Open Letter to Markos Moulitsas Zúniga of


Dear Markos-

I don't normally do this, and initially, I had planned on writing you a long and nasty email because of your policy of censorship at your website. It angers me that people like you, not unlike the mainstream media in America, decide what people read and what they don't. You will talk and write about how the media in America is controlled by unseen hands, or biased toward the right, yet you practice the same brand of defacto censorship, most notably surrounding the events of September 11th, 2001.

I had heard about left gate keepers like you, who either knowingly or unknowingly keep information behind locked gates. I have even heard the buzz about your particular website, however, I never visited it until today after I heard of more blatant censorship there with regards to important 9-11 related information. I refer specifically to this article posted at

Certainly, you have the right to post what you like at your site. However, at some point, and especially when sites become successful, as you boast about here, you have a duty to protect free speech on an open forum. Unless someone is "flaming" others or otherwise causing trouble, what makes you think that articulate sensible people shouldn't have the right to openly post a forum, which is there exactly for such purposes? You are exactly like those you pretend to loathe so much. Especially considering the dire circumstances we find ourselves in here in America. When will people like you realize that everything that we despise about the Bush administration sprung forth from 9-11-01....none of it would have been possible if not for 9-11. And yet you continually keep the gate locked. You are either extremely naive, or part of a bought and paid for "controlled opposition". If you truly are not the latter and know that in your heart, I beg you to reconsider your stance on this 9-11 censorship policy. There is much at stake and very little time.

I urge you to begin by examining the issue of the 9-11 dust and then doing the right thing by giving this issue much needed exposure. Not one person in the country, not even Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, can point to this issue and shout "Conspiracy Theory!" This is conspiracy fact, all laid out in black and white, sometimes in the EPA's own words, and now, 5 1/2 years later, people are starting to die. I refer you to an article published just today in the New York Post.

We've been lied to about every single issue surrounding the events of September 11th, and the issue of the 9-11 dust and how they have treated the hero's who rushed to ground zero to help is just one more in the huge pile of examples of 9-11 related bullshit given to us by our government. The resulting media cover-up is telling as well. You don't even have to read between the lines here. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

As previously mentioned, I urge you to give this the coverage it deserves, and while I don't expect you to use them at your site, you might want to hear the 3 interviews I did with people very close to this issue, including 9-11 first responder John Feal. You can find this series of interviews at a special page on my website.

In closing, I would just reiterate to you that it is your duty to protect free speech on an open forum. Respectful individuals, should not be banned just because you decide (are you the "Decider" too?) that you disagree with what they are saying. It is also your duty to actually report on 9-11 related fraud and lies. A good place to start is by giving the 9-11 dust the much needed attention that it deserves.


Michael Wolsey
Host, Visibility 9-11 Podcast

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personally i would have

personally i would have called him a goddamn coward but clearly your more tactful than i am. that was a great letter.

Show "9/11 Phone Calls" by Amanda Reconwith

Is it just me..

or was this post submitted on autopilot?

By normal standards of logic, this doesn't even fit as a response to the comment it's posted in response to, but i can almost see a computer-like logic of posting this in response to a comment with the keyword 'call' in it - almost as if it were being done by a script/program and not direct human input...

Hmmm :) *has a matrix/Neo moment* "I can see you."

Fascism Lite - Now with 75% less mass murder and 25% more public appeal!


That's deep.

"Cogito ergo sum"

A man to reckon with (Amanda Reconwith)

I've sometimes wondered why that kind of thing keeps being allowed here.

Show "That's GOOD WORK" by dave mann

I love it!

An opening salvo is fired at the left (blog-based) gatekeeper of record, from a member of the 9/11 Truth community!

"Cogito ergo sum"


.......Very well done.Thank you.

Excellent letter Michael

As Chris stated above, you were far more tactful than I would have been with this little worm.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

Great write up!

Great write up!

