The Guardian Publishes Opinion Piece Attacking 9/11 Skeptics Via Loose Change 'Disease'

A 9/11 conspiracy virus is sweeping the world, but it has no basis in fact -

There is a virus sweeping the world. It infects opponents of the Bush government, sucks their brains out through their eyes and turns them into gibbering idiots. First cultivated in a laboratory in the US, the strain reached these shores a few months ago. In the past fortnight, it has become an epidemic. Scarcely a day now passes without someone possessed by this sickness, eyes rolling, lips flecked with foam, trying to infect me.

The disease is called Loose Change. It is a film made by three young men that airs most of the standard conspiracy theories about the attacks of September 11 2001. Unlike the other 9/11 conspiracy films, Loose Change is sharp and swift, with a thumping soundtrack, slick graphics and a calm and authoritative voiceover. Its makers claim that it has now been watched by 100 million people.
The film's greatest flaw is this: the men who made it are still alive. If the US government is running an all-knowing, all-encompassing conspiracy, why did it not snuff them out long ago? There is only one possible explanation. They are in fact agents of the Bush regime, employed to distract people from its real abuses of power. This, if you are inclined to believe such stories, is surely a more plausible theory than the one proposed in Loose Change.

Follow the link above for the full article and to post comments in response. Likewise you can find the contact information for the author via his website here.

Thanks Jon for the heads up.


That was a really intense read. And extremely clever.

E-Mailed Response To Monbiot

Regarding your article entitled…


"A 9/11 conspiracy virus is sweeping the world, but it has no basis in fact"


I quote you back your headline from


"Tell people something they know already and they will thank you for it. Tell them something new and they will hate you for it."


You hated Loose Change, you watched it, it was something new that you could not fit into your paradigm and then you’ve discarded it as trash. I think that’s perfectly fine, you are entitled to that. However Loose Change’s virus of truth is spreading rapidly before the end of 2007 you will notice that this “virus” will have infected almost everyone in the world left with a soul, and a conscience.


You said that the films greatest flaw is that the filmmakers are still alive, well I will tell you this much anybody with half a brain would realize what happens when someone with a powerful message is assassinated, said person and message is immortalized, engraved into the history books forever.


So yes in essence if anything were to happen to those young filmmakers. The virus of Truth will spread like a forest fire being egged on by a heavy breeze. Sure you can blow out the flame of a candle successfully, however you are not dealing with a candle, you are dealing with a forest fire.


As for your cheesy little hit piece it only proves to magnify the cause of 911 truth.


So Tell me this Monbiot, how does it feel to know that you are ultimately just fanning the flames?

Et tu, Guardian?

Isn't it lovely how the 911Truth movement is usually portrayed as victims of magically clever amature propaganda? As if we NEVER doubted the official story until we saw Loose Change and BAM! had a Saul-like epiphany on the road to Damascas?

And if these lads are THAT clever at manipulating people cold, who have no other doubts, why aren't they rich advertising gits?

I smell desperation in the air...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

"I smell desperation in the air..."


I smell desperation in the air...

That was my 2nd thought..

Monbiot plagiarizes South Park and Maddox

That's pretty bargain-basement, George.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


Since Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe and Jason Bermas are still alive, we are all FOOLS for not believing our loving government!
However, if they were dead, we'd never hear of them or their message.
So conspiracies can NEVER exist.
Watergate? Didn't happen.
Savings & Loans scandal? Nope.
Gulf of Tonkin? Really happened!
Northwoods Document? Alex Jones forged it!

My eyes are finally open!

What a great point

Intelligent and concise. Indeed if this theory were true then no conspiracies have ever taken place because all of their revealers are not killed after revealing it. Excellent point.

