9/11: Toxic Legacy on Discovery Channel this Weekend

This Saturday and Sunday, the discovery channel will be showing 9/11: Toxic Legay. This is a great show about the sick and dying first responders on 9/11 and how the dust cloud was harmful to the health of everyone despite the fact they were told the air was safe to breath.


9/11: Toxic Legacy

Five years after 9/11, many first responders are suffering serious health complications. What was the environmental fallout from the terrorist attacks and did the government do enough to ensure the public's safety?
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I don't have the video for this show, but here is an mp3 audio file of the show.


The CBC aired this show on Septmeber 10th, 2006. They have some video clips from the show.


The CBC also published an article about the show, which pretty much says in words what's on the video.


Also, at about 16min into

Also, at about 16min into episode 15 of of 9/11 Synchronicity, there's a news clip about the toxic dust and the harm it has caused to first responders. I hadn't heard this clip anywhere else before. The whole episode is 600 minutues, so 16 mintues into the show is pretty much right at the beginning. I'd recomend listening to the the show from the start (since it features an mp3 i made of Richard Dryfuss on Real Time with Bill Maher)


In the show, the doctor found particles that were smaller than a red blood cell (under 7 microns) in the bodies of first responders.

it was nukes---- there was

it was nukes----

there was electrical disruption
-molten steel
-all the illness are 'hiroshima type sicknesses'
-the seismograph records indicate a 'bigger' disturbance before the actual towers fell

people are going to have to eventually realize this

the electrical disruption is

the electrical disruption is the DEAD giveaway

no other type of explosive device does this

there are all kinds of nukes and there is NO other explanation

this is another huge step that everyone is too scared to take in 911 truth ---and i realize that people think this is some kind of disinfo ploy----and is "too much"

No evidence radiation wise.

Webster Tarpley spent an hour with Steven Jones asking him about mini-nukes and Jones basically said hospitals and other people's radiation detection would have been going off the charts and none of that ever showed up anywhere.

one thing that 911truth

one thing that 911truth seekers got to understand is that steven jones is controlled oppositon----none of his st911 work was about the toxic dust

it was a diversion---saying it was exclusively thermate

this was to try to keep 911sickness victims in the dark on a lot of levels
everybody in 911truth while everyone was being triumphant on 9-11-06

i was catching serious shit from everyone-----

i posted that steven jones was controlled opposition because of the psyop way he quit byu like a bitch for the fake msm among other things

and everyone got ticked off at 911blogger

but it is freaking true-----

and you cannot trust anything he is saying about radiation
another thing about faking radiation tests.....

in the summer of 06 after israel and lebanon were fighting---the "official" un radiation detection squads went and checked out the aftermath and said there was no signs of radiation

then representatives from the harwell laboratories from oxford went there and found conclusive evidence of enriched uranium usage

the point---->you cant trust the official radiation tests on 911--->just like you couldnt trust the above mentioned incident




Bali Micro Nuke - Lack of Radiation Confuses "Experts"
"The bomb flashed and exploded like a micro nuke, but our Geiger counters don't show any radiation"

Copyright Joe Vialls, 21 October 2002, Updated 13 February 2003

Nuclear Attack on Bali Officially “Buried” by Western Mediai - scroll down to brown update for details

The delivery of American and Israeli micro nukes is always by swimmer to maximize security. You can watch the official American Special Atomic Demolition Munition training film via your Real Media Player by clicking the left link. Allow about one minute for download and automatic playing. If you do not have Real Media Player , click right link to download and install a free copy.

Play Official SADM Film Clip Download Free Real Media Player

It was precisely 11.30 p.m. on Saturday 12 October 2002, when someone somewhere pressed a button that sent a single coded radio-squirt to an underground aerial located in a monsoon drain outside the Sari Club in Bali. An unseen circuit closed and a primer fired, then one-millionth of a single second later, a terrible fireball formed under the street. Less than six inches in diameter and burning at a staggering 300,000 degrees centigrade, the fireball was a perfect shimmering sphere, made possible by 99.78% Plutonium 239 manufactured at the Dimona nuclear facility in the Negev Desert.
Five microseconds passed while this fission monster from hell expanded, then the already-cooling fireball tore its angry way out into the street above, vaporizing all victims standing within thirty feet while simultaneously spreading two tons of deadly microscopic roadbed shrapnel in a lethal arc across Kuta Beach. Every survivor standing in direct line-of-sight of its awesome ultraviolet emission received terrible flash burns, the like of which three eminent Australian burns surgeons would later claim on TV they “had never seen before”.
Less than ten-millionths of a second after the monster achieved critical mass, its searing thermal wave set fire to twenty-seven buildings in the immediate area, and spontaneously ignited automobiles parked two blocks away from ground zero. But as you will read later in this report, no ordinary Geiger counter from any nation could detect radiation from the weapon.
This atrocity was the “punishment” meted out to Australians and others opposed to the Judeo-Christian Crusade against Islam. Ordinary everyday people, Australians in particular, who had earlier been sensible enough and brave enough to speak out against their Prime Minister’s slavish obedience to Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush in their ruthless quest to loot and destroy the Middle East. But the fission monster from hell was also designed to send a very clear and unmistakable message to like-minded dissidents in Britain: “Jump on the crusade bandwagon quickly, or our Dimona thought-reform folk will pay you a visit.”
Political and paid “academic experts” were quickly thrust in front of television cameras to explain the inexplicable. How and why the bombing happened in the first place, and increasingly as harsh reality kicked in and facts became clearer, why dozens of full-size human victims had vanished completely without trace.
Every bomb expert in the world knows that conventional explosives lack the heat and velocity to “vanish” complete bodies in this manner, except perhaps when crushed into total oblivion by a million tons of masonry as happened at the World Trade Center. When the dust from the biggest IRA bomb ever detonated in Northern Ireland finally cleared, the victims were still in the local area. Many were disassembled into large bloody body parts, but they were still generally recognizable.
When a diminutive member of Hamas recently detonated thirty pounds of TNT strapped tightly around his own chest in Palestine, emergency services still had to remove large recognizable chunks of his dismembered body from the area. Believe me people, believe me, conventional explosive cannot “vanish” citizens without trace, and Bali simply did not have a million tons of masonry available to fall on their heads. Only a critical nuclear weapon has the heat needed for instant cremation, combined with the incredibly fast shock wave needed to completely remove the resulting cremated particles from the local area.
Next big problem for the politicians and “experts” was the large crater in the street outside the Sari Club. Five feet deep and twenty-two feet in diameter, the crater served as proof that the weapon was detonated underground rather than on the surface. The only way any explosive can cause a crater is if it is first dropped from an aircraft and penetrates sub-surface before exploding, or if it is physically positioned sub-surface in advance. The thousand-pound Omagh bomb detonated in Northern Ireland by the IRA during 1998 did not cause a crater, nor has any nuclear weapon ever detonated above-ground regardless of TNT equivalence yield.

Kuta Beach, Bali
22 x 5' Crater
Omagh, Northern Ireland
No Crater

Politicians and “experts” alike had less of a problem than they originally thought with the crater. The helpful media folk simply refrained from showing it on television or in the newspapers, and the brainwashed public soon forgot about the crater altogether. However, there were considerably more problems with the savage blast and horrific burns “never seen before” in Australia. Knowing that even the public would not believe these could have been caused by a large packet of runaway Chinese firecrackers; it was time to start dishing out some serious disinformation.
Less than 48 hours after the blast, media outlets claimed that investigators at the crime scene, “had found traces of C4”. This was a lie but nonetheless devastating news, because everyone with a television set and a Sylvester Stallone or Bruce Willis video knows how awesome C4 is [supposed to be]. Stallone sticks blocks of the stuff on every enemy installation in sight, and Willis uses it to knock down skyscrapers. In every case the resulting television blast is accompanied by a giant fireball designed to impress the hell out of you, to the point where C4 has become television’s “most powerful explosive on earth”.
Unfortunately C4 is no such thing, and it is probably time to put this magic bullet down once and for all, and along with it all the other media myths surrounding Bali. Composition 4 [C4] is pretty dull stuff. Only 1.2 times as powerful as TNT, this plastic explosive gained its reputation primarily because of its flexibility in use. You can shape it anyway you like, and stick it wherever you want including underwater with little personal risk. Composition 4 is a stable and boring compound made from 91% RDX and 9% non-explosive Polyisobutylene plasticiser.
Think about the formulation people, think very carefully. Could this possibly mean that 100% plain old everyday World War II RDX actually has more explosive power than the Stallone and Willis magic bullet? Sadly, yes it does. In fact about nine-percent more.
The media in Australia were reminded of C4’s shortfalls, and further advised the giant oily fireball that always accompanies its detonation on television is not real. The giant oily fireball is a special pyrotechnic effect designed specifically to satisfy the “armchair soldier” lurking inside many television viewers. Real C4 contains no incendiary materials at all, and has a brisance [velocity of detonation] of just over 26,300 feet per second, tending to extinguish fires rather than light them.
This caused the media to swiftly put their heads together with their paid “experts” to find an explosive device that the public could really believe in, short of a micro nuke of course. Less than 24 hours later the revised media fiction went to air as, “a minivan full of gas bottles, with explosives on top”. Evidently the aim was to force the public to believe the weapon was a FAE [Fuel Air Explosive] commonly known as the “Poor Man’s Atom Bomb”, which was successfully dropped by American aircraft on both Vietnam and Iraq.

