My picture with Ministry banner

This was my post last August:

Aug 6 2006, 04:54 PM

I'm just back from Heavy Metal Wacken Open Air Festival in northern Germany.

"Ministry" was on stage friday night, and they played "Lies Lies Lies" as the sixth oder seventh song.

I was in the first row and hold my banner up.

"Thx Ministry 4 "Lies Lies Lies"
in front,

backwards: 911 = inside job.

I'm quite sure they saw it.

It was impressing to hear Dylan's voice in front of several thousand people. Nearly 50000 in Wacken overall, I guess around 7000-9000 attended Ministry.

Don't know if I made it to the tv screen. Unfortunately I have no photos from me and my banner at night, only in daylight. I'll post them as soon I got them.

And, yeah, Al Jourgenson rocks. I'm sure he made many many new fans. It was great. Several people I talked with were interested in Loose Change and in Ministry's new album Rio Grande Blood...


Now I have one photo, several others are still missing. Damned if you have to rely on others.

This one will make it to the "Wacken Hall of Fame 2006", the yearbook of 2006, as a friend of mine who took the picture is also a friend of the organizer. They wanted Ministry-Fans-Picture, and as the politcal message fits as well, they took mine.


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Ministry pics

Ministry kicks ass.

Ministry kicks ass.