I would encourage everyone to write the Guardian a letter to the editor detailing your dissatisfaction with the paper and with Monbiot. The email address for letters to the editor is:

Here is a copy of my letter to the editor:

Shame on Monbiot and the Guardian for the hit piece on Loose Change published Feb. 6, 2007. This dreadful piece of swill stinks of one-sided viewpoints and loose journalistic standards. There are plenty of more reputable sources from which to gather evidence on 9/11. But instead the Guardian chose to equate the entire movement with one movie made by college kids which has already been labeled by the 9/11 truth movement as heavily flawed on several more serious 9/11 research websites, most notably The Guardian's intention in doing this is all too obvious. I am appalled that the Guardian has sunk so low as to use arguments like "they can't be telling the truth because they haven't been killed yet." Like it is not a possibility that killing them will only attract more attention to the issue and provide more suspicious evidence for the movement. I guess by following this logic one can conclude that Watergate never happened since Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were never killed. I have purchased and enjoyed many Monbiot books, most especially Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain. Following this distasteful display of character assassination, it is safe to say I will no longer read Monbiot or the Guardian until they start to analyse the scientific claims of the 9/11 community, such as the collapse of Building 7 or the molten metal at ground zero.

Public Opinion.

The comments were great to read after the article. Sounds like people aren't so gullible after all. I smell desperation in the air too. All news is good news in my opinion. Let's roll and figure out more creative ways of getting this information to the people who haven't been exposed to it. Great work dz, jon, and everyone else involved with this effort.

George Monbiot is pretty

George Monbiot is pretty much a part of the Z Magazine left, so just chalk this up as him falling in line with Cockburn, Chomsky and the rest.

yeah but...

he definitely took it to new heights with that one! The way it really does wreack of desperation makes you question who this guy really is. Why would a true progressive be...just so damned passionate about us!?? (while claiming to be so disgusted with our movement as to call it a "virus"!) Just seems really strange to me.

Left CIA

Chomsky, leading the left gatekeepers--The Guardian is thus accurately named--is left-wing CIA and has been from the beginning of his career. The CIA is in the business of control. You control by controlling both ends of the political spectrum. Chomsky has expressed all this himself in his writings, but what he fails to mention is that he himself marks the extreme left-wing border of "permissible" thought. Hence anything beyond what he says is "conspiracy theory" and "irrational."

I proved this in my lengthy correspondence with him: .


The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media. ~William Colby, former CIA director

Monbiot is a significant writer for the major media. QED.

And they are desperate. The left gatekeeping has totally broken down for the first time in the 60 years of the national security state. No amount of spin or ad hominem can lull back to sleep an awakened person who has watched the WTC7 demolition. As Deadwood's Al Swearingen would say, their fear smells like cat piss.

And every liar that blows their cover loses market share forever. Has anyone ever read Doug Thompson after his anti-truth screed? Now Monbiot is a non-entity as well.

Here are some random

Here are some random thoughts without any prefabricated conclusions:

This isn't the first time the established "radical left" has lost control of the terms of a debate. Cockburn and Chomsky have proven to be fairly ineffectual in selling their version of the Kennedy assassination.

On the other hand it strikes me that the goal here isn't to change the minds of the majority. In the US people come to Chomsky and even Monbiot when they are disenchanted with the corporate/capitalist/class based system, and it's at that point, the point of a break with the "normal" political opinion, that Chomsky and Monbiot have sway.

Albert/Chomsky/Cockburn have a structural analysis, but push evidence of conspiracy aside. Are they hoping to stop people from synthesizing both perspectives? Is there something about left gatekeeping other than its mere existence that we should be examining?

It strikes me that the fact that the occupation of Iraq is out of favor with the majority of Americans while protests and dissent remain as marginal as ever is another fact worth looking at.

"their fear smells like cat piss"

Great line.

Also, as a big fan of Deadwood, I was struck that the whole last season seemed to be a NWO parable,.... complete with false-flag terror, private mercenaries, the quest for mineral acquisition, and willful tall building destruction.

"who this guy really is"

He's selling a book with the subtitle Manifesto for a New World Order


WOW, he has a book with the

WOW, he has a book with the subtitle "A Manifesto for a New World Order" and he's attacking 9/11 truth? No wonder.