A "perfect" Fuel Air Explosive [FAE] burst, one-hundred feet above ground level

Several telephone calls later, the media were forced to admit that a Fuel Air Weapon must be “burst” at least 100 feet above the target in order to create a stable ethylene oxide gas cloud suitable for ignition. They also learned that even air-launched FAEs cannot make craters because they do not penetrate the earth, and the suction force developed by the weapon when it grabs oxygen for combustion, is sufficient to drag a victim’s lungs out through his or her mouth. Horrific though the injuries were in Bali, there were none even remotely like this.
By now the media and their paid “experts” were getting quite angry, finally suggesting in Australia that the blast and horrific burns were caused by high explosive “laced with napalm”. The fact that napalm leaves dirty stinking residue and soot all over the place, and produces burns quite different from those on the victims appeared not to disturb them.
The napalm story failed to impress the public, and the media lead was taken over by ITN in London on 18 October, in the aloof haughty way that only a British television station with ‘real contacts’ can manage: “ITV News correspondent Julian Manyon, in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, has been told by a highly placed western source that there was no plastic explosive and the bombers used a home-made brew similar to that which the IRA has relied on in the past in Northern Ireland and Canary Wharf.
“The ingredients are readily available in Indonesia and experts suggest that they were almost certainly mixed together on the island of Bali itself.” Oh, really? The IRA used one thousand pounds of the stuff in the Omagh photo shown above, which killed nearly 30 people but made no crater, and failed dismally in its feeble efforts to create an instant fiery war zone.
The perception of most members of the public where a critical nuclear weapon is concerned, was shaped decades ago in the wake of the American bombing of Hiroshima in Japan. An atomic bomb with a Uranium 235 core, nicknamed “Little Boy”, was detonated overhead the city with a TNT equivalence of 15,000 tons. For nearly two generations thereafter, members of the public were ‘taught’ that this was the text book interpretation for use after any and all nuclear detonations, despite the fact that nothing could be further from the truth.
Little Boy was one of the ‘dirtiest’ fission weapons ever detonated in the atmosphere, with less than 1% of its critical mass undergoing true fission. Thus what remained after the explosion was a giant blizzard of lethal neutron, alpha, beta and gamma radiation. For practical [amateur] purposes we can forget the short-range neutron, alpha and beta radiation, which has trouble penetrating the human body.
Over time it was to be the gamma radiation that would inflict such terrible injuries on the survivors of Hiroshima, including necrosis and ulceration. It is this gamma radiation that a standard Geiger counter detects, warning users that they are entering a hazardous zone. The standard Geiger counter can also detect significant quantities of beta, though this is more difficult. In summary, every Geiger counter within miles of Hiroshima clicked furiously for weeks after Little Boy went critical, primarily because of the gamma radiation.
Time passed and by the late fifties these fission weapons were being “micronized” because they were needed as “core weapons” for hydrogen bombs. Incredible temperatures are required to start the fusion reaction in a hydrogen bomb, with the atom bomb the only device capable of providing them. So for a while at least, the text books accurately referred to the hydrogen bomb as a “fission-fusion” weapon, meaning the heat from the core fission weapon [atom bomb] started the fusion reaction in the larger weapon encasing it [the hydrogen bomb].
It was not long before the scientists realized that in creating the tiny “core weapon” for the hydrogen bomb, they had also created a relatively lightweight micro nuclear weapon that could be carried by a single soldier for various uses against high value targets, including hydroelectric power stations and bridges.
Less than two years later, the first of the SADM [Special Atomic Demolition Munition] series shown at the top of this page was pressed into operational service. The “standard” SADM that evolved would eventually have a core of Plutonium 239 encased in a thin shell of non-fissile Uranium 238 known as a “neutron reflector”.

Plutonium and Napalm flash burns - but can you tell which are which?

When the 10-ton TNT equivalence SADM went critical, it obviously created far less radiation than the huge and inappropriately named “Little Boy” at Hiroshima, but still produced dangerously high levels of residual radiation. Most of this came from SADM’s very “dirty” Uranium 238 reflector, which along with its Plutonium 239 core, exploded into millions of particles at the point of criticality. This same non-fissile Uranium 238 material still causes serious illnesses today, after being fired by American tanks and aircraft as sub-critical Depleted Uranium [DU] shells or missile warheads. Ask anyone in southern Iraq and Kosovo how sick this stuff can make you.
The years rolled by and top-secret projects were initiated in America and Israel to replace the old SADM with its overly heavy weight and excess radioactivity, culminating in the successful development and testing at Dimona during 1981 of the “new” micro nuclear device. Using advanced nuclear physics, the scientists found a way of detonating the new “suitcase” bomb without the use of a Uranium 238 reflector, and further refined the Plutonium 239 in its core to 99.78%. These measures resulted in a weapon considerably smaller and lighter than SADM, which also had another enormous advantage.
The new Dimona micro nuke was the very first critical weapon that could be used in “stealth” mode. Gone was the dirty Uranium 238 reflector, and up went the purity of the smaller Plutonium 239 core. You see, Plutonium emits only alpha radiation, which for all practical purposes is “invisible” to a standard Geiger counter. If you do not believe me then ask the American Environmental Protection Agency, whose staff will confirm this.
In direct contrast with its more deadly cousins beta and gamma, alpha can travel only a few feet and is incapable of penetrating human skin. If you can afford an incredibly expensive and highly specialized Muller tube or similar, you may be able to detect tiny amounts of alpha directly outside the Sari Club, though you will more than likely be defeated in this quest by the Bali environment.
Remember that this micro nuke was a tiny weapon in terms of critical mass, with its limited number of particles distributed over a very wide area. You will have to be within five feet to detect a single particle, and most may have already washed away. Bali lies in the Monsoon Belt with frequent heavy showers, and the Sari Club is located less than 200 yards away from the surf at Kuta Beach, which is where the monsoon drains in Kuta main street flow into the ocean. One week on from the blast, detection may already be too late.
Though the alpha particles cannot penetrate the skin, such radiation is extremely hazardous if inhaled or ingested, because Plutonium is the most toxic substance known to man. If you breathed in a mouthful immediately after the blast you would be dead in less than an hour, perhaps within minutes. If instead you breathed in a single microgram, you might last for as few months. Anything in-between is on a sliding scale.
The most dangerous time for burns victims as I understand it, is known as the “golden hour” immediately following the burn event. It is in this short critical time period that medical staff have the best chance of stabilizing the victim and hopefully accelerating his or her recovery. Nobody was helped medically this quickly in Bali because the resources simply did not exist. Thus those suffering excessive burns and/or shrapnel wounds alone, would certainly have perished during the waiting period.
The next most critical period is when being physically manhandled from the scene and eventually evacuated to hospital in another country. If you manage to survive this second critical period and are suffering only burns and shrapnel injuries, your chances of long-term survival are extremely high. An air-conditioned hospital with every facility available in a western country, is a far cry from lying without help in the bomb debris of Kuta Beach.
Despite this intensive care in a variety of different western countries, several of these victims have died quite suddenly and inexplicably under the latter favorable circumstances. Just how many in total we will probably never know, because governments in general have a common interest in preventing their citizens from ever finding out they were exposed to a critical nuclear weapon. It is not difficult to imagine the panic this news would induce in the general population, and even less difficult to envisage the torrent of legal actions against government from survivors and bereaved relatives alike.
The distinctive pattern of the “vanished” victims, and the later sudden inexplicable deaths, provides a match for those following the Nagasaki Plutonium blast in Japan. Of particular note is the total number of “vanished” citizens, for those who vanished were certainly not restricted to westerners. Earlier this week a single Balinese kampong [village] buried seven empty coffins, and this was only one of at least a dozen different kampongs that provide labor to the clubs and shops in Kuta Beach.
It was a moving ceremony barely covered by the western media, at which the headman of the village told an Indonesian journalist, “We know that we will never be able to find any parts of their physical bodies, but this ceremony will help their families to live in peace.” So a crowd of simple Balinese villagers know that their loved ones had been 100% vaporized, but the western public is deliberately left in the dark for political reasons.
On a more encouraging note, it must be emphasized firmly here that very few of those survivors burned in the blast will actually die from internal alpha inhalation or ingestion at this late stage. Common sense dictates that ninety-percent of those close enough to ground zero to inhale or ingest an appreciable quantity at or immediately after the point of criticality, are most probably already dead.
This is particularly good news for hordes of political and law-enforcement idiots, who could be seen wandering around the heavily contaminated Bali crime scene without even the basic precaution of paper face masks covering their noses and mouths. Paper face masks are not designed solely to prevent the inhalation or ingestion of alpha radiation. Paper masks should always be worn during the first week at any major crime scene when parts of decomposing bodies and associated vermin are present, especially in the tropics. Any deaths which later result from this criminal negligence, will be the direct responsibility of their supervisors.

