psychology of not thinking

This is the last week of our semester here in Germany, and I just sent this note to my classes. I thought it might also be of interest to you:

Today I had very interesting discussions in my classes today (Monday), and I would like to summarize the points that were made by various members of the classes, because I think they are all important:

Why do we prefer NOT to think about things like AIDS (much less the origin of the virus!), the war in Iraq, the possible coming war with Iran, 9/11, etc. ?

Here are the reasons that were mentioned. All of them are quite understandable, and I share many of them myself, so I am not trying to be judgmental; I just think it is interesting and important to talk about these things.

1. I have too much fun doing other things.
2. I am lazy.
3. I don't have time.
4. I feel guilty (because of World War 2).
5. One person can't make a difference anyway.
6. I/we tried it (protesting) once, and it didn't work.
7. Things aren't all that bad anyway (e.g., Hartz 4, Saddam Hussein).
8. We are too comfortable; you have to suffer yourself to be concerned about the suffering of others.
9. We (this generation) get along too well with our parents; they are too permissive. Does this imply that to rebel against the state one must first have a rebellious attitude towards one's parents?
10. Last but not least, the point was made that we study (in school and at university) a lot of theory and history, but don't really apply the concepts we learn about to our own daily lives (e.g., we continue to have exams instead of alternative forms of assessment, or to take my example: 8 years of higher education in the U.S. during the Vietnam war without once having a discussion in class about the war.)

I hope that you all have more thoughts on these points and that the discussion will continue.

Take Action.

That sounds like a lot of problems. While it is worthy to look into why some people are so hesitant to deal with 9/11, Operation Northwoods, and others. I'd rather take the creative and fun approaches of taking action that others have listed here. Calling the DA in New York. Voting up David Cameron's blog. Giving Dennis Kucinich information. A few letters to the editor. So many ways to pass the time. Some people are naturally followers or need emotional help to deal with tough topics. Let's deal with the others for now and the others will come along when it is more "convenient" MLK Jr and Vernon Johns were totally inspirational people and took the time to get the job done. We'd be smart to follow in their examples. Time will tell.


Its seems to me that people only look at the world from a self-centered point of view. From my experience, this can be applied to people in general.

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

psychology of the ostrich

Both good points. People are self-centered, weak, and born followers. In the two classes of about 20 each I had this discussion in, only about two in each class were seriously interested. This used to bother me, and it was hard for me to remember that they are, after all (now) ca. 40 years younger than I am! That makes a whale of a difference, too, although the young, once they do catch fire, of course burn brighter--and burn out, too. One must take the long view (cf. Griffin, "Christian Faith...", although with genocidal mass suicide Armageddonist idiots like Bush et al. at the helm, it's hard.

People are born free, adaptable and curious.

Society then quickly wraps people in physical and mental constraints (eg.

The motto for most infants and children becomes to obey without explanation and sometimes to obey force.

Somewhat later in life: Make yourself popular in your social groups, and you'll rise in the social hierarchy. Then help enforce that hierarchy with tyranny not love and reason. Repressed sexuality in society also makes for all sorts distorted views between males and females.

In time curiosity, creativity and sensitivity are not valued as much in young people as wealth or popularity. The development of the ego (or actually the repression of oneself) becomes a mode for survival. And the media and the corporate environment support that anti-social belief 100%. In that 5 day job, with stress and drowsiness, in which you feel like a wage-slave, you'll sometimes start to wonder if you are not throwing away your precious life time. Your bills quickly put you back in place again, without too much reflection.

The chronic obstruction of reason and emotion (by yourself and ultimately society) is IMHO the basis for not valuing our sovereignty and our true potential to a larger extent. And when you are not aware of that personal and social constraint, historic, political and future interests will be minimal.

Once people see how these things relate to their own life quality, and see paths to empower themselves with that knowledge ("cognitive liberty"), then people are willing to learn and act in true harmony with their social environment.

- "We have nothing to fear but fear itself", William Shakespeare (crew)

ostriches bred not born

Rings true to me. Thanks for the comment.

Social Engineered

Lately, I have been questioning the notion that this phemenon is a completely natural occurrence.

After reading Committee of 300 the Levithan we are up against came into a clearer view. The Illuminati have been working creating the conditions for a NWO for over a 100 years. They have set up foundation with important sounding names. Whom sole purpose is propaganda.

I think the emotional and psychological state of our nation is socially engineered. It is clear the mind bending works better on some than and on others. They are working to create isolation in the individual. Break up the family...
Here is a list of their goals

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

Mind control

The mind bending works best when you do it to yourself (ofcourse by not being aware of that mental and physical constraining).

The two main instruments (ab)used are fear and desire projections. The media, governments, corporations, organized religions, mafia networks and much of our society work with both in various subtle ways to achieve negative effects (and sometimes being unaware of doing it).

You're right that a large part of it is engineered, but a lot of it is duplication of behavior, by simply not knowing any better. Fear (and its symptoms stress, dogma's, irrational behavior: sadism, rage, sexual guilt, etc.) tend to spread fairly well in ignorant/constraint/impoverished communities. People must learn to analyze their own situation critically and defend their own freedom of the mind and body, if they don't want to be enslaved by fear and desire tactics.

Thanks for the links, there's interesting info there, such as the names of (alleged) members of that mafia committee.

"Nothing is so difficult as not deceiving oneself", Ludwig Wittgenstein