Cuban, Venezuelan Intel Say 911 Was An Inside Job

By Wayne Madsen - 1-31-7

(WMR) -- Add Cuba and Venezuela to the list of countries that knew of and informed the Bush administration about a "major terrorist attack" prior to 911.

In addition to Russia, Jordan, France, Germany, and other nations, Venezuelan and Cuban intelligence picked up chatter about a "major terrorist attack" on the United States prior to 911...


If Hugo keeps this up...


According to Aaron Russo talking about a conversation with Rockafeller.....

It's been the plan to go after Venesuela the whole time..... they expected to be done with Iraq by now.... for the most part.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

he knows hes on the short

he knows hes on the short list which is why he mentions the inside job in the first place. its a warning in my opinion. same thing when Iran mentions it. these are warnings to the more powerful states that they will not go without a fight.

I gotta feeling this is

I gotta feeling this is going to be the year of Reckoning. Only thing though, how could these countries have known of and warned the U.S. about the impending attacks if the attacks were orchestrated primarily by U.S. insiders? How the hell could Fidel Castro be in the know? Doesn't make sense to me. All this "warnings" crap just seems to lend credence to the LIHOP theory.

If you'd ask

I'm sure they'd be happy to divulge their sources.....

this may have been leaked... not after but before.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

How could other countries know?


If a bunch of patsies were running around the US making it APPEAR they were up to something on 9/11, then lots of people would get wind of it.
Perhaps the 19 "hijackers" were all about making a plausible story.
And the able danger crew were patsie managers?


All aspects of the truth are consistent

Yes, you're right. Thanks

Yes, you're right. Thanks for clearing that up for me.


.....I couldn't find this on the website....I wonder why?

Here's Why

The article was first published on May 17, 2006 on , and then published on May 18, 2006 at Online Journal:

From: "Christopher Helms"
Subject: JG Right Again. 911 Was Probably An Inside Job.
Date: 17 May 2006 10:46:38 -0700

"Cuban and Venezuelan intelligence conclude 9-11 was an 'inside job,'" Wayne Madsen, Online Journal, May 18, 2006:

But like so much of Wayne Madsen's articles, he either doesn't cite his sources (such as in this case) or they're confidential sources that can't be confirmed.

"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," June 1, 2006

I saw the 1/31/07 date above....

....and looked there on the site....thanks for the clarification....

Wayne Madsen should be read

Wayne Madsen should be read for entertainment purposes only. Like Tom Flocco, or TBRnews (Voice of the White House) his site is a sort of soft porn fantasy for Bush haters. He is in no way a credible journalist. His track record is terrible. In the words of Wonkette, "Wayne Madsen just makes stuff up."

and Wonkette is a true

and Wonkette is a true coward. i guess its a wash.

Off topic-advice needed on approach of victims family in Sydney.

I’m going to try to approach the families, of two of the three Australian's killed on September 11 2001. One of which worked for QANTAS in the same part of the airport that I now work, Sydney Domestic Terminal.
As the explosive facts of 911 have been spreading through the airport operation in Sydney(by myself & a few others locally) many if not most of Albert Dominguez workmates will entertain the idea that elements of the US government, our close friend and allies, allowed or instructed the killing of their friend Albert. It’s true to say some have suspected it from 911. Does this mean his family could cope with this idea?

Is now the time to approach families about the truth?

How do you, how do I do this?

Who first daughter, father, wife or son?

Maybe they should they never be approached?

I have no idea, except be honest!

Kind regards John – Sydney Australia

PS - LeftRight sugests Press for truth DVD first!

Show "The 911 "Truth" movement is a Zionist Front" by Concrete man

You know what? You could be

You know what? You could be 100% right, who really knows. However it is NOT a good starting point. It's ambiguous at best and the focus needs to be on the AMERICAN aspect before any "Zionist" agenda can be plausibly looked at. To put it mildly, can we take things one step at a time?