Markos gets off on hearing

Markos gets off on hearing his name spoken by CNN or by spineless politicians. he has no interest in being honest with his readers. too many cocktail parties to be invited to. hes fine just spinning away. goddamn shill if ever there was one........

case in point....

this is disgusting, and i SWEAR to god i didnt even search for this, i just came across it on aol. its a story about "web-celebrities":

Which Web Celeb has the most staying power?
Jessica Lee Rose (Lonelygirl15) 44%
Perez Hilton 24%
Matt Drudge 24%
Seth Godin 5%
Markos Moulitsas Zúniga 3%
Total Votes: 4,556
Note on Poll Results

this is why Markos will continue to be a spineless jellyfish. oh well, its nice to see the little shill got last place at least.

It’s that advertising

It’s that advertising money to.

OT: National Geographic continues to brainwash the public...

with it's airing of INSIDE 9/11: ZERO HOUR.

This updated propaganda piece is at this moment being broadcast on the National Geographic Channel.

When can we see LOOSE CHANGE or TERRORSTORM on American cable television?

Lies and omissions perpetuated like this by National Geographic should be illegal. 

That film is BIG TIME OCT Propaganda...

The only bit in there that's of any interest (to me) is 5 seconds or so of "MOLTEN METAL" footage coming out of the south tower at 09:58.

Approx 1hr 5mins 50secs in (not accounting for advert breaks).


Molten Metal - WTC2 South Tower 09:58

There's also a "peculiar" interview with Deena Burnett.

Good luck

Ruppert Murdoch

I read a while ago that he has a large financial interest in National Geographic.....

No wonder they show bullshit.

That's not all...

Rupert is interested in.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

National Geographic should

National Geographic should be called the 'Plane Crash & Disaster Channel'.. at least here in Europe. I can't believe how often they send documentaries about air crash investigations (accompanied by vivid recreations of what happened, leaving nothing to the imagination), natural disasters and basically things going very wrong.

Some lighter discussions of 911 seem to stay up on Dkos...

For instance...this response to some thread about Moyers mentioning 911 Truth related issues...

Define "hammered"... (0 / 0)

It didn't happen to was allowed and facilitated, if not engineered to "happen" to us. If by hammered, you mean stifled by the right wing noise machine...yes, he did get hammered. Check out this list of scholars who question the official "tale" - . Critical mass is around the corner, and BushCo will go down.

What is wrong with this site? Is Kos in the back pocket of the Neocons? I have written him directly about this and received no response. Blocking discussion of this topic is really putting the head in the sand, or acting like a little kid, putting hands over the ears.


REVOLUTION is in the air!!

by Styve on Thu Jan 18, 2007 at 10:20:12 AM PST

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* [new] I think Markos saw no upside, only downside (0 / 0)

... to the five or seven-sided free-for-alls that result whenever the topic is raised. Since no new evidence seemed to be forthcoming (whether because it is/was being suppressed or because it simply doesn't exist), there was nothing for the level-headed, moderating voices in the community to examine in trying to resolve the points of disagreement dispassionately. Things always devolved into a shouting match where basically people either believe the official version or they don't.

by lotlizard on Thu Jan 18, 2007 at 08:22:37 PM PST


or this, where I used very oblique language...notice the eight recommends!!

Class action suit to seek redress for scarring~~ (8+ / 0-)

War on Terror = War on America...brilliant!!

Excellent post, and I had a thought over the weekend about the emotional/psychological scars that millions of Americans still suffer from the events of 9-11. Your piece is very insightful about the injuries we all suffer as result of the destruction of the country we love.

I proposed that class action lawsuits be launched seeking redress for the US Government's "handling" of the events of 9-11 for the massive, and in many cases, debilitating psychological scarring that resulted from the horrors of that day. The discovery process integral to civil lawsuits will yield, despite the myriad "state secrets/executive privilege" bullshit that will stand in the way, information critical for the American public to heal some of the wounds from those "terrorist" attacks..

Perhaps a similar litigation strategy, seeking redress on the broader scale considered in your piece, would have similar potential for beneficial results??!!

REVOLUTION is in the air!!

by Styve on Mon Jan 22, 2007 at 08:24:20 AM PST

"Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest." - Benjamin Franklin

heroes, not hero's

but i'm like that.....

