Graphic for Mass emails

This was sent in by Ted, suggests emailing it around, damn fine idea:
Graphic that is easily copied and pasted into emails to send to unsuspecting recipients who've never seen WTC 7.  Great tool to spread info around the net.  Old high school teachers, journalists, etc have gotten this from me.  thought you'd like to have access to it.
Just copy and paste. 
This graphic from  Peace.

I feel pretty stupid but

just how do you make it work, say, in an email or whatever. I copied and pasted and it just sat there.

Too Graphic To Pass?

I don't know medicis. I got it from the original website and it was copy and pasteable. So I copied into a Yahoo! Mail email and it still worked. Then I forwarded it around and the graphic just remained active for me? Maybe you need a special email program to do it, but I doubt it. There is also a simpler graphic at that also works the same way.

thanks for mentioning my

thanks for mentioning my site, but i don't want to take the credit for that, i didn't make the gif. I think i origionally found it maybe on robert bowman's webpage if i remember correctly. But ya, it's been on my page for a long time. i think it's a great little animation.

Crash the Gates.

This graphic could easily be emailed to the following addresses as well as in other mass emails etc.

I'm pretty sure those are all still valid.

Stephen Colbert

If anyone can bring the topic of nine eleven to the mainstream public it is Stephen Colbert. Too bad we couldn't get an email address to his show. He is a genius at handling tough topics. In my opinion.

Amen. Webmaster of Colbert Nation

Actually here is the webmaster's email address over at Colbert Nation. Please guys. Let's flood his inbox with polite requests for Stephen to broach the topic of 9/11. Thanks.

This is great, I added it to

This is great, I added it to the Action Items section of the blogger, lets keep it going!

For those having issues, it is just an animated GIF so it might not play when you're composing you email.  Try mailing it to yourself and then open it, see if it runs.

Don't forget our Call to Action thread for a huge list of email addresses: