Who Will Be The Next 9/11 Truth Superhero?

How you can help change the paradigm by influencing the cultural zeitgeist

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, February 2, 2007

"We'll see what happens," responds cult icon and Hollywood director David Lynch to a fan who hopes his courage on going public with his doubts about the official story of 9/11 will inspire others, and especially those with high profiles, to do the same.

Lynch was asked about 9/11 during an interview with Dutch television at the end of last year and highlighted numerous aspects of the events of that day that simply don't add up. He reiterated his doubts during an interview with the Alex Jones show last month.

2006 heralded the biggest surge in growth of the 9/11 truth movement since its birth, aided in no small part by the anniversary protests in New York and before that by actor Charlie Sheen's decision to risk his multi-million dollar career by standing up for the truth, and being viciously attacked for doing so, in March of that year.

Some have criticized a suggested inflated focus on celebrities being the torch bearers for the 9/11 truth movement, but the fact is that we can have a multitude of professors, physicists and experts on board and still not reach any new people who wouldn't otherwise have stumbled across this subject. The only way to stop preaching to the choir is to enlist individuals that already have a large media platform and are willing to use it to spark the interest of newcomers.

We live in a world where perception is reality and what people see on television, movies and popular culture becomes the accepted norm. The garbage that is ceaselessly pumped out by the architects of the zeitgeist is the primary reason why Americans and westerners in general are more dumb, fat, lazy and brainwashed than at any time in human history.

We need to seize the levers of this cultural monolith and use it to educate people or at least encourage them to think for themselves.

What does this mean in real terms?

We know by name, partly through our relationship with Charlie Sheen, artists, actors and musicians who are fully informed about the truth behind 9/11. Some of these names are absolutely massive worldwide famous celebrities, but the fear that going public on 9/11 would ruin their career holds them back from making any statements on the record.

We need to put the call out for these individuals to cast aside their fears and step forth in the name of exposing the larcenous criminals that now control the U.S. government and are wielding their dark power to erect a prison planet.

Most recording artists and many actors have their own MySpace page, why not spend some time on there posting 9/11 truth information and petitioning them to get involved. Don't waste your time on some bubblegum teeny-bopper 19-year-old pop princess, we're talking about major top bracket hip-hop superstars and vocalists/guitarists whose hits span back decades. Those are the type of characters who know about 9/11 and have considered dipping their toe in the water but later withdrawn for personal reasons.

Celebrities are the only people who now hold sway in the court of public opinion when up against the gargantuan control of government controlled media conglomerates. Only through shifting the cultural zeitgeist can we begin to even make people believe they can change the world around them, by first changing the programming that is being fed into them on a daily basis.

911truth superhero

As I've been commenting recently, the prospect of a war with Iran is making me desperate (again), so that despite my reluctance to do politics with "heroes," since they run a high risk of getting killed--hence my suggestion of a "911 Truth Platoon," a list of 20-50 identically-minded candidates with one issue that will revolutionize the planet, namely "911 Truth" but without compromise--despite this, and knowing how this boob-tube of a nation (USA) works, and since Bob Bowman is able and willing to stick his neck out, I think we should go all out for him. He is the right face.

But we still need to get the Charlie Sheens and David Lynches, not to mention (and first of all) all the 911 websites and the anti-war movement, behind him. The criminals are grooming Hillary Clinton and Baraka, but we need to groom our own. Can we do it? Yes, if we can get together.

How about it: BACK BOB BOWMAN!!

Show "FLIGHT93CRASH.COM" by Amanda Reconwith

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Fascism Lite - Now with 75% less mass murder and 25% more public appeal!

CNN iReport Shirts

Off topic:

Hey, is anyone else receiving CNN iReport shirts in the mail? I have received two already, I must have gotten on their mail list due to 911 news submissions I have made in the past.

I was just gonna toss them out or use them for checking the oil or something, however, I got to thinking I'd paste some Truther material on the shirts and wear them instead. Put some iron ons that say "911blogger.com" or "Google Terrorstorm", something like that, right under the CNN logo!!!

Anyone else getting these shirts in the mail? If so, consider doing the same!

I found two new heroes...

