UPDATE - 2.6.07


From Sander Hicks:

Here's progress report on our collective Outreach to the Brooklyn DA-9/11 Truth Project.

Thanks, first of all, to all those who called. If you want to call today, the direct line for Orlando RIvera is 718 250 2300. We are collectively urging a review and response to the letter posted at: http://voxpopnet.net/LettertoDAHynes.pdf

I called the Public Info office yesterday, and was frustrated. Orlando Rivera said he was only forwarding messages to his boss, Jerry Schmeterer, the Director of the Public Information Office.

So, then I called ADA Michael Ryan. That conversation was a lot more productive. He had read the proposal/letter to the DA I had written, and instead of being dismissive, he seemed impressed, or perhaps overwhelmed by the task in front of us. ("I'm not a freelancer, I can't just investigate what I want...." or words to that effect)

Like Rivera, he talked about 9/11 being a Federal Case. (This is what author Eric Larsen got from the Public Info office, too.) I countered by asking, "Is there ANYONE there in the DA's office who wants to be the next Robert Morgenthau?" He laughed and said "That's a loaded question." (A classic response I find, when the question makes one uncomfortable.) Because like researcher Lucy Komisar pointed out, Hynes might not really have the political ambition to take this on. But perhaps working directly with one of the Assistant DAs (ADAs) will get us somewhere. I asked for the direct line for ADA Noel Downey, the head of the rackets division. Downey is a prosecutor in the DeVecchio case, and called me for information on FBI whistle-blower Richard Taus. ADA Ryan gave me Downey's direct line, and I left a voice mail. If he does not call me back, then perhaps we all should call him, later in the week....but I have a feeling he will at least call me. Stay tuned.


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Posted by: sander_*_hicks on Feb 2, 2007 7:26 PM

Hi Gang, Sander Hicks here again, thanks for all your posts about my article. This is a lively forum and I really appreciate the fact that I've got so many comments (4x average for other stories, it seems!)

If you're overwhelmed at the task in front of us, don't despair. We've got a huge momentum going. This movement is cross-spectrum politics, and it appeals to basic American instincts. It's the people versus the powerful, and we the people have the truth on our side.

On January 9th, I sent a professional letter and supporting documents into the DA of Brooklyn, District Attorney Charles Hynes. I had met him this past fall at an interfaith event promoting tolerance and education, as a way to combat hate crimes. I was a big fan of his already, since he prosecuted the mafia-connected/CIA-connected FBI goon Lin DeVecchio. We had a rapport.

So, the letter I sent him three weeks ago said this:

I included my book, and copies of my exclusive report on Atta-pal Wolfgang Bohringer, recently published in Vox Pop's newspaper, New York Megaphone.

It's only at the local governmental level that the people have any hope to redress grievances with an out of control Federal war state. If you agree with this call, then I invite you to help me out.

A phone call can be a kind of vote. I want you to call Orlando Rivera, he's my contact at the DA's Public Information Office. Urge him to get DA Hynes, or one of the Assistant DAs CCed on the proposal, to issue a formal response.

Let's all urge the DA to assemble an independent advisory panel of experts on the topic. Urge hearings. Urge an internal inquiry. Put it in your own words and mention what you want to mention, but do it. Call Orlando Rivera at 1.718.250.2000. He's a nice young guy. He took me seriously. This is a matter of national security. Never forget that. This is real national security, folks, the terrorists are in the White House.

But there IS hope. We saw, in the early 90's that when the Feds could not and would not investigate CIA bank BCCI, the local DA in Manhattan, undertook a coureagous and historical prosecution. It's time for the Brooklyn DA to follow suit.

Orlando usually picks up the phone, here:
Public Information Kings County District Attorney's Office 1.718.250.2000

Thanks, let me know if you volunteer to do this, to make a call for the cause. Right now it's 10:08 on Friday night. If you're committed to calling on Monday, 9 AM, EST, then say so, post it here, and leave your email, too, and I'll send you a reminder to do it, Monday AM.

And if they won't assemble hearings, then I say WE organize hearings, right outside the Brooklyn Supreme Court building where the DA has his office.

OK? Who's with me?

Keep up the love, keep up the struggle. The 9/11 Truth Movement is turning heads and changing minds!


The Blue Ribbon Commission...


I salute you, sir.

I must recommend some other panelists to your Blue Ribbon Commission;

Webster G. Tarpley
Peter Dale Scott
Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed
Michel Chossudovsky (Ecomonics Prof.)
Andreas Von Bulow
Paul Zarembka (Economics Prof.)
Col. Robert Bowman
Barrie Zwicker
Sibel Edmonds
Robert Wright
Ralph W. McGehee
Kevin Ryan

You really have many options.

All star lineup.

Throw in a presidential candidate or two and we have a real shot at the sort of change everyone keeps wishing for.


I'd agitate for a Ron Paul / Dennis Kucinich ticket...anyone else?

David Ray Griffin, absolutely

What do we really know about Dennis Kucinich?

