An Example of 9/11 Denial

In January, I visit my high school - a Jesuit college-prep school - and discuss 9/11 Truth with a few of my old teachers. Most were open and receptive. But my sophomore English teacher reacted much more defensively.

After telling her that my political interests had taken me down the 9/11 rabbit hole, I started discussing LIHOP evidence. I didn't have a chance to get to the MIHOP evidence, because as soon as I mentioned the possibility of US officials even doing as much as deliberately looking the other way, she cuts me off and says "Why are ya so paranoid?"

(And the look on her face basically said, Oh honey, you've gone off the deep end. Take some Prozac and some Lithium, and make yourself a nice hot cup of cocoa.)

I started mentioning WTC7 and how it was CD. Without missing a beat, she said, "How do you know?" When I started talking about how if it looks like a duck, walks like, talks like, and quacks like, then it's a duck. I then started to mention Silverstein. With that look of skeptical disgust, she said: "Sounds like you need to go play some music [which I do for a living]." I told her that in a couple weeks I'd come back with a burned copy of Confronting the Evidence and it would open her eyes. She gave me a tentative OK, followed by, "This is isn't like 'The Holocaust Didn't Happen', is it?" I tried to assure her there was no similarity.

SO: Fast forward a couple weeks when I returned to the school and left a copy of CTE in the Social Studies department. Then I returned to my English teacher and said "Remember how I said I'd come back with a DVD?" She grabbed the cover of my master copy of Confronting the Evidence, looked at it for less than a second, and then gave me this look of annoyed disgust, as if to say How dare you waste five seconds of my life with this crap!

She said to me, "Listen, I'm sorry, I'm going to have to be blunt and put my foot down with you. I find that to be propaganda." I said, " Excuse me?" Pointing her finger, she continues: "This stuff has been around for years. You're just now gettin' into it. You are a grown man, you're free to do what you want to do and explore what you will, and I'm not demeaning you, but *I* am not interested in THAT." With that, she started walking into the class that she was about to start teaching.

I could have turned up the hostility level and had the last word just for ego's sake, but I didn't. Looking back however, I wish I would have yelled out to her as she was walking away, "Martin Luther King said that there's nothing more dangerous than sincere ignorance and consciencious stupidity, and you, ma'am, are exhibiting both!" I don't know if I want to say hi to her anymore. She has lost SO much of my respect. Before this, I had perceived her to be of an open mind in pursuance of truth.


I'd have waited for her class to start..... then walked in there and handed her the DVD and said "Here's that DVD you wanted and a copy for every person in your class"

Here you go kids!

Then drop a quote on them
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

You can't judge a book by its cover...

You can only try...

It's no good trying to force it as it will only put them off even more...

Best wishes and good luck, don't be put off.

other examples of 9/11

other examples of 9/11 denial using actual friends of mine


FRIEND 1: "The controlled demolition theories are ridiculous, they are just too far fetched to be possible"

ME: "But dont you think its obvious that WTC 7 was demolished?"

FRIEND 1 "It definitely looks that way but that doesn't mean thats how it fell, its much more likely it fell from something else,the 2 towers may look like controlled demolition but that doesnt mean that's how they fell. AN airplane hit them and then they fell. its much more likely it fell from an airplane hitting it."


ME: "so you definitly think WTC 7 was demolished but dont think there was foreknowldedge of 9/11"

FRIEND 2: "well of course WTC7 was demolished, but it was probably done for safety reasons. Downtown Manhattan is extremely populated. It was probably the best time to demolish it for safety because the entire area was already evacuated"

ME: So you're saying that its legal and sane to demolish a building in the middle of a 'terrorist attack' and that they wired it up in under 5 hours to blow up.

FRIEND 2: well you're not a demolition expert are you? How do you know it was unsafe, and how do know how long it takes to wire?

ME: (this is where its hard to restrain myself). haven't you seen a demolition being prepared on the discovery channel? If they wanted to evacuate Manhattan they could find a way.


ME: so do you think there was inside information that helped make 9/11 happen or in other words an inside job? The simultaneous war games is a striking example of this.

FRIEND 3: how do you know how often war games are scheduled? It makes no difference to me that there was one happening on 9/11. Its just a coincidence.

