Wake Up!

Another great poster from David Dees:

Credit for illustration: deesillustration.com

WakeUp [D].jpg350.98 KB

good stuff

good stuff

this is a rand corporation

this is a rand corporation psyop poster

the look on alex;s face is evil

the people all are orally fixated on the bullhorns

the other guy has a negative look on his face

bullhorns and alarm clocks are unpleasant

Yes / no

I can't decide if this is good or bad. It certainly doesn't present the truthers as "nice".


The Alarm Clock on 9:11 is VERY clever and is the only bit I really like.

I don't like the Red background, a nice dark blue skyline (a bit like Loose Change's cover) would be less "hard on the eyes".

That nutty guy with wide open eyes is a bit "out there", personally I would loose all the pictures and just have a "WAKE UP" on each side.

Best wishes

Show "Handy hint for "truth" seekers" by Mark Roberts

Mr. Roberts -

I'm in an especially charitable mood today.

Since you seem to have all the answers, why don't you enlighten us?

Do you accept the entire government account of 9/11 without reservation? Is there no aspect of it that you have questions about?

Please tell us what you think happened on 9/11 and be as thorough as possible. You may want to make this a blog entry.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the Superbowl. Who are you rooting for, anyway?

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Show "I'm sorry, exactly how have" by Mark Roberts

I have read the reports

Here are a couple of sites that I would like the governments conspiracy theory believers to watch. There are many video's but I am trying to find video's that will introduce people to look at as many perspectives as possible.



I go out of my way to open (hide comment) to see if the information may have something that will help me believe in the governments tale.

I have read the reports. NIST report doesn't explain why the buildings colapsed. It just brings you to the point of colapse.

The 9/11 Commissions Final Report is a evaluation of the exercises response teams and states on the first page that the report will be a Narative (fiction story).

I saw on TV, Lee Hamilton tell someone that was presenting Lee with evidence that contradicted the official explaination, to take their information to the public and that he didn't want to see it.

Can you imagine what was said to people when we thought the world was flat and the universe revolved around the Earth?
I am not asking you to believe everything you research, just look at it. If you refuse to look at another perspective you are limiting your knowlege. I find that people see things from different perspectives and I want to see where they are coming from.

It is so fustrating that people just refuse to view these video's of others perspective. These same people are not asking for verification and proof from the governments story, and the government is telling us to have blind faith in them.


Show "You are wrong. The NIST" by Mark Roberts

NIST theorizes about...

... the collapse of the Twin Towers, but only up to the point of collapse initiation, as they acknowledge themselves in their report (and as you very well know). Theirs is a pre-collapse theory.

Why do you lie "freakishly stupid"* Gravy?

"You have no evidence"


Why do you lie?


(* see here about this remark.)


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

Killtown's fan club

For those who would like evidence that KIlltown is indeed mind-blowingly freakishly stupid, check the blog post "smoke" here:


Even the Loose Changers were so embarrassed by KT that they removed his "evil faces in the smoke" thread.

...And the truth goes marching on.

Did anybody else see how "freakishly stupid" Gravy ducked

me calling him out on his lie?

What a piece of trash "freakishly stupid" Gravy is.


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

Yes, your evidence is

Yes, your evidence is compelling, Mr. Town!


To anyone who thinks the graphics in the link above are a hoax, they're not. The site mocks him, but the graphics come directly from Killtown, as does this:


 "Smoking guns," indeed!


Nice sidestep again "freakishly stupid" Gravy

Do you stand by your statement that we have:

"You have no evidence"

that 9/11 was an inside job?

(Waiting for another Gravy sidestep.)


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

As much as I can't stand you

As much as I can't stand you Mark I do appreciate you pointing out this entry by Killtown called 'smoke':

I hope you can at least distinguish between real 9/11 concerned citizens and the likes of Killtown, Nico Haupt, and others. That 'smoke' post is a prime example of some who have totally lost their minds and who I too find to be moron "twoofers".

Mr Roberts

As with everything you post, that graph is very misleading. I dont visit those sites atall.

Please post another graph with stats for GOOGLE VIDEO, YOUTUBE, INFOWARS AND PRISON PLANET

Do you deny that loose change is the most watched internet video ever? Why do you choose to mislead people in this way.

