.

John Doctor, explain to me

John Doctor, explain to me how Jack Bauer bringing a corrupt president who stages false flags and supplies terrorists with nerve gas to justice is propaganda. thanks buddy.
its just a show | Homepage | 01.12.07 - 7:56 pm | #

Black Sheep. what a fitting name. do you buy everything that Watson tells you? hes a good dude, but hes human and he got this one wrong. so did you. the president is a terrorist. he was brought to justice. now in this season, Jack Bauer is going after the group that controlled the president last season. that group is connected to big oil and defense contractors. yep, sounds like propaganda right? i guess if you believe what conservative talking heads say and blindly accept the word of Watson on this one, you would.
its just a show | Homepage | 01.11.07 - 11:14 am | #
I support Alex Jones, but he is not omnipotent. I remember watching one of his weekly reports a few years go were he attacked the PC Game Deus Ex.

I could tell based on what Alex said that he never sat down and played the game. Much like 24, he attacks the game without playing it.

If you played Deus Ex on your PC or PS2, you would know that you are fighting against the Illuminati. He is an agent of the system at the beginning, but the player has the option of fighting the NWO.

To all of you who have never seen 24, yet attack it, please go watch Season 5 before making your judgement. In day 5, the president is a part of the conspiracy, and he is being controlled by a secretive group...........much like our real president.

In Day 5, the government is behind the conspiracy, just like Alex Jones says. If anything, Season 5 will wake more people up to the idea that the president can actually be controlled. | Homepage | 01.10.07 - 5:15 pm | #
24 isn't a show that has plain good guys and bad guys either, bad guys do good things in it and good guys do bad things. Another thing I want to say is that if you've been watching over the years the show has been consistently anti-NWO and has shown good examples of what can happen within corrupt gov'ts (especially in season 2).
john | 01.10.07 - 4:14 pm | #
Oh and by the way whoever thinks that 24 is encouraging the rounding up of people into camps and all that is absolutely nuts. The good characters area freaking out about that and the 1 bad character thats trying to push the fascist agenda (the Pres right hand man) is clearly a villain.
john | 01.10.07 - 2:28 pm | #
I just watched the first 4 hours and this show cannot be any more anti-tyranny and anti-fascism. The right hand man of the Pres thats pushing for more police state shit is the next villain, and we already know whos controlling him from last season (a group of special interest guys). That and theres plenty of themes of community and not being scared, lots of stuff that straight up contradicts any message propoganda would make.
john | 01.10.07 - 2:25 pm | #
I LOVE 24! Jack brought the POTUS to justice.

Rebellion to Tyrants, Even American Tyrants
Post American | Homepage | 01.10.07 - 12:32 pm | #
Some of the stuff posted in these comments makes me worry. Is this really the voice of the anti-establishment? If so, I fear even more for our future than I did previously.

First of all, FOX is not involved in writing the content of 24. They have NOTHING to do with the creative process. The show is produced by Imagine Entertainment, and the FOX network pays for the rights to broadcast it and sell advertising time during those broadcasts. The evil FOX executives don't write episodes, and they don't tell the producers where to go with the stories.

Look, I'm all for digging beyond the nonsense we get from mainstream media, but you people need to have some modicum of knowledge as to how the entertainment industry works before you start throwing out accusations. You're victims of your own clouded interpretations. If you look closely enough, you'll "find" an agenda in everything. In fact, one could easily make the argument that Alex Jones is, in fact, part of the vast right-wing conspiracy, tasked with the job of keeping YOU busy with wild goose chases. That's just as likely as saying a fictional show whose Republican president was exposed as a corrupt murderer, responsible for terrorist attacks on American soil, is an instrument of pro-NWO propaganda.

