Truth Videos Surge Into Google Top 100

PrisonPlanet's got the goods:

A wave of 9/11 truth and other alternative documentaries have suddenly surged up the Google Video rankings, with three "conspiracy" videos in the top eleven alone, including Alex Jones' Terror Storm.

Loose Change is at number three and Aaron Russo's America From Freedom to Fascism at number four.

9/11 Mysteries sits at number fifteen.

Please send this link out to all your friends and e mail lists and help push Terror Storm even further up the charts.

Having so many activist documentaries in the higher echelons of the Google top 100 ensures that new people who have not previously encountered this kind of information will become exposed to the truth.

We can provide a fresh outreach to millions more around the world but only with your help. Please help circulate the Terror Storm link and the other great films via Google Video.

RIP Molly Ivins.

RIP Molly Ivins.

Syndicated Columnist Molly

Syndicated Columnist Molly Ivins Dies at 62
AUSTIN, Texas (Jan. 31) - Best-selling author and columnist Molly Ivins, the sharp-witted liberal who skewered the political establishment and referred to President Bush as "Shrub," died Wednesday after a long battle with breast cancer. She was 62.

I always enjoyed her commentary.

Very witty and eclectic, I can just imagine her walking around barefoot at the Times.

Seeing her commentary in January about getting out there and banging pots and pans in the streets to stop the war, that was something else, especially to read on CNN's website.

sadly, im pretty sure that

sadly, im pretty sure that was her final commentary.


Loose Change 2 is currently at #3 and Freedom to Fascism is right behind it at #4.

Freedom To Fascism screening

in Santa Cruz, CA this Saturday.

I don't know how this

I don't know how this happened? it seems like it was practically overnight that they all jumped up like this. it seems a little strange to me. I feel as if there was something in place to keep these videos off the top 100 (or at least push them down the list in the case of LC2), but that this restriction was lifted which caused them to rise to their real position on the top 100. That's just a possibility, because i don't see how these videos got super popular for no reason all of a sudden.

or maybe they just changed

or maybe they just changed their algorithm which made different parameters dictate a video's position in the top 100. And with this new way to evaulate popularity and position on the list caused these movies to jump up the list.

Show "if this is a fake hype in" by DEADPOOPOO666

it is kind of wierd. maybe

it is kind of wierd. maybe like JJJames said, Google decided to be honest for a day and see if anyone notices,haha.

google top 100

Is it to do with the acquisition of YouTube by Google ?
Perhaps they combined data from both sites.

Combination of Statistics

Apparently Google uses a combination of statistics to compute the ranking. If you click on the arrow to the right of "All time views", you'll see the total stats. For example:

9/11 Mysteries (Full Length, High Quality)

All time views: 1,673,878

Views Rank
All time 1,673,878 200
Yesterday 26,171 81
by email 152 63
by embed 17,050 77

its very great watching this

its very great watching this all happen---

Show "What is stopping Japan from exposing 9/11?" by Concrete man

for some reason, me thinks

for some reason, me thinks something fishy is going on. I remember the days when gogle actually used to knock viewing figures of most of the 9/11 films and other contentious political video's. And i do not for a second believe google have become holier than thou!!!

I reckon it is part of a co-ordinated attemot to test the waters as someone has said already. To see the actual response if they left the stats as they naturally are. In order to gauge the organic growth of the movement.

Or maybe theyre just arent enough of us to fill all the gulags! heh

I have phrases like....

...."Tipping Point" and "Critical Mass" dancing in my head...and I don't mind a bit... :)

This happening out of the blue does give one pause and wonder what is at work here...were the leashes taken off? And why?

Let me indulge in pure speculation (oh, what fun!)

It could be that the shadow government has decided that their neocon middle managers need to be brought down and they are prompting a limited hangout option.

Rice and Tenet, in particular, appear to me to be getting set up to take the fall. (won't work, of course)

My understanding is that Google got an early injection of CIA money and is thus clearly a tool of the elite. (They do know what we all have been searching for)

Ok, fun time over, back to work. LOL

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

It might be in part related

It might be in part related to the number of dvds and informational materials passed out at the march on 1/27. DC911truth alone gave out 2,500 compilation dvds (each had Terrorstorm, Loose Change, 9/11 Mysteries, and a DRG lecture -- our dvd-burning hero managed to fit all onto one copy-able disc).

All of the 9/11 truth groups distributed mass quantities of information with Google links. The tables with 9/11 stuff were hopping all day, and folks moved through the crowds handing things out as well. I think the activists on the Mall deserve a HUGE round of applause!

Here in Austin, hundreds of DVDs also....

....were passed out during our city's 1/27 Peace march/protest by our local Project For a New American Citizen Group and other 9/11 Activists, all to very good response.

I think it's advantageous to include an "insert" in the DVD sleeve with informational material/websites so people have an idea why it's important to watch whatever DVD you are giving them, and also where to go after viewing it for further information. (Also it saves on "explaining time" when you are giving them away and makes your efforts more efficient in these big group situations).


LC2E had over 250,000 views yesterday and fell 10 spots??

All the videos are falling
Ignorance is NOT Bliss


The #1 Video on Google Video has a total of 265,000 views??

LC2E has 4.5 million

back to the same old game again
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

All the truth films are now out of top 10 again

LC2 is at #13, and Freedom to Fascism is at #19.

Guess it was just a glitch at Google. Their truth filter had stopped working or something.

Maybe we've got somebody....

...on the inside.....

How do you "vote" on Google?

Could someone explain how to increase a film's status on video google or youtube? Do I just need to load the page, or continue watching for a certain period, or what?

Also, what do the "points" next to comments on our blog mean? Is there a page here that explains more about the techinical side of the blog, like how something get to be "below the visible threshhold" and the "points"?

Fred W

Don't know...

...but just to be sure I'm counted, I always watch the films from start to end.

Dial-up and a DVD offer

At home, I have a dial-up connection, so it's hard to watch them from beginning to end.

By the way, I've put some publicly available films and interviews onto a DVD that I hand out whenever I get the chance. I'd love to see it in larger circulation, so if anyone wants one, let me know. I'll try to post jpegs of the menus below (my first time trying this.)

Essential 9/11

No charge, but a stamped addressed mailer would be appreciated.

Fred W

About the "points"

See the grey up and down arrows on the left side of one's comment? They are used for voting.

3 minus points cause a comment to go "below viewing threshold".

"Points" and "Threshhold"


Fred W