Indonesian police investigators wear correct facemasks and gloves, while unprotected Australian and British "investigators" stand around inhaling and ingesting residual contamination at the crime scene

After this "Terrorist" attack on Bali, the Judeo-Christian road show predictably shifted up into high gear, with American newspapers reporting generically, “In the town of Solo, about 100 students from the school run by Islamic cleric Abu Bakar Bashir briefly blocked access to the Muhammadiyah Hospital where he is being treated for cardiac and breathing problems. Armed policemen stood by, but did not intervene" ..."Authorities accuse Bashir of being linked to al-Qaida and said that his right-hand man, known as Hambali, was behind many of the country's terrorist bombings. The two men are accused of being leaders of Jemaah Islamiyah, believed to be al-Qaida's main ally in Southeast Asia.
“Bashir was arrested Saturday for a series of church bombings across Indonesia on Christmas Eve 2000, in which 19 people died. He has previously denied involvement in those attacks as well as the Bali bombings — and insists the CIA invented Jemaah Islamiyah and al-Qaida as an excuse to persecute Muslims and foment religious violence”. Bashir is obviously correct in his claims, for no fictional member of “al-Qaida” could ever penetrate the massive security surrounding Israel's Dimona in order to steal a critical nuclear weapon.

Update 3 November 2002

As further horrifying details of its illegal armed attacks on Muslims in their own homes reach local media, the Australian Government has been desperately trying to deflect attention back towards the “Muslim Terrorists” allegedly responsible for the Bali bombing. On the home front, Australian lawyers have revealed that during the pre-dawn raids last week, armed goons from the Federal Police and Security Service ASIO forced unarmed women and children to lie face-down on the floor, handcuffed them, and in some cases conducted strictly illegal full-body strip searches of the defenseless women without their consent.
This last-named abuse is identical to the actions of the American 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan, who recently deliberately strip searched Muslim women in their own homes in order to dishonor their husbands. Further details of this obscene and illegal activity can be read by clicking on the “Australian Gestapo” link at the bottom of this page.
Were it not so serious, this latest attempt by Australian authorities to pin the blame for the Bali bomb on “Muslim Terrorists” would be laughable. Officials are now claiming that the staggering blast which vaporized dozens of victims at Kuta Beach, was caused by a bomb “made from between 50 kg and 150 kg of chlorate”, the only quasi-explosive conveniently stolen from an Indonesian warehouse in Java during September. This new claim is in stark contrast to information posted on the official Australian Government web site less than one week ago:
“Within 10-15 seconds of the first explosion at Paddy's Bar, a devastating explosion was detonated in front of the Sari Club … The explosion resulted in a tremendous release of energy in the form of gas, heat and light. This essentially caused a pressure wave, fragmentation and fire - all of which contributed to the devastation seen at the Sari Club. As a measure of the force of the blast, the sound from the explosion was heard up to 15km away.”
To claim that the Bali bomb was made from potassium chlorate [the variant stolen in Java] is pure idiocy, and the fact that such a claim was made at all, highlights increasingly desperately American and Israeli pressure on Australia to formally declare that “The Muslims did it”.
Yes, you can manufacture a crude weapon from 90% potassium chlorate and 10% paraffin, but it is an incredibly slow and entirely unpredictable low-explosive. Provided the weapon did not detonate prematurely [a real risk with this unstable compound], four hundreds pounds of potassium chlorate & paraffin slurry with a Power Gel initiator might make a mess of Kuta Beach high street, but it could manage little else.
At best, crude potassium chlorate & paraffin slurry has a pathetic velocity of detonation of 3,500 feet per second, compared to 12,000 fps for Ammonium Nitrate & Diesel, and 27,800 fps for RDX. Thus in simple terms, at any given distance from ground zero these different explosive compounds will exert ascending pressure in pounds per squuare inch on the target. Forget the impressive bang, which is simply the pressure wave from the weapon travelling at supersonic speed, and has no bearing on actual damage. The level of damage inflicted on the target is always directly proportional to the overpressure exerted in pounds per square inch, i.e. pressure over and above the standard atmospheric pressure of fifteen psi.
Absolute proof that this Australian myth is a structured lie, can be seen in these photographs of a reinforced concrete structure located more than fifty feet away from ground zero. Every fragment of hard concrete has been completely stripped away by overpressure, leaving only the ductile reinforcing rods or bars, known in the trade as “rebar”. The critical significance of this is best explained by General Benton K. Partin USAF (Ret), who had overall responsibility for all research, development, testing, analysis, requirements generation and acquisition management of weapons systems in the United States Air Force.

Concrete completely stripped from Reinforcing bar "rebar", 50+ feet from ground zero

In an official rebuttal to media and executive branch claims that the source of the awesome damage to the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma was a single truck bomb consisting of 4,800 pounds of ammonium nitrate & diesel low-explosive, General Partin wrote:
“The detonation wave pressure (1,000,000 to 1,500,000 pounds per square inch) from a high detonation velocity contact explosive sweeps into the reinforced concrete structure as a wave of compressive deformation. Since the pressure in the wave of deformation far exceeds the yield strength of the concrete (about 3,500 pounds per square inch) by a factor of approximately 300, the concrete is turned into granular sand and dust until the wave dissipates to below the yield strength of the concrete.
“This leaves a relatively smooth but granular surface, with protruding, bare reinforcement rods, a distinctive signature of damage by contact explosives. The effect of the contact explosive on the reinforcement rods themselves can only be seen under microscopic metallurgical examination. (The rods are inertially confined during the explosion and survive basically intact because of their much higher yield strength and plasticity.)”
Note here that General Partin is referring to explosives “in contact” with the reinforced concrete structure requiring between 1,000,000 and 1,500,000 pounds per square inch to strip the concrete away, leaving only the bare reinforcement rods. Think about this people, think about it. The stripped reinforcement rods in Bali were more than fifty feet away from the weapon, and thus not in contact at all.
Because blast through a fifty foot air gap is a very inefficient energy coupling mechanism against heavily reinforced concrete, four hundred pounds of the fastest chemical explosive so far touted by the Australian Government, RDX, would exert [but would not exceed] approximately ten pounds per square inch, fifty feet away from the point of criticality at ground zero. An equal weight of Potassium chlorate would be lucky to exert two pounds per square inch at the same range.
The problem here is obvious, and the only accurate conclusion about Kuta Beach is impossible for the Australian authorities to simply wish away with wild tales about potassium chlorate detergent all too conveniently "stolen from Java". To cause the actual damage photographed at the crime scene in Bali, we must have a weapon with a compound yield, and velocity of detonation fast enough to ensure one million pounds per square inch of retained pressure fifty feet away from ground zero. There is only one weapon in the world compact enough to perform this staggering trick: A micro nuke from Dimona in the Negev Desert. .