Do you really believe FOX wouldn't air a show that attacks the Bush administration? Have any of you seen an episode of American Dad? The entire point of the cartoon is to make fun of idiotic conservatives. Get a grip.
jwe | 01.10.07 - 11:23 am | #
We will just have to see if on this season Jack probes the secretive group contolling Presiden Logan and the terror attacks on last season.
Anonymous | 01.09.07 - 8:37 pm | #

actually, in one of the commercials for 24, it shows Jack Bauer choking the guy(who isnt arab) who was a part of that secret group last season.
Chris | Homepage | 01.10.07 - 9:59 am | #
Last season, 24 showed the public how terror could be created from within the oval office. This season, it sounds like they're alerting the public to the concentration camps standing ready across the country. You guys do great work, seriously, but you typically see everything through glasses that paint the most horrible picture from any given information, understandable given your mission. I see the new season of 24 as a great positive -- alerting millions of viewers to the dangers from within our government. Sounds like the producers are being mighty artful in sounding the alarm to a head-in-the-sand apathetic public. Let's both hope I'm right!
John | 01.10.07 - 6:35 am | #
just because conservative talking heads are too stupid to see the subtext of the show doesnt mean you should be. dont take the conservtive puppets word for it. this show may be heavy on the torture but if you actually pay attention you see that the show is not pro-conservative, pro fascist or pro-government in any way.
Chris | Homepage | 01.09.07 - 3:31 pm | #


you guys got it dead wrong again. have you ever even watched the show Watson? last season showed the president being caught using false flag tactics and being sent to prison for it. yeah, sounds like pro-fascist propaganda right? come on Watson, your slipping with this article.
Chris | Homepage | 01.09.07 - 3:26 pm | #
Oh jeez guys, c'mon! I am a huge 24 fan and a frequent visitor to this site. I never slam anything that is said here, because I agree. But this is ridiculous. I was able to watch the first 4 episodes when they got leaked and nothing could be further from the truth. The President ( not dubious as the author reffers to ) is against the detention of American people. So is Karen, the Homeland Security advisor. I would think you would be praising 24 for tackling issues such as this because they are showing the protagonists' distain for these actions. This show is in no way preparing people for this type of action in real life. A post above mine talked about last season's mirroring of the 9/11 Truth and I thought that people of this site would commend that too. The author has misconstrued this season of 24, I'm sorry, but I think the author should watch these episodes again.
Marcus | 01.09.07 - 3:10 pm | #

i actually think 24 only does this to alert the public of the possibilities. last season, they seemed to concentrate on 9/11 Truth in their own hidden way. remember, last seasons terror was an inside job by the president.
boast | 01.09.07 - 2:21 pm | #

I'm going to tentatively

I'm going to tentatively disagree, Chris--I say tentatively because I haven't watched enough 24 to claim to be an expert.

Alex may be overstating the case(NEVER!) but there is much that comes out of Hollywood that APPEARS to be revolutionary but the stories end either with aimless platitudes or they ceed the frame from the begining. Examples:

V for Vendetta(movie): WHICH I ABSOLUTELY THOUGHT WAS FANTASTIC IN EVERY OTHER WAY--but--while in the end the people march on Parliament and the military stands down, when they all unmask they're all dead people. WTF? This revolution is just a mirage of ghosts past? Metaphor has it's place, but that bit undermined the entire premise of the story.

Battlestar Galactica: good production values, good show, though I have personal issues with it(look guys, they're robots or they're programed clones--don't do a Chris Carter on us and keep waffling on your premise!)--but, whenever they can, the writers allow clueless authority to slide if it helps the good guys. I've actually stopped watching--much like with *gag* Enterprise, there is only so much I will allow my intelligence to be insulted(3 or 4 episodes).

Hollywood does regularly inject propoganda into shows, and while I'm not going to go as far as saying 24 is part of this problem, I have seen places where it tends to ceed the dominant frame.

Also, even if it sounds/ is revolutionary/informed, issues are framed so that it isn't clear how to solve them--without OUR HERO, that is. Many even good shows act as release valves for social tension in stead of inspiration for social change.

This shite is even infecting comic books, BTW--though that's probably been going on longer that I think.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