Show "Dennis Kucinich" by Amanda Reconwith

Why always negative with Amanda Recon?

The posts always present research that is compelling and that raises suspicions, yet it is always voted down. I personally don't get it. Amanda Recon, I always unhide your comments and read them. I don't understand the need to hide and bury them.

Amanda posts things like

Septembereleventh.org was registered on 9/11/01, as if that's supposed to be a big shock. Then he gets facts wrong, saying that Janice Mathews registered it on that date, when in reality, Mathews did not take ownership of the site until late 2003.

If A-man-duh got his fact right, I wouldn't have a problem, but I'm one of those who votes his posts down because of the misinformation he posts, and when proven wrong he will never retract it, he just moves on to the next bit of misinfo.

Ashillbot Toignore.

The posts are always slightly off topic, (but seem to be triggered by keywords) of at best dubious research value, and serve to distract or provoke conflict/argument. Just like right now.

Thanks for the reply

I don't always have the desire or skills to verify if research posted here is accurate. I would agree that to retain credibility one must be willing to retract info that is shown to be inaccurate or misleading. I thought perhaps it was the off topic robotic intrusive nature of the posts. Again thanks for providing me with another perspective on this.

Indira Singh, William

Indira Singh, William Rodriguez, to name a few more.

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

I'll call, though I don't

I'll call, though I don't live in NYC.

winstonkirk (at) gmail (dot) com

I hope everyone here does the same.


Thank you Sander Hicks!! This is wonderful. I will be calling on Monday morning. No reminder needed for me!!!

This is the kind of stuff that we can do to start SEEING RESULTS instead on debating or preaching to the choir.

I am forwarding this message to worldcantwait.org and lonelantern.org, and I urge everyone else to forward the message along to whomever they want, NOW.


Go! Go! Go!

Come one people, let's rally around Sander's call!

Stakes are high

The CEO who left AB Brown is now the CEO of a large eastern utility that owns many nuclear power plants.

They gained a seat at the Cheney energy crime table and were able to get fast track approval for extending licences for aging nukes.

Only Home Simpson really knows what shape these plants are in. God help us.

Born and raised in NY state

Dear Sander,

I will gladly call with support for your proposal, from California.
I check this site every day, and I'll put this task on my calendar!


count me in,

though it would be later in the day my time, I'm a late rising musician.

We can do it! Remember, hope is the most important information we can convey! Let them be the fearmongers, we're the hopemongers!

Targeted Campaigning

Is what I call this, and I've been advocating it for a long time. If you want to lead it I'll help bring people to the cause? What about someone big a week? If everyone called and sent DVD's to Oprah, do you think we could give her enough cover to speak out? "I got 50,000 dvd's in the mail so I'm doing this program"
Catch my meaning? Lay down some covering fire here for a few brave souls. it would have to be coordinated by someone. We could vote on who to send them to one particular week? Emails, calls, DVD's?
Let me know what you think guys.

We can do it! Remember, hope is the most important information we can convey! Let them be the fearmongers, we're the hopemongers!


This idea has been on my mind for a while now - we need weekly targeted campaigns.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Excellent suggestion Sander

Count me in to make the call on Monday.

Please visit www.pilotsfor911truth.org to read about their Operation Vid2 Congress progran. They are asking everyone to mail a 9/11 DVD or two to their local Congress members. Target date for mailing to Congress is Feb. 15th.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow


A consequential step forward from accumulating research--will do my best to call!

I'm IN

Sounds like a plan. I'm in.....

truthseekersunited (at) hotmail (dot) com

Come join the quest for truth on myspace:


Call to DA

Let's Do It! I for one will be calling on Monday.

I'll be calling in from IOWA......!!!!!!!

Home of the soybean and corn......lololol. Rock on my brothers.

Call to DA

I'll be calling from Massachusetts!

Go for it!

Will call at noon Paciffic (3PM Eastern). Love this stuff!

I'll be calling...

from Canada!!!!

9/11 Question

I had a question about 9/11.
1. According to Muckraker report, FBI June 2006 says there is no hard evidence linking Osama to 9/11.
2. Osama never been indicted for 9/11
3. 9/11 crimes not on FBI most wanted terrorist web page for Osama.

Now, I have a question.
Is this real evidence, or is this faulty disinfo that can be easiliy debunked?

I was debating someone, and he told me that the reason for #2 and #3 is as follows:

"Basically the FBI handles terrorist cases but prosecutes them with american law, just like they did with Moussaoui who got protections and took years to prosecute.

The bush admistration say this beforehand and issued a militarty order entilted "Detention, Treatment, and Trial of Certain Non-Citizens in the War Against Terrorism
Since Bin Laden is a non-citizen he would be held under these rules after 9/11."

Does his response honestly and satisfactorily explain items #2 and #3 above in a manner that is consistent with the official story of 9/11?

And has item #1 been verified or debunked or neither.

Please advise with your opinion.

Thank you.


I thought it was reported

I thought it was reported that the government "broke communications" of Bin Laden and al-Queda in early 2001 or late 2000.

