"Let's Follow Up With S.F. Examiner and Village Voice!"

I was thinking it could be very effective if we all target a couple of prime
media sources.. Since "The Village Voice" and "The San Francisco
Examiner" have covered 9/11 Truth stories before, we should follow up
with them! (It has been almost a year in both cases, after all.)
To their credit, they also acknowlege your letters.

In this way, we can create a wave effect that gets noticed!

The San Francisco Examiner: contactus@examiner.com

The Village Voice: villagevoice.com (About Us/ Contact Page)


You should still go for it, but I believe the Village Voice was

bought by some conservative-type (forget who off hand) shortly after those 9/11 articles appeared in there.

The main reporter at Village

The main reporter at Village Voice who covered 9/11 is Jim Ridgeway, who left for Mother Jones sometime in the last couple of years. He did write a limited-hangout piece for MJ. I've heard he may be leaving there soon as well.

He is based in D.C.

My Letter to The Examiner

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Editor,

After reading a letter written by a NY Rep. Maloney to President Bush of July of this year, I became aware of the many ugly facts regarding 9/11 and its' aftermath. The letter dealt with the 9/11 recovery efforts and the shameful policies that endangered countless recovery workers after the 9/11 attacks and the most recent public example of this is a recovery worker who died while his son watched President Bush once again use 9/11 as his calling card for eternal War abroad and social control at home. His son has yet to be invited to speak personally to the President.
Our government failed to protect us on that awful day and now 6 years later the evidence of massive cover up and White House deception is growing. This issue is typical of how polarized our nation has become, this is not a Right or Left debate it is a matter of right and wrong, I trust your paper will do its' part to support H.R. 6124 if this bill should come up for a vote in the new session of Congress.

I have spent hours going through public statements on the web and in papers of record and our politicians are treating 9/11 like a catalyst to some better more unified country is horrifying to me. These attacks are not some kind of political football that you get to use once a year in early September to rally national pride in true “Straussian” style. These attacks were murder nothing more and nothing less. The only difference on 9/11 these murders never lead to a murder investigation. Spitzer was denied.
There is a growing sentiment in our country that questions from 9/11 are un-answered and there is a taboo about talking about such things, why? In the Post 9/11 world many things have come to pass, the administration accomplished its’ day one objective of “War with Iraq”, they have funneled Billions of dollars to the Military Defense and Oil Industries and have used the 9/11 attacks to polarize a Nation seeking political advantage, being a “War Time President” has paid off for the GOP elite. Simple police work would say, “Those who benefit from a crime are top suspects”. ……….I formally request that your editorial board support the idea of a citizen’s panel to investigate “The Un-answered Questions about 9/11”; here is a list of documented facts that are driving public outrage. Let’s answer the questions and put this tragedy behind us. Thank You.

1. The presence of large amounts of Sulfur and Zinc found in metal samples combined with the fact that sulfur is a by-product of a Thermate reaction (a well know steel cutting technique) and the dozens of documented testimonies of multiple explosions heard inside the building before the collapse. These facts point to a clear hypothesis, were explosives used? Why hasn’t any Independent Institution chemically tested for the presence of Thermate? What are we afraid of (FEMA Report App. C)

2. Flowing Molten Metal with white smoke was videotaped just before the buildings collapsed, if gravity and carbon based fires were the only energy present, then liquefied metal must have been generated by another energy source, what was that source?
White Smoke with molten metal is a sign of an exothermic reaction not fires.

3. The Phoenix Memo, the Minneapolis Memos, the multiple warnings from the British and Russians were all ignored, where did these warnings converge? On whose authority was the Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) at the on the Joint Terrorism Task Force acting?

4. R. Zelikow was the behind the scenes decision maker on the 9/11 committee, thus the Administration investigated itself, thus lying to the American people about the very idea of an Independent Bi-Partisan Commission. Why was there no citizen’s representative on the commission, despite public outcries? This does not build public trust!! The Families asked he be replaced, They were denied.

5. 9/11 also included multiple Air Defense drills, theoretically weakening our ability to intercept, this may be a coincidence, however, this requires a certain level of public trust and trust is not something you take it is something you earn …It does not take 1.5 hours to scramble Jets to protect the DC infrastructure, (i.e The Pentagon) Congresswoman McKinney requested access to this information and now she has been ran out of office. She was Denied.

The People will NOT be denied.