9/11 Covered in Ann Arbor News

Alternate 9/11 theory draws crowd

Panel speakers suggest U.S. government was behind attacks
Monday, January 29, 2007
News Special Writer

Their theory is that explosives planted throughout the World Trade Center - not the burning fuel from the jetliners that crashed into the buildings - brought the Twin Towers down on Sept. 11, 2001.

That proposition was intriguing enough that about 300 people showed up Sunday, some out of simple curiosity, at the Michigan Union in Ann Arbor to hear three speakers explain why they believe the U.S. government - not fanatical Muslim terrorists - was behind the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The crowd dwindled considerably during the three-hour panel discussion, "The War on Truth: 9/11 and Our Civil Rights,'' sponsored by Scholars for 9/11, a national group that says the government's version of the events surrounding the terrorist attacks is "a pack of lies.''

The three speakers urged the audience to examine all the evidence and ask for an independent investigation of the events surrounding Sept. 11, 2001.

Before the discussion, about 10 University of Michigan student protesters, carrying signs and wearing tinfoil hats, milled about outside the Michigan ballroom, saying they represented a group called Young Americans for Freedom.

"We're here to make a point,'' said Ryan Fantuzzi, vice president of the group. "To show just how absurd these claims are.''

But others wanted to hear what the speakers had to say.

"I'm here to get a little more information,'' said Johnny Rennella of Ann Arbor before the discussion began. "I have a couple of friends who were recently deployed to Iraq, so it's hitting closer to home for me.''

Inside the ballroom, the three speakers asked people to help them "spread the truth.'' Scholars for 9/11, and other groups like it, believes the attacks were staged by the government as an excuse to implement various policies, including attacking oil-rich countries. The foundation for their argument is the videos and other evidence that they say show the collapse of the Twin Towers was more like a controlled demolition.

It's not scientifically possible that two planes crashing into the buildings and the ensuing fire could cause these "unprecedented building failures,'' said Kevin Ryan, a former site manager for Environmental Health Laboratories, a division of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. He said he was fired from his job after questioning the World Trade Center draft report in October 2004.

Dr. Robert Bowman, president of the Institute for Space and Security Studies and an unsuccessful Democratic Congressional candidate from Florida, received rousing support from the crowd when he called for "a truly independent investigation of 9/11 without White House interference ... with no pre-determined conclusions.''

The third speaker was Dr. Kevin Barrett, an associate lecturer in Islamic and Arabic Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Matthew Fingerle and Shane Michael drove to Ann Arbor from Ft. Wayne, Ind., to hear the speakers.

"We know what happened, we've heard them speak before, but we wanted to see them in person,'' Michael said. "We know this will be hard for people to accept.''

For more information about this organization, go to www.scholarsfor911truth.org.

Lisa Allmendinger can be reached at lallmendinger@sbcglobal.com or at 734-433-1052.

Any video or pics ?

Those YAF freaks in tinfoil sound like a clever bunch... NOT

Hopefully they'll learn sooner rather than later... cest la vie.

Thanks for the info

I knew I should have taken pictures.

Sorry...I knew I should have taken pictures of them when I had the chance. They didn't stick around until the end of the conference.

They were real specimens, though...the best the Young Repukes at U of M have to offer. One of them had a sign that said 'Bush killed Kenny', while another's sign said 'Carter was behind 9/11'. And, of course, they all were sporting the tinfoil hats they obviously thought were the absolute height of cleverness. Real brain trust.


Ryan Fantuzzi deals with a lot of hot issues. But what are his thoughts on arguably the most ferocious debate on campus?

"It is pop!" the Sterling Heights native said when asked about the eternal soda vs. pop debate. "It is pop, it is pop, it is pop!"

Fantuzzi's booming voice has a resonant power. He argues about all issues with equal relish: from the minutiae of pop culture to political issues and back again.

The lively Student Conservative Party presidential candidate, who makes a habit of speaking bluntly and had all the most memorable lines of Sunday's presidential debate, realized the transformative power of pop early last year while writing a paper.

"I was filled with four liters of Mountain Dew," he said. "And I think that's the secret to success: Johnny Cash and Mountain Dew."


Ignorance is NOT Bliss

This guy actually wants to be President


Follow this Google trail.... he's got his wick dipped in every honey hole he can find

Conservative Party.... Liberty Groups..... Civil Rights.... Student Government.... People for the Protection of Purple Panda Propogation

He's on the fast track to shillination
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

I'd love to know more about....

....the "debunker" protest group....."Young Americans for Freedom"? Catchy name...not.

Were they a preexisting group?

Of course, if they are so convinced that 9/11 Truth is completely bogus, I'm sure they tore Barrett, Bowman, and Ryan to shreds during the event with their piercing OV exposure of the "dubious" nature of our questions and evidence......

I'll await the video on that....uh huh...

fyi, James Bamford is on

fyi, James Bamford is on C-Span live right now. calling Powell a liar right now.

