911 Truth Platoon

Over at www.v911t.org some interest is being generated in a 911 Truth Platoon, not to say "party." This would be a list of 20-50 candidates with a "point wo/man" run just like a military platoon, with the dangers advertsied to the public as part of the campagin and one mission: 911 Truth. Accomplish that mission and the world will change. The difference from traditional parties is that here personalities are not stressed, but the team itself, which is backed by the army of the people. I thought combat vets would be the best people to form the list since they presumably know what danger is, what bravery is, what a team is, and what a mission is. (I am not one of them.) So far nominees include Dennis Morrisseau, Alfons Olszewski, Bob Bowman, Craig Hill, and Carol Brouillet.

One movement, one party, one slogan: 911 Truth!

Volunteers please step up to the plate. First we need some names, then focus on an election: why not the presidency?

I do like the idea of Vets

actively spreading the word on 9/11. They have more credibility than most because they served. And their loyalty and dedication to America is harder to question.


Exactly my sentiments. But I am so scared of the coming war with Iran that I keep reading about, and so cynical about how this boob-tube nation (USA) works that I think it's probably too idealistic to go for a whole platoon, and just get behind one person: Bob Bowman. He has the right "face." Of course he's putting himself in the crosshairs--which is why I suggested a platoon--but he's willing and able, so I say let's get behind him for all we're worth. (See my latest blog for his recent speech.)