NIST WTC-7 Technical Approach and Status Summary

NIST WTC-7 Technical Approach and Status Summary

January 31, 2007 – It has been 1,967 days since World Trade Center Building Seven (WTC-7[1]) collapsed at 5:20PM on September 11, 2001. After 5 years, 4 months, and 19 days the government has yet to explain how or why this building within the World Trade Center Complex that was situated furthest from the twin towers, nearly two blocks away, the building that suffered significantly less debris damage from the collapsed towers when compared to WTC-5[2] and WTC-6[3], neither of which collapsed although engulfed in fires and catastrophically damaged by falling debris, the 47 story building that collapsed into its basement (footprint) at freefall speed (6.6 seconds)…it is this building, WTC-7, a building that many Americans remain unaware of the fact that it too collapsed on 9/11, it is this very pivotal building in the entire scheme of 9/11 accounts that the government has yet to offer a viable explanation, after all these years, as to how or why it collapsed. NIST claims that it will release its report on WTC-7 in Spring 2007.


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A Few Short WTC7 Videos Dedicated to NIST...

I'm sure they'll endeavour to "honestly" investigate the "true" reasons for WTC7's 6.5 second collapse...

Go NIST... Go NIST !!!!

Please feel free to add more dedications to our good friends at NIST !!!

Good luck all

Too bad there is no video

of the lower half of the building.

As far as I know, there are no images that show the lower half of the building during collapse?

I almost feel bad for these asshats.

Man what a terrible job these guys have at NIST. I wonder how many of them wrestle with the moral delimma of preserving the most destructive myths of modern history AND ruining the reputation of science for a paycheck.


Since they are free to resign and find another job, they are complicit if they don't do so.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

'Viable' explanations

" is this very pivotal building in the entire scheme of 9/11 accounts that the government has yet to offer a viable explanation, after all these years, as to how or why it collapsed."

Yeah, unlike the official explanation for the collapses of the twin towers--which is, of course, rock solid!

a young woman approached me...

to read the sign on my bag last night while waiting for the train. She walked by at first, glancing, then walked back and we started talking. It was my "Why did WTC building 7 collapse?" poster. She told me that she thought I was right, that it was all "plotted". She seemed a bit confused by my poster, so I asked her if she had in fact heard about building 7. No, she said, what's that? And I explained. What do you think she did when she got home last night? What do you think she'll be doing today? We're everywhere, folks. The mysterious sudden appearance of our vids on the Google Top 100 is not a coincidence I think. It's an acknowledgement that the suppression was not working. It's plan B, or C, or maybe even Z. We may well see an important whistleblower emerge from NIST, FEMA, or some other organization where individuals are being pressed to sell their souls to the devil. Once the efforts become obvious, some people will, we can hope, discover their conscience...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


ARA has been hired to determine likely modes of failures for Fl

"ARA has been hired by the government to create detailed floor analyses to determine likely modes of failures for Floors 8 to 46"

Well, there's the first sign that this will be another meaningless study.

You can not figure out what happened to WTC7 without looking at Floors 5 -7.

In the 1st NIST report on WTC7, the one that was mostly fluff and no content, concluded that the failure of the building began at the 5th floor, so of course they don't want anyone to study the 5th floor very closely.

The 5th Floor was a mechanical floor. The mechanical floors played very important roles in the destruction of the Towers and WTC7.

In WTC7, the 5th floor house the generators to supply emergency power for Rudy's OEM bunker and other tenants in the building.

The 5th floor also had a pressurized fuel system with lines that ran the length of the building to feed these generators from the fuel storage tanks that were placed down in the lower levels. Funny thing, Rudy's people ignored FDNY's recommendations and did not install any fire suppression for these lines. The 5th Floor was not under sprinklers either like most of the other floors. Can't imagine why they wouldn't have wanted to do that? (sarcasm).

The 5th thru 7th floor also housed the trusses that held up the rest of the building over the ConEd substation that they had built WTC7 on top of. This is a very unusual situation that you don't see in normal buildings. By knocking out these trusses the rest of the building had no were else to go but down. No wonder the Rudy's team didn't want to put one toe in their vaunted OEM bunker that day.