Thanks Chris

for mentioning that CSPAN program as I would have missed it.
That black soldier gave one hell of a speech.
Sadly no 9/11 information nor even Impeachment were mentioned it was still a good meeting and a decent beginning.

We all know that the majority of Congress knows damn well these war criminals are guilty of High Treason, they just need to be shown that they aren't going to be committing political suicide if they tell the truth.
We need to turn the tide and make the "Tin Foil Hatters" those loons that swallow the Official Conspiracy Theory Myth.

no problem. i had to leave

no problem. i had to leave almost right after i posted that unfortunately so i didnt see the soldier. i didnt think 9/11 would be mentioned, it looked like it was mostly Iraq. i just figured i would mention it because of James "Northwoods" Bamford. for a mainstream guy, he really has contributed a lot. not just northwoods either. his NSA stuff is scary.

Ever feel like the internet has done it's job?

It seems to me that less and less people are going to sites like this one because it's no longer necessary. The cat's out of the bag and there's no turning back. The newspapers now are like wet toilet paper that doesn't stick to the wall. TV and radio personalities are getting upset that no one takes them seriously anymore. Or is it just me?

its not just you, the anger

its not just you, the anger and fear is obvious to me.

There's nothing to be afraid of and nothing to be angry about.

I think we've all been in denial for our whole lives and our willful ignorance has allowed history to work itself out. There was really no other way history could have gone differently. Money is the only conspiracy and we're all guilty.

We are never deceived; we deceive ourselves. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

oh no Itsaputon, i wasnt

oh no Itsaputon, i wasnt saying your fear and anger is obvious, i was talking about the media. they fear the internet and true alternative media because its rising while they are falling. that said, i would be a liar if i said i wasnt angry about the situation we all find ourselves in. but yeah, i didnt mean that for you, no disrespect meant.

It's called "cognitive dissonance"

It's called "cognitive dissonance" and that's been our aim, for the first stage battle in this psych-war/info-war. As the percentage of Americans who no longer accept the official story myth of 9/11 increases, perhaps even exceeding 50% by year end, the mainstream media mouthpieces who spout the official story of 9/11 will appear increasingly rediculous and absurd. This entire episode of historic insanity is based upon a LIE, and it's fast crumbling very near the rate of absolute free fall.

Remember, our battle may not produce traditional justice for the perps, but historical justice, in the court of public opinion, both in the USA and Globally, may very well ensue. Once modern history and the historical record tips in favour of the alternative view and away from, the US government sanctioned MYTH, then 9/11 shall serve as a point of great historical learning, and thus, transformation, from generation to generation, while the twin towers remain conspicuously absent the New York City skyline, in perpetuity.

I doubt very much there'll be a new independant investigation, with subpoena and indictment powers, but justice comes in many forms, perhaps not the least of which be as a result of a dramatic rise in Civil conscious awareness.

The Bush's administration's goal, and their fundamental philosophical underpinning, has been "order out of chaos". They believed, mistakenly, that out of the vacuum of death and destruction eminates goodness, as if such a dynamic somehow emulates the creator Himself. Well, I believe that the data is now in, and the only conclusion that may be drawn, is that they were seeking to emulate the wrong God, the God of destruction, of death, and misery, and separation from "the source" and giver of life.

From a historical perspective, it's not too hard to "reverse engineer" their schematic, from Iraq, and then back through to their first/last cause, 9/11.

Once the collective consciousness, and conscience, penetrates their black hole quagmire, then the white hole of a new and better world will come into view, and shine a radiant white light onto this entire abomination.

You cannot have 80 million minds attempting to penetrate an abominable lie, and hypocrisy, like 9/11, without piercing the veil, and shedding light on the whole affair.

These are the four stages of recovery. Surrender (to the powerlessness of being able to control and manage life on one's own terns), Sharing (in the form of a confession of wrongdoings, and the character defects which precipitated them), Restitution (for harm done, if only in the form of attempting to make amends, no matter how feeble the effort), and Guidance (by the light of conscious awareness that seeks to discern the will of God as highest power, who is also a God of love. "I ask for mercy, not sacrifice")

"All happiness for man must arise exclusively from some unhappiness, already experienced."
~ Gurdjieff

"There is nothing now hidden, which will not be made known, and brought to light."

“We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth” - George W. Bush

Sounds like

you juse came from an AA meeting. I am also a member. Have been for 30 years.

Ernest Becker

Recommended Book:

Denail of Death - Ernest Becker

yes!! the newspapers are HURTING!

Thanks for bringing that up. The other night I got a call from the Boston Herald. It went something like this":

"Hi, I'm cahlling from the Bahston Herald, and don't worry I'm not tryin tah sell you anythin--I'm just cahlling because we're giving you the Herald for free for four weeks and I just wanted to confirm that you're still at [my address]"

"No thanks I'm not interested."

