Presidential Hopeful Dennis Kucinich Calls for 9/11 Truth at DC Protest

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Interesting comments from Kucinich about a minute and a half into the clip above:

And finally, our plan is to tell the truth about 9/11

You might recall a post almost a year ago when Kucinich said:

Do we see a pattern here? 9/11? Katrina? They knew something was going to happen and they didn't act.

Interestingly enough the following article is from just 11 days ago and seems to take a different position in regards to Kucinich:
Kucinich Office says, "9/11 is's past" -- Review of 9/11 Report not a priority -

You can find Dennis Kucinich's website at It might be a good idea to contact him with your thoughts, and encourage him to layout in detail on his website exactly what he hopes to do in office as related to 9/11 truth.

Thanks to Caveperson for the initial blog posting on this!

That's a good statement from

That's a good statement from this Kucinich guy, but this video is very badly produced. Those pictures that flash up during the last speech completely break its flow.

Anyway Dz I mailed this video to you man, this is much better in terms of production;

March on Washington January 27, 2007

Donna Marsh O'Connor...

Who stood up passionately before C-SPAN cameras last September 11th at the National Press Club to call for further investigation into the 9/11 attacks, contacted Rep. Kucinich's office last week and passed along this message about the loss of her daughter Vanessa Lang Langer who, pregnant at the time, was killed on September 11th:

Vanessa could be here now, a parent herself. I am Vanessa's mom, but America's daughter. The role my country, in part, set for me was to protect and defend my children, to love them, to nurture them, to fight for their rights and for their justice. But not, not to survive them. As a parent, a parent who tried to raise this young woman as I grew and matured to take her place in American society, I have a right and responsibility to demand answers to questions that unanswered produce more horror. My government, if there is any value to motherhood or to family in this land, owes me a fair, non-partisan (not bi-partisan) investigation.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

How can we develop a

How can we develop a strategy to prevent the mainstream media/politicians from running with and sticking to a limited hangout, even one such as LIHOP? This would be something along the lines of the House Committee declaring that there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy but not investigating who. I could see a potential scenario where a form of LIHOP is "exposed" by another Woodward type farse, as an attack on the President, pushed by the media but still leaving the specter of terrorists hiding in every bush.

I'm not saying that this is going to happen but eventually, when the majority of people know it was an inside job, the controlled press is going to have to react differently than calling all of us kooks.

Is there any way, other than getting the information to as many people as possible beforehand, that we can prevent that scenario? This movement will be for naught if the majority of people think he government let it happen but still see a significant threat of terrorism. Something like 80% of people think there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy but because of the various theories, such as "the Mob did it", and the semi-effective quashing of public angst by the controlled press there has been no public uprising.

This guy could just be saying this at an event where people would respond relatively favorably if he thinks it will get him their votes, or it could be the beginning stages of a limited hangout. Even if it is the former, eventually a limited hangout will make sense to the powers that be. How can we prevent the limited hangout and get a real investigation? What message can we add into our presentations, or how do we restructure current messages, so that those who have seen our material have a stronger resistance to this tactic? We seem to have averted the Pentagon honey pot, can we avert the limited LIHOP one?

Here's my message to Dennis...

Dear Congressman Kucinich,

First off, thank you for continuing to fight for so many worthy causes and being an example to your fellow lawmakers. I write to you as a supporter
of your campaign for president in 2004. While I am by no means wealthy or even well off, I contributed roughly $500 to your campaign then, to do my part to keep your candidacy alive and your message heard. I was, like many, extremely disappointed in the Democrats' nomination of John Kerry and their adoption of a pro-war platform. I do not wish to see this repeated in the upcoming election, though it seems that the media have already picked their candidates, the pro-war Clinton and Obama.

Congressman Kucinich--do you want to be the next president of the United States? I can tell you how you can succeed, and at the same time go down in history as a true hero of the people of this country: speak out strongly on the issue of 9/11. Speak out strongly and uncompromisingly for a new investigation into the crime and the cover-up. Join those of us whio have been fighting an uphill battle for much too long now without significant support from our leaders to raise awareness among our fellow citizens regarding the astounding number of discrepancies in the account provided us by the partisan 9/11 commission.

