Should We Prepare For A March Thru Manhattan And Times Square??

Should we prepare for a march thru downtime manhattan and times square, when the weather gets nice around late march, early april.

Do this to get the word out about Loose change 3?

I think we should have a MINIMUM of 1000 people however

And we carry a sign that says Free Video. Learn the facts, End the media black out Something like that. However the sign should be about, and im not joking, im serious, about 50-100 feet long. take sup at least 50 feet, and 10 people carry it alone/

If we try to get a minimum of 1000 people (But we should try to get as many as possible, No maximum limit), People Could Take us MORE seriously and it could wake up a lot of people in NYC, with the more people marching. We should also aim to give out 10000 copies of loose change 3. This will cause the media to pay attention to us.

We make stops at CNN,FOX,NYTIMES Etc.

Some people said doing this on the 9/11 anniversay is dispectful, So how about March-April, On the day, or week after the Release of LC-3 To help get the world out.

What do you guys think? Bad idea? Good idea?

WE Could also do it in as many cities as possible to get the word out on LC-3 Release as well as hand out as many people as possible if more cities do this. Lets not quit and keep going. Many people dont have PC's so thry could use this info.

Here is 9/11/05

Only 300 did this at times square:

Start at 3:00 and end at 6:00..Watch those 3 minutes.

The Media COMPLETELY Blacked out this event, Nothing

We can easily get 1000 people. We can help get the word out to millions Of People in New York City about Loose Change 3

I still think we need a 50 foot long sign that is about 3-5 feet high with 10 people carrying it that says Investigate 9/11 free video, end the media blackout, learn the truth

I am just not sure if going with A sign that says 9/11 was an inside job, would automatally shut people off, We want to encourage them to investigate 9/11

Also, I just thought of another sign.

Your Media Lies! Owned by Government cooperations (research this first)

Support Alterntive Media what

If we can attack the media in NYC, They will be forced to cover 9.11 truth, if they get hit hard enough, they will be forced to admit its an inside job.

I will be there as well, Count me in, Im in Lancaster PA. Could goto NYC or DC, Prefer NYC...We just need an organizer.

Should we Try to organize an event? We just need a Truth Group In NY or DC or
Both To sponser it, Then we can get the word out.


If we could get a ny 911 truth group to sponser this to help get something going, as well as loose change guys to get some 10k dvds to give out, Myabe we can do it on the 1-year anniversay Charlie sheen went public, To praise him for doing that.

With that date we would accomplish.

1. Priase for sheen going public
2. Encourage other celebs to go public
3. Get word out for loose change 3
4. Encourage alternitive media.
5. People will take us seriously (Lets look and act professional)

Don't put too much stock in Loose Change 3

I saw a promo clip from their website. It begins with a Canadian talking about being the 911 Truth movement being "infiltrated" by the government, as he looks around like a paranoid skitzo on the roof of a building. Loose Change could easily the anti-Truthers will have their guns blazing to attack it. It may hurt our cause. There are plenty of other good movies. The truth is that we don't know the truth. That's the key- what we don't know, and was not proved well enough.

That's a very old LCFC smorgasbord...

put together by Louder than Words back in May 2006.

There are some good bits in it (there's some great unseen molten metal footage from a helicopter and interesting stuff about the Pentagon too), but I expect the actual final cut to be massively different.

Google Video Link :

It's not a trailer mind... just a few clips of info put together...

Best wishes

May 2006 is "very old"?

Thank you for encapsulating the problem with our culture in general and the lame-ass excuses offered by Louder than Words for all their fallacies in particular.

Get together again

March on the Pentagon
Saturday, March 17, 2007

~ 40th anniversary of the historic 1967 march on the Pentagon ~
~ 4th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war ~

Download Flyers:

On March 17, 2007, the 4th anniversary of the start of the criminal invasion of Iraq, tens of thousands of people from around the country will descend on the Pentagon in a mass demonstration to demand: U.S. Out of Iraq Now! 2007 is the 40th anniversary of the historic 1967 anti-war march to the Pentagon during the Vietnam War. The message of the 1967 march was "From Protest to Resistance," and marked a turning point in the development of a countrywide mass movement.

In the coming days and weeks, thousands of organizations and individuals will begin mobilizing for the upcoming March on the Pentagon. Organizing committees and transportation centers are being established to bring people to the March on the Pentagon.

The March 17 demonstration will assemble at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Constitution Gardens) at 12 noon in Washington, D.C.and march to the Pentagon.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

We Should

Make up some green 9/11 Truth shirts for St. Patty's Day
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Here's one...

great idea, i think that'd

great idea, i think that'd be a big success since i'm sure there are so many people in NY that know about 9/11 truth.

As far as websites and signs go... maybe consider having a TRUTH911.NET sign. It's a short url and easy to remember. We could update the front page with something for the days surrounding the march or something like that.

That way, people will be able to watch loose change, and have all the other information and movies at their fingertips... just a suggestion that haveing a sign might be better than a sign.. .but i'm a little bias... haha... anyways, good luck

Show "Media blackout?" by JamesB



It's time for 9/11 TRANSPARENCY..... time to let the people see all the evidence.

We simply can not rely on this government or this media.

We can make up our own minds.... and do a far better investigation than anyone being contracted by our government.

With transparency we would no longer need the FBI and CIA.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Loose Change 3 Free Video? Don't Hold Your Breath!

They are going to be showing this movie in the theatres, which certainly indicates to me that Dylan's not going to be making it available for free.

Yeah, But

He wants the truth out, more then $?

What are you, the LC3 marketing committee?

I will march for 9/11 truth and justice. Disclosure and accountability.

I will not march to do a product giveaway of an inferior video.

LC promotes hoaxes:
1) No plane at Shanksville, based on one sentence in an article retracted by the newspaper that printed it, and on selective use of pictures and out-of-context quotes.
2) Cell phone calls faked - relatives probably liars. (When in fact almost all of the reported calls were from airfones.)
3) 160 billion dollars in gold down there, says Wikipedia and AFP.
4) Any sophism to suggest no plane hit the Pentagon.
5) Marvin Bush as the "head" of WTC security on 9/11?!
6) Juvenile rendering of the 9/11 plot as a whole.

LC no longer needs your guerilla marketing. It doesn't need you to march for it. It's going to have a Hollywood advertising campaign, and after that the movement will be irretrievably defined by the false claims and fallacies of an MTV video. But hey, it's youthful and cool - let's jam.

LC has led millions of people down the wrong path. The world should have been polarized into skeptics against official conspiracy theorists. Are you for or against truth disclosure? Instead we are being polarized into naive believers of anything long as it's against the OCT vs. blind mockery and contentment-in-ignorance.




You think you are so smart..... there is no way a 757 hit the Pentagon.... if it did... your Government should be held very accountable.

That was a direct penetration and a 757 is too tall to be able to put the damage where it did without damaging the lawn..... especially if you consider their weak video evidence..... whatever hit the Pentagon was skimming the ground.

There is also stron evidence that there was an explosion at the Pentagon several minutes prior to anything hitting there.

what were they investigating in those offices?.... Naval Intelligence?... Accounting??

$2.3 Trillion Missing?

Whomever had control of security allowed access to those structures.... Even WTC 7! Home to the second largest CIA Headquarters in the world.

Those buildings could not have hfallen without a little help from some big explosions.... look... and SEE

there was instant pulverization of concrete.... INSTANT!

Your government said they excavated the plane from the SOFT ground at Shanksville.... I want to see it.... It sould be fairly intact.... I mean that ground was soft..... Hell just show me the big hole that they dug to get that plane out.

Keep dreamin' Nicholas.... you will soon have your reward.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss