Infowars Exclusive: 7/7 Bus Bomb Survivor Describes "Agents" At Scene In Immediate Aftermath

Infowars Exclusive: 7/7 Bus Bomb Survivor Describes "Agents" At Scene In Immediate Aftermath
Witness claims a group of secret service operatives and intelligence officers were already inside the cordon before the bus arrived in Tavistock square. | January 29, 2007
Steve Watson & Alex Jones

Daniel Obachike, the man who was on the lower deck of the number thirty bus that exploded in Tavistock Square in London on 7/7/05, has exclusively provided Infowars with a preview of a new section of his soon to be published narrative, The 4th Bomb .

Last month we detailed how Daniel's forthcoming book will claim that the Hackney bus was diverted to Tavistock Square by two unmarked cars which then left the scene at high speed after the drivers had conversed with police in the area.

"Standing by the doors I see a blue BMW 5 series and black Mercedes squeal to a halt in front of the bus, halting its progress along Euston Road. 4 minutes passed then a police motorcyclist arrived at the blockage. The BMW driver said something to the cyclist who soon sped off. 90 seconds later the BMW suddenly drives off. The Mercedes waits till the bus diverts east into Upper Woburn Place towards Tavistock Square before it speeds away."

Daniel claims that in the immediate seconds after the blast, a man dressed all in black was filming him with a hand held camera. He claims he was subjected to a program of surveillance and harassment for months by the police and was only asked to provide a witness statement 6 months after the event.

In a section entitled The Angels And Agents Of Tavistock Square, Daniel details what and who he saw in the immediate aftermath of the explosion, including claims that operatives were pre positioned inside the square, ready to deal with the immediate aftermath.

He says that amidst the chaos, he witnessed individuals calmly observing the events and activities, without any signs of grief or shock, as if they had "assigned tasks". Daniel states that these individuals proceeded "busily, workman like almost as if they'd already displayed their grief and horror prior to the explosion'.

On his website he provides the following four images of an injured man whom he says was at least 45 metres ahead of the bus, despite the fact that images show the blast blew backwards.

Indeed, the image further below shows that even people that were on the bus, at the front, were not killed or badly injured. So Daniel asks the question how is it that a man 45 metres in front of the bus was subject to blast injuries?

It is possible that the man walked or ran away from the bus after the explosion, however, Daniel notes that he did not have a speck of victims blood on him, while others close to the blast were "showered".

Daniel says that he remembers seeing both the bandage around the man's head, and a neat tear in his trouser leg within 60 seconds of the explosion and claims that this person was some kind of intelligence operative that was quickly whisked away after the bomb had gone off.

When Daniel was finally asked to make a statement, police questioned him for 4 hours, a clip of the interview is on his website. They asked him to him mark points where he thought people were on a diagram of the bus layout that was totally wrong, which he believed would render his statement inadmissible.

He claims he was then followed around by the same three operatives from Enfield Town Police Station, North London, for the following six months, saying that the surveillance was more overt than covert, they were letting him know that he was being watched 24-7.

Clearly neither the claim of unmarked dark cars, nor operatives in the area can be verified, they are just that, claims. We merely report them here as a matter of public interest. They also serve as the testimony of a first hand witness to the bus blast.

There are many more facts surrounding the events of 7/7 that have been verified and put the official narrative in severe doubt, showing that, at the very least, a public inquiry is needed. Check the London Bombings data page for further research.

Here now is the section of Daniel Obachike's narrative as provided to Infowars:

The Angels And Agents Of Tavistock Square by Daniel Obachike

That morning many good human values immediately came to the fore, amidst evil in one of its purest forms.

I'd hurriedly left the death strewn by the blast in my wake but was befuddled by what I saw ahead of me. I stopped, turned round and was even more dumbfounded by what I saw.

Strangely I found myself drawn back to the scene of the crime and meandering between the angels and agents in Tavistock Square headed back towards the bus.

The angels I refer to were the healthcare professionals and staff that were quickly on hand in such shocking circumstances, trying to do whatever they could despite initially being aghast at the dead pieces of human flesh and bodies littering the square.

The agents on the other hand were conspicuous by the way they diligently adhered to their assigned tasks, proceeding busily, workman like almost as if they'd already displayed their grief and horror prior to the explosion.

Apart from the obvious foot soldiers, (the blokes in blue) there were one or two more covert ones that stuck in my mind for differing reasons.

Their cover was blown, not because of what they did, but because of what they didn't do. Faced with such an unprecedented and horrendous event most reactions would come down to fight or flight.

After my own flight and initial rage at all things and persons Transport For London (Bus drivers in particular), I turned to comfort a shocked victim showered with blood who had been walking alongside the bus at the time of the explosion. Those few who did neither were notable. They stood back, observing the events and activities in its entirety, positioned in the same spot.

The man with the hat was one such individual but his case is particularly intriguing when compared to the plain intelligence officers and foot soldiers I referred to.

I was going to make a point of highlighting him in my forthcoming novel: The 4th Bomb, but editorial considerations meant his 15 minutes is surplus to requirement.

My editor felt that whilst interesting the section on him ‘acted as a diversion' to the storyline.
The irony is, a part of me thinks that is what he was doing there that morning.

I present compelling evidence that the smartly dressed man in grey was fully aware of what was about to take place and was prepared to be part of the aftermath but got caught out because the bus blew up just a couple of meters into Tavistock Square while he was positioned 60 meters away further down from the blast.

Images show the main force of the blast went backwards and one victim, a woman died because she crossed the road from the square behind the bus at the time of the explosion.

So how can anyone 60 meters ahead of the bus to be hurled aside or sustain any kind of physical injuries. I knew his injuries were improvised, immediately putting 2 and 2 together when I saw his hat lying on the ground next to him.

e wore a large bandage around his head and had a tear along one trouser leg that went neatly along the seam. The bandage 60 seconds after the blast. This was way too fast, long before any medical assistance had arrived.

The blood on my own shirt is derived from a woman who was showered with the victim's blood. She had been walking beside the bus at the time. The grey suited man had no blood on him at whatsoever indicating he was far from the bus.

Even the African traffic warden on the opposite side of the road who the driver called out to said he had a piece of human flesh on his arm.

We may never know his true purpose that day. But what it does do is single him out as someone who had prior knowledge. Who knew in advance? Only the perpetrators?

damn, i dont know how i

damn, i dont know how i missed this. thanks DBLS.

I think this may be a hoax

I agree, after reading that

I agree, after reading that I think you’re right. I do like AJ, but the dude seems so desperate to make headway he’s clutching at straws all the time. First it was "LJ Chavez" and he attacked us lot for showing the fraud up with his fakeass papers. Then it's this Jewish man “clipping English Ivy and overhearing the 9/11 plot in Hebrew" - where's the hardcore proof this guy went to the FBI before 9/11 happened to tell them on record about what he heard? I want to see papers and I want to see interviews with FBI officials confirming that before I start to consider it credible thanks Alex. Then we have this, now I know 7/7 is suspect as hell, we haven’t even had any whitewash investigation into yet, only a pathetic "narrative timeline of events". But this shit, especially after reading that guy's analysis you posted Stallion, just doesn’t smell right at all. Yet again though Alex is all over it, he says he's trying to vet it but why can't he see how blatantly f*cked it looks. Someone needs to send him that analysis.

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7/7 happened right at the core of the evil in the world