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Well done, Michael. You put

Well done, Michael. You put Daily Kos in a bag and shipped it straight to Sellout Ville. Daily Kos is a great progressive blog. But Kos, like Crooks and Liars and others are simple hypocrites and sellouts (Advertisers controlling content). They care more for their own ego, poketbook, and their new found popularity with celebrity politicians more than they care about honest open-minded discussion or America or real Freedom. It gives me the creeps when blogs like KOS have blanket censorship of the most important topic in modern American history. Seriously, forget about who might have conspired to carry out the 9/11 attacks, just the infamous day alone and what lead to that day and what has followed that day, well, there is nothing bigger or more important for America than a full understanding 9/11. Not since the Civil War have we experienced as much death and destruction on native soil as we did on 9/11. Imagine Daily Kos banning any discussion about the Civil War. To ban any 9/11 discussion amongst intelligent and studied individuals is in line with policies of China and other Totalitarian ruled nations, it also serves as a primer for clamping down on Freedom of Speech; it get's people used to the idea that they cannot speak their mind freely. And for that, Daily Kos gets no more love (or daily clicks). May they shrivel up next to Bill O'Reilly and !


Why is there no coverage on this site about yesterday's events in D.C.? (I don't know where else to post this)

Ok I'm posting this on Daily

Ok I'm posting this on Daily Kos, I'll probably get banned but screw them, back with the link soon....


Your question is kind of vague in my opinion. A harder hitting question would be something like.

Should Daily Kos publicize the truth regarding the dust that many New Yorkers breathed and are now dying from after nine eleven.

That's not as good as I wanted it to be, but "the least they can do" is kind of vague bc people think well the could be doing less etc.

Anyway. I respect the effort and support it as well.

Yea you're probably right,

Yea you're probably right, my excuse is I was quite tired when wrote that thing. Anyway the poll still kicked ass like I guessed;

^ That just goes to show that all those shrieking fascist assholes are a monitory, period.

Ok here it

Ok here it is;
Poll: Is helping to expose the 9/11 dust scandal the least Daily Kos could be doing?

Please go vote in the poll guys! And if you've got an account show some support in the comments because there's bound to be a few assholes turning up, also vote the blog up if you know how, I haven’t worked that out yet lol.

In fact the c*cksmokers have

In fact the c*cksmokers have turned up already, everyone pile in and vote, drop comments if you can etc!!

Did you...

Choose these adjectives for your tags?

troll diary, CT troll, conspiracy theory

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

F*ck no, that's what all

F*ck no, that's what all those little pricks put up there.

Who votes "No, let's not help the first responders"?

Okay, that's not an entirely fair characterization of the "no" position, since some people may not have care for the "least Kos can do angle" -- like I give a shit. Those people are about at the level of the scum that grows on your shower tile if you don't keep beating it down. I made it through four comments and I was overcome with a profound need to poke them in the eyeballs with sharp sticks, so I had to stop.

Please post this for this guy...

I'm banned from dailykos, and have been for a looooong time.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

Just tried, I've been banned

Just tried, I've been banned from posting already, talk about A-grade Stalinist bastards.

Great news!

I've ascended to the ranks of DBLS and Jon Gold! I too have now been banned from posting comments at Daily Kos! I must be doing something right!

It's a great day to be an American!
"Cogito ergo sum"

It's not just the guy who's

It's not just the guy who's site it is, quite a few of the members are just completely fascist. But there are only about 20 or so of them, so we can own that poll if everyone votes!!

ps David Cameron's set to answer another question on 911: Press for Truth;

^ Great job everyone who helped out with that!

We're beginning to kick

We're beginning to kick their ass in the poll just like I suspected. Those f*ckers are vocal but they're literally only a handful.

My guess is that is CIA controlled

[I am reposting this from another diary to give visibility to the consideration of who left gatekeeper Kos is. Listen to him talk about his 6 months of interviews with the CIA.

And by the way thank you for crashing the gate at - they could use a wake up call over there. Do not expect too much support on the forum. Kos tells them what they are allowed to say. About 80% of them agree with you, but Kos keeps some control of what is posted by banning the truth tellers and letting the official conspiracy theory people and the agents free run.

Still some truth gets through.]

