Parade Magazine Links the Taliban, ISI & Musharraf

Parade Magazine is a (mostly) generic fluff publication that is inserted into many weekend newspapers. Each issue contains a Q&A section that is moderated by Walter Scott (who also provides the answers). Most of the questions revolve around Hollywood celebrities, but there is an occasional question that deals with other issues, including politics. The January 28, 2007, issue contains the following:

Q: With the Taliban making a comeback in Afghanistan, how much help can we expect from President Musharraf, our Pakistani ally? -- T.D. of Boston Mass.

A: Not much. Pakistan's powerful Inter-Services Intelligence has been secretly training and equipping the Taliban. And experts say that agency doesn't make a move without Musharraf's knowledge and approval.

It's possible that I'm a bit behind the times, but I consider that to be quite an exposé for a mainstream-media publication.

ive always said that the ISI

ive always said that the ISI stuff will become fair game sooner or later. i fear that Pakistan will be the fall guy though. we all know that the ISI=CIA basically but that isnt good enough. Pakistan is guilty on some level but this can NOT be the end game like some think. it is kind of surprising to see this in Parade though.

I Agree

I was thinking the same thing: Pakistan will be the next country to be demonized by the evil psychopaths running the U.S., if only in an effort to deflect suspicion from themselves. Pakistan's only saving grace is the fact that it isn't really an oil-producing country, and it is much too mountainous (and hostile) for us to build a pipeline through their territory. To tell the truth, I cannot even imagine how we can successfully build and protect the pipeline that is supposed to go through Afghanistan.

Good catch

Got a link?

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Thanks, Kevin.

As of January 29, this particular Q&A is still only available in the print edition. According to the site, however, it should be available online beginning January 30 (unless I misunderstood what I read). Click this link and keep an eye out. Who knows? By the time you read this comment, it might have been posted.

I apologize for taking so long to reply. I got busy today and completely forgot that I posted this.


I'll keep an eye on it.

There's no need to apologise for not replying absolutely immediately.

01-31-07 Q & A Is Now Online

The Pakistan/Musharraf/ISI question and answer is the last one in the list: Parade Magazine, 01-28-07 Edition.

parade question

Here's my question for Parade.

Dear Wlater Scott,
Given that there are serious questions about the Bush administration's pre-war Iraq intelligence, and that an administration insider, Philip Zelikow, wrote the 9-11 Commission Report, how can we trust the story presented to us about that day?


You could be more specific about the many things that Zeilikow had his hand in writing.... along with his written quotes

just to summarize for those who may not be as informaed as you and I
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

This is in support of a limited hangout option that

is aimed at blaming Pakistan.

Just keep in mind that the ISI (CIA) created both the Taliban and al Qaeda and that the FBI documented Lt. Gen. Mahmoud Ahmed's order to Omar Sayeed Sheik to transfer $100k to Mohammed Atta on 9/10/01. Ahmed was in Washington DC from 9/04/01 to 9/13/01 meeting with numerous government officials. The ISI and the CIA are also nose deep in the heroin trade.

Thus, any attempt to use this limited hangout option will lead directly to the heart of the administration and several members of Congress and the Senate. If they get really desperate they may try this gambit, but we will be ready to push it further than they want and expose the whole thing.

I don't think they will try this option. Their limited hangout options are disappearing rapidly which, unfortunately, will force them into trying another big play. My guess is an incident in the Persian Gulf blamed on Iran. Cornered animals are the most dangerous, after all.

It is interesting to note that GOP led Congressional investigations during the Clinton years document the ISI's involvement with the Taliban and al Qaeda regarding the Balkan wars.

If you have not yet read Michel Chossudovsky's America's "War On Terror I highly recommend it.

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