Don't forget floor 47 and the penthouse

They don't want anyone to analyze those either.

Gotta love pathological science. NOT!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

If they do, they might find out about that natural gas line

that they decided to run up to a kitchen that they had put up there.

Do you have more info about this...

or sources...

and do you truly believe that even if there was a gas kitchen on the 47th floor it would have caused what was witnessed.

  does this  

then, this

Based on FEMA's report both floors 46 and 47 were mechanical floors.


46-47 Mechanical floors
28-45 Salomon Smith Barney (SSB)
26-27 Standard Chartered Bank
25 Inland Revenue Service (IRS)
25 Department of Defense (DOD)
25 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
24 Inland Revenue Service (IRS)
23 Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
22 Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
21 First State Management Group
19-21 ITT Hartford Insurance Group
19 National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)
18 Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
14-17 Vacant
13 Provident Financial Management
11-13 Securities and Exchange Commission
9-10 US Secret Service
7-8 American Express Bank International
7 OEM generators and day tank
6 Switchgear, storage
5 Switchgear, generators, transformers
4 Upper level of 3rd floor, switchgear
3 Lobby, SSB Conference Center, rentable space, manage
2 Open to first floor lobby, transformer vault upper level, upper level switchgear
1 Lobby, loading docks, existing Con Ed transformer vaults, fuel storage, lower level switchgear

I don't think that is what brought the whole building

but I do think it contributed and I don't think it was 'accidental'.

There were major modifications made to WTC7 after the 1993 bombing. I believe this gas line was one of them. Hauer & Co. originally wanted to run it up the elevator shaft but FDNY won that battle.

Rudy's OEM Bunker was the excuse they used to install the assorted fuel storage tanks, day tanks and generators, and the mechanical systems to deliver fuel to all this stuff. From what I remember the Penthouse was added after 1993 too. They also removed large sections of the slabs between some of the upper floors to create a big open space for a day trading floor.

I do think that all of these 'modifications' were made with the underlining purpose, to eventually bring the building down.

I do have references for this info, but I'm at work at the moment. I promise to add a post later when I get home with the back up for all this.

Just so you know where I'm coming from with all this, think FAE. Fuel air explosions, with the help of precut steel, in just the right places could have brought these buildings down.

Again, none of this was accidental.


Are you trying to say that this was not a controlled demolition?
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Oh I think it was a 'controlled demolition'

Just not a very conventional one.

I think they used the mechanical systems and fuels that were already on site to do much of the work. That way the workers installing these systems would never suspect their potential dual use.

Whoever took these buildings down, knew a lot about how they were designed. In all three buildings the mechanical floors played a major roll.


You know that all those fuels that you are refering are still hydrocarbons and do not burn hot enough to cause this type of damage.

How do you explain the vaporized steel which requires temps upwards of 5,000 degrees?

Maybe you could spell it all out at some point... I'm not seeing your direction here
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

But if you can turn some of that fuel into a vapor cloud

and then ignite it, you get a very powerful explosion.

FAE explosives are the most powerful explosives short of a nuclear device.

I think this pic of WTC1 shows evidence of a FAE taking place -


But how do you get fuel into a vapor state while fire is present without the fuel burning?

The only way your scenario would work would be if the fuel was vaporized in an environment where there was no flame.... and then it was ignited.

Would not explain this collapse.

Also these types of explosions are powerful but they are more powrful in an enclosed environment where the pressure from the explosion has no outlet for escape..... like a propane tank.

but on 9/11 this was not the case.... these buildings were not a sealed environment.... there was a means for escape
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Hi-Rises have lots of enclosed environments

These buildings did not have windows that opened, even though at the WTC, in some places they were blown out or broken for assorted reasons before the collapses. However, in all three buildings the mechanical floors did not have windows.

Also, all three buildings had elevator shafts, which create suitable enclosed spaces. In the Towers most of these elevator shafts were divided into three sections in order to prevent a chiminy effect. In a sense, they were like grain silos. In theTowers, you had the extra added convenience that in some of the freight elevators you could drive a fairly large truck right into them, so it wasn't hard to deliver the necessary materials to just the right place.