Let's not get carried away.

Let's not get carried away. The presence of the phrase "New World Order" in a title doesn't make the writer a co-conspirator. :-)

Or does that mean those wrestlers were in on it too...? ;-)

4 life...

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Also look at the main title

Also look at the main title "Age of Consent" - that just sounds a little creepy to me, as if it's a play of words on the sexual age of consent.

deleted--out of sequence

deleted--out of sequence

Dylan, Korey, and Jason...

As for the reason they are still alive is exactly the same reason David Ray Griffin is alive. Because if they were to accidentally fall out of a window, or get into a mysterious car crash...the obviousness that foul-play could be involved would stink to high heaven. And what the 9/11 truth movement would do in response would be anyone's guess. Not a risk the government is yet willing to take.

There's also a risk/benefit

There's also a risk/benefit angle. People don't just get murdered for speaking out--otherwise the population would be ALOT less than it is. To get targeted the individual has to either be very credible, have power, have access, have a movement who's time has come OR be thought of as one or all of these by someone who feels threatened.

This is why Paul Wellstone is dead but Cynthia McKinney isn't--Wellstone had more influence. They felt confident they could get rid of a black woman(it should be noted it took more effort than they thought!) by ordinary corrupted political channels. With Jason, Dylan & co, they feel confident their propoganda machine can take care of them--three little nobodies with no money or big conections--, but it hasn't gone as smoothly as they'd like.

Thinking on this, the LC crew is as safe as they can be for one reason: if they were going to kill them or do something drastic to scare them, the time has passed for that to work without suspicion.

That should have been done back before the midterm elections at the latest--probably after LC2nd edition. 911Press for Truth wasn't there yet--I don't think--and they still seemed to be part of a cracked fringe.

Unless the bastards are going to throw out the "crypto" in crypto-fascism and embrace a police state over night, they are now forced to fight a propoganda war equivalent to Vietnam--bogged down in a foreign territory demanding accountability with little public support and no hope of winning honestly.

.Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Better Off

They were probably much better off by leaving holes in their film.
If they had hit the nail on the head on every instance then they might have been more of a priority.

I also think that the government thought they could squash anything with their media control.

They also didn't expect the evolution of the internet information machine.... Blogs have revolutionized the spread of information and thought..... Eclipsing the effectiveness of chat rooms because it creates a record which everyone can access and read... info that is stored and can be accessed or searched months later.

We have become much stronger as a people because of these innovations.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

"They were probably much

"They were probably much better off by leaving holes in their film."

Makes you wonder if they knew that. They went on record saying something about leaving flaws to get people to think for themselves, which I always thought was too clever by half. But doing it as a protective strategy to test the water makes more sense.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Show ""better off for leaving holes"" by Nicholas

Oi, Nick! So, how do you

Oi, Nick! So, how do you feel about Pat(of Screwy Lost Change)using Nico as a source of credible news? Don't you wish Nico was banned from the SLC blog for all his spamming? Isn't it odd they haven't done that?

I blogged this, but it isn't up yet. I thought I'd get your perspective since you're here.

So lay it on us, Nickey; why does SLC--prominent debunking blog--value Nico's contributions?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

On top of it.

Talk about being on top of it. This article by The Guardian is dated on Tuesday, the 6th, of February. Great heads up on getting this out. We are a force to be reckoned with when we are getting articles from world news sources as quick as they come out and dealing with them. Great work on that. Peace & Love will give us the strength to carry on.

Show his email box

the full power of this "spiralic virus".

And by the way, say that we hold every single journalists who put this sorta shit up in this stage accountable for accessory after the fact.

Better off going via The Guardian...

Then at least the editor gets to see what folks think of their writers.

I must admit I am very disappointed in The Guardian, I expected higher standards than this TRIPE !!!

Best wishes


it'd be trivial for them to set up an email filter to block any 9/11 related emails.

Can't hurt to try, though.

