"We Need More Screenings For "911 Mysteries!"

We desperately need a theater release of one of the prominent 9/11
Truth documentaries. Just think if "911 Mysteries" was shown on a
scale similar to "Fahrenheit 911" or Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth!"
This is the type of visibility required to make serious inroads to the
American media and public.
Meanwhile, we should all attempt to get screenings wherever we can
locally. Smaller independent theaters and universities work best. It
also is good to form a group. A group can literally be another person
and yourself! Promote screenings and hand out postcards or other
I believe that "911 Mysteries" or "911 Revisited" works best simply
because the evidence for controlled demolitions is so overwhelming.
This combined with the eyewitness testimony and actual new reports
makes for a very powerful impression. We need a real investigation
that looks at everything, but the task at hand now is to break the cover-
up. So let's lead with the best stuff!

R.L. McGee

i think loose change final

i think loose change final cut will pretty much accomplish this. they're trying to get their film in theaters all around the world and it'll definately be better than all the other 9/11 documentaries out there right now. i love 9/11 mysteries and 9/11 revisisted, but the final cut will be awesome and will hit the mainstream in a big way... i hope...

short time

It's all about the next two years!!

This is the time that will define this movement
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Yes, LC final cut should be great, but 911 mysteries is great