New Documentaries

I've made a few updates to my website,

I found a few new documentaries to put up on my site... most of the new ones are on page 5, but there are probably a few that most of you havn't seen in the first 4 pages as well, so check out the huge list of movies i have now.

Also, my paper on Norman Mineta is finished. Spread the link around and let me know what you think of the paper. If you think there's something i've overlooked, i invite anyone to help me expand and edit the paper.

that's about it for now... my site isn't getting as many hits as it used to because it was the first link on the old site, and now a lot of people go to the new site. So if anyone is able to get my site more popular, that would be appreciated. a lot of people don't know about my site yet but would really like a lot of the content if they went to it.