Fascism Lite - Now with 75% less mass murder and 25% more public appeal!

I like this idea...

...for those who clearly have something to gain from keeping the truth hidden.

But, how do you hold someone like Monbiot accountable for just being an idiot?

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

That line

does not work, IMO.

As a journalists you have certain duties, as far as I remember.

One of them is to look after the facts. If he had done this, he wouldn't write this BS.

Negligence or fear is no reason for sentencing, accessorry after the fact after looking at the facts and trashing the doubts instead is.

The 'incompetence' virus

Reading this latest Guardian hit piece, and many of the comments that followed--I see strong evidence that there is indeed a pernicious virus which I'd hoped was restricted to gatekeeping liberals here is the U.S., but I now see is raging among their British counterparts as well. This is the constant, mantra-like repetition of 'incompentence' in relation to the Bush administration.

I am convinced that it is this virus more than any other single cause which is preventing all these many people from seeing the truth of 9/11. They scoff and say things like, 'oh come now, everyone knows how incompetent the Bush administration is, how could they have pulled off something like that'?

Never do they feel obliged to offer any proof of said incompetence. Like the official story of 9/11, any one who might question whether this administration really is as incompetent as is ceaselessly claimed fears that they will be ridiculed, ostracized--and the myth thereby strengthens its grip; and the chance that people might open their minds to the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job is weakened (because, come on, THEY screw up everything, right?!).

It's incredible when you examine this mindset closely--the Bush administration is presumed to be incompetent because...why, exactly? Because it's pursuing goals which are contrary to the interest of the general public and the wishes of the left-liberal intelligentsia? You don't say!!

These would-be Bush-bashers seem to actually give credence to the claims of intelligence 'failures' regarding WMD in Iraq. Note to would-be anti-Bush intelligentsia, on either side of the Atlantic: 'fixing the intelligence around the policy' is NOT incompetence!! Nor is administration 'incompetence' the explanation for the explosion in poppy production in Afghanistan since the overthrow of the Taliban; the fat no-bid 'reconstruction' contracts awarded to cronies in Iraq; the resort to private militaries in post-hurricane Louisiana; the open embrace of torture as a policy; the shredding of the U.S. Constitution.

When are these ostensible critics going to get it? These people are not 'incompetent'--they're just plain BAD! Few of its predecessors have been as competent in getting what it wanted and in delivering for the people who put them in office (whether what it wanted and delivered is judged to be 'good' is a different matter entirely from judging whether or not they have been 'competent' in their pursuit).

But apparently, it's more comforting to wrap themselves up in the security blanket of intellectual superiority that evidently comes from crying 'incompetent,' rather than confront the reality that they inhabit a power structure in which people who share none of their purported goals or interests run circles around them daily (9-11 being one of those days).

And what's maddening is

And what's maddening is incompetence is not an excuse.

Take it at face value a mo--911happened because everyone in charge was too incompetent to see the signs and stop it.

Okay---so why haven't all these people been sacked? No criminal charges, no impeachment, no votes of no confidence--just good old fashioned--"I'm sorry Mr. Bush, et al. we're going to have to let you go. We wish you well in your future endevors. Here's a nice severance."

Obviously the equivalent for the upper cabinet. But that's where the incompetence theory collapses--you sack people for incompetence, you don't promote them or give them a chance to stand for office again.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

One step further and you get

One step further and you get this:

If the Bush administartion was merely incompetent then the level of incompetence reached criminal levels. The very best that can be said is that he current administration was criminally neglegent.

Not to mention

How can anyone call 9/11 a "Flawless execution" a perfect false flag attack where everything worked exactly as planned and everyone got off scott free?

Looks to me like 9/11 was THE most bungled false flag attack in all of human history.
They have left so many clues to their guilt that to anyone not suffering severe cognitive dissonance can come to no other logical conclusion but that the Bush administration and the Neofascist pigs that pull their strings are guilty of Treason.

