911 activism

I was at work in a local government law office when one of the lawyers brought in a television on 911 said that the country was under attack. My overwhelming sense was that Bush had just been handed a "power-package" on a silver plate.

The invasion of Afghanistan seemed to be an appropriate response, but I was concerned about getting mired in an unending "war" that had bankrupted the Soviet Union.

The drum beat for war with Iraq was suspicious and the conflating of 911 with Iraq was transparent. Bush had an agenda and oil was the obvious target.

In the 2004 election cycle, I started following a number of progressive blogs (Raw Story, BuzzFlash, Daily Kos, Truthout) and eventually came across references to 911 as an inside job. My immediate reaction was "that wouldn't surprise me." I then followed some links to Loose Change just before Loose Change 2 was supposed to come out. I ordered it but did not get it for many months. That and the Stephen Jones Powerpoint completely convinced me.

As a former prosecutor, I looked back at all the administration's actions to stop an investigation and the destruction of the evidence and knew that it was both consciousness of guilt and obstruction of justice.

I give out CDs and when an opportunity presents itself, I say: "Did you know that a third building at the WTC collapsed to the ground on Sept 11, 2001, at 5:20 in the afternoon?" The answer is always "no." And I go from there.

I check this website every day and admire the true grass roots efforts working to reclaim our country. It is scary. It is necessary.