Update 10 November 2002

On the morning of 6th November, my claims about a micro nuclear weapon in Bali were published on the front page of a major newspaper in Java. Apparently the claims were enthusiastically embraced by Indonesians already deeply suspicious of Australia’s unseemly and entirely unnecessary involvement in the Kuta Beach investigation. To understand the level of outrage and mistrust, ask yourself how angry you would be if a bunch of uninvited Indonesian police turned up to "investigate" a crime in New York, London or Sydney.
Early the next morning, members of the Indonesian Government in Jakarta became involved and called urgently for further details about the nuclear device. And so it was that by 10 a.m. on 7th November, the ludicrous Australian-American myth about “Jemaah Islamiyah” and “al Qaeda” attacking Bali, was rapidly starting to unravel across Indonesia.
According to a well-placed government source in Jakarta, firm action was then taken to reverse the situation, and restore the Australian-American myth in the eyes of the public. Sometime around noon an Indonesian general connected to TNI, ordered that a man called Amrozi be ‘strongly’ encouraged to confess.
To quote the Jakarta government source, Amrozi “was hooked up to 220 volts, given a cup of Scopolamine, and thirty minutes later was ready to swear he was George Bush”. Our brave Australian and American investigators neatly sidestepped direct involvement in this torture, by lamely telling television viewers at home that they had “no need to interrogate the suspect personally”.
In reality Amrozi is a motorcycle mechanic from east Java, whose wife and neighbors can prove he never left his home island, but this awkward truth was of no concern to the general, nor to his western paymasters. By early morning on the 8th of November, the western media obediently started parroting claims that Amrozi was a “known associate of Jemaah Islamiyah”, with indirect links to “al Qaeda”.
By late afternoon the same day, al Jazeera television, the nice folk who brought you the blatantly forged video footage of “Osama Bin Laden” last year, issued a press release stating that, “al Qaeda has accepted full responsibility for the Bali bombing”. Wrong! The web site on which this bogus claim was made, is owned and discreetly operated by a 'blind' company in Qatar, the home base of al Jazeera.
It was perhaps on this date that we finally slipped seamlessly into a post-Orwellian media world, where those who control the present ignore the past, and don’t give a damn about the future. As if bewitched, journalists worldwide jumped on the Thought Police band wagon, telling us to believe that an imaginary terrorist organization had motivated a motorcycle mechanic in Java to kill nearly 300 people in Bali, using only a van full of Potassium chlorate detergent. As George Orwell foresaw in his famous novel “1984”, there seems to be little we can do at present about this blatant media disinformation:
“At present nothing is possible except to extend the area of sanity little by little. We cannot act collectively. We can only spread our knowledge outwards from individual to individual, generation after generation. In the face of the Thought Police there is no other way.”
No matter the level of direct and indirect media control, the vexing problem of a newly alert Indonesian Government had still not been completely resolved. What if a suspicious minister [or ministers] managed to slip the right scientific equipment into Bali, and detected residual traces of slow alpha radiation from the micro nuke at Kuta Beach?
Help was soon on the way to deal with this possible contingency. On the morning of Saturday 9th November, just three days after my claims were published in the Indonesian newspaper, Intelligence services in London used the British Home Office as a 'front', and issued a dire warning that “al Qaeda might be planning to attack the west with a dirty radiological weapon”.
For those not fully conversant with this dreadful technology, it was helpfully explained that a radiological weapon is a conventional explosive bomb with nuclear waste wrapped around it. When the bomb explodes it hurls radioactive material outwards, causing terrible injuries to the victims of the blast. Of course, the Home Office warning was swiftly “retracted’ six hours later by Minister of Home Affairs David Blunkett, who said it was a “clerical error”, but not before the bogus warning had been peddled to the public by every television network in the western world.
This is not the first time that British intelligence has used this technique to subtly deflect attention away from a real micro nuke. The same claim was peddled back in 1993 after micro nukes were used on the City of London, as indirect warnings for the City to fall in line behind New York. I recorded this earlier intelligence leak in a report first published in 1993, and posted on the Internet six years later.
“During early May 1993, ITN World News from London carried an interesting feature in which it was explained that due to thefts of highly-radioactive Uranium 235, terrorists would now be able to contaminate conventional bombs with 500 grams of Uranium, thereby forcing the police to stay away from the area for days. Exactly why experienced terrorists would risk detection & death by transporting deadly unshielded Uranium around in their pockets was not explained.
“There is no credible reason for keeping the police and other authorities away from a bombsite after the weapon has been detonated. However, the rumor could form the basis of a government defence in cases where American or British citizens located positive traces of radiation, near the World Trade Centre or in the City of London, for example.” The original 1993 report can be read here.
The British Home Office never makes “clerical errors” of this magnitude, especially on a Saturday when its civil servants are at home for the weekend, and the only people left in the Home Office building are duty spooks and cleaners. The bogus story was released specifically [and only] to cover any future discovery of radiation at Kuta Beach.
Now if an Indonesian minister manages to establish that traces of slow alpha radiation are still present in Bali, all the deranged General has to do is collect a few more “suspects”, hook them up to 220 volts, pour Scopolamine down their throats, and urge them to “confess” that the mythical “al Qaeda” provided nuclear waste to wrap around their homemade bomb constructed from potassium chlorate detergent.

Update 18 November 2002

Indonesian Parliament Claims Micro Nuke in Bali

Amrozi - Bali's Alleged Psychedelic Nuclear Bomber

On Monday 18 November, Indonesian Parliamentary Speaker Amien Rais said he questioned the validity of the police conclusion that "Amrozi" was the main perpetrator of the Bali bombings which claimed more than 187 lives. Rais was supported by Deputy House Speaker A.M. Fatwa, who stated, "`My conscience says that he is not a key actor. I don’t believe that Amrozi has the capability to make all kinds of the preparations for the bombings, like setting off a kind of micro nuclear bomb in Bali."
These pointed observations by two of the most powerful politicians in Indonesia, designed to counter deliberate Australian police & media disinformation about the bombing in Kuta Beach, were then recorded verbatim in the official Indonesian parliamentary transcripts. A wide range of media outlets in Asia and the Middle East reported Rais and Fatwa’s comments, which were predictably ignored in Australia and America.
It was late on Wednesday 15 November, just one day before the special Hindu cleansing ceremony of the Bali bombsite in Kuta Beach, that the local Indonesian police chief thoughtfully paraded "prime suspect" Amrozi in front of the assembled media pack. The fact that Amrozi was clearly disoriented, rambling, as high as a kite on drugs and separated from western journalists by a thick glass wall, was apparently not a problem for our sacred guardians of the truth.
Despite the obvious audio impediments and complete lack of direct access, Australian and Singaporean media outlets were nonetheless able to “accurately” interpret Amrozi’s muffled and garbled mixture of Javanese and Indonesian, to mean that he confessed to killing nearly 300 people at Kuta Beach, with a minivan full of potassium chlorate detergent stolen from Java.
Not only that, but as Amrozi peered hopefully through a thick psychedelic haze to wave cheerfully at the television cameras, we were further asked to believe he claimed to enjoy killing people, wanted to kill some more, and in particular wanted to kill lots and lots of Americans. So thick was the psychedelic fog surrounding him, Amrozi completely forgot that the punishment for “confessing” to such crimes in Indonesia is death by firing squad.
Needless to say, the entire media event was contrived rubbish, but it served the purpose for which it was mounted, i.e. to drive increased levels of Australian hatred against Amrozi, and through him against all Muslims across south east Asia. Australian relatives of the dead at the Hindu ceremony understandably shouted “kill him”, while Australian politicians at home took the opportunity to increase religious and ethnic division with comments including “ugly sneering Indonesian attitudes”, and “these people are vicious and dangerous.”
To establish exactly who arranged and paid for the Amrozi charade in Bali, we need only look at exactly where the story was covered and broadcast in excessive detail by the western media, and who benefited most from staging the charade in the first place. Australians were beyond doubt the prime media target audience, with Indonesians following a close second. There was also significant coverage in Great Britain, but virtually none at all in America.
Think about it people, think about it. Here was the alleged Bali “culprit” confessing to one of the biggest civilian mass murders in history, and apparently linked to the very same alleged “terrorist organizations” peddled incessantly by the American media. On its own track record, New York should have snapped the story up immediately, and used it relentlessly to further promote its fictional “terrorist” groups.
The only possible or plausible reason for this spectacular event not hogging American television prime time for the same three long days it did in Australia and Indonesia, is that US authorities already knew it was a pathetic scam, quite probably funded by its own shadowy agents in Bali handing out thick wads of crisp $100 bills to corrupt officials. Beneath that lies the 99% probability that Judeo-Christian Americans arranged the Bali attack themselves, in order to “socially engineer” Australian public support for the forthcoming oil crusade in the Middle East.
Subject as always to political pressure, members of the Australian Federal Police in Bali cheerfully threw their questionable weight behind the Amrozi “confession”. When AFP forensic chief Royds was asked whether he believed Amrozi was telling the truth to police, Mr Royds said: "I believe so". Unfortunately for the Australian Government, members of the AFP also appeared to confirm that earlier claims identifying the so-called “chemical explosives” in the Bali bomb, were at best pure guesses, and at worst outright lies.
It was explained to assembled journalists that because evidence at the crime scenes had been washed away by fire hoses, investigators had this week acted on British advice to “climb up light poles and take forensic swabs from roof tiles, signposts and other places that had not been wet.” Oh dear, if you tell enough lies for long enough, you will surely be found out.
So, are members of the Australian investigative team now prepared to say exactly which explosives were used to make the Bali bomb? Well, no, they have now fallen atypically silent, apart from making irrelevant and inane remarks about the bombers having “amazing chemical skills” and “the ability to build very sophisticated weapons.” And for the first time in many weeks, these same investigators have suddenly decided to wear full-length protective clothing, including facemasks and airtight hoods.
Claiming “amazing chemical skills” for the bombers is seriously understating the case. Any alchemist out there who could transmute potassium chlorate detergent into a critical plutonium nuclear weapon of the kind detonated at Kuta Beach, would instantly win the Nobel Prizes for chemistry and physics, before being politely but forcibly inducted into the American nuclear program at Los Alamos Laboratories.
Although providing no details about the bomb personally, the AFP representative who spoke to the media stood right next to a large board, on which was clearly written the word “Semtex”. Oh no! The Bali bomb was surely not made from the deadly Czechoslovakian plastic explosive allegedly used in tiny quantities by “Muslim Terrorists” to blow up Pam Am 103 over Lockerbie? No, because that would be impossible, but the board was certainly placed next to the AFP representative to subliminally suggest that you, the viewer, should believe Semtex was the probable villain.
In reality, the most powerful version of this “terror” explosive, Semtex–H, is only 1.104 times as powerful as TNT, and thus substantially weaker than either C-4 or RDX. Manufactured by the Semtin Glassworks in Czechoslovakia, the most common version of Semtex-H contains 42% RDX and 41% PETN, with the balance made up of antioxidant, plasticizer and binder. Semtex had nothing, I repeat nothing, to do with the blast outside the Sari Club. Nor did any other "chemical" explosive.
Yesterday it was discreetly announced that the contents of the crater, and other debris from the bombsite would be disposed of far out to sea, as a final step in the "Hindu cleansing process". The fact that no Hindu cleansing process known to man requires that nuclear-contaminated waste be buried far out to sea, seems to have escaped media attention. Dumping your nuclear waste in an ocean trench and then blaming it on the Hindu religion is an ingenious idea, in this case based on pure desperation.
. Late yesterday the diggers started work, frantically removing structures from Kuta high street before they could be subjected to proper examination by suspicious politicians in Jakarta. The first target of this combined mechanical assault was the building shown in the pictures above with the exposed reinforcing bar, an embarrasing monument perpetually proving the nuclear nature of the blast. Not any more it isn't, with trucks swiftly removing the rubble for a tasteful religious burial far out to sea.

Immediately after the Hindu cleansing ceremony, diggers and wrecking balls were
sent in to remove the crater contents and other material for burial "far out to sea"

Removing the physical evidence will heighten rather than diminish the controversy, and it will certainly not stop those determined to prove that this was not an attack by Muslims on Indonesian, Australian, and British soft targets. Perhaps more significant now that the dust has literally settled, is determining exactly how many people are still officially missing: critical numbers that are currently some of the best-kept secrets in the west.
You see, by allowing the diggers and wrecking balls to move in yesterday and demolish the site, authorities have made it clear publicly that they have now recovered every available body part from the crime scene. If they had not recovered every available body part, international convention would require that the crime scene remain a crime scene for as long as it takes to effect full recovery, normally several months for an incident as huge as this one.
Jakarta politicians may not yet be aware of the fact, but a nuclear event can be proved not only by available evidence at the crime scene, but also by evidence that should have been recovered and stored away from the crime scene, but was not. Because a nuclear weapon is the only device capable of generating sufficient heat and pressure to completely vaporize human bodies, a substantial deficit of human remains at the site, or in correct storage afterwards, is as convincing and damning in the nuclear sense as finding slow alpha radiation lurking in a monsoon drain.
As stated these figures are very hard to come by, and your help is needed to track them down in your own country. It seems likely on present estimates that the actual death toll is not 182 as claimed by Australian authorities, but much closer to 300. If you live in Indonesia, Britain, Germany, France, New Zealand, or any other country affected by the blast, do your best to obtain your own country’s total number of confirmed dead, and those still unaccounted for. Note here that it is the "unaccounted for" figures that western governments are desperately trying to conceal, because they and they alone have the easy ability to blow the Bali "body scam" wide open. Please send a copy of your results to joe.vialls@ntlworld.com Crude figures available at present indicate that a minimum of 40 Australians are still missing, 30 British, 7 German, 3 French and possibly 6 New Zealanders. I know this sounds gruesome, but if these figures are even close to accurate, then the authorities in Bali must have 86 x 120 lbs average weight of body parts in storage, before we make an allowance for dehydration and decomposition. Let us be generous and allow a full 30% deduction for dehydration and decomposition, meaning the authorities must currently have a minimum of 7,224 pounds [ 3.61 TONS] of body parts in storage awaiting identification.
If the current figure in storage is much lower than that, as I have been repeatedly assured it is by Balinese contacts, then a large number of human beings were turned into heat and light at the micro nuclear weapon’s point of criticality. If we can accurately determine the total number of “unaccounted for" victims, then we can apply simple arithmetic to calculate how many of them vanished in the first five microseconds of the 300,000 degree centigrade fireball.
It is already being rumored [but has not yet been confirmed], that authorities have been speeding up the process by “cheating” on the body parts. Put simply, and mostly in order to give the affected families rapid “closure”, coffins containing as little as a single DNA-identified arm have been buried, with the balance of the body weight made up with sandbags. Normally such a procedure is used for genuinely humane reasons, and provides the family with a physical grave to mourn over. Nothing wrong with that so far as it goes, because the procedure hurts no one and helps relatives get over the tragedy. Nor is it unusual. The procedure has been used countless times in the past at major disaster sites.
The problem we face is that of forensic authorities trying to use this procedure to “cover” for the deficiency in body parts, by suddenly “speeding up” the identification process in a bid to camouflage the huge deficit in stored body parts. Fifty quick funerals with only twenty pounds of body parts in each coffin would certainly help to do that. We therefore need to establish the total weight of body parts in storage TODAY, and make a note of it for future reference. Any Indonesians reading this please do the best that you can, and send the accurate figure to the email address above

Update 13 February 2003

Zionist Nuclear Attack on Bali Officially “Buried” by Western Media

Amrozi, Alleged Bomb Supplier
Written Police "Confession"
"Chlorate, aluminium powder & fuze"
Colonel Zainuri Lubis
Indonesian Police Expert
"Chlorate, black powder & TNT" Tim Morris, Counter-Terrorism
Australian Federal Police
"Chlorate, detonator cord & TNT"

Alarmed by new evidence which points directly at the real villains behind the atrocity in Bali, commercial and government-owned western television networks worked together last week to finally “prove” that an unlikely bunch of poor and ill-informed Muslim villagers from central Java, were responsible for the exotic million-foot-per-second nuclear blast that killed more than 200 people at Kuta Beach on 12 October 2002.
Western governments and media alike have become especially nervous about three renegade American investigative journalists, who managed to penetrate Denpasar Airport, and establish that certain aircraft movements on 12 and 13 October have been deliberately deleted from the control tower logs, though details still exist in the aircraft handling logs, i.e. those kept by the ground crew responsible for refueling the aircraft, checking its tires, and so on.
At least two of the deleted aircraft were wearing “false number plates”. All altered tower log pages, and those pages of the handling logs which prove the arrival and departure times of the three “mystery” aircraft, have now been meticulously photographed and stored for future use. More details about this later.
Painfully aware that poor Muslim “terrorists” from small villages in central Java simply cannot afford very expensive jet and prop-jet aircraft, the collective western media was ordered to put the Zionist boot in before the airport deception became more widely known. The Bali bombing has always been a big problem for western governments. Prove that Bali was initiated by murderous Zionists solely to “encourage” more Australian support for an attack on Iraq, and at the same time you prove that almost every other “Muslim Terrorist Attack” on the west was conducted by the same Zionist fanatics. Such a revelation could not be allowed under any circumstances.
So the media rushed in where only fools dare to tread, and managed to make a complete cock-up of the entire exercise. Despite the fact that everyone has allegedly already “confessed” to the bombings at Kuta Beach, and despite the media trying desperately to avoid mentioning the pathetic potassium chlorate “detergent bomb”, details did finally emerge. Unfortunately, the Indonesian police cited one formulation for the bomb and the Australian Federal Police cited an entirely different formulation for the bomb, neither of which matched the ingredients written down in suspect Amrozi’s “confession”.
These conflicting statements were made on exactly the same day to different western media interviewers! According to the Australian Government, the AFP has been working “closely with the Indonesian Police” ever since the atrocity on 12 October 2002, when manifestly the Indonesian Police have not been cooperating with the Australian Federal Police at all.
No doubt assisted by Sodium Pentathol and probably while hooked up the mains electricity supply, suspect Amrozi originally “confessed” to supplying potassium chlorate, aluminum powder and fuze wire, which could not explode no matter how you mixed it together. Remember here that potassium chlorate crystals are not explosive, and need sophisticated treatment and augmentation to even contribute to a low-explosive blast. Translated to Kuta Beach, Amrozi’s “bomb” would have been no more dangerous than a child’s firework.
Australian Federal Police Director of Counter Terrorism, Tim Morris, was a little more inventive. Tim claimed the bomb was composed of “chlorate, detonator cord [cordex] and TNT”. Getting better here, Tim, getting better! The TNT would certainly trigger the cordex, or the cordex trigger the TNT, but neither would do anything to the inert potassium chlorate detergent crystals, which must first be blended very carefully with an exact quantity of paraffin wax [fuel] before they can augment anything. Translated to Kuta Beach, Tim’s bomb would have killed a few people from blast alone, while simultaneously bleaching the shirts of hundreds of survivors.
Indonesian police explosives expert Colonel Zainuri Lubis, blandly claimed the bomb was composed of “chlorate, black powder and TNT”, which were “mixed together”. Colonel Lubis is a genuine explosive expert [unlike Amrozi and Tim], who smiled broadly throughout his media interview, and seemed to be deliberately misleading the pathetic western media lobby confronting him. For many months now, most Indonesian media and the official Indonesian Parliamentary Records in Jakarta, have recorded the reality of a nuclear blast at Kuta Beach, NO details of which have managed to find their way into the western press. So Colonel Zainuri Lubis gave the latest idiot western media pack an idiot composition to pass on to its idiot viewers.