first of all, at the risk of

first of all, at the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, are you sure they were dead at the end of V for Vendetta? how did i miss that? ive seen that movie numerous times and never managed to catch on to that. now onto 24. its not nearly as simplistic as you would think. OUR HERO is actually the most flawed person in the show and it isnt always clear that Jack Bauer is indeed a hero. i have seen almost every episode of 24, and maybe there is a risk in me being defensive about it when people claim its jsut mindless "pro-torture" propaganda. it is heavy on the torture, no doubt, and this is the primary reason that brain dead sheep like conservatives think it is a "conservative" show. just because dumbass Rush doesnt get it doesnt mean Watson and Alex Jones should take his word(and people like him) for it. but there is so much more to it than that. last season changed my mind about 24. before, i thought it was simply just a mindless(if entertaining) action show. last season the presidents chief of staff went on this tirade(after Bauer caught on to him working with terrorists,who were NOT arab by the way) about how the end justifies the means and that working with terrorists and funding and arming terrorists is ok if you can use it to your advantage. he went on about how america NEEDS oil and we have to get it by any means possible. this includes working with terrorists and staging attacks. not exactly pro-tyranny stuff when THAT guy gets exposed and is one of the main villians. later that season the president is also exposed as being corrupt and is brought to justice. this season, as i said, one of the main villians is FOR the concentration camps while one of the main protagonists is the woman urging the president to follow the constitution. i know the urge and the easy assumption is to think 24:on the FOX network, a show about "the war on terror", very heavy on the torture. it HAS to be propaganda right? it really isnt that simple, and in the end, its just a show and likely doesnt have much of a propaganda effect either way. the moron flag waving, conservative sheep will continue to see the show as simply "pro-torture" and will take what they want from it and people like me will continue to actually listen to the dialogue of the show and take what we will from it.

Planting Seeds

You are arguing that this show is good for this movement as it expsoses these terroristic scenarios in a clear concise manner. Helping to show people that this could have been perpetrated by our own government?

Or could they be laying it all on the line..... on a fictional platform to remove the realistic perspective people may have on the feasability of these scenarios.

"You done seen that on 24. I watch that show too. You can't fool me you conspiracy nut."

While I see what your saying, I beleive that do not have a positive affect on the hearts and minds of society. It's designed to make people think more than they should about things they shouldn't.

Does this show actually affect the way people view terrorism and reveal the people who are manipulating it?

Is this show going to make it realistic to beleive that our government could do something this sinister and evil?

Or is it going to make people think that what is being depicted is not real? While at the same time maiking the possibility of terror more vivid and real?

And what about the other television shows based on terrorism? We are swimming in it. Making it real and making it unreal all at the same time.

It is double think.... It is Propoganda.... It's mind control.

Chris, I know that you have already seen behind the curtain but there is a majority of people who are being manipulated by this program.... You may be getting manipulated as well because of what you know and how that makes you feel like this show is allowing people to see what you already know..... when it's not having this affect at all.

The fact of the matter.... no matter how much you protest... America is being entertained in one way or another by terrorism. Making people believe that the reason that terrorists have not struck with-in the US because of the effort of our FBI and CIA.

Planting scenarios in people heads of how they are to react to terrorism when and if another terror event takes place.

We should not be supporting these shows.... not that they need our support..... they could have half as many viewers and would still be a fully funded propoganda arm.

I must admit that I have not seen many episodes.... but the episodes I have seen made scenarios, which could be realistic, seem fictional. Not a platform which could ever be used to wake someone up to this possibility but instead act to remove the realisic possibility of these scenarios.

In my opinion
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

first, i think you are

first, i think you are giving the show MUCH more power and credit than it deserves. you say because of the efforts of the FBI and CIA? 24 doesnt make government officials look as good as you think it does. again, the president was corrupt and so was half of his administration. Jack Bauer wanted to expose the president and the SecDef had him locked up. the prez chief of staff this year is a villian etc etc etc. i think that your argument is basically that it makes terrorism look real and like its more of a problem than it really is right? and thats a fair point for sure. but it also makes a corrupt government look very real as well(not unrealistic like you say, its actually kind of obvious to me that at least one of the producers "gets it"). things are not so black and white on this show. guess what? one of the MAIN heros on the show this year is an islamic terrorist who wants to change his ways and put forward a peace treaty. hes working with Jack.

So you are saying that 24

So you are saying that 24 exposes government corruption and complicity in terrorism.

Whet does it expose about control of the MSM? news shows like FOX?
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

it most certaintly does. as

it most certaintly does. as far as exposing MSM/Fox News, you dont expect them to do that too now do you? : )

FOX News

Has there ever been a scene in the show where FOX News does a story about the corrupt government which the show is depicting?

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

"It has been just over 6

"It has been just over 6 years since the tragic events of September 11, 2001."

Depending on what value you use for 'just over' it will not be 'just over' 6 years since Septermber 11, 2001 until Septermber 11, 2007.

Just saying. It seems kind of important what with your hook being season 6 of '24'.

Good catch

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Web Page for "24" episodes...

including original airing dates etc. --

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