Please note that we are not talking about the possibility that the Bush administration failed to act, consciously or not, to stop the attack by al Qaeda. Al Qaeda did not cause the twin towers and building 7 to crumble into small piles. The truth, as you must know, is far more complicated, and far more disturbing.

You will no doubt be cautioned and attempts will be made to dissuade you from speaking out for the whole truth about that day. There will be those who will assure you that you will be commiting political suicide, that you will offend the victims' families, or perhaps even that "Americans can't handle the truth." Congressman Kucinich, if you want to become the next president of the United States, do not heed the counsel of those who would have you compromise your principles for political reasons.

A groundswell has been building, and I speak from direct experienceon the streets as an activist for full exposure of the crimes of 9/11. People know. Millions of people know what was never meant for them to know. Will you, like other politicians, assume that this issue is not going to matter or be important to people because the media will never cover it fairly? That would be a mistake.

I tell you, people know. All kinds of people, such that the movement to bring out the truth of that horrible day is uniting Americans not just with their fellow citizens of diverging political inclinations, but with the citizens of the world who are even more aware of the truth and who are waiting for their American friends to take action. We can and will take action, Congressman. We have been doing so for years, and will continue
through the next administration whether it be Democratic or Republican, we will continue to take action throughout every subsequent administration that comes to power. We are not going anywhere, we refuse to be silenced, and every day we grow more numerous and organized.

Much is made of the polarization of the American electorate. I tell you Congressman, that that polarization affects an ever smaller number of
voters. Given the chance, millions upon millions will unite behind a candidate who, for a change, respects the will of the people, stands up to powerful and destructive special interests, and governs from the stand of principle, not politics. We have had enough--this is the time, and this is the issue.

I look forward to supporting a candidate for president who shares my concerns and those of the tens of millions who agree with me, that the 9/11 crimes and cover-up are the single defining issue of our time. I and so many others are ready for battle, for long hours of volunteering, for financial and personal secrifice, for everything it takes to win. Congressman Kucinich, do you want to be the next president of the United
States? Say the words we want to hear, and we will be there for you in an effort unprecedented, so that you might be there for us, to achieve a victory for truth, a victory over tyranny, and a new dawn of hope and
peace for the world, with America once again leading by example in the struggle for freedom.

We'll be waiting, and watching. And with your help, we'll be winning come November 2008.

Yours in support,

Real Truther
(of course I signed my real name...)


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Show "check this out -----911 blogger would not post this article---" by DEADPOOPOO666

lots of good info there...

Not sure why it wasn't posted, unless it was for style/copyright or whatever. I don't want to think that things are being censored here based on content. In any case, also remember that Doug Feith had Israeli generals walking around the Pentagon like they owned the place when he was in charge of the Office of Special Plans that created the bogus case for war against Iraq...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


i didnt approve it because

i didnt approve it because it is an article almost 4 years old.. i dont want to see the blog section become a place to rehash old articles over and over again, that really isn't the purpose.. that said, if the article was expanded upon, or there was something more to the submission then just reposting an old story then i would've had no problem posting it..

Show "youre a stupid fucking liar" by DEADPOOPOO666
Show "the stagnation of dz's lies----(cont)" by DEADPOOPOO666

I think

We should give all the Mossad agents $1,000,000 dollars and have them move to Arizona

they like the desert and money
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

instead of being an asshole

instead of being an asshole why don't you try to improve your entry a little bit and resubmit it again? this time try to avoid using all capital letters, make sure the link you provide actually goes to the article you are referring to, and pick out parts of the article which you find most interesting instead of just posting the entire thing..

or you could just keep calling me a stupid fucking liar, that is of course another option.

makes sense to me...

mr. dogpoopoo, if you're sincere, i would suggest not jumping to conclusions about the reaosns for things not being accepted. i've been too suspicious myself in the past, here and in other contexts, and it just doesn't make sense. just trying to help--this site is not nearly as bad as some people would have us believe with regard to censorship. the steps taken to counter the disruption of certain users have been fair, measured, and last resort type things.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


That is one beautiful letter!!