Alleged "Bali Bomber" Ali Imron demonstrates how he assembled the chlorate-black-powder-TNT
device, but conveniently forgets to explain why he wasn't blown sky-high when trying to mix it!

Along with every other explosive expert on earth, Colonel Lubis knows very well that you cannot mix sharp potassium chlorate crystals with sensitive black powder particles. Well, you can try of course, but not if you wish to live long enough to go home for dinner. The split-second “the bomber” started mixing, the sharp chlorate crystals would create immense friction across the surface of the black powder particles, which would then react violently by either exploding or burning furiously, depending on particle size.
At the same time, an exothermic [heat] reaction would start between the two compounds. If the friction didn’t get “the bomber”, the exothermic reaction would, instantly transforming :the bomber” into a white-hot Roman Candle. So Colonel Lubis’s chosen bomb cannot be translated to Kuta Beach, because the mythical bombers would already have been burned to death in their mythical “secret bomb making laboratory”.
It seems that all of us in the west owe a big vote of thanks to Colonel Zainuri Lubis. Unable to comment on the true nature of the nuclear device in Bali because of severe political constraints placed on him by Bali Police Chief General Made Pastika, Colonel Lubis nonetheless managed to find a way of leaking the absurdity of the western media “Muslim witch hunt” to tens of millions of western viewers, using the increasingly desperate western media lobby as a willing though pitifully unwitting conduit!
Parallel investigations in Bali by three “renegade” American investigative journalists, have thrown up some interesting and potentially damning facts about events on the night of 12-13 October 2002, in which the air traffic control logs have been deliberately “edited” to exclude some highly suspicious aircraft movements in and out of Denpasar. Most suspicious of course is the editing itself. Why would anyone go to the trouble of breaking into the control tower and deleting the flight details, if the aircraft in question were engaged in legitimate operations that could be easily explained at a later date?
Most interesting is a Canadian De Havilland Dash 7 carrying the registration C-FWYU, which landed in Denpasar four hours before the explosion at the Sari Club, and took off again for an unknown destination one hour after the weapon exploded. This flight was “whited out” of the control tower logs, but can still be identified by shining a bright light on the back of the log page in question. Full details of the flight are shown in the aircraft handling logs, which someone presumably forgot to delete, and which have now been photographed for future legal use if required. Denpasar ground crew members remembered this particular aircraft well, because it was in their words “very distinctive”, an observation that deserves explanation.
Only about 100 Dash 7 aircraft were ever made, which ensures that any one of them is a curiosity at any airfield in the world. The only four engine STOL [Short Take Off & Land] aircraft produced in the last thirty years, the Dash 7 is easily identified by its four jet-prop engines and thick-bladed props, high “T” tail and huge landing flaps. Even when fully loaded the Dash 7 can take off with zero wind assistance in 600 yards. The aircraft is excellent for low flying reconnaissance and radar evasion, as proved by the American Special Operations version known as ARL-C [Airborne Reconnaissance Low – Model C]. When carrying a light payload and only 50% fuel, the Dash 7 is also the only four engine STOL plane in the world that can take off and land on an aircraft carrier deck, without external steam catapult or arrester hook assistance.

The photo is for illustration only, and shows C-FWYU in the colors of Conair Aviation of Canada, who flew it many years ago in the remote Canadian north. It must be stressed that at the time of the Bali bombing, the Dash 7 in question was not in any way involved with Conair or any of its subsidiaries. Checks reveal that C-FWYU was sold and removed from the Canadian Register in August 2002, and was thus no longer entitled to display this Canadian registration on its fuselage. So bearing in mind that we do not have the actual aircraft’s documents and thus a corroborating hull number, and also bearing in mind that painting a set of false registration marks on any fuselage is child’s play, exactly which Dash 7 was really present in Bali that night, and why the absolute secrecy?
Where “C-FWYU” came from and where it went remain a mystery. Despite its dazzling STOL performance the Dash 7 is extremely limited in both speed and range, for all essential purposes limiting its operating base to Singapore, Darwin, or perhaps to an aircraft carrier at sea. We do need to find out exactly what C-FWYU was doing that night, and we do need to establish the current owner. I have so far failed in my attempts to find this information, so anyone who can establish these points is asked to copy the details to joe.vialls@ntlworld.com
There were two other aircraft deleted from the control tower logs, though they seem less important. Both are Lear Jet 45 fast business jets listed on the Australian Register, but their landing and take off times are not as precise as Dash 7 registration C-FWYU. For this reason I am not at this stage publishing their registration numbers, for fear the information might prove both distracting and misleading. The bottom line is that the pathetic suspects from central Java could not under any circumstances have acquired sophisticated aircraft such as these, and we now need to backtrack the “real” bombers using this fresh information.