You're a joke

Concrete man, you are an absolute joke.
Sitting here accusing people who dedicate their lives to exposing 9/11 Truth of being a shill because they don't ONLY implicate the Zionists for 9/11.
How would the Zionists get NORAD to stand down?
How would the Zionists put Cheney in charge of NORAD?
How would the Zionists put demolition charges in all 3 buildings?

How could you only implicate ONLY one facet of the elite in this and then call others shills for saying that they all were involved?

Since these questions have been posed to you numerous times and you still post the same garbage, I'm not wasting my time with the likes of you anymore. Just voting you down and moving along.

People like you are an absolute disgrace to this movement. Leave this site now, please!

The planes were drones!

I don't know if i'm the only one here to think about that but I have the intuition that those planes were all drones: remotely controled by some US tyran. And if I say so I do suppose that those hijackers were not in the planes. So how come other countries would have had information about the fact that "Al Quaida" would attack USA with airplanes.


Perhaps we should reiterate about the Cuban 5.

I think Cuba should be real vocal about this.
The Five were not in Miami to spy against the government of the United States, but to infiltrate the terrorist organizations of the Cuban-American extreme rightwing, which with the full knowledge and protection of the federal government, plans and directs from that city terrorist actions against the Cuban people and against others of this country who oppose them.
As the Five themselves expressed in June of 2001, in a “Message to the People of the United States,” after being convicted of those false charges, “Why are the U.S. authorities tolerant with these terrorists who act against our country? Why don’t they investigate or take action against the terrorist plans denounced by Cuba … Why is it that the professed authors of these and other terrorist actions are still loose in South Florida as was clearly established during the trial? Who trained them and who is allowing them to carry out their plans?”

The federal government has kept the Five imprisoned for eight years and three months. For eight years and three months the government has continuously lied and obstructed justice to viciously punish five courage and honorable men whose duty was to prevent terrorist acts from being carried out from U.S. soil.
The Cuban 5 came here to investigate this criminal organization, infiltrated it, and painstakingly had gotten all the names of those working within this organization, details of operations carried out along with time and dates of each operation. They then presented this to the U.S. government, which subsequently arrested these 5 who had done the investigation.
Terrorist Miami groups like Comandos F4 and Brothers to the Rescue operate with complete impunity from within the United States to attack Cuba—with the knowledge and support of the FBI and CIA.
Therefore, Cuba made the careful and necessary decision to send the Five Cubans to Miami to monitor the terrorists. The Cuban Five infiltrated the terrorist organizations in Miami to inform Cuba of imminent attacks.
The aim of such a clandestine operation by the Cuban Five—at great personal risk—was to prevent criminal acts, and thus protect the lives of Cubans and other people.
But instead of arresting the terrorists, the FBI arrested the Cuban Five ANTI-terrorists on September 12, 1998. The Five were illegally held in solidarity confinement for 17 months in Miami jail.
The trial began in November 2000. With the seven-month trial based in Miami, a virtual witchhunt atmosphere existed. Defense attorneys’ motions for a change of venue were denied five times by the judge, although it was obvious that a fair trial was impossible in that city.
In a blow to justice, the Cuban Five were convicted June 8, 2001 and sentenced to four life terms and 75 years in December, 2001.
On August 9, 2005, after seven years of unjust imprisonment, the Cuban Five won an unprecedented victory on appeal. A three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the convictions of the Cuban Five and ordered a new trial outside of Miami.
However, in an unexpected reversal on Oct. 31, the 11th Circuit Court vacated the three-judge panel’s ruling and granted an “en banc” hearing before the full panel of 12 judges. Exactly one year after the victory that granted the Five a new trial, the panel voted 10 to 2 to deny the Five a new trial, and instead affirmed the trial court.
The Five’s actions were never directed at the U.S. government. They never harmed anyone nor ever possessed nor used any weapons while in the United States.