How Many Were Killed On 9/11? 2,973? More Like 3,073

This was a shock to me. With all of the research I do regarding this aspect of 9/11, I had no idea it was this bad. I thought the number was more like 5 or 6.

N.Y.: IT MAY BE 100+



January 28, 2007 -- The state has launched the first study of deaths among World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers - a grim toll that now exceeds 100, officials told The Post.

With a $165,000 federal grant from 9/11 health czar John Howard, the state is contributing at least twice that in staff and resources to study what killed the cops, firefighters and other workers who have died after searching for survivors or helping in the cleanup.

"We want to know about every death, so we can evaluate any patterns with fatalities," said Kitty Gelber, chief epidemiologist with the state Bureau of Occupational Health. "People need to let us know who was there and who died."

So far, the study has listed "over 100 deaths," Gelber said. The names were culled from the city's WTC health registry, labor unions and news reports, she said.

The study is now seeking data from the WTC medical monitoring program at Mount Sinai Hospital, the FDNY, medical examiners, and a class-action lawsuit for 9,000 Ground Zero workers.

About 95 workers - mostly cops and firefighters - have died of respiratory illness, heart failure or cancer, said lawyer David Worby.

The state has yet to determine the causes of the 100-plus deaths it has identified. Several may involve car crashes or suicides, but all are of interest, Gelber said.

The goal is to detect trends to help doctors monitor, test and treat 9/11 workers.

"Let us learn what we can to get the treatment as good as possible now," Gelber said.

The study will gather each worker's medical records before and after 9/11 and their time at Ground Zero or the Fresh Kills landfill or on trucks and barges that moved debris. Researchers will also interview relatives.

"While some have attributed a number of deaths to work at the WTC site, the medical link to those fatalities has not been established," said a city Law Department spokeswoman. "We must be very careful not to reach conclusions in advance of scientific and medical proof. The claim that over 90 workers have died is simply unsupported."

To report the death of a WTC responder, call toll free statewide: (866) 807- 2130 or (518) 402-7900. The e-mail address is wtcfatality@health.

So far...

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

Can someone explain why RBN LIVE is also dead?

Can someone explain why RBN LIVE is also dead?

And why was it necessary for this Wes Perkins to post such a crazy-sounding letter about a crazy-sounding man and his crazy-sounding interactions with radio personality Alex Jones? 

Webster Tarpley's show, as well as Kevin Barrett's, was packed with good information.  For to suddenly go kaput, and with a frightful letter, is disturbing.

If 9/11 truth is to EVER start impacting critical masses, these kinds of "scandals" must come to an end.  Discernment over government plants among truthers as well as unstable personalities should be included in the priorities of which to be aware.

More victims than you will ever know

There are more victims than you will ever know. The homeless who lived near the complex, the local residents and those that went back to work near there.
The residents of Brooklyn and Staten Island. Those first responders that came from other states to name a few of the poor unfortunate heroes. Perhaps some of the current construction workers will inhale a microscopic particle of the asbestos that still remains in the area.

I hope the current sifters of the debris that are looking for human remains are wearing face masks, protective clothing and are doing it in an isolated area where the wind can't carry the dust into the local streets or across the river into New Jersey.

We wouldn't want to make the situation any worse that it already is. I wouldn't trust the Port Authority or NYC officials to tell they truth. They are going along with the Official Story by keeping reality under wraps and building over it.

There will be far more to come

It has only been 5 years..... We are only seeing those who did the most being affected at this time.

But there were thousands with-in range of that dust bomb.

If you have any asbestos in your lungs there will be problems in the future.

There is a reason that they close schools and buildings which were protected with asbestos.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss