Alex Jones and PrisonPlanet say there are HUGE celebrities -- including "major top bracket hip-hop superstars and vocalists/guitarists whose hits span back decades" -- who know 9/11 was an inside job, but are afraid to come forward out of fear that it will wreck their career.

Here's the plan.

There are millions of 9/11 truthers. Let's all pledge to buy at least 1 record of each star that comes out publicly for 9/11 truth. I'm starting right now. I pledge to buy 2 albums of any star who comes out for the truth, even if I don't like that star or his or her style of music.

Given that there are millions of us, and given that Alex Jones points out that celebrities can give a HUGE boost to 9/11 truth by reaching people who would never be reached by a scientist or former military official who has spoken out for 9/11 truth, this is important, people.

A-List celebrities risk their careers if they speak out about 9/11. But if millions of us pledge to support those artists financially by buying records, then even if they get fired by their current label, everything will turn out okay and they will continue to enjoy success on an independent label or another record company.

Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? Are you willing to spend a little coin to spread 9/11 truth?

I invite you to take the pledge.

Let's start by buying the....

....already on-record artists, like Paris, Immortal Technique, Ministry, reMo' Conscious, who have work we can purchase and support now...

I've been collecting 9/11Truth/Anti-Neo-Con music off of iTunes for a compilation CD for a little while now.

If you don't mind me asking,

If you don't mind me asking, what do you have on your list so far? I've been supporting some of those artists you mentioned for a while also. I think in general that if you're going to spend money and have options as to what you are going to get, use any known information of a stance on 9/11 Truth as the last determining factor if not the first. Give it the same importance as you give to 9/11 Truth.

If you like your Reggae with a slice of Truth....

.....check out Three Shoes Posse at :

Good stuff.

......"Spliff of Truth"?

I'm in

I'll buy three albums from every Musician and a concert ticket if they come around

and three movies from every actor.

But if Sly Stalone comes out I will not ever buy that cheesy mob movie he made.... I think it was called "Oscar"?

I heard Johnny Rivers is onto 9/11 and I know he hangs with Don Henley

Charlie Sheen seems to be doing OK... but we need to show our support... as a show of our economic pull.

We need to demonstrate our buying power. We need to all buy a movie on the same day to show that we can support them.

This is what I have been saying that once we breech that pinacle where an overwhelming majority of people are onto these lies then the dam will break and these celebrities would be disadvantaged not to come out about what they believe. If they came out now they'd be in a much better place in the eyes of the world.

9/11 Activism is not a fad.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

I'd rather send the artist $5 than pay $15 for a CD...

where the artist makes, at best, 35 cents....

I don't like this idea.

///////////////////// - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

The Point

Is that their careers will be fine... this is no excuse.

If people like them now then they will not abandon them because they speak out.... record companies on the other hand might be upset.... Oh well.

Their careers will be just fine... perhaps they are more worried about the aftermath of an informed country. But when it's over we will need music more than ever.

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

It is not about the money.

Its about expressing your support for them and showing their labels that musicians who speak out about 9/11 will not be isolated.

Weekend Project

Fight Club Style

Let's Spread our wings a bit.

Find a new Blog and start making friends..... Spread some truth.

Reccomend some films to watch.

Point them to footage of building 7.

If you have a myspace account... go to browse.... search your own area or pick a random zip code and send a mesage to 100 random people.... attach your favorite film for them to view.

One open mind could lead to 100!

Good Luck!
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Here is a better idea. Why

Here is a better idea. Why dont all these 'famous' people club together and all come out on the same day instead of in dribs and drabs. That way they will have to try and character assasinate all of them at the same time and it would defo look like a hatchet job by the media, or at least they could not trash them as much as if they came out one by one.

You could call it something like 'celebrities for 9/11 truth' heh

but seriously jones has been talking about all these celebs for time now and how many have come out? not that many at all. Force in numbers i say!


That would be like announcing that the Pentagon has lost track of $2.3 Trillion!!

The next day there would be some shit blowing up!!
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Love to hear

The collective "GULP" of the MSM as they all swallow hard

would be classic!
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

i REALLY think that it is

i REALLY think that it is the only way. In our crazy consumerist pop culture society these are sadly the only people the rest are going to listen to.

But we have to make sure they are good. if theyre crap celebs then 9/11 truth is dead.. That is for certain. So there is a necsessity in getting this right if they are going to do it.

If it worked then suddenly 9/11 truth would be 'cool'. And there would be a new meaning for the word 'Viral'.

ithought u-hatenameswhich...

....Your idea is fantastic. There is no way that the evildoers can kill an entire industry, or is there ?

Other than just the Stars coming out you wouldn't you also need to have all the behind the scenes nameless workers that deserve most of the credit for the stars having names in the first place?

The owners of the studios who probably would pick on one unfortunate star and ruin him and/or her as an example. Then the rest will fall back in line. If they had any guts they would be out already.

It's a pleasant thought though, your head is on right. Please don't stop thinking or stop trying to better the world. The thought of a peaceful, happy, healthy, planet earth can be done but it needs to be done by each person in their own way.

While driving home

i was tring to think of ways to expose more people to
the events of 9/11
Most small papers have letters to the editor or forum.This is FREE! We have two types of people to deal with.Those that don't know,and those that don't want to know.To reach the later ones,forget it.
Also i was thinking that there has to be some of us with a damn good anual income.
Full page adds in major papers,promoting Aaron Russo's film,9/11 press for truth,and 9/11 mysteries.
Yes the internet has reached out to more than anyone could have imagined,however the older generation still reads the newspaper.
Yes i tell everyone to check into 9/11,and i also ask them the question.Who owns the Federal Reserve?
I imagine i've asked close to 200 people.....
Their answer.......The federal goverment Not one person knew.
I know this is a 9/11 site ,and a damn good one,but in promoting the truth all is relevent,such as Operation
Northwoods.It lays the foundation to TRUTH.


They all need to come out at the same droves. There is safety in numbers. Lots of people out there who really look up to celebrities for opinions and views (unfortunately), but it may wake up the masses to at least listen to what is being said.


Yeah. That's great, but screw them. I've been making good music for my whole life, maybe you guys should all buy MY CD and show them that music is going to have to grow a pair to be legit. Let me know if you want a cd and we'll hook you up. They are just $5 and none of that goes to AOL / Time Warner.

I think AJ is referring to Neil Young

and which hip hop artist?

The Eleventh Day of Every Month



????? PLAN

Is there a movie with Charlie Sheen that was directed by David Lynch?
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

there is a movie with

there is a movie with charlie sheen called "conspiracy plan" or something like that----

it was next to the line at the grocery store where they were cashing checks----and changing it to fingerprint scan without id

i saw it about two months ago----i have never heard of it before or since
i was actually wondering if they were monitoring the people that were switching to 'fingerprint scan' checking----and they were monitoring the line

and the "conspiracy" movie with charlie sheen was there as part of the variables in the experiment

i know yall are gonna think i'm lying ---but i swear to fucking god--that really happened

abyssmal waiting

Are you sure ?

Here's a list of all films by Charlie Sheen, can you pick it out ?

Are you sure it was not Mel Gibson, he did one...

Best wishes

you know...i definitely took

you know...i definitely took note of the oddness

it was a videotape

but the topic was very current----like i thought they just made dvds now\\

but it was definitely charlie sheen----and it wasnt
'conspiracy theory' with mel gibson----
aha----i just searched the web and it's called
'shadow conspiracy'----1997