More January 27th pix... (Updated)

Pictures sent in from Crystal Urbanski.

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Three more, found on the internets;

also marching in Cali

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Respect !!!!

Got a mounted escort too...

Best Pic so far 10/10

Symbolic pic

Whats written on the back of the sign? I hate cops?!

Follow me...


Pork.... the other white

Pork.... the other white meat
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

A few pics / videos from DC

A few J27 DC911 pics/ lo-res video Blogs use this:

Video 1-- OBL was trained by the CIA [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] VIDEO 2--official story not possible [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

properly embedded!

out of curiosity, is that first banner (ASK QUESTIONS, DEMAND ANSWERS) from NYC on the 5th anniversary? one went missing from up there, was wondering if maybe it had been recovered..

Nice pic!

Very cool...


"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

Nice duds dude

Where can I get one of those shirts?
Ignorance is NOT Bliss


my friend joanne makes em.. We were thinking of putting up some pictures and selling them to people but so far we've only made them for friends and given them all away for free. and it's actually an even cooler shirt than it looks in the picture because you can't quite see the side which is splattered artistically and the back which has an MLK quote. And for those of you wondering, the back of my sign just says it just says 9/11 truth also.


Next Protest

We should do it when it's 90 degrees and humid

so those officers feel the heat
Ignorance is NOT Bliss


Great job to all of you. I'm very proud of you all.

Colin liar Powell

Colin Powell and Juliani will be here March 13 at a "motivational seminar". There's some good speakers and the liars will be there too. If the anti war movement and other activist were really doing anything they would be there! Hint HInt
I remember how William Neocon Cistol shook in his boots when Kevin Smith confronted him. That video was shown worldwide. Hint Hint
The demonstrations in DC were minimized and will be minimized again. These motivational speakers go to a lot of different cities. HInt Hint
Quick read this before the site censor takes it down.

I feel like that antiwar protest was just a democratic plug...

vote for democrats, yadayadayada

like dems and repubs are going to do anything different about the war....

u want results? you take to the streets...

Listen to this:

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