Two italians are promoting the reopening of the investigations and the Italian Movement for the Truth: they are Dario Fo ( Nobel prize for Literature ) and Giulietto Chiesa ( journalist and european parliamentarian ).
They also working at the italian documentary "Zero"


that will be shownd at Chandler during the conference "9-11: accountability".

I haven't had time to read all of it yet, but that link looks

VERY interesting!

Dario Fo


Thanks for the link. Looks like a wicked documentary. I'm very glad to see Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo on board, I've been a fan of his plays for years.

For those of you unawares, Dario Fo wrote what is probably the only play dealing with Operation Gladio, namely "Accidental Death of an Anarchist".

It's based on the case of the anarchist and pacifist Giuseppi Pinelli, who in 1969 was thrown to his death from the window of a police station after being falsely arrested for a Gladio bombing at an Agricultural Bank in Milan, which killed 17 people and wounded 100.

"Pinelli's name has since been cleared, and far-right Ordine Nuovo was accused of the 1969 Piazza Fontana bombing (in 2001, three Italian Neo-fascists were convicted, a sentence overturned in March 2004; a fourth defendant, Carlo Di Giglio, was a suspected CIA informant who became a witness for the state and received immunity from prosecution).

Calabresi was later killed by two shots from a revolver outside his home in 1972. In 1988, former Lotta continua member Adriano Sofri was arrested with Ovidio Bompressi and Giorgio Pietrostefani for Calabresi's murder. The charges against them were based on testimony provided, sixteen years later, by an ex-militant who accused himself of having carried out the murder of Calabresi, under order from Adriano Sofri [1]"

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Thanks. It appears to be

Thanks. It appears to be worth a donation. Best wishes to the filmmakers.

OT: 9/11 REVISITED updated?...

It appears there's an even more recent version of the terrific movie 9/11 REVISITED.


Can anyone else confirm this?


definitely a new version

There's definitely new footage here. The old version is only 58 minutes, and this version appears to be 83 minutes.

The DVD order page, however, still lists 58 minutes as the running time.

I guess the next superhero won't be Giuliani (slightly OT)

But it looks like Ghouliani will be running for prez:


Hmmmm. What embarrassing questions could we ask him?

How about asking....

who are the domestic terrorists inside the United States that planted explosive devices inside WTC 1, 2, and 7and blew them to kingdom come?

Followed by, why did the Bush Administration REFUSE to have an investigation into the criminal actions of 9/11?

And when the Administration did authorize a cover-up commission 411 days after 9/11, why was a truly independent, criminal investigation NOT conducted?

Could it be because evildoers inside the United States military, intelligence agencies, and Bush Administration knew that a black ops/pysops event was NECESSARY to rally support for adventures into the Middle East?

Could it be that these same criminals who have HIJACKED the United States felt that the blood of a few thousand Americans was inconsequential compared to getting the oil in the Middle East so America could continue its economic security?

Mr. Giuliani, you yourself may be complicit in this cover-up and hijacking of America. You should answer these questions NOW or just pack up your wallet and forget running for the Presidency. You have no chance of winning anyway.

I don't mean to be rude, but

What's with the "Access Hollywood" style of title making? Same on the Infowars site. The idea of "super heroes" is so Tacky-at-best that it seems to trivialize the 9/11 truth movement. Makes it sound like a video game, even. Although we may need public figures to "lead" (garner attention), the idea of a "superhero" makes all this seem so damn unimportant. We should be a movement of one. Not followers of cult figures. Now I know that's not what is meant with this, however dumbed down Americans won't realize that. This is serious, not a game. So cut it out with the Hollywood-ization of our movement? That doesn't mean Hollywood actors aren't necessary, they are. That means to not make it seem frivolous and glitzy. Although I love his research, Alex Jones annoys me sometimes with the way he presents our movement, in that certain WWF kinda way. Blah, whatever. If you wanna give me negative points for this, be my guest.

Bruce Willis I hope

I read somewhere that Bruce Willis had seens some of the truth films, after Richard Linklater gave him some DVD's, and afterwards said that it had changed his whole political paradigm. It would be very nice if he would speak out, especially because he used to be very neo-con. I.e. people can't say he's just a lefty who would use anything to bash Bush.