In WTC7, the 5th Floor had no windows and no tenents. I don't think it would have been that hard to close off certain spaces so they could overpressure them with vapor.

Yes, there were some fires visable in WTC7 but they weren't necessarily anywhere near the areas that were involved in the collapse.

or they might have...

kept things predictable and used a conventional controlled demolition with RDX or similar, utilising arson type thermate based incendiary devices for effect.

It sure looked like one.

Or they might have

used both.

I do think they needed to cut key columns to bring these buildings down. I think in WTC5, because of the truss system between floors 5 & 7, this building would have been easier to take down, then most hi-rise buildings, requiring fewer cuts then you would normally need.

There would be advantages and disadvantages to either method. Placing cutter charges or thermite throughout these buildings would have been much more labor intensive and the more columns that you need to prep, the greater your chances of getting caught. Not to mention the diffiiculty of getting to some of the columns without tearing the whole place apart, like they can do with a conventional demoliton. Of course, either method presented a number of difficulties that would have to be overcome. This is why I lean toward a combination of both cutter charges or thermite and FAE has the 'easiest' way to go. (Easy being a relative term)


I think they had plenty of opportunity to do whatever they needed to do to prep these buildings.

With all the remodeling and updating of fireproofing.... then if you figure that they could have been doing these preperations at night .... being that they controlled the security.

There was time and opportunity.

The amount of prep time was greatly reduced due to the lack of concern for collateral damage.... much of what they do in preperation is for safety purposes.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Yes they had plenty of opportunty

They had since 1993 to get the buildings ready and I think many of the 'modifications' were done with a dual purpose.

How do you think they did it?

You're saying they installed

You're saying they installed gas lines in 1993 to bring down a building 8 years later with vapor clouds?
How would they get the fires to spread on only those floors?
Doesn't make much sense to me right now.

Was there fire on the 5th Floor?

I've seen no proof of fire on that floor. Most of the fires I've seen were relatively small and localized on the upper floors in the office areas. I think those fires were set deliberately to get rid of things like SEC records and such. Of course, if this was planned they would avoid setting fires in the floors or in the elevator shafts that they needed to gas. Then it's just a matter of lighting a match or fuse (most likely something you can remote control or put on a timer) when it was time to bring down the building.


You can't cut steel with just any explosion. Shaped charges are designed to generate extremely high pressure in one plane by "colliding" and focussing multiple blast waves, a random omnidirectional explosion comes nowhere close this power.

Maybe the folks at the 9-11 Research site

can explain what I'm getting at better then I can? Apparently, I'm not the only one in the world that thinks a FAE weapon was at play here.

A Thermobarics Demolition Scenario

One can imagine a scenario in which a thermobaric devices were installed at each floor in the service core of each Tower. Each device would listen for a radio signal with a particular signature which would trigger a primary charge, dispersing the aerosol throughout its floor. Then, about five seconds later, a secondary charge would be triggered causing an explosion with overpressures sufficient to shatter the perimeter walls.

One advantage this theory has over most other explosives theories is that it avoids the need to install explosives near the Towers' perimeter columns. The thermobaric devices could have been installed entirely in discreetly accessed portions of the Towers' cores. The number of devices could also be much smaller -- perhaps just one per floor. The devices could have been encased in impact- and heat-resistant containers similar to those used to protect aircraft voice and data recorders, so as to prevent accidental detonation from the aircraft impacts and fires.

Other advantages of thermobarics include an absence of explosive residues, and much higher energy densities than conventional explosives. For example, whereas TNT yields 4.2 MJ/kg, hydrogen produces 120 MJ/kg (not counting the weight of the oxygen it uses to burn). 4

You'd think

You's think that it would blow out the windows before it would ever effect the steel structure

and there was very little visible evidence of flaming explosions below the initail collapse zone

and explosion of this manner would include fire if I'm understanding correctly
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

What would there be to see

if the explosions took place within the elevator shafts?

Also, the mechanicals floors in these buildings did not have windows.

However, in WTC1 where the first part of the collapse had to start higher up because of the antenna, there are large fireballs visible in the videos and the still pics. Then for the rest of the collapse the debris covered up any visible evidence of fire balls on the next set of mechanical floors and in the lower levels.