Botched FF

This False Flag attack went wrong on many levels.... and yet it was still pulled off?? I wonder how?

They had to implement several contingencies in order to even do what they got done.

There is no way in hell that anything should have gotten near the Pentagon or Washington DC for that matter over an hour after the second plane hit the WTC!!

Even if they were not trying to get all planes grounded.... all flights would of and should have been diverted away from our Nations Capitol. If you watch the reinactment on "Pandoras Black Box II" you can see that this flight was a sitting duck as it approached the Pentagon.

Even if they don't have missile defenses.... there should have been at least one plane patroling DC which could have taken this plane out. There was plenty of time. They could have shot it down from the roof with a shoulder launched surface to air misslie.

These people who plead incompetence have only seen Loose Change and not actually investigated.... we have a leg up on their knowledge or willingness to explore the evidence. They act like if this was their doing that they dreamed this up and implemented it post 2000 election.... but this was being planned for many years prior to 2001.

The incompetence is still there but it's not going to save them. They may not be geniuses when it comes to many things but they have their moments and if they don't they employ those who do have the smarts to get these things thought out.

They didn't expect people to be thinking.... only watching and listening...... Hell it worked for Hitler
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Small correction... I recall, I believe the attack on the Pentagon took place 34 minutes after the 2nd plane hit the Twins....still your point(s) are well taken...(among them, nothing should've been able to hit the Pentagon)

Goes back to your point

Goes back to your point about the internet and how it's use was under estimated. Combined with good old fashioned arrogance of power--well, lets just say the play book hasn't been updated much since the Third Reich.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

The only way

They have gotten away with this BS as long as they have is solely because of the complicity of the Mainstream Media.

If we had a real, honest, and Centrist media then these bastards would all have been swinging from a gallows within a year of 9/11.

The only way we are ever going to take these Neofascist freaks down is to TAKE BACK our media, I don't see any other way short of 100+ Million in the streets fully armed with a real "Lets Roll" pulled on their ass.

I agree, this is a very important aspect of the 9/11 debate!

Thank you rm, we need to constantly remind ourselves and the skeptics how completely "bad" these people are! With all their perceived incompetence, all they’ve done is simply make more money.

Kind regards John


Ha ha, no, "incompetence" is just the Dems'/"Progressives'" way of saying that they would have done a much tighter psyop.

The 'incompetence' virus

(Sorry--double-posted in error.)


February 6, 2007 07:36 AM

It is you who are the gullible one, George. I've seen fish with more nouse than you swimming away from fat, juicy worms.

Hook. Line. Stinker.

''Probably even more destructive than actual disinformation agents has been the tendency of some members of the movement to label those who disagree with them as disinformation agents.'' DAVID RAY GRIFFIN, 5 Feb 2007

their strategy is to fracture the movement

The neocon strategy for countering the truth movement is to take films like Loose Change (which contains several easily identified errors) and promote them. They know that people will be disbelieving and they know that others will highlight the errors and they know that people who disbelieve will seize on anything to discredit what confronts them.

Loose Change, for all its faults at least gets the message out there and will cause most people to ask more questions at which time they will hopefully see 911 Mysteries and other videos and read books. The reality is that SOME of what we know is accurate.

FYI: Loose Change II is a latest release rental DVD at my local video shop!!!! That makes me very happy indeed.

Our political system will not radically change for the better save some catalyzing event, such as exposing 911 as an inside job

At most, there are a few minor inaccuracies in LC2E. Everything

else is right on target.

I am worried...

...with all the Iran-bashing happening these days that these numerologically-minded false flaggers are planning something for 2/7/2007 or 2/9/2007. Hopefully not, but I wanted to get this prediction out there in case it turns out to be true.

Article is great promotion for the FINAL CUT.

This is great promotion for the FINAL CUT. Stir up controversy among those with 75-95 IQ who will have to see for themselves when it is released.

I've equated 9/11 Truth awareness with IQ for some time noting that people with above average intelligence could think beyond the propagandistic memes and find the truth themselves.

