CBS Pulls "Hatchet Job" on Scholars for 9/11 Truth

CBS Pulls "Hatchet Job" on Scholars for 9/11 Truth

I find it frightening how much focus is trying to discredit Dr. Jones. Let's focus on justice before we move on to theories in the public eye. We haven't caught the football yet, let's not run with it.

We haven't caught the football yet, let's not run with it.

Dear Vendetta...........DAMN! That was well said!

Fetzer & Wood look more & more like moles to me! BTW, why

couldn't the incendiaries thermite/thermate have been used in conjunction with explosives to demolish the towers & WTC-7? Why do Fetzer/Wood avoid this possibility?

It's called a straw-man fallacy

They are pretending we are too stupid to figure that out. Of course it's intentional.

[Wood/Reynolds] "Why does Dr. Jones continue to boast that he uses "the scientific method" after it has been pointed out repeatedly that his thermite hypothesis does not account for the data? Does not science throw a failed hypothesis overboard after the evidence repeatedly contradicts it?"

Legge Responds: "Jones has never claimed that thermite or its variants account alone for all the observations. There is obvious evidence that incendiary thermite was used and there is evidence that the towers exploded which may have been caused by nanothermite or may have been caused by something else, such as conventional demolition explosives."

Steven Jones responds to Jim Fetzer:

Q: “are you suggesting both [thermate/superthermite] were used in the Twin Towers?

A: “I’m suggesting that’s possible along with other explosives



83:00 mark and forward

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

"Why I am now convinced that Steve Jones is untrustworthy"

Submitted by Jim Fetzer on Sat, 2007-02-03 23:04.

“And why does he have to persist in misrepresenting the positions of others?[opinion and straw man arguments ironically offered as evidence] He commits straw man fallacies I spent 35 years teaching freshmen to avoid. [Opinion offered as evidence, appeal to authority]

THIS is the sign of a scholar? [Ad-hominem] No, this is the sign of a FRAUD. [Ad-hominem, opinion/straw-man offered as evidence] Neither Judy nor I is "promoting" an energy-beam-from-space theory, other than to advance it as an [sic] HYPOTHESIS. [Absurd and illogical—a hypothesis is rejected when contradictory evidence is presented] I offered the CONJECTURE that WTC-7 may have been the source of the energy required [see previous]. I was not endorsing a CONCLUSION [irrelevant—the hypothesis must be rejected as well as any conclusions IMPLIED] but a theory about the case. Without conjectures and theories, inquiry is impossible. [Straw-man—His position is not that inquiry is wrong—it is that absurd theories using faulty data are wrong] Doesn't he know? [Don’t you?] This fraud [ad-hominem] talks the talk about science [so do you—but you don’t use the scientific method, you use your own], but his understanding of and commitment to genuine science is superficial and incomplete.” [Your comments are divisive and illogical]

I could offer a further analysis of this ad-hominem rant but there would be no point. Jim Fetzer discredits himself further with every passing day. His criticism should be directed at himself and the rest of the disinformation artists that he implicitly supports.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

very good post

I think this is a procedure that should be done when any disinfo presents an argument. Indeed, when any argument is made. Analyze it and parse it in terms of the fallacies of argumentation made. Nice job. And thank you.

Thanks for breaking it down.

I think it's important to understand that the science, nor the straw man arguments can stand up to scrutiny. Thanks for the support. If we endorse these theories, they will implode within this movement.

Just as the bombs were placed in WTC 7,
disinformation was put into the 9/11 truth movement,
waiting until we wrap our hands around it,
and then they push the button.

Ideas are bullet-proof,
truth is disinfo-proof.

I recently stumpled about

disgust and anger that Fetzer provoked within researchers of the Kennedy assasination. I'm not very fast in making accusations, but this man smells fishy.

From top to bottom- a CoIntelPro-distraction attempt..


Like two month old sardines in a warm box.

Best wishes

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