If that's true, wouldn't the government then have more than enough to go on from the communications data?

At what point did the CIA break communications with OBL?

Well, that does not answer

Well, that does not answer the question. The question is, is there any logical coherent explanation consistent w/ official story as to
1) Why Osama never been reported indicted for 9/11
2) Why 9/11 crimes not on Osama's FBI's Most Wanted poster, whereas 2 past terror crimes are specifically mentioned on the poster.

The person I was debating with mentioned the above rationale, and the link above, and I am wondering if anyone agrees that this would be a true, logical, explanation of these 2 facts that is consistent with the official story?

a few responses

Around the fifth anniversary, The Washington Post offered an explanation for why OBL has not been indicted, a story that was an obvious intelligence plant, and it suggested that the investigation was still open and evidence was still being gathered. Five years later? One could respond several ways:

1) Why did America attack Afghanistan, if there is still not enough evidence to indict OBL?

2) Why does it take 5 years to collect evidence for the most important case of terrorism in American history?

3) Why did the head of the FBI say in April 2002 that he had no "legal proof" to connect the 19 names to the crimes of 9/11? Mueller publicly stated that the alleged hijackers did not leave a paper trail of any kind.

4) Why is the government preparing a military trial for KSM and others, using the new rules of the Military Commissions Act of 2006, which allow hearsay to be included as evidence, and which do not consider the torture of these suspects to be a problem? Cheney himself publicly admitted that KSM has been tortured. And KSM is the star witness. Consider what the 9/11 Commission Report would have looked like if KSM had not been allegedly detained in 2003 (see next point).

5) Why does the 9/11 Commission openly admit on page 146 that Detainee Interrogation Reports were used for most of the information in chapters 5 and 7, and yet the commission did not have access to the detainees or to the interrogators, and therefore had no way of corroborating the information contained in those reports? We were told a few months ago that KSM was moved from a secret prison in Europe to Gitmo. Can anyone confirm this guy is in custody, or that his stories are not just stories?

There is no hard evidence connecting OBL to 9/11. There never will be. But already a Moroccan man was given 15 years in jail by a German court for knowing an "alleged" terrorist, Mohammed Atta. The rule of law means nothing in the prosecution of the 9/11 crimes.

He's been indicted for other things

You can say to that someone with whom you were debating, once he's through giving you all those alleged reasons why they haven't indicted bin Laden for the crimes of 9/11: 'Then why didn't those same reasons prevent them from indicting him in connection with the bombings of the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in '98 (which they have done)?'

I called this morning at 8:25am...

and Orlando was not due in until 10am.  The gentleman on the phone asked where I was from and what I was calling about.  I told him I was calling about a 9/11 investigation.  He asked if I wanted Mr. Orlando to call me back.  I said thank you, no.  I would try again later.

We need to create a buzz in that office today.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease...


I called Orlando Rivera's office at 1.718.250.2000 and after choosing to connect with the operator the phone just rang. Must have made an impact. I'll probably try again later. Hopefully they've gotten the point. Way to go Sander.

I got his secretary.....

She asked what the call was regarding, I told her and she got my name and number ,said he'd call me back. You have to dial 0 to get in. Everybody call......


I just called and talked with Mr. Rivera. I told him I was a private citizen calling in regards to Sander Hicks' recent letter that was sent to him. I asked him to please take this seriously because of the magnitude of the situation, and urged him to get DA Hynes, or one of the Assistant DAs CCed on the proposal, to issue a formal response.

He thanked me for the phone call and said he would "pass the information along to his boss".

I'm anxious to see the formal response now.

Also, in light of this last Kucinich clip, how about we come up with the most brief, to-the-point, questions for our respective political representatives and continue to ask them and film their responses?

The Politics 9/11 2006 campaign was fun, I tried polling all the representatives from Illinois who were up for election this past November. 4 out of 36 issued a response.

I think what this guy with Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth did with Dennis Kucinich is great: getting the politicians on camera and asking them direct 9/11 Truth questions!!!!!

I just called DA Hynes' office

The number for Orlando Rivera went to a voice recording with options. I spoke to the operator and asked to be connected to DA Hynes' office. I spoke with Hyne's secretary and told her I was calling regarding the formation of a 9/11 investigatory Commmittee as mentioned by Sander Hicks. I asked that the investigation begin soon and I left my name, phone number and address if Mr. Hynes' needed more information.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow


I called the Brooklyn DA Office at 3 PM, Eastern. Orlando took my message and said he would forward it to DA Hines. I stated my perception that 9/11 was an organized crime operation.

Good grief, people! We need to pull out the stops on this! Alex Jones has said this is what we need! Can anyone contact him about this development? Please, let's hammer on this! This is like Jim Garrison's case with the JFK assasination! This is the break in the case we need!

Appropriate Jurisdiction

Called and personally spoke with Mr. Rivera, a gentleman.
He informed me that his office might not be the correct jurisdiction to address 9/11 issues, however DA Hynes is at least listening to the submitted calls.
How about finding the approprite office and rallying around that avenue?