Biggest Newspaper in Indonesia Denies Conventional Explosives Were Used in Bali

By Robert S. Finnegan - National News - January 03, 2003

On October 12, 2002 the Indonesian island of Bali experienced a terrorist attack that rocked the world. It was unquestionably well-coordinated and executed, the largest in the country's history.
Investigators and forensics experts from both national and international teams that had quickly been assembled flocked to the crime scene, ostensibly to begin what should have been a long, drawn out exercise in forensics and investigative sleuthing to identify and capture the foot soldiers, coordinators and masterminds behind the attack that has left over 190 known dead, scores missing without a trace and hundreds more wounded It has turned out to be anything but that.
The Indonesian government immediately vowed to unite in the hunt for the bombers. The U.S. government along with the international community seized the opportunity to point the finger at the shadowy al-Qaeda group along with Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Ba'asyir as the culprits. In hindsight, it would appear that perhaps these individuals, given their apparent intimate knowledge of the perpetrators immediately following the bombing should have been included on the investigating team. Perhaps if they had we would know more than we do today, which is very little despite the volume of information (or disinformation) being vomited out by the spokesmen for the investigative teams on a daily basis.
A creeping sense of foreboding began soon after the forensics people and other investigators (inclusive of Insp. Gen. I Made Pastika and his army of hundreds of supposedly top-notch investigators with virtually unlimited resources at their disposal) announced after only a week and a half that they were wrapping up their on-site work and retreating to the labs to analyze their findings. Astounding work, as it must have set a world record for crime scene forensic analysis.
Given the scope of the bombing and the sheer size of the primary and secondary blast areas - where trace from a plethora of different explosive compounds were swabbed from - this was a feat that escaped even the vaunted investigators working the World Trade Center crime scene in New York, who spent nearly a year literally sifting by hand for evidence at the site. It would appear that the teams on Bali possessed far superior skills and techniques ... or was there something else responsible for their haste in wrapping up so quickly and then sending the rest of the evidence as quickly as possible to the bottom of the ocean off Bali?
At this point in their investigation National Police Chief Gen. Da'i Bachtiar states for the record that "traces of a chemical powder used in the bomb" were found in the van allegedly used to transport the large device. What powder? Even a cursory examination of the crater and primary site immediately following the bombings would make this statement laughable were it not for the circumstances.
If indeed the Mitsubishi L300 van was used in the large blast, the five-foot deep by twenty-foot wide crater indicates that it would have been completely vaporized, including the engine block which they apparently found intact - along with the victims who instantly vanished. Indeed, this begs the question: Where did the investigators obtain this evidence in relation to the crater? Is it possible that if the van survived the large blast it was because it was parked at the edge of the primary blast zone, packed with small amounts of all the explosives - whose traces were found at the sites - in order to throw off independent investigators?
In addition, there is the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), allegedly signed jointly by the National Police and the international investigation team, specifically restricting the scope of the "investigation links" and prohibiting international inquiries. Could this at least partially explain why Pastika has continually stonewalled, intimidated and generally obstructed independent investigators during the course of their work?
During the first weeks of the investigation, notables such as State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Chief Hendropriyono, Susilo Yudhoyono, Assembly Speaker Amien Rais and Pastika focused or pretended to focus on foreigners - without specifying "which" foreigners - who they said were behind the attack. Somehow this twisting, turning trail dried up and disappeared into thin air without explanation, along with the former retired Air Force Officer who allegedly confessed to police his involvement in the bombing and was then released. To this day his whereabouts remain unknown and police investigators either cannot or will not release any information on this man, an officer who was allegedly trained in America in explosives and is an incredible lead that should have been followed-up on aggressively and thoroughly. Why was it not?
Are these the statements and actions of professional investigators - or the actions of individuals engaged in a cover-up? Let's look at the myriad of explosive traces found at the site and subsequently cited individually off and on by investigators and police as "the explosive" used in the bombings. First it was C-4, then RDX. These two are actually the same, the difference being nine percent mallable plastic used in C-4. So, which is more powerful? RDX - nine percent more powerful than C-4.
Day after day, investigators trotted out a different explosive and combinations of explosives purportedly responsible for the blasts. In addition to C-4 and RDX there was now TNT, Ammonium Nitrate, HMX, Semtex, PETN, Chlorate and napalm. Everything but the kitchen sink. Was this gross ineptitude? Or another ploy to throw independent investigators off the trail?
For example, had the originators of the napalm theory studied up on the material before opening their mouths they would have known that napalm leaves a sticky, smelly residue on everything, including victims. This was not in evidence at the blast site or at the Sanglah burn ward and morgue, where the burn victims were taken. Therefore, in the absence of any physical evidence, napalm must be excluded and the originators of this farce be awarded a grade of "F" in "explosives analysis."
In other words, if you are going to lie, be professional about it, at least know what you are lying about and have the mental capacity to remember what you said when you said it. This single evidentiary template could easily be applied and extended to the entire "official investigation" of the Bali bombings where deceit, obstruction and obfuscation are and have been the name of the game.
To put this in perspective, let us look at three of the explosives claimed by official investigators to have been used in the bombings, starting with the compound that has the lowest velocity of detonation in feet per second (FPS) which is Potassium Chlorate at 3,500 FPS; compared to 12,000 FPS for Ammonium Nitrate and diesel and finally 27,800 FPS for RDX. In simple terms, at any given distance from ground zero these different explosive compounds will exert pressure in pounds per square inch. Damage to people and structures are a result of this pressure in varying degrees depending on the velocity of detonation. Even if RDX were used, the amount needed to cause the level of destruction in evidence at the crime scene should have been in excess of anything available through even the military, who denied possession of the explosive. There is also the delivery of the device to be taken into account.
Each of the explosives cited by investigators (with the exception of napalm) have unique and individual characteristics that vary for usage, stability and explosive yeild. They require specific detonators for each in order to obtain maximum effect. Also now at the bottom of the ocean off Bali is the reinforcing bar (rebar) located more than fifty feet from ground zero that had been completely stripped of concrete as a result of the blast. Documented military estimates of the force required to accomplish this is roughly 1 million to 1.5 million pounds per square inch.
What kind of weapon or device could accomplish this? And for that matter leave a crater of that size? Why was it filled in? This arguably could have been one of the most important pieces of evidence available to investigators not only for the trace explosive in evidence, but from which also could have been determined (roughly) the size and composition of the device.
With the police claiming (off and on) that Amrozi, Mukhlas and Samudra (who allegedly at one point denied involvement in the Bali bombings) were the perpetrators of the blasts, then why do the official investigators not know EXACTLY the type of device used in the main bombing and its precise composition? To put it quite simply, how can we have a bomber or bombers in the absence of a bomb?
Why were Amrozi and Samudra so quick to confess and finger their "accomplices"? Were these the actions of dedicated, radical, Islamic fundamentalists? "Professionals"? Did they expect to further their cause by eviscerating their own organization? Does it make sense that they were willing to kill and maim hundreds of innocents - including many fellow Indonesians - and yet implicate their comrades to save their own skins?
Given this dismal investigative performance, exactly what role did the international investigating team play in this debacle? If indeed there is one thing that has been glaringly apparent throughout this investigation, it is that perhaps nothing close to the truth has been told as of today. It is also apparent that something is very, very wrong not only with the procedural aspects of this case, but also with the suppression and outright destruction of evidence. The international investigators bear a heavy responsibility for this, and should be held accountable

Jakarta Post Editor Robert S. Finnegan is an internationally published investigative reporter with over two decades investigative experience. He currently holds an Alaska (U.S.) Private Investigator license.

Timeline: The Bali Bombing, a comprehensive overview
The following timeline is excerpted from reports published in the Jakarta Post unless otherwise attributed

Tuesday Oct. 15

Police say C-4 was explosive material used to make bomb. U.S. says al-Qaeda and Abu Bakar Ba'asyir responsible for bombing. Hamzah Haz says Muslims not responsible and bombing was "engineered".

Wednesday Oct. 16

Hendropriyono says both technology and skills of bombers indicate they are from abroad and must have carried out surveillance before the attack. Bali Police Chief Brig. Gen. Budi Setyawan said there is no indication of al-Qaeda involvement so far. The Washington Post reports Indonesian police arrest former Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who allegedly confessed to building bomb that killed over 180 people and expressed regret for huge loss of life. Air First Marshall says suspect released and this proves no Air Force Involvement.

Thursday Oct. 17

Susilo Yudhoyono admits possible involvement of foreigners in bombing. Authorities focusing on seven "foreigners" suspected to have masterminded and carried out the bombings, a terrorist cell said to have been led by a Yemeni national, his Malaysian deputy and a European with links to Philippine bombings. Police Chief Brig. Gen. Budi confirms bomb made of RDX. Indonesian Army Brig. Gen. Ratyono denies Army supplied C-4 to terrorists. Denies Army possesses C-4 "bombs".

Friday Oct. 18

Hendropriono says technology and skills employed by attackers indicate they are from abroad.

Sunday Oct. 20

Pastika says investigation team focusing on four persons, including a security guard and a retired Air Force officer.

Monday Oct. 21

Police receive order to release former Air Force Officer Dedi Masrukhin although suspicions of his link to Bali blasts remain strong. Forensics experts admit some victims could have been completely consumed by blast.

Tuesday Oct. 22

Omar al-Faraq allegedly tells CIA bin Laden transferred US $133,440 to JI for purchase of three tons of explosives from Indonesian military sources. AFP agent Brett Swan says because of scale of explosion "highly organized perpetrators" carried it out. U.S. declares "technology transfer review" between U.S. and RI as high-tech U.S. items may be found at bomb site.

Wednesday Oct. 23

Aritonang says investigators have determined specifications of bombs but not how they were deployed, large bomb made of RDX with a "derivative" of Ammonium Nitrate.

Friday Oct. 25

Aritonang says bomb was RDX and Ammonium Nitrate.

Saturday Oct. 26

Maj. Gen. Muhdi Purwopranjono (Kopassus) claims to have identified bombers. Joint investigating team says it's still in dark. Aritonang says bombings were carefully and professionally planned and executed.

Sunday Oct. 27

Pastika says bombs made by Indonesians who "could not have done it without help from foreign bomb experts. We believe that the explosives were brought in from outside Bali" and "The technology using mobile phones as a remote control is new for Indonesia and something that requires guidance from foreign experts."

Monday Oct. 28

Two Generals, one police, one army named as possible suspects in bombing and subsequently file suit against Washington Post for libel.

Tuesday Oct. 29

Susilo Yudhoyono denies Army, Police Generals involved in bombing.

Wednesday Oct. 30

Pastika says "main player" identified who is also bomb maker.

Thursday Oct. 31

Police release three sketches of bomb suspects. Muchyar Yara says that the three were part of a list of 10 names submitted to police.

Friday Nov. 1

Da'I Bachtiar says they have identified East Javanese man but have not found him yet, along with driver of the van. Bachtiar says they used TNT, RDX, HDX and Ammonium Nitrate. U.S. ambassador Ralph Boyce says media accusations of U.S. involvement in bombing "inaccurate and unhelpful." Defense Minister Matori Djalil links bombing to JI and al-Qaeda. Australian ASIO director Dennis Richardson does the same.

Saturday Nov. 2

International investigation team finishes forensics after less than three weeks on site, concluding that bomb was TNT, RDX and other "materials" including chloride. AFP forensic team member says "we have all we need to nail these bad guys down," BIN says bombings involved "skilled foreign experts". Muchyar Yara says "We are sure that foreign experts along with Indonesian experts or perpetrators were involved." National Police said bombs were constructed of TNT, RDX and HMX. AFP officer Graham Ashton say that the degree of coordination and vehicle placement reflected a high degree of planning and expertise. BIN issues a report saying bombs were made of Semtex.

Sunday Nov. 3

Police release on Nov. 2 man arrested in Ngada regency. Brig.Gen Aritonang says it's the wrong guy. Police raid house on Java and find photo matching suspect in composite sketch release earlier in week. 120 Australian police and intelligence officers working in Bali in addition to international investigators. Minister of Defense Matori Jalil accuses al-Qaeda of bombings. Australia accuses JI of bombing.