In other news, I also learned that a guy called Morten Løkkegaard, who until recently was the anchorman of one of the biggest TV news program here in Denmark has come out of the closet as a 9/11 truther in a feature article some months ago.

The nice thing about celebrities going public on 9/11 truth is that it helps brings interest to the subject, and it shoots down the cliche that it's only tinfoil hat wearing weirdos in trailer parks who believe this crap.

What happened...

... to the next Hollywood superstar who was rumoured to come out the next day a week or so ago...?

That was David Lynch

Even though Lynch had already come out in December. It was a big let down in these parts because Alex Jones promoted it as if it was new.

It was new...

...for the vast majority of his audience, who does not neccessarily frequent this fine website often.

Barbara Streisand would

Barbara Streisand would actually be very helpful in putting an end to the anti-semitic attacks once and for all, even if Mel Gibson followed her. A dual press conference/appearance would be perfect but its doubtful.

Before they do it I'd like to see either Deniro, Willis, Eminem or Bob Dylan (the last two were the references in the Jones article right?). Kurt Vonnegut would be nice too.

I say we go on MySpace and push like Jones said. I might help if we do it nicely.

all those people are fucking stupid

911truth is not anti semitic

Barbara Streisand

I would love to see Barbara Streisand come out for 9/11 truth. After all her husband did and she is Jewish to boot. The press wouldn't dare attack her.

How about, "self hating

How about, "self hating jew"...?



Credible, Respected, Brilliant, Fearless

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

I have it on very good authority....

.....that won't happen...

And, it's too bad....considering his fine "Shadow Government" piece for PBS on Iran/Contra years ago....worth searching out....


Legitimate member of this movement is a 9/11 Truth Superhero.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

just posted on Beastie Boys forums


if there is anything that is factually incorrect please let me know.

Good for you, Carlos.

That's a good post. The one thing I would point out that is "factually ambiguous" is the idea that the hijackers names are not on the flight manifests. The most publicized documents are actually "victims lists" with hijacker names presumably excised out of respect for the families. However, the actual manifests have not been made available to the public -- the airlines only direct researchers to the "victims lists."

Occasionally, some debunker type will tell us that the manifests are indeed online someplace. If so, I'd love a link -- because I've looked and never found them.


ok, I just got off 911 The Myth and the Reality...

anyone else know whether the flight manifests have been released.


I know -- I love DRG

but I've heard him use that argument a few times and I always wince, because it's too easy to "debunk."

If you're really interested, you can go dig through the Moussaoui trial evidence. I've *heard* they're there, but have never found them.

Colin Powell?

Colin Powell?

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

I nominate Paula Zahn and her husband!

CNN does 9/11: video and audio recordings:


well i started..

a bit of a debate - or rather people throwing insults at me.. lol

but what can u expect. :-)

anyone else wanna help me out, be my guest. lol

I miss

Michael Moore! ...

See what Jon Gold said


Gold's statement speaks volumes here. It's perhaps the most important point for anyone who is looking at "the Truth movement" should understand.

Let's keep approaching Moore of course WITHOUT a wearechange pseudo confrontation/attacking. He's shown that he is skeptical but somewhat open. This position must be nurtured if anything is gonna come of it. I frankly miss the ever critical Micheal Moore from Rodger and Me who was very non-partisan and would never have shilled for someone like Wesley Clark as more later did. I definitely cried when I saw SICKO where he interviews 9/11 responders. At least in his Fahrenheit 9/11(which should have been called something like, Fahrenheit Iraq, for more accuracy) exposed on a large scale the fact that members of the Bin laden family were secretly flown out of the country a few days after 9/11. I expected much more from him on 9/11 Truth when I saw that movie and was very disappointed in that regard.

moore could do something on

suspicious characters/companies/bank
just one aspect/ one company / one individual eg L Paul Bremmer following from kevin ryan's demolition access to the WTC
or even going back as far as BCCI / some CIA companies in their mujaheddin/ iran contra days and and looking at the same companies' ties to tenents of the WTC
Bremmer wasn't just the guy with all sorts of shady connections, he also pushed the 'Al Qaida did it' mantra on TV on 9/11 and went out to rule Iraq for a year later on.

strange how at least 2 planes on 9/11 hit reinforced / upgraded sections of buildings
there are so many leads moore could follow on this