If the truth movement is so inconsequential, why are you so obsessed with debunking it?

P.S. Please look at this:


And withdraw your lies about contacting my university.

Yoo, hoo, math undergrad!

pdoherty wrote:

"As with everything you post, that graph is very misleading. I dont visit those sites atall"

How, then, did you manage to both know about my post, and reply to it? By telepathy?

By the way, anyone can print their name on a diploma. Want to see my Harvard, Cal Tech, and Sorbonne diplomas?

I saw

this post at jref, I havent been here for months. Now will you address the rest of my post? Show me the graphs I asked for that will accurately reflect interest in the truth movement. Do you deny LC is the most watched internet video? Will you withdraw your lies about my university?

 ETA: I have a masters in maths. I think I understand the evidence better than a tour guide

I posted a graph showing

I posted a graph showing page views of several of the most popular sites that contain information about 9/11 from a CT point of view.

Not only has viewership not exploded, as one would expect if the claims of the truth movement are true, it shows a declining trend.

You're welcome to do the same with other, similar sites.

Loose Change? I've had a challenge out since April for people to demonstrate one material claim that it gets right. No one has done so. Even Dylan Avery says his video isn't representative of the truth movement.

I told no lies about your university. You asked me to contact them with information YOU gave me. I did. They said they had no record of you. That's exactly what I reported: no more, no less.

I think there are MANY people who frequent 9/11 forums who will say that they have never encountered anyone more dishonest than you, Paul. Shall I take a poll at the JREF forum? This weekend, you even removed posts of yours from December in which you claimed to have abandoned the CTs and become a debunker. Then you lied about doing so. Tsk, tsk.

And your comment to Killtown that at least he doesn't harass Val McClatchey like I do? Psychotic! You are a bitter, frustrated man who constantly lies. Please seek help.

Bitter and frustrated?

Its nice to see you stick to the issues and not insult.

You are the most dishonest person I have ever come across.

My point about google video and youtube is that that is how a lot of people view media, they dont necessarily go to the hardcore CT sites.

You want an explosion? Just wait till loose change hits theatres and post your graphs again

Yes, a lot of people watch

Yes, a lot of people watch videos. And that is why your "movement" hasn't moved an inch.

P.S. I notice that you haven't posted a graph of Loose Change viewership. Why is that?

Three comments: 1) What you

Three comments:

1) What you call a "masters" is what we in the U.S. call an undergraduate degree. This has been explained to you several times.

2) You have made poor use of your education. If your diploma is real, it should be revoked. You are among the most ill-informed people I have ever come across. And didn't someone, somewhere along the line, teach you that lying is wrong?

3) Your comment "I have a masters in maths. I think I understand the evidence better than a tour guide" has been nominated for troofer quote of the month at the JREF forum. You have stiff competition, though. Killtown's "evil faces in the smoke" took an early lead, which may be insurmountable. Good bye, and good luck!

...And the truth goes marching on.

The jrefers still obsess over me

I was unfairly banned from there months ago yet you still chart my every move. Its pure obsession, you lot need your own lives.

I dont lie about 911, I leave that to the jrefers. How do you sleep at night when you are lying to cover up the murder of 3000 people?

You know

my degree is real Mr Roberts. If you even rang them, that is.

You are fighting a losing battle. LC will be in theatres, get over it.

Why have you not returned to the loose change forum? What you scared of? We had some questions for you but you fled like all cowards do

I did return to the Loose

I did return to the Loose Change forum, Einstein, and found that my posting privileges were removed.

...And the truth goes marching on.

You mean

You mean you broke the rules and were banned.

Tut tut. A middle aged loner that trolls internet forums flaming until he is banned. You really should get a life Mark.

That's a lie. I broke no

That's a lie. I broke no rule.

Why do you constantly lie, Mr.Doherty? Is it that you cannot, or that you will not ,stop?

Masonic Numerological Signifigance

9 in the X plane
11 in the Y plane
Creates a slope from horizontal of approx. 51 degrees

51 degrees is the slope of each face of the Great Pyramid
Ignorance is NOT Bliss