"Can I ask why?"

At this point I SHOULD have said "Because you and your rag are complicit in mass murder by covering up the truth about 9/11 and shilling for the illegal war by printing the most outrageously biased crap I've ever seen in print."

But I just said "I'm sorry, I get my news online."

"But come ahn, it's free. I mean, you wouldn't turn down free money would you?"

"It's not money though."

"It's a GOOD papah..."

At this point I should have laughed heartily, but instead I said "Thanks, I'm really not interested, bye."

This is just a couple weeks after getting a similar call from someone peddling the Bahston Globe (owned by the New York Times.) I love it. Ever since the Boston Metro appeared on the scene, a free daily just the right length for the modern attention span, the big boys have realized just how little people think their product is worth--they can't give it away for free as fish wrapping for chrissake.

And the shills on TV? You can see the fear and desperation in their eyes--you can see them practically begging to be believed. They know exactly what they're doing, too. And we will NEVER forget. Hell, we don't even have to bother taking names, they've left so much evidence of their shameful acts.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Newspapers are on the out

Our local paper is for sale and the city is scared that the buyer will not have dsire to maintain homeown feel and will simply become a paper which regurgitates the AP line
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

2 of my local papers were

2 of my local papers were recently bought(by a republican operative and former media relations shill who used to harrass the very papers he bought no less) because they were failing and the New York Times sends me crap all the time trying to get me to subscribe to that rag. i read newspapers every day, but only because i get them for free. screw old media. die old media.

Ann Arbor News

This article is filled with lies.
""The crowd dwindled considerably during the three-hour panel discussion, "The War on Truth: 9/11 and Our Civil Rights,'' sponsored by Scholars for 9/11, a national group that says the government's version of the events surrounding the terrorist attacks is "a pack of lies.'' "

The event was NOT sponsored by Scholars for 9/11 truth. A local group of activists put this on.
The lowest count I heard anyone else come up with was 500.Some way as high as 800 with people coming and going a lot. Many people left before the QandA session because it was well after 9. almost every one stayed for the speakers.
The response we received from almost everyone was extremely positive, except of course for the idiots in the tin foil hats who were so threatened they wouldn't even come in.....

It was a FOUR hour event

Wondered at that statement

"The crowd dwindled considerably during the three-hour panel discussion" implying gradual disbelief and why 10 (or was it 4?) tinfoil hat clowns got column space whilst offering no sensible argument.

Welcome by the way!



Have you considered sending an email to the writer of this article to point out the unfortunate discrepancies?

Way to go Ann Arbor!!!

Sounds like an excellent event, well done. I hope that someone took video of the whole thing.

I also hope that you had a table at the event covered with books and dvds.

Always take plenty of pictures, especially of anyone cute enough to wear tinfoil hats.

The MSM will always try to paint as negative a picture of a 9/11 Truth event as they can. Interesting to note no mention of WTC 7 in the story, I'm not surprised. This follows the common media practice of focusing on the event itself and not the subject.

We really need to have public outreach events like this as often as possible. This is one of the best ways to connect people who have questions about 9/11 to an organized local group and to continue growing the movement.

Keep up the great work, Ann Arbor!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

event layout

Yeah we had a couple of tables with dvd's articles and a few books. We sort of fell down on the books, but we got a replicating machine going and had three hundred free videos!!!
Bowman, Ryan and Barrett were awesome. Several times, bowman got standing ovations. Ryan did a deconstruction of the NIST report with a lot of totally )for me) new material. The "engineers" who reviewed the event for the "investigation" were the exact same guys who reviewed the stuff from the Oklahoma City bombing thing...He dissected the NIST report and threw it in the trash, item by item. His power point presentation was so careful and precise there was not a single point anyone could take issue with. He just told the god honest truth in simple clear language but with scientific back up.
Barrett was amazing--his portion concerned the problem that many academics are not being allowed to just say "TWO and TWO make FOUR" and the many almost humorous absurdies the media has put forth in trying to maintain the "official" lie.
These guys are true patriots as well as being terrific speakers. We were so fortunate to have them there that night.

Thanks, darkbeforedown, for

Thanks, darkbeforedown, for your posts! They give the real lowdown--good information!

My email to the author, Lisa

Congratulations Lisa,
To have the courage to write about the 911 truth movement. It's frightening for those of us with the courage to seek the truth, imagine how people without our kind of courage feel!
Two things, you did not mention that Dr. Bowman was undersecretary of Defense for Ford and Carter, and you did not mention WT7.
World Trade Center 7 was not struck by planes and therefore there was no jet fuel involved. The entire official story is bunk of course, but WT7, not even mentioned by the "official report" is the largest of many large holes. If you have not seen any of the documentaries, such as Loose Change or 911 revisited or Press For Truth, I urge you to do so. The fate of our country depends on stopping their next "false flag" operation. Millions of lives are at stake, Lisa.