Massive Terrorist Cells Identified in US's us twoofers

By Ed Ward, MD

I read the Price Of Liberty Website from time to time, but haven't done so since last August. I ran across this article while reading today and had to share it on this site. It's very informative and shows what the defenders of this government are supporting.

September 11, 2006

The recently revealed National Security Council document, Strategy for Winning the War on Terror, exposes a massive terrorist group that has been working in all 50 states for several years. Only the groups general description was noted, but their method of operation was specifically identified.

In the section “The Terrorism We Confront Today Springs From: Subcultures of Conspiracy and Misinformation” the terrorist are clearly identified by: Terrorists recruit through information that “is contaminated by falsehoods and corrupted by conspiracy theories.” The new terrorists are further identified in the section, “To Wage the Battle of Ideas Effectively, We Must Recognize What Does and Does Not Give Rise to Terrorism’, by their direct association with ‘September 11," 2001.

On September 5, 2006, with reference of this National Security Council (NSC) document, our Commandant and Thief Bush has identified the ‘new terrorists’ whose numbers range from a little over 40 million to as many as 105 million members. Sixteen percent of this nation is now classified as "recruiting terrorists’ in the ‘War on Ideas" by their "false and corrupt conspiracy theory" that this elitist government planted explosives in the WTC buildings. Another 20% believes this fascist government merely assisted in the death of almost 3,000 Americans. The new terrorists have been identified and they are US - The People of America.

Along with declaring over 100 million Americans terrorists, Herr Bush noted implementations of government actions with the statement, it is a “strategy we’ve been pursuing since September 11, 2001.” The preface for the declaration of American terrorists was unveiled in a speech before the General Assembly of the UN on November 10, 2001, with the statement, “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th, malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves...”

Much like this government’s actions in murdering almost 3,000 Americans, the terrorists should not expect an honest frontal assault on the issues. The attacks on the patriot terrorists of America will come from cowardly ancillary arms of government agencies under the guise of other issues. Within days of the declaration by Herr Bush, one of America’s patriot terrorist leaders, Professor Steven Jones, was placed on paid leave by Brigham Young University. BYU’s official statement is, “We are looking at the increasingly speculative and accusatory nature of Dr. Jones work, and the fact this work hasn’t been published in appropriate scientific venues.” One can only speculate on BYU’s sudden action following the labeling of 100 million Americans as terrorists and the noting of actions being taken against them. Was BYU pressured through fear of losing funding or possibly being branded as the University of Terrorists, or are they just another branch of corporations assisting the tyranny of this government.

Several examples of this government classifying any American and rights activists as terrorists are included in the article, “White House Targets Conspiracy Theorists As Terrorist Recruiters.”

It won’t be long before the ‘newer’ terrorists will need to be silenced. Those in the terrorist splinter cell whose only terrorist theory is the returning of this government to the control of The People by a return of our Constitutional rights will be marked also. Those who are just against this illegal and un-Constitutional war will have to be silenced in the ‘newer improved’ ‘War on Ideas’. Of course, they will be followed by the ‘all new formula’ terrorist theory of those who object to the ‘War on US citizens’.

When these ancillary harassments fail to succeed, the declaration of Martial Law will be made for the implementation of the semi-secret, unreported by the corporate media, working plans for the round up of patriots under the guise of protecting the nation from terrorism. After years of preparation and corporate media propaganda, this elitist government is ready for the final stage of the declaration of Martial Law against it’s own people.

Congressman Jim McDermott warns of the FEMA and Homeland Security’s plan to round up any Americans in "civil unrest." The plan is commonly called Rex 84, Readiness Exercise 1984. There are more than 800 operational prison camps with 16 million vacancies waiting to be filled. While the previous FEMA link gives insights into the intent of the most powerful agency in the US, this article dealing with FEMA Executive Orders clearly shows Democrat and Republican political participation in setting up concentration camps for the internment of Americans.

Presidents Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton have all used Executive Orders to strengthen the rights of neo-fascist elitists over the rights of The People. The previous link to the first four presidents gives insights into the methods, targeted individuals, Operation Trojan Horse, and activation of the plan to jail peaceful people.

There are many like the author of ‘FEMA and Katrina’, who point out the supposed failures of FEMA and the hidden agenda of a working exercise for the control and shipment of a large population of US citizens. As an eyewitness and forced evacuee from New Orleans, my personal experience attests to his very accurate assessment.

Twelve to fifteen ‘deputies’ in three airboats surrounded my house, two entered my home through windows and called me to my living room where a greeting of pistols pointed at my chest and head awaited me. “Don’t move or you will be shot.” After placing my hands as far as they would stretch above my head and refusing to go any closer toward them, they were told to, “Just shoot me.” Now as much of a rush as it is to say those words while looking down the barrels of ready to fire pistols, the adrenalin really flowed as a turn was made with an exiting of the room. Upon exit of the room there was rapid progression back up to my roof where we engaged in more conversations, until they started trying to break my hurricane proof windows (these were just about my only salvageable possessions) and were going to continue unless I came down.

It was during this conversation over the destruction of my house that a voice came from my right no more than 40 feet away, “Don’t move or you will be shot.” Again, “Don’t move or you will be shot.” And finally, “I want to make sure you know, if you move, you will be shot.” At some point during my non-moving conversations, they were queried on why they were doing this. “What have I done to have live pistols, assault rifles and shotguns pointed at me and have my house broken into?” Total amazement overwhelmed me with his response, “We don’t have any shotguns.” My response, “Bullsh*t, I’m looking down the barrel of your assault rifle and your *** buddy’s 12 gauge shotgun.” Then it hit me, this fascist enforcer had no idea who was with him, his training or his armament. Time to cash in the chips and fold. After some haggling to avoid being shot, I proceeded down to them where I was hand banded and placed in an airboat against my will with nothing but my pants. At the first drop off I was photographed at least 30 to 40 times via telephoto-lens ‘photographers.’ Several transportation points followed. At each point, they were told, “I don’t want to go.” The response was always the same, “You will be arrested if you don’t go.”

Every where I looked there were soldiers with assault rifles in full battle gear. The transportation points were infested with them. Somehow, possibly a few Sieg Heils may have slipped out, my attitude was noted at most check points. The response, “He’s had a bad day,” and, “He’s upset” from my previous handlers to my new handlers always seemed to settle the issue with smiles and knowing nods to each handler. Despite being virtually everywhere one looked, there were almost always 2 armed buddies in very close proximity to me. At times of actual transportation, they were joined by 2 more armed buddies with an even closer attraction to me.

As a member of one of the last batches to be ‘evacuated’ on the 13th flood day (by the 16th day the streets of the city were dry), I was transported like an animal. Literally transported like an animal, my masters told me to get on a plane luggage carrier, then the animal-lovers and their animals were also loaded on. My carrier had luggage, one owner and her 5 mange ridden dogs, two of which decided I would make something nice to lay against. One hour from arrival, the 80 or so people and the 30 or so dogs were informed where we were being taken.

(My thanks to the people of Rockford, IL, and one ‘frugal’ Chicago Amtrak ticket employee who, without being asked, slipped me 40 bucks when he handed me my ticket so I could eat on the way home (3rd abduction day). - YOU RULE!)

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