ME: The war games were extremely specific and not as common as you think. Some of them included dealing with mock hijacked airliners used as weapons to hit the WTC.

FRIEND 3: probably just a coincidence, there is no proof of inside knowledge.

these 3 friends are actual people i discuss 9/11 with on a regular basis. They are heavily in denial and are like a brick wall to argue with. One prominent aspect i find interesting is many of them use urban legends or aspects of the official story to back up their position. When i call them on this and say "Thats from the official story you realize, concocted by the government" they say "no its not, this is totally my own opinion". The interesting thing is that they actually believe they are not/have not been influenced by the 9/11 offical story myth. Its obvious that they are backing up their position based on this WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT.

Have they seen 9/11 Press for Truth?

I'd start them with that to ease them into the idea. Then show them Dr. Griffin's lecture dvd 9/11: The Myth and the Reality. Finally have them watch 9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions.

If those three films don't open their minds to the possibility of alternate theories regarding 9/11, nothing will.

While my sister doesn't doubt that elements within our government conspired to make 9/11 happen, she is so terrified by the idea that she doesn't want to hear about it. For some people you just have to be very gentle, patient and give them time to get comfortable with the idea. Others will always find it too disturbing to accept until the MSM tells them it's true. It can be a huge shock so be prepared to be supportive.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Interested in your ideas on this

Leftwright, good post as always.

It strikes me that, in many if not most cases, people can't conceive of this for good reason. We i.e. they may wonder -- at least unconsciously -- if the system itself could survive in the aftermath of any decent emergence of 9-11 truth, with the implications that would bring.

It looks as though planning must have gone on during the previous administration, don't you suppose? Certain threads of evidence seem to show that, and to my assessment at least, the intentional lack of interest even among supposedly anti-Bush Democrats speaks of the same.

If the 9-11 show really is the tip of a really big and pervasive iceberg, then it is hard to know what can happen to set anything right. People may sense that and therefore shy away from learning more, for that reason.

What, for only one example, would we the people do with the CIA, if we were to know what it has been behind, not just in this one instance but in, no doubt, several previous very grand atrocities against us, and blunders in general? Would the CIA itself allow 'us' to do anything meaningful?

What if a president were shown to be guilty of aiding in mass slaughter of US citizens, as we here strongly suspect? How would we as a nation go about doing anything in response? Death row, for a former president?

Same with Vice Pres. and cabinet members, as well as the several -- all too many for comfort, i.e. stability -- appointees and other accessories to the crime. Would this governmental system itself survive such chaos? Would it allow it at all? That is to say, would the Administration or Congress allow anything like that to begin, once they saw any hint of it coming? Should we be preparing, psychologically at least, to go against a coup?

I suspect that (unconscious) questions like these keep many people from thinking about 9-11 any further.


Every last one of them and they know it..... We are the suckers.

We all know that Hillary is a crazy bitch..... but there are those who look at her and see a sucessful and strong woman.

People need to be wake the F up..... and soon.

What will happen to this country when this is revealed?

Do you think Americans will allow this country to fall into despair?

Hell NO!

We will do what we should have done a long time ago... we will take this country back

Reclaim our families

Support one another

Find old friends

Buy American Made Products

Shop at local stores

Enjoy Life...go for walks and ride bikes

Understand that kids get hurt and put teeter totters back on the playgrounds.

This would put an end to this elitest capitalist structure that is but a parasite on humanity
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Student - you have touched on many subjects here

I will respond to them as succinctly as possible (I really need to write more comprehensive blogs on most of these topics).

Yes, the system can survive the removal of this pervasive cancer. The American people are strong, diverse and have deep reserves of good will which can be tapped to make it through the coming upheaval.

I believe that the planning for 9/11 itself was started at least 10 years before and the plan to replace the cold war with the "global war on terror" was conceived in the late 1970's by members of the American, British and Israeli elites. While the Clinton administration clearly made use of "al Qaeda" in the Balkans and elsewhere during the 90's, the shadow government kept the 9/11 plan a closely held secret as they tested its viability with the first WTC bombing and the Oklahoma City bombing. The Democratic elite were thus compromised and are now still held "hostage" by their participation with the CIA/ISI managed "terrorists".