Monday Nov. 4

International team says bombers are professionals. Intelligence sources say foreign perpetrators would hide for 6 months before trying to get out of the country.

Thursday Nov. 07

Mitsubishi van owner arrested in East Java on Nov. 5. Gen. Heru Susanto identifies owner of van as Amz, 30, arrested in Paciran village in Lamongan. Amz says he bought van from man identified as Her from Tuban. Joint inquiry team issues statement that a white Mitsubishi L300 van loaded with explosives stopped minutes before the blast in front of Sari club in drop off area not normally used for parking. Aritonang says police have not named any suspects in relation to the bombing. Are focusing investigation on ten persons.

Friday Nov. 8

Da'I Bachtiar says Amrozi admitted using van for bombing and renting motorcycles and other car for bombing. Admits Amrozi does not match sketches. Panorama in Italy reports Italian national bar owner "Sartoni" in Bali arrested in connection with bombing. Asian Wall Street journal reports Hambali as planning bombing during meetings in south Thailand.

Saturday Nov. 9

Pastika says Amrozi admits to helping build main bomb, admits to being field coordinator for bombing.

Sunday Nov. 10

Police claim Amrozi bought sulfur, ammonium, fluorine and chlorate from Tidar Kimina chemical store in Surabaya.

Monday Nov. 11

Police claim to have produced an initial reconstruction of planning and execution of bombing, also that Amrozi purchased over one ton of chemicals to produce bombs from Silvester Tendean. Former Bakin official AC Manullang expresses doubts about Amrozi's part in pro team responsible for bombing. Aritonang says Amrozi prime suspect in bombing.

Tuesday Nov. 12

Pastika says 10 Indonesians suspected of bombing. Amrozi states he wanted to kill Americans in bombing. Bachtiar says Amrozi held four meetings in Surakarta to plan bombings. Anti-terrorism officer and chemical expert express doubt over police claims they have identified bombers. Kopassus NCO says bombing would take a year of practice to execute. Chemical expert rules out conventional explosives, say they are incapable of causing level of destruction at Kuta.

Wednesday Nov. 13

Amrozi says he did not assemble bomb. Pastika says bomb consisted of 100 kilos TNT, PETN detonator and RDX "booster".

Thursday Nov. 14

Amrozi fingers Samudra as one of the masterminds of the bombing, says he drove van to Bali but denies assembling bomb.

Saturday Nov. 16

JL named as prime suspect in blast.

Monday Nov. 18

Joint investigation team identifies 6 more suspects: Patek, Samdura, Imron, Wayan, Dulmatin, Idris with Samdura, Dulmatin and Idris as bomb assemblers. Samdura leader of group, Idris second in command, Dulmatin as detonator with his cell phone, electronics expert. Amrozi refuses to identify driver of van.

Tuesday Nov. 19

Pastika says investigators have not yet focused on source of explosives, too early to move on that and only arrest of perpetrators would lead them to device. Police say they found RDX and TNT trace at blast site. TNI denies ever storing RDX or C-4. PT Dahana confirms importing RDX for limited parties and military.

Wednesday Nov. 20

Da'I Bachtiar says there are other "materials" Amrozi did not procure in Surabaya and "has no capacity to make bombs". Australian police say they have not found RDX residue at site, only Chlorate and TNT. Pastika will not confirm or deny foreign involvement.

Thursday Nov. 21

Hermawan Sulistyo says amount of explosives required do not match van story. Police confirm chemicals purchased by Amrozi were not main bomb materials. Pastika says main bomb materials TNT and RDX.

Friday Nov. 22

Three "mystery" men appear in Amrozi interrogation transcript, Amrozi appears to be in dark about Sari and Paddy club bombings until he sees it on TV. Pastika claims he has not read interrogation report, now claims that only seven suspects have been identified.

Saturday Nov. 23

Bachtiar says that Amrozi himself provided the vehicle and materials for the bombs.

Sunday Nov. 24

Bachtiar says bombings carried out by three groups under leadership of Hambali.

Monday Nov. 25

Police claim that the device used at Paddy's was detonated 118 centimeters above the ground. Time Magazine claims Yemeni terrorist mastermind of Bali Bombing.

Tuesday Nov. 26

Police detain "accomplices" in bombing. Police claim Samudra was in process of getting fake passport to travel to Malaysia.

Wednesday Nov. 27

Legal experts say Amrozi and Samudra confessions inadmissible under KUHP.

Thursday Nov. 28

Bali bombing victims call for death of perpetrators. Friday Nov. 29 Aritonang says Samudra interrogation transcripts on Bali bombing not included in his case file because a lawyer did not accompany suspect.

Saturday Nov. 30

Australian Police now say JI "operating in Indonesia". Samudra claims he masterminded Batam bombings.

Sunday Dec. 1

Lawyers for Samudra say he is not linked to Ba'asyir or Mukhlas.

Monday Dec. 2

Political analyst Hermawan Sulistyo hints that media reports, including those from Time, which relied on "intelligence sources", may be false.

Tuesday Dec. 3

Police release names of 163 Bali bombing victims.

Wednesday Dec. 4

Bali investigating team "not sure" when investigation into the approximately 200 missing in the bombings will begin.

Thursday Dec. 5

Police say they have captured alleged JI operations chief Mukhlas. Bomb blasts rock McDonald's and car dealership in Sulawesi, killing three.

Monday Dec. 9

Pastika says at least "90 percent" of the Bali bombing plot had been uncovered.

Tuesday Dec. 10

Pastika says dossiers on Bali bombing suspects had to be "perfect", but has yet to assign responsibility for the three blasts to suspects or determine explosives used. Sulawesi Police Chief Gen. Firman Gani says they have linked Sulawesi bombers with Bali bombings.

Wednesday Dec. 11

Samudra lawyer expresses doubt on client's ability to assemble explosives, alleges that Samudra and other suspects had been manipulated by a "third party" to discredit Islam in Indonesia, suggests two devices were used in bombings: one conventional and one "high tech device of great power". Lawyer also says eyewitness saw something fall from sky before explosion.

Thursday Dec. 12

Joint investigative team says Makassar, Bali bombings closely linked.

Friday Dec. 13

Aritonang says he has strong case in Bali bombings. Says he does not have specialized knowledge to discuss explosives used in detail.

Saturday Dec. 14

Samudra denies knowing Mukhlas, Gufron, denies receiving funds from them. Wanted to kill Israeli spies, Americans. Says he did not assemble bombs or know where they were assembled. Bachtiar questions whether Amrozi and Samudra acted alone in all bombings.

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United Nations workers using Geiger counters to look for
beta and gamma radiation from American DU in Kosovo



I just blogged a Yahoo

I just blogged a Yahoo article on this. Also keep your eyes peeled for tonights CNN transcripts. I think Wolf Blitzer was covering the first responder issue, although it could have been the front end of Paula Zahn's show, I don't remember exactly which it was.

Just had to put this out there..for the record

They might try and slip in the back door on this one while nobody's looking.

What if they let this sickness come out... how the first responders are getting ill

They claim they didn't know but now it's coming out.... that they are experiencing illness similar exposure to an atomic detonation.

They knew about the emerging illnesses but they were trying to cover up their error by not admitting the problem because the error was too large.... and the scale of the devistation was so large.

But they may come out and try to say that the truth is that there were suitcase nukes planted in all three buildings but they didn't know....that they thought the buildings just collapsed like that..... and they didn't think to test the area for radiation..... and it is the radiation that is affecting everyone.

We all know about the suitcase nukes

A nuclear detonation in New York would devistate the East Coast.... not saying anything would be much easier than quarantining New York... just act like it didn't happen??


you heard it here first... not saying this is what I believe at all....
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

so the "19 hijackers with

so the "19 hijackers with boxcutters" put nukes in beforehand??


the rise of the 911illness victims

that would be great if they end up being the ones to put the stake in the heart of the cfr 911 inside job

karma is a bitch


There was once 19 hijackers
And that was it
Only 19... in the whole wide world
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

---> if they go with the

---> if they go with the disinfo cover story that youre saying
that will still make them guilty of complicity after the fact
that would screw up their cfr plans for sure too
so they are screwed----they are already sweating it

trying to set up psyop photo op meetings with the victims and the president---this is definitely proof that they are really starting to sweat this
the ending of false flag terrorism for all time!!

If they do this they would

If they do this they would claim it was a decision that they had to make which was best for the country.

I know this sounds terrible but I'm sure people would understand that they had to do it.

Break the news to us later...to soften the blow...

It was already to late for those in New York..

The country couldn't handle a blow like this to their #1 City

New York would have been turned into a wasteland.

I mean look at all the excuses they make for this criminal cabal of a government.

why do you think that they are sealing the records for 40 years?

They'll be dead and New York will finally be OK to inhabit without threat of contamination

Ignorance is NOT Bliss