My guess is the is CIA controlled. Kos admits to interviewing with the CIA (I wonder if he took the job?):

Key excerpt:

Full clip here:

Markos tries to sell the CIA as a liberal organization!

Certainly is crawling with shadow government agents.

Still it is possible to do some good work there. (Although you may have to delete cookies, restart router and use multiple email address to get new accounts)

Once again, thanks for "crashing the gate" at daily

Current dkos diary on the stifling of Sibel Edmonds

This one treads on 9/11 also and the commenters on this diary seem to have brains. One of them even puts out the warning they may be troll rated if they keep talking about the truth of 9/11.

The open letter to Moulitsas was a great idea and the effort to hold him accountable should not relent.

I seriously hate Dailykos.

I seriously hate Dailykos. Brainwashed sheep being led to slaughter.

After looking at DKos it is obvious how regulated they are

and they act like scared little children afraid to look at the truth and terrified of being "troll-rated".

This small clique of commenting hyenas that shrieks at anything that might upset their miniscule worldview is in for a real shock when 9/11 Truth hits the MSM. I'm sure it will surpass the blow the Nixonites felt following Watergate.

What a pathetic waste of cyberspace DKos is.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

This is the terrorland known as Iran...

with some Yusuf Islam playing for you...

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dear god

I've never bothered to look at DailyKos before, because I've always heard he was a shill and was also mildly irritated at the similarity to my own nickname. Now that I've taken a look at that page I KNOW he's a shill, and most of the people who post there are frickin muggles who should really know better. Give me an upfront fascist anyday over a Left Gatekeeper.

Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs) is available now for pre-order on Amazon.

I totally agree.

Omission of the truth so he could get invited to all the best cocktail parties is what this bastard will be remembered for. Yellow Journalism exists on the internet as well.

Good idea

They should cover the dust, at the very least. If they want to ban some of the more esoteric stuff, then that's one thing, but banning the dust is another. IMO they should also allow the "hunt" for Osama and some of our other points like the ISI connection.

Here's a pretty good

Here's a pretty good comment posted amongst all that shit, I think he/she confused me with Michael Wolsey because I copied the whole thing, but nevertheless check it out, quite good;

Wow. An Online CRUCIFICTION - Who Knew? !! (0 / 0)
Unbelievable .. Uh. Or is It?

This Chewbacca2000 guy actually wrote a letter and signed his name to it here -- on THE GRANDEST of GRAND FORUMS-- one must know- the Grandest Indeed it seems..

And BOY-O-BOY he is CRUCIFIED- without mercy. Right here online... on Daily Kos. And the contempt, disdain, and Pudding Recipes no less-- and repeated Cutesy back-and-forth-play-joke-postings among these Self-Righteous JUDGES of topics, motives and MIND.

How very Unliberal, and Intolerant, and CURIOUSLY ATTACKING of the person Chewbacca2000, and the message, and the whole event 911... EVEN WHEN discussed from the perspective of DEAD 911 Rescue Worker! (no CT here officer. cough cough.)

Forgive me, my Oh-So Un-KOS like MORONITY-- but I swear I thought Eviro PROTECTION Agency liar Christine Todd Whitman told the Rescuers and ALL the Citizens of NEW YORK CITY- that the air WAS SAFE at Ground Zero!! Gosh Darn!

The Hostility of these shadowy "KOSSACKS" is beyond belief.. way out of proportion-- and wow!-- sure begs the queation of what they are afraid of about September 11th, 2001. Oh, and of course, there ARE "the rules" of Kos... How dare a Smart, Informed Person DARE -- challenge the Wizard, it seems ??-- of the Keyboard Garden... where many Little Hidden CAUSTIC PERSONALITIES-- play JAM THE FREE SPEECH--- Send in the SQUELCH SQUAD and the HATE Punishment team!

FIVE MINUTES of HATE on KOS!!! Five minutes of Hate --- Post the 300 Comments of Hate- in the SPECIAL "SELECTED" MEMORY VAULT - not just of KOS-- but of OUR MINDS-- if we dare to even - wish- to associate with these certain Other "APPROVED Progressive Thinkers".. HA! PUH!