Unless "they" can stop it, LCFC is going to be huge.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

Rummy & Rove were counting on those "75-95 IQ" kinds of sheeple

to never catch on to the inside job! Hopefully, we can open all their eyes!

OK, I give up....

How does one get to the 'comments' section for the article??

Hey medicis...

The comments are below the main article at...,,2006830,00.html

The "add comment" button is between the article and comments...

Best wishes


sometimes I am pretty stupid....

One has to wonder...

...what was found in Moonbat's dirty diaper. I think that when this kind of stuff gets published now it's because some one has found dirty laundry and is threatening to air it.

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

Don't forget that the The

Don't forget that the The Guardian is MI5/MI6 infiltrated as well. Criminal elements within the British government have a lot to hide regarding 9/11 and its subsequent exploitation in US/UK foreign and domestic policy.

They are also interested in tamping down skepticism about 7/7 and other terrorist hoaxes on the island. (After "The Power of Nightmares" aired, things got a little desperate.) Notice how the new movie "The Queen" makes Blair out to be the ultimate hero of the common man's sensibilities? It's pure propaganda to mold public opinion, like "Flight 93" and "Path to 9/11." I expect they are working on a fictional, veritas-style version of "Path to 7/7."

Every country needs its own Chomsky. If one didn't exist, he'd have to be invented for times like these.

Yes, the "Power of Nightmares" video is fantastic! A must see!


"They don't name him, but I

"They don't name him, but I would bet that it's David Ray Griffin, who also happens to be the high priest of the 9/11 conspiracists."

^ Straight out of Alexander Cockburn’s mouth.

I sent my 'letters'...

everybody write in and give them a piece. Let'em have it.

Where is ? has been inaccessible for a few days now.

Where is it ?

It never really existed...

It was a CGI illusion on your PC screen, or was it a hologram.

I shed no tears for that site...

Best wishes

So long as you're happy then

So long as you're happy then - we should be ok..

NIST and Pop. Mech

I love how the sources for every hit piece are always the same 2:

Popular Mechanics and NIST

Its truly a joke

Show "Loose Change Disease is real...." by andrewkornkven

I would not be suprised if...

at least three of those four points you listed above prove to be CORRECT or at least near the truth.

This can only be known for certain when we eventually get to the TRUTH.

The only one I dispute is the fourth point, personally I believe the Bush regime facilitated 9/11 and were not ultimately behind it.

Best wishes

I'm not a 9/11 detail expert, but

I know that most people who watched that film for the first time are overwhelmed by the information that has been hidden from them for so long. After a sort of 'belief trauma reparation' period some people will dig deeper into the context of 9/11, as I did myself.

So insinuating "That the Bush administration and the US government are ultimately behind 9/11", and the same can be said about the isolate mention of "owner" Larry Silverstein (which ties into all sorts of other corporate mafia networks), is a form of deception, but I don't think it hurts all that much.

People tend forget the details, but remember that they were lied to for so long (and still are being deceived today). That governmental trust has been destroyed, and it is now forming the basis for a new awareness of our history and a more critical look at the activities of our State and the criminal networks related to that.

Now I have mentioned these key players before: the Labor Zionists and the Jesuit Order (and their masonic network control), but also see that information is a bridge too far for many people to grasp at this time. I do think that a small portion of people do eventually look into those issues to get to the real perpetrators of 9/11 and many other crimes of high treason. Eventually people are going to make more books and films about these masonic/mafia networks (although there are some already).

I think Loose Change is a well-made accessible stepping stone for a path of critical learning and eventually a better understanding what really happened.

Here's something interesting (actually very disturbing) I picked up recently relating to the Jesuit Order in the US: (also note the Supreme Court Judge there, Clarence Thomas)

wow. well that was

wow. well that was ridiculous. and typical.


"My belief is that the Loose Change phenomenon has done far more harm than good to the efforts to find 9/11 truth".

Come on, 3 college students have done more to bring people into the movement has anyone else.