What will happen if we are successful in exposing the corrupt elites and tearing down the facade of democracy? What will follow? This is an excellent question and one that we in the Truth movement do not address enough, especially at the stage we're in now. Many, if not most people, will choose to stay in their gilded cages rather than trade them for some unknown future around a scary looking corner. We can either try to show them that their cages will not be so comfy in the near future, open the cage door and invite them out into the sunshine or wait for the coming catastrophe to shock them into reality. What I tell people is that our Constitution and Bill of Rights give us a solid foundation from which to build. We will have to take three steps back before we can take five steps forward and put our country back on its true path.

As for the CIA, the 9/11 investigations will make it clear that it is totally corrupt and beyond salvation. In the new climate of openness and following the passage of government-wide sunshine laws the need for the CIA will no longer exist. Foreign intelligence will become the sole domain of a vastly reduced military and will have complete oversight by Congress. No black budgets will be allowed, especially those under the control of the executive branch. Similarly, the FBI will have to be completely disassembled and, if possible, rebuilt to serve its intended function in a transparent and effective manner. The Department of Homeland Security will be seen for what it really is, an unnecessary charade covering massive domestic surveillance and control, and abolished. FEMA , the Coast Guard and the other legitimate agencies now part of the DHS will be returned to their previous status and improved, as needed.

The CIA will not be able to prevent the Second American Revolution.

The 9/11 investigations and the trials that follow will force many to flee and others to be incarcerated. I'm not joking when I say that we will need to build a new wing on Leavenworth.

All the forces for change are coming together in a dynamic that will allow positive change to unfold. The only institution that can prevent the Second American Revolution, the US military, is worn down and nearly broken. There is a core group of true patriots within the military that will not allow it to be the hammer to be used against the American people.

When the people lead, the leaders will follow or be pushed aside. Out of the Truth movement will come many new leaders and the people themselves will realize that they must participate on a daily basis and be empowered to do so.

People want to know where they are going. We have to have a map to show them that what's around the corner is not scary, but the next great step in American history.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Welcome viewpoint

This bit of writing from your keyboard is refreshing. I hope most people visiting this site read it, Leftwright.

You say, "I really need to write more comprehensive blogs on most of these topics." I agree. I would like to see fuller treatments of those topics.

It will be good when you can get to this task. I too want to write out some ideas, for consideration here.

i give this comment a 10++

Thanks, LW. This is exactly what we need to be doing. Many of us know that when the facts are as obvious as they are now, that the problem for many people is largely psychological.

To fight the block that prevents people from seeing alternatives to the status quo we have to begin to talk about the future, discuss it, and plan it. On our terms, not those of CNN, New York Times, daily Kos, or any other bogus manipulators of people's outlook on the world.

The irony is that even without us here discussing these things, they are happening--the future is changing as we speak. I have spoken to smany different people from different walks of life that I can tell we're winning, and that there will be no going back. After being a seemingly lone truther in my area, I just yesterday got an email about a 9/11 film festival taking place on Feb 9-11 (neat, huh?) that I had NOTHING to do with planning. It will be taking place in the same building I used to waste my time in with the Harvard fake left groups organizing antiwar demos. How things have changed!

Then this morning I get on the bus and find the dude I gave a DVD to 3 weeks ago. He was wearing a 9/11 truth now button (a different design from the ones I make and wear) and was telling me about his plans to go with his fiancee to NH to truth out the candidates.

This baby is on fire, and we have an unprecedented opportunity to have our very own peaceful revolution. I hope that you and others will continue to post along these lines, to look forward instead of just back at the events. To continue to change the realitty around the perps as they struggle to keep up with our efforts.

There ARE true patriots everywhere, and we outnumber the traitors manifold. As people on the fence or unaware begin to wake up, it's going to start getting really hot and uncomfortable for people resisting the truth. The old tricks will be useless, the old media will be defunct.

The new world is ours to make of what we will. Let's start that process NOW!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



If there is a violent Uprising in this country we will leave ourselves compromised.

If anyone did want to invade this country we may not be able to

Our government is a problem but I'm not sure that in a weakened state that a worse foe to the sanctity of peace may emerge.

We are going to need the support of the world to reign in these criminals.