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

Strange how your rambling, irate post about Mossad/Israelis

involvements in 9/11 comes just hours earlier than Paula Zahn's hit piece about 9/11 "conspiracy theorists" blaming it on Jews. (Do you coordinate this stuff?)

nah----i'm not a shill i've

nah----i'm not a shill
i've been on the outs with 911blogger since 9-11-06

i get misunderstood sometimes


I also sent an email to him, telling about the same things but not written as well as your email.
Mentioned he would be the next president if he spoke out.

RT, that is an awesome letter

And so true. He would gain a lot of instant support. While the media would probably try to tear him apart, his bid's only hope is bucking the media machine and putting them and his opponents on their heels with Truth.

I hope you don't mind if I adopt some of it for my own letter to DK.


thanks y'all

for the great feedback. by all means steal, borrow, expand on, etc. anything I ever write about 9/11--as Bob Dylan said once--good artists borrow, great artists steal... also, having messages that resonate with one another is great because it shows how there IS consensus if people are willing to look for it. And to the folks down on DK, yeah, I hear you. I felt like an ass for sending him $$ after he endorsed Kerry. But never say never--for now we'll wave a carrot in his face... he really may not realize what a good idea this would be. but yeah, fail me once, shame on you. fail me twice, and...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Beautifully expressed....

....extraordinary, really....

Kucinich/Paul in '08? Paul/Kucinich? One ticket. The Truth Ticket.

Then we might have a chance.

Remember, 9/11 Truth needs a strong and numerous presence in New Hampshire prior to its '08 Primary....what happened to Dodd in Vermont recently needs to be a daily occurrence in '08.

We should put a 9/11 film in the hands of every New Hampshirian (?). :)

I believe they refer to themselves as "Hamsters."


Show "Kucinich - an asshole full of shit!" by dicktater

I think maybe you need

to get over yourself asshole.
At least Kucinich is actually mentioning Impeachment as a possibility, maybe Ron Paul has also mentioned the "I" word since Nov 7th 06' I dunno.

But kucinich is easily equal to Ron Paul on virtually every issue and being Democrat is better on many others.
At the end of the day Ron Paul is still Rethuglican.

You have a Ron Paul fetish

Get over it

Throw out your old republican/democrat bullshit.

It does not matter if the candidate has a 'D' or an 'R' next to his or her name.

They are all the same.

I don't know a lot about Kucinish but just weeks ago he was saying he wouldn't pursue a new 9/11 investigation.

Ron Paul said we do need a new 9/11 investigation.

We really need to get over this false left/right paradigm if we're going to win this thing. It has NOTHING to do with that. I don't care if the candidate calls himself a communist, or an anarchist, or whatever, these are all just labels. Will this candidate help to open up the 9/11 pandora box or not?

The only democrat I support

The only democrat I support is McKinney.
The only republican I support is Paul.
Screw the letter after their name, it's about what they say.


Either this is very poor editing or someone is trying to make us all look like flaming liberal idiots. Immediately after Kucinich says he wants to tell the truth about 9/11 we have some woman yelling "they freed our vaginas!" Now, I'm all for free vaginas, personally, but in this video it's like some Fundamentalist Republican spliced together what he considered to be the most ridiculous moments from the speeches.

Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs) is available now for pre-order on Amazon.

Yea could be right, maybe

Yea could be right, maybe it's intentionally bad. It’s not difficult to edit something right, I know that for a fact. But I think whatever this is it’s badly done unfortunately.

To Dz, I think you're missing a chance to plug some great anti-war 9/11-truth friendly media, namely this;

And there are loads here, I haven’t gone through all of them yet, but there are "9/11 TRUTH NOW" signs popping up all over the place in the ones I've seen so far;

operator kos -

I was struck by the same thing the first time I watched the video. Now that I've watched it a second time it is obviously a hit piece directed at the left. There was clearly also an anti-Israel (read anti-semitic) meme running throughout the still cuts in the video.

This is a not-so-subtle negative framing of the peace movement and of 9/11 Truth, specifically.

There must be an unedited clip of Kucinich out there somewhere so we can get an unfiltered version of his statement about 9/11 Truth.

Remain ever vigilant, brothers and sisters, things are starting to get really interesting.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Yea Dz I think you should

Yea Dz I think you should find another video or grab the video off youtube, cut the Kucinich bit out and up it on it's own.

go for it, i couldn't find

go for it, i couldn't find it elsewhere.. hopefully something better and more complete will pop up..

