Thanks to Vince for putting this together.

I thought this was really

I thought this was really good until I saw David Icke.

Show "9/11 decoy" by middike

Free Energy

I am amazed your offerings received a minus 6. 9/11 WAS all about energy (Oil) and power. I watched the video you suggested and found it quite interesting. I am not a scientist and no very little about zero point energy but I always try to keep an open mind. I am quite sure there are tons of energy sources that the Global Elite know about but won't allow the knowledge to go public. Their manipulation of the oil market is vital to keep their hold on power. Keep up the good work and pay no attention to the -6 rating. It means nothing. It's good to see someone with an open mind climb aboard the 9/11 truth wagon.

Agreed. When Dave turns up

Agreed. When Dave turns up the UK audience is lost. Shame, nice tune as well.

David Icke

I happen to have great respect for Icke and his work. Weather you believe in shape-shifting reptilians or not, everything else he says is right on the money. At least he has the balls to say what he believes. He also brings out the spiritual aspect which most 9/11 truth activists are afraid to touch. I like the guy and if he ever speaks in the Bay Area I will be there.

very good(i agree about Icke

very good(i agree about Icke though). John Mayer completely sucks though.

Grassy Knollington

Dave went from being a respected sports broadcaster to figure of ridicule overnight. Maybe sometime in the future he shall be regarded as a misunderstood visionary but I doubt it.

His minority wild beliefs deafen people to anything (and a lot of it makes sense) he says. Dare I suggest that some here have similar traits!

Heres a cartoon strip from Viz parodying the parody. I think the writer had Dave in mind.


just because Icke has some thoughts, theories, and assertions...

that some deem "unbelievable"

why is believing in a virgin mother or "son of god" or "prophet speaking with an archangel in the desert" any less absurd?

A lot of what he has to say is good, decent stuff. To completely shun him because you don't agree with some of his personal beliefs is ignorant.

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His reptilian agenda is absurd

If he came on here pushing that he would deserve to be shunned. Choice of belief is fine by me. Unless it gets in the way of what we are trying to achieve.


THINK for yourself..........I wonder if anyone will argue that?

I think so. Test case: The Jesuit Order is the hub of evil

Let me give the short version (although its almost impossible to make it credible in this way):

The main two players working to create a unattainable New World Order:

- The Jesuit Order (or the Society of Jesus). A 500-year old masonic/satanic military intelligence network which controls the Vatican and the white Pope. The Jesuit leader is called the Superior General (or the Black Pope). The Jesuits are in complete control of the international intelligence community: that's the CIA, the FBI, the KGB, the Israeli Mossad, the German BND, the British SIS. (Note: even many Jesuit-affiliated people have NO IDEA what the order is about, what it has done, and what their current agenda is). The Jesuits are more or less in control of all the other masonic lodges out there (directly or behind the scenes). They want to cater to all sides, so they can be controlled by the Vatican. If they can't control directly they use extortions, framings and bribes.

See also: (excellent podcasts) (excellent podcasts) and Secret Instructions of the Jesuits

- The Labor Zionists (Note: there are several different forms of Zionism). An Ashkenazi Jewish mafia network, backed by the Rothschild banking family. Israel was a Rothschilds project. They are all Bolshevik/Nazi/fascist traitors who hide behind the cloak of anti-semitism. The Rothschild's worked together with Hitler and the Vatican during the whole of WWII. Many enlightened Jews, who did not want to go and live in Israel were murdered. This is exactly what the Jesuits wanted. They did the same to the Ottoman turks, the Russians, the Ukrainians, the Kosovo people, the Iraqi's and many more deaths will follow. Bush even called this war on terror the "CRUSADES" just after 9/11. Most Jews (and Muslims) are completely unaware of the dangerous position they are being tricked into. We should only look at the _actions_ of these labor Zionists, not a ethnic/religion as a whole.

The goal is to DESTROY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as we know it. Then take more control of it its force, and use it for their own purposes. This is why it matters to the rest of world what happens to the United States today. Look what they have done to the Philippines, Cuba, Haiti and dozens of other synthetically poor nations. And don't be fooled by their big cloak of charity organizations, schools and 'research' institutions (such as the Club of Rome) around the world.

This Jesuit plan has been in production for hundreds of years.

The main reason for the North American migrations (from the 1600's onwards) were to get away from Roman Catholic oppression and prosecutions in Europe. The European Kings, Aristocrats and the Vatican/Jesuits would never EVER allow a free state with free people - with other religions, mainly protestants - to exist. The pope claims the earth, and everything on it belongs to God and _thereby_ also to himself. Anyone who thinks otherwise, is a heretic, and may be executed. So the Jesuits plotted all they could to destroy this creation of freedom and wealth.

This is the truth behind the New World Order. The enemy is the Jesuit Order and all of their masonic connections, including the Labor Zionists.

Don't take my words for it, research it for yourself, but do it NOW. We need to start understanding the real masonic problems in the US and abroad. Know the enemy. Know their strength (stealth, fear mongering, murder) and their weaknesses (they are psychologically immature, they don't live by awareness and truth, they are in small numbers, they are easily identified once you know their strategies.).

More Jesuit background:
- The wise warnings from Charles Chiniquy (He educated Lincoln about the Jesuit conspirators. Lincoln got killed shortly thereafter.)
- Canon law (Vatican 'Universal' law)
- Congress of Verona and the _secret treaty_ that came out of that. See also the Monroe Doctrine - the US reaction to that European conspiracy.
- Secrets of the Bank of England Revealed

Test case prediction: more negative mod-points than factual argument and debate.

Point proven. This forum is crawling with agents and groupthink

May you all find your truth.

You don't help your case by making accusations

against people which you can't back up.

I'm not well-researched on the Jesuits and as such don't have any particular opinion on the material you present - yet.

But you've also accused Alex Jones of being a Jesuit agent, along with not a shred of evidence.

When I asked you to back up your accusation, you didn't respond.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Oke. I said that he was a Jesuit-coadjutor.

I posted several reasons why. His Disney Corp./ABC affiliation (I have doubts about the integrity of his financial streams, but no hard evidence), his silence on the Jesuit Order (even when he talks about the JFK assassination) and Labor Zionism. He has also consistently refused to talk to Eric Phelps about this (there is a podcast about this somewhere). Furthermore I think he is a fear monger who always screams how we are now in a police state and how we are all being sent to prison camps, he warns about new terror attacks (without any evidence). He's close with the catholic Sheen family, who definitely are Jesuits coadjutors (look this up on the web). I also think he is not really telling anything serious about the real players in the New World Order. It mainly seems to be about yelling and scaring people about the bad cop on the corner.

Please research this for yourself, as others should also _before_ modding me negative, These are very serious matters. I don't claim to have all the answers, but I can see how much disinfo is placed on this forum.

I stand behind all I wrote on this forum. If I make a mistake I'll correct it, but please argue with me on arguments, and don't discredit me based on one or two mistakes. The matters we are discussing here are hard to proof completely, because so much information is being suppressed or distorted.

Thanks for the feedback!

these dudes don't like Alex Jones...

This is the most anti-alex site i could find in my 12 second search.

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i read the site for exactly

i read the site for exactly 4 seconds(all i could stomach). apparently Zwicker is a "zionist" too. :sigh:

I really enjoyed this slideshow.

Thanks Vince! Well done, this is a great contribution.