We must continue to spread the word.

What do we have planned for the 11th?
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Responding to some of JJ's points...

JJ, I wanted to respond to a few of your points.

You say, "If there is a violent Uprising in this country we will leave ourselves compromised."

I am convinced that violence is exactly what we should avoid at all costs. The folks in power know violence backwards and forwards. They have all the equipment too, and are obviously quite willing to use it. Non-violence takes more courage, and it takes training too. In the long run though, it is lots more effective than violence will ever be.

I personally extend the same viewpoint to violent or angry language. Non-vilence is always more effective, IMO.

You also said, "If anyone did want to invade this country we may not be able to defend." Presumably you mean, if we have a "vastly reduced military" as LW is proposing. M.K Gandhi had wonderful things to say about that in the case of India, which faced invasion by Japan back then. He said, "Let them come in, they are welcome. But they cannot rule over us since we are free." That is the bravery of non-violence.

You also said, "We are going to need the support of the world to reign in these criminals." I am sure that we will have at least moral support, and that is not a small thing.

You also said, "We must continue to spread the word." You bet.


If there is a violent Uprising in this country we will leave ourselves compromised.

If anyone did want to invade this country we may not be able to

Our government is a problem but I'm not sure that in a weakened state that a worse foe to the sanctity of peace may emerge.

We are going to need the support of the world to reign in these criminals.

We must continue to spread the word.

What do we have planned for the 11th?
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Show "RBNLIVE shutdown!!" by u2r2h

why is it that you feel the

why is it that you feel the need to use my real name when i go by a moniker? is it a veiled threat? is it a power trip of some sort? is it because everyone knows me by roger and not dz? i'd appreciate it if you could show a bit of courtesy and refrain from the need to call me by my first name in the future, it is just plain rude.

Alex Jones Gun Threats? gee

Alex Jones Gun Threats? gee u2r2h, thats not misleading or anything. jackass. and i assure you u2, because i find you to be highly suspect and completely disrespectful, you are the only female i would disrespect like that here.

makes me wonder...

Makes me wonder what it's going to take to change people's minds. It seems like even a microphone slip by someone saying "What are we going to do? They know we did 9/11!" would not be enough.

Just keep informing people. As long as there are still people who have not heard of WTC7 or Operation Northwoods, we have work to do.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


It's easier to pull a string,then it is to push it.

I think your Engish teacher is a perfect candidate for

9/11 Press for Truth.

Give her a copy and ask her to watch the first 10 minutes. I can just about guarantee that if she watches the first 10 minutes she'll want to watch it to the end.

She will then probably want to know more and since she's probably a reader, giver her a copy of The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin or his dvd 9/11: The Myth and the Reality.

If you do have the chance to really talk with her again, ask her questions, draw her out. She must have some questions about some aspect of 9/11, find out what it is and start with that. This technique takes time but it almost always works for me.

(Is she even aware of WTC 7? Many are not and it is an instant eye opener for most. The video of WTC 7 converted my parents in seven seconds.)

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

I've concluded...

Well, I personally think she is one of those people who will resist the idea no matter what.

It was WTC 7 that I started talking about with her. Even though she clearly wasn't aware of it, she still acts defensively. I talk about the building being a controlled demolition, and WITHOUT MISSING A BEAT, she fires back with "How do you know?"

For me, it was the instantaneousness of her response. She didn't pause to consider that she had been unaware of a third skyscraper collapsing. So when I explain to her how I know about WTC7's CD, she cuts me off with "Sounds like you need to go play some music."

She would not be friendly to even 5 seconds of Press for Truth.

There are some people who will never see the light. I can only hope that the social studies teachers with whom I left the DVD are of more open mind.

Some people won't accept the truth even if they are strapped into a chair with their eyes forced open, Clockwork Orange.

When dealing with highly resistant people I start by asking

them what they think happened and take my cues from their response. Most people have some doubts about the government myth or are unaware of some key elements and this is where I find my opening. I always let them lead with questions and in this way I draw them into the subject.

I only lead with WTC 7 when I have a video or a series of photos to show them. Starting off with the CD of WTC 7in conversation (with a highly resistant audience) is like hitting them with a sledgehammer, their natural instinct will be to run.

