Philly 9/11 Truth Squad Confronts Jesse Jackson at the United for Peace and Justice D.C. Rally 1/27/07

As the Philly 9/11 Truth squad comprised of Temple University students was perusing the United for Peace and Justice rally at the Mall in Washington D.C Saturday morning they encountered behind the main stage an opportunity to shed some truth, who did they see, the "good" Reverend Jesse Jackson. They seized the opportunity and first began by confronting him on his Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) membership and then switched over to chanting about 9/11. They stirred up quite a commotion and drew attention from some of the press around Jesse. Check out the video here!


that guy that you talked to at the end----he knew that yall had the juice

everyone there was like kind of scared zombies wanting to wake up----yall made a good impression on them----they are always going to remember yall as being the first of the "real protestors"---that werent on the controlled opposition "60's paradigm"
a good thing to yell out is---"building 7 proves 911 was an inside job"

and that chick that was trying to challenge you----nail her with the wtc 7 smoking gun challenge----
you know----the movie of this just keeps it going

there is definitely a different style to 911truth than there was to vietnam protestors

here----> a HUGE part of it ---is this movie going out on the web

you guys did great---total smoothness while being tested in the situation

was that Chris Gaines standing next to him over there?


good work guys

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That was great.

Good job! So much good activism going on right now it's hard to keep up. Way to go philly!