The Hostility is Memorable. Deja Vu of Sorts.. Reminds one of the Freeing of Barabas-- In-DEED, BEHOLD... an Online crucifiction of a Simple Righteous One. Behold. The riot of words and vitriol against one man who wrote an open letter, signed his name, and begged a consideration, from his fellow, of his point of view, and for compassion for those SICK in his Nation from the Power of Evil Leaders! (gosh! No Pharoah challenges allowed to that Citizen.)

Is Markos a Later Day Pilates -- (will you be Sir?) Will Markos Wash His Hands? As others clearly scream and riot to defame and TERMINATE the Word, the Man, the deeds and concerns of a Man.


WHAT ACT of SCRIBES, of Pharisees, INDEED and SPEAK with such Judgement, RIOT and hostility! Ah! But they HAVE THE RULE! The Rules. The Scribes know and Quote the Rule! And RIOT in Spirit and Deed AGAINST all the VIRTUE embodied -- as If Evil was lobbed against them by.. oh... God Only Knows What-- maybe, as if a Suicide Bomber were Attacking them and Their Virtual Land!

"Let Him be Crucified." Hollered the Rioting crowd. Yet, "What Evil has He Done?" asked Pilates?" And the Crowd-- the Men of Pudding and ALways-5-Minutes-Forever-of-Hate- Hollered:

"Let Him Be Crucified!" And so it WAS-- they Called Him and labeled Him a TROLL and sentenced Him to Death. In the Dear Garden of Virtual Blogosphere.

"Those here who exalt themselves so"... Wow! ... Dear voices of contempt, "They widen their phylacteries and lengthen their tasssles." Those "Who love your places and seats of honor," apparently like a temple here on Kos.

"Woe to You, you scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites. You lock the Kingdom of Heaven before human beings. You do not enter yourselves, nor do you allow entrance to those trying to enter."

"Blind Guides who strain out the gnat and swallow the camel!" Behold.

Unbelievable, the Spirit here on KOS many times. WASTE and HATE, and FOX NEWS MURDOCH STYLE ATTACKS on the people-- who even sign their names to their posts, and admit their un-initiated experience.

Unbelievable. Really! The STATE of KOS... the clubby, insider, collaborationist attacks
on writers. Is this the Michele M. Blog? Or Slander Anne's Page? Or Alan D's Hate and Fallacy Forum?

And. It all BEGS many questions, as We Wail and Gnash our teeth... WHO LORD? Who Dear Lord SHALL we Call our Brothers? Who shall We Stand with in the Great Battle? Who Lord is Our Ally as We Seek Truth and SPEND HEARTILY in BLOOD, TREASURE, FAMILY and NATION !??

Who Lord is WORTHY of OUR LOVE and Our Gifts and Allegiance? Dear Lord Who?

Who Speaks Against Their Brother With Such Riot and Hate and Calls of Termination, Destruction, Rejection, Descreditdation and Crucifiction, indeed.

"Free Barabas! Let the Other One Be Crucified!"

Indeed. Are Even Christian thoughts allowed? Christian Traditions? Activities of the The Jew named Jesus Christ-- even Allowed on Kos? Shall they Fear, too, to Speak in This Garden? Are these Banned Topics? Banned Modes of thought and discourse? Banned People!?

In this DEADLY, again, AGE of RELIGION-- in Church-Separated-from-State-AMERICA, this great period of RELIGIOUS WARFARE ... Who Speaks?

Dare anyone Think or Speak-- or Teach as a Rabbi-- Beyond The Instructed "You Shall HATE ISALM." "And HATE CHRISTIANS who are Fascist!?"

Dare they Speak or Write - or Shall they Be Selected, Sorted, Tagged and Crucified As Well?

Do Tell Kos Dairy-ist of Troll Hunters, Topic Keepers, Scribe Protecters of the Special Gate of
the Gathering Place. You Judgers of Your Fellow man, and executioners of writers !!

What say you, whose Bile is Thick Like Pudding? Pray and Do tell... those of you who post pictures of unrighteousness.

For History, as we know- full of Purges and Expulsions-- seems to have found its Spirit here, -- comfortable, purging, persecuting -- here on The Daily KOS.