A new member of our group saw Loose Change. Was upset by it's contentions. Did his research and became convinced 911 was an inside job.

The laws of physics don't lie. Everything else details. If we stand behind this fact. We can not lose! Unless we give up.

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"


Last night there were so many people at the Kevin Barrett presentation.... many many new faces.

I was blown away at the response on only a weeks notice!
coming out in frigid temperatures!

The word is getting out.... we have been showing films on public access every week for 6 months now.

people are talkiing.... people bring it up to me before I have a chance to talk to them.

This Fetzer BS is the only thing hampering this movement right now
Ignorance is NOT Bliss


I think I recently read that doctors are now using viruses to kill cancers. Hummm.....

Makes one wonder doesn't it?

Aaron Russo lays it on the line!

A truther friend just sent me this link
It's an Aaron Russo interview where he exposes the bogus "War on Terror" and the "9/11 Myth". For those people who still laugh at "Loose Change" and 9/11 truth, tell them to get a load of this!......... Russo lays it on the line BIG TIME!

This is a small portion....

...of a 70 minute's all great....

You can watch the whole thing here:

This Article Is A Good Forum For Us!

I think these kind of hit pieces that allow comments do alot of good for our cause. I have heard many people say they learned the truth after reading people's comments below this hit pieces like this. So its good for us to be civil and talk about the facts. The people against us are just using ad hominem attacks. Their not debating the facts. So continue to post comments and provide links. This is a good forum for us. As you can see there are hundreds of comments only a day after it was published.

George Monbiot is a joke

Monbiot is not someone who's opinion counts at all, he is very a much an establishment figure. A corrupt figurine/posterboy of 'progressive' thinkiing and a useful idiot to sell global warming slavery and taxes to the mindless.

This guy has got nothing to say worth listening to. But you know what ? You're not ever going to get though to people like Monbiot, because the idea is just too scary for him. Monbiot is a complete pathetic joke who lives with the disorder of 'progressivism' and is stuck in psychosis in the 1980's where still thinks he is fighting Mrs. Thatcher and is hanging out with the 'sisters' on Greenham Common.

This man is a disgrace.


The old, "The 9/11 Truth Movement didn't exist, and there was no reason to question 9/11 before Loose Change came out" hit piece.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

Show "this is kind of" by FUCK GOD

I am not religious...

But your screen name is disgraceful on several fronts...

Sort yourself out RANDKILLER / DEADPOO


Been with us 20 mins--or more

I have to say you're handle gets a giggle out of me just for ballsiness. But your writing style reminds me so much of RANDKILLER2007, Ernie and others. And is that a stray backslash I see?

Oh well. Wecome aboard and all that. Enjoy your VISIT.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

George sounds like he's in denial

He called this a virus? He believes that the truth trying to get a virus? Let Me rephrase that....HE BELIEVES THE OFFICIAL STORY and there is nothing suspicious in it to be questioned. So We who have reservations about the official story are infected with a .......Virus? I agree that they are sounding desperate since they are now calling 9/11 truth seeking a "virus".
The fact is that "government" is an illusion and nothing more than a "STRAWMAN" label given to the largest organized crime syndicate in existence, today and always. This gang runs a protection racket, and in exchange for compliance and a percentage of everything you earn, they will "protect" you - from themselves! If you do not pay, they will cease to "protect"you and will then attack you. Of course, they must "make an example of you" so others will not defy them.Will your claim as a "sovereign citizen" of the state of (insert your state here), operating under the common law rather than the merchant law, admiralty or the British accreditation regent, even be recognized? Even those with a great deal of money can't buy the publicity it would take to expose "the system". The popular media is squarely in the gang's pocket, so no amount of money would be enough.
George Monbiot and Ronnie Wieck; This is the place where You both reside. So, We are now having an effect that grows stronger everyday. It is precisely how the absolute powers could allow 9/11 to happen or make it happen without fear of retribution, but many of the people are now catching cold facts of the truth.
You better watch out because the "virus" will soon be epidemic and no longer ignored. Just get the hell out of the way and let the investigation take place. You will see the "virus of truth" unfold before your lying eyes.