Save YouTube videos to your Mac

Hey dz,

I am downloading right now. Back soon with just the Dennis Kucinich portion.

Denis Kucinich has more balls than 99% of the politicians out there.

Lets get his back:
Hand out those flyers
Pass along those DVDs
Talk to people

Lets us each do our part.


Free Truth and 99 percent

As for Kucinich's "courage" note that in the last presidential campaign Kucinich had a very clear plan of undermining the Nader campaign in order to give Kerry the edge. As we know, Kerry is a pathetic Zionist scumbag of the lowest order. Nader, on the other hand, spoke out about the Israel Lobby. Now, who has courage, John Zioinist Puppet Kerry, Dennis Lets get all the dissidents back under the big tent of the Zionist Controlled Demoncrackhead Party, or Ralph, tell the truth about how Ariel Sharon tell's Washington what to do Nader?

Here is an iPod/iTunes/QuickTime 7 version

Download the free iTunes (Mac or Windows) here:

That will give you the latest QuickTime and iTunes, a very good podcast client.


Ok I'll put this on my

Ok I'll put this on my youtube, Dz can you switch it with the crap one when it's done?

You Tube version available

A Campaign Speech

My Letter to Mr. Kucinich:

I thought your speech this weekend at the protest rally was courageous and exactly what the country needs.

We need to re-frame this house we are all living in, a mold has eaten away at its' strength and reliability. But we can re-build it..... we have the tools and the foundation is still strong..... We must act, You
must act, you must reconcile with the American people for the attrocities that have been committed in our name, Americans are not an evil and indifferent nation, but we are under attack and we need help, our enemy
hides itself in familiar clothes with familiar accents, but their motivations are clear, a lust for War and profit has ruled the day and the modern day information wars have been slowing slowly rocking the nation
of good and charitable people to sleep and we are now in danger of crossing the Rubicon and stepping out to a ledge where we can not do anything
but jump. We need real honesty, not just words but real proof and real adjudication, A nation of secrets can not survive, the cowards in power
can not see but 2 feet in front of their face, they can not see the downward spiral our Nation faces if it can not stand for TRUTH, and a truly working example of democracy and the rule of law.

Our greatness in our goodness and we must demonstrate our commitment to tell the truth, may all else be second. God Bless..

p.s. Speech writing services at your request

Unfortunately Mr. Kucinich

has a reputation for being a big talker but when it comes to crunch time he hides under the "big tent of the Democratic Party" where his handlers and trainers will keep him safe. Has Kucinich been an outspoken critic of the Israel Lobby Fifth Column in the US government? I have been follwing the issue for years and never heard much of a peep from him, he doesn't want to receive the Paul Wellstone treatment. All we can expect from Kucinich is to get people riled up and then pull the rug out from under them, and the wool over their eyes.

Show "Why the negative vote?" by Concrete man

I didn't vote you down, but

I didn't vote you down, but I have noticed that the vast majority of your posts are venomously anti-Zionist -- as though this one POTENTIAL aspect of the 9/11 story is the single most important and compelling for you. When I see the moniker "Concrete," I assume anymore that your post will deal with "Zionists." As with any one-pitch poster, it raises a lot of eyebrows, and it gets really old. There is a media attempt to link 9/11 "deniers" with anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers, and I don't appreciate anyone feeding that smear, here or anywhere else. In fact, one of the most deplorable fallouts from 9/11 is the conflation of "terrorists" with "Muslims," and I suspect that most of us are sensitive to any such ethnic conflation with Jewish people in your insistent scenarios.

There is every bit as much reason to believe that British MI6 is involved, but I don't see anyone hammering solo on that. Do you have something else to contribute to the dialogue here?

Just sayin' and askin'.

Exactly what I was

Exactly what I was thinking.
I didn't vote you down but your posts are usually garbage...these ones were alright, though. Shouldn't of been voted down.
Anyone else notice how 911 blogger is going downhill a bit lately the last month or so? Bunch of juvenile swearing and anger on these boards.
We should all be coming together...we all have the same goals.
At least the official story nutcases aren't around anymore.