Always keep in mind that alot of people were terrorized by 9/11 (it was, first and foremost, a PsyOp, after all) and find any consideration of it to be traumatic. Now when we approach these same people and suggest that Americans may have had a hand in it they find that possibility so overwhelming and disturbing that they reject it out of hand. We are asking them to question their entire world view and this is no small matter. Be gentle. Be patient. Listen to them carefully and calmly respond to their questions and concerns.

Remember that you have truth and physics on your side, they will come around eventually.

Disarm them with charm. Be positive.

(btw - what kind of music do you play?)

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.


I'm a professional orchestral violinist. Dayton Philharmonic, W Virginia Symphony, and other "AAA" orchestras which are one step below the big leagues. Big league orchestra is still my goal.

I love most all music though!

The Youth

I used to be somewhat opposed to targeting the youth of America with the truth of 9/11... I don't know why.... I thought that they had enough to worry about.

But now the gloves are off

It is their country as much as it is anyone elses and they should hold their own destiny.... this is the country that they are going to inherit.

they are at least 10% of the population.

I almost feel like we need to get to them before college because after that many of them are lost in it all.... when the American Dream consumes them.

I'm hitting the high schools next.

If they are old enough to drive then in two years they will be old enough to vote.... time to know what you are voting for.

No Child Left Behind
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Agreed, JJJames

I have two teenage daughters and they are really tired of hearing about 9/11. LOL But they know that the America they see now is about to change, big time, so it will not be a huge shock for them when it happens. I keep hoping my older daughter will want to get active, but she is consumed with boys at the moment.

Whenever I meet their friends I use Deception Dollars as icebreakers, they love them. This also works quite well with most adults, btw.

When I talk to their friends I ask them what they think happened on 9/11, I always let them talk first and see where it goes. Most of them have heard about some of the alternative theories (the no B757 at the Pentagon being the most common) and are curious but are shy about talking about a "taboo" topic like 9/11 "conspiracy theories". As soon as they know that I am part of the Truth movement, most of them open up and want to know more. I am hoping to get a few of these HS students interested enough to start their own group with which I could assist.

I recently approached one of my daughter's teachers about having a 9/11 Truth teach-in after school. He thought it was a great idea, but didn't want to get involved because he had already caught enough flack from the administration about his own attempts to teach 9/11 Truth. So I'm now looking for another teacher or faculty member to help me get a foot in the local HS door. I may end up making a presentation to the history and social studies teachers at the school and see if I can get at least one of them interested in sponsoring an extra-curricular 9/11 Truth group for students.

I'm also going to start having open meetings at the local community college in the hopes of starting a group there, as well.

Public education, in general, is extremely averse to anything even remotely controversial.

It is vitally important that we get the younger crowd interested in 9/11 Truth and the workings of government in general. They will have enormous problems to solve during their lifetimes and they need to be fully aware of the reality of the power structure they are facing. The junk culture and junk politics they have grown up in has turned them off and turned them away from politics, as it was designed to do. That said, many are extremely concerned about global climate change. So I tell them that the same people that are standing in the way of seriously addressing global climate change are responsible for 9/11 and the endless war on terrorism and that we have to expose the 9/11 criminals BEFORE we can solve global climate change. This tactic usually gets their attention and allows me to swing them around to taking a hard look at 9/11 Truth.

One of the advantages of getting HS students on board is that they will then influence their parents, who may not otherwise consider taking another look at 9/11.

We need to get them any way we can!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Birthday Party

I was at a birthday party for my Uncle last night.... and my other Uncle... the pastor at a church... started talking about the Pentagon not being hit by a plane.

I said.... I'm not sure.... Let's take a look..... and I threw in LC2E.

The only person who couldn't handle the truth was my Grandfather.

There were about 20 people watching it.... I gave them all a copy.... including 6 high school seniors.

20 turns into 40

40 turns into 80

80 turns into 160

160 turns into 320....640.....1280.....2560.....5120.....10,240

& I never even brought it up.... happens that way about 50% of the time anymore..... I'm feeling the surge

My Grandma was terribly upset about the government bringing drugs into this country.

Happy Birthday to You!!... you may be a year older but you just grew up!
Ignorance is NOT Bliss