In WTC2 the collapse started closer to the first set of mechanical floors, so again, the lack of windows helped 'cover-up' the visible evidence.

9-11: Paul Wolfowitz - "There didn't seem to be much to do about it immediately and we went on with whatever the meeting was."

I Know what you are saying

But I'm not buying it.... I'm sure that there may have been renovations that aided in the collapse but this type of explosion would not dramaticly damage the structure.

YOu can always revise your theory... I did several times
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

How do you think

they did it?

They didn't need cutter charges

in 1993.  


WTC 1993 Bombing


On February 26, 1993 at 12:17 PM, a Ryder truck filled with 1,500 pounds (682 kg) of explosives was planted by Ramzi Yousef and detonated in the underground garage of the North Tower, opening a 200 foot (30 m) hole through 5 sublevels of concrete leaving 50,000 workers and visitors gasping for air in the shafts of the 110 story towers.




Here's the first reference

An array of fuels typically associated with offices was distributed throughout much of the building. In addition, WTC 7 contained 10 transformers at street level, 12 transformers on the 5th floor, and 2 dry transformers on the 7th floor. The Con Ed substation contained (outside the building footprint) eight 30-foot-wide transformers that supplied 13-kilovolt ampere (kVA) power to the 6th floor of the building. Fuel oil (ranging from diesel to #4) was provided for the generators serving OEM, SSB, Silverstein Properties, and the U.S. Secret Service. Table 5.2 shows where the generators, fuel tanks, pumps, and risers were located for the various occupants. There was also a Con Ed 4-inch-diameter gas line with 0.25 pounds per square inch (psi) (low) pressure going into WTC 7 for cooking purposes.

There's another one in a FDNY report that I'm still looking for, because the FDNY folks were not happy about the PA allowing this line to be installed.

Was the gas line for Ghouliani to cook pasta dinners for

everyone in the building?

Well we all know Rudy

is full of a more solid form of gas.

ha ha.. snap, you beat me to it :)

best wishes

Do you happen to know, how come

if I post info about the physical evidence it gets voted down around here?

Since I'm new to this forum I'm a little confused has to what is and isn't acceptable.


Don't be

so sensitive

Never mind

Seems the folks around here are so wedded to the idea of thermite and planting 100's of explosives throughout these buildings, that the thought of any other method or combination of methods is simply not fessible.

Oh well, I can take a hint.

WTC-7 was a modern office building. You make it sound like

the engine room of an ocean liner with all these fuel lines, storage tanks, generators, Con-Ed substations, trusses barely holding the building up, etc.

NYC has extremely stringent safety codes for office buildings in Manhattan. WTC-7 was not some time-bomb that you try to portray it as.

WTC7 was not subject to NYC codes enforcement

The Port Authority had jurisdiction and did not have to abide by the laws of god or man.

Yes, WTC7 was a time-bomb. But it didn't turn into one until after 1993. I don't think there was any fuel stored on site before that time.

WTC-7 was built in 1985, btw. Quite a modern building.


Major renovations were done to the building

after the 1993 bombing when Rudy built his OEM Bunker. The one that he never put one toe in on 9-11.

NIST invitation to TENDER - Solve / Fix the WTC7 Issue

After hearing Steven Jones discuss the unusual call to tender by NIST, requesting third party analysis of specific floor ranges in building 7 (approx 30:45 into below vid).

For posterity, below are NIST's links to their DRAFT Statement of Work for Structural Analysis of WTC 7.

Main page :

Details (PDF file) :

I wonder if the work pays well... anyone want to ask ARA in New Mexico ?

Best wishes

Jeez, you would think they could learn how to google?

There's already a lot of good work already available in the public domain. What the hell do these guys get paid to do all day?

Fudge Numbers

Skew calculations, suspend the laws of Phsyics, make excuses and flat out lie.

It's a new booming industry

This is what they are paid to do.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Has anyone seen this new DVD "9/11 GUILT: THE PROOF IS IN YOUR

HANDS" by Don Paul, Jim Hoffman, and Celestine Star?

It claims to show "Controlled Demolition of World Trade Center Building 7 and the Twin Towers" among other things.