Ummm...almost every

Ummm...almost every scientist that studies Global Warming say the sun getting hotter is attributing the most to global warming. It's not ONLY the sun getting hotter but it's a major reason so these scientists say.
Can they be wrong?
Does that mean Alex Jones is a shill?
I dunno why I even respond to your garbage anymore.
Trying to stir up trouble within the movement. That sounds like a shill move to me


Katrina could have altered weather patterns for several years.... that storm was a monster.... weather will be strange for some time.... but in the same respect I know that we have a substantial effect on out climate. It's really not hard to contemplate.

America alone..... how amny homes do we have? we heat them in the winter and cool them in the summer. This has an effect.
How amny vehicles are there in the world? when they run they produce heat. This has a collective effect.
How many asphalt parking lots and roads are there as well as dark roof tops..... This has an effect on temperatures. As soon as the sun shines on them.

It certainly doesn't help

the Earth will do it's best to combat the parasites that we are..... and in the end the Earth will win... if we don't learn to live with the Earth.

The Earth also tilts on an axis which gradually changes.... every 23,000 years or so the tilt begins to tilt back the other way... I believe it's called precession.
We may be entering a time where the axis changes directions. We have never experienced this and have no idea of the effect this may have on the Earth and those who reside upon it. When it happens I'm guessing that it won't be pretty.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

card 51 short---you

card 51 short---you joker

that fuck god guy should know that we should trust all these scientists

they arent owned by anyone

Did I say to believe them? I

Did I say to believe them?
I said they could be wrong.

So how many accounts do you

So how many accounts do you have here, anyway? I thought we were only allowed one each...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

At Least the Guardian is not ignoring the existence

of the worst mass murder and violation of human rights in the history of the United States of America.

The Guardian could be ignoring the events of 9/11 like the White House, Congress, the rest of the Government Agencies and the mass media.

Some brilliant Episcopalian minister once told me that there is no such thing as bad publicity because at least it is publicity and may stir an interest that had not be stirred before.

Especially if they are writing bad things about something like a video that you are having trouble getting shown in public places.

Wouldn't that be nice if it qualified for any of the Academy Award categories and won.

Some of the comments were great to read!

I found a lovely video of Judy Wood getting owned by science buried in an attack piece. Ironically, I think the writer intended to hurt the movement. :)

Seriously, DC 9/11 truth has their sh*t together, Dr. Greg Jenkins did a fantastic job.

callous george

Well, well, doesnt it show you what a shallow cowardly little creature this monbiot is.

Of course everyone has a right to detest the film if they so choose (personally I think it does a reasonable job myself). But to make callous jokes about 9/11 with people dropping dead from a disease at a time when the 1st responders are actually dropping dead as a result of 9/11 (from toxic dust inhalation) is shockingly insensitive and has about as much comic potential as rectal cancer - regardless of where you stand on the issues.

There is something horribly sordid and creepy about newspaper "journalists" sucking up to their paymasters in this way. This is a guy just slavishly adhering to the Guardians editorial policy of undiluted hostility to 9/11 - because lets face it - it pays well.

It's laughable to see supposedly educated men throwing hissy fits as they realise their influence dimming in the wake of true online journalism, which is more widely read, and independent online movies that are challenging conventional means of film production and distribution.



Good posts on the Guardian page!

The comments section there is getting *huge*...

Stanford physicist?

One of the respondents who rejects the official story, going under the name of 'schelm', identifies him/herself as 'a physicist working at Stanford Unviersity.' I wonder what his/her real identity is.

GREAT COMMENT from Bellinda - William Rodriguez


February 8, 2007 6:35 PM

Wow what a thread! Guardian, do we have we some kind of record here?!

Although most of the points relevant to the debate have already been given a good airing, I can