Do tell fellows. Unleash your tongues again.

and of course-- the GREAT SIN - of Chewbacca2000--
has been exposed by a wise scribe! They scream and alert -- "Note the Lack of a Tip Jar."

Ah... what a cosmic irony and revelation indeed!
God Bless the USA and Our Troops Dying in an Illegal, Immoral Occupation, Built on the Lies and Evil Deeds of September 11th 2001. We Will NEVER forget and Never Stop the Persecution of THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MURDERS of OUR PEOPLE.

WE WILL HUNT THE ENDS OF THE EARTH-- like the Great Jewish Nazi Hunters who ceaselessly Hunt Down and Bring Guilty Monsters to Justice. Amen.

To Be, Or Not To Be...

by CitizenUSA on Sun Jan 28, 2007 at 09:12:17 PM PST

That comment should be a diary.

Citizen USA really nailed the repulsive side of dkos. Perhaps causing a ruckus on dkos would rock their world.

Sorry man missed this

Sorry man missed this comment, check my one below he did post it as a diary, and it did cause a ruckus!

Cool, the dude posted it as

Cool, the dude posted it as a blog entry;

Gated community inhabitants

prefer their own little world safe from reality. Like sheep in a field. Baaa.

Someone thrashed the f-kers

There are some rewarding posts there, such as this (see also the same author's posts before that):

"You fuckers almost make me want to go Republican."

I didn't threaten to go republican. None of you are worth that.

And the man who spelled badly with a disablility didn't belittle the owner of the site, that was a whole different matter, whom I didn't bring up, just expounded upon. He had, admittedly, a great diary, but the hecklers didn't like his grammar and language, so they belittled him, had nothing to do with what he had to say. Just that he didn't say it "properly" enough for them. And of course, they needed someone to pick on for the day.

Ah, not sure why I'm bothering, you're coming in a little late in the game. You're ill informed, and not following the players. No, you're instincts about me are not correct.

I've got stuff to do, I'll leave you to follow the time line on your own, if you choose, if not (and I'm sure you won't, as you're sure you're right, and that's okay too)

Good day. just posted just posted this thread! again, good job Michael. i love when people organize against the gatekeepers. we can deal with these people in a way we cant deal with the big boys(NBC,CBS,FOX etc.). keep up the pressure everyone. it makes a difference, however small.

Maha should also be slapped with a free speech subpeona

This is from a recent post on the Mahablog:

"At this point I want to remind readers that I was, in fact, in lower Manhattan on 9/11 and am an eyewitness to the collapse of the WTC towers. Anyone who comments that I am in denial about what happened on 9/11 will be well and thoroughly ridiculed."

It's at

Maha is at least as narrow-minded about 9/11 as Kos, but it's not clear why. If you suggest that she is blinkered on the subject, however politely, she will go bat-shit insane and ban you from comments. But it's fun to pull her chain at least once; I managed it twice, since I got unbanned for some unknown reason. You can find our first ding-dong in a thread under "We Got One!" (meaning that they reeled in a tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist - me). See and the links to the previous round.


When you can not defeat an argument

you must censor it

We should keep track of all these sites which choose to censor us rather than trying to prove us wrong banned me along with a few others that I can not remember
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Thank you, Michael--

Michael--Your letter to Kos was a study in the kind of calm, but firm, impassioned and genuine articulation of issues that is drawing more and more to the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Thank you also for your good work on 9/11 Visibility project; it was my honor to donate yesterday and I urge everyone to do the same. The 9/11 dust issue is an acute, critical issue for us to be involved in.


Great job with that article,

Great job with that article, I think you started a ball rolling! One thing I noticed is that if you actually click on the "troll diary" tag most of the stuff in that is actually good, even criticising Hillary Clinton gets a "troll rating", brainless partisan assholes.

Also dude just curious is your name a reference to "Peak Oil"?

THX Dem Bruce

Right now I'm working on building up several accounts to trusted status so that I can comment and diary with them. Then with each I plan to try a different strategy to work in 9/11 info.

Peak Oil
Peak Fascism
Peak Deception
Peak Lies
Peak Fear
Pear Climate Change

Seems like we are at a national and global crisis point.