Breaking News! Additional American 77 Flight Data Recorder Files Decoded!

We were recently able to get the additional FDR raw file decoded.

Preliminary analysis:

We have the Radar Altimeter and better resolution on Longitude/Latitude.

-Radar Altimeter confirms too high to hit the light poles (Baro Altimeter lag excuse completely debunked).

-Latitude/Longitude confirms north flight path
(mag variation error excuse completely debunked, The NTSB didnt use mag heading to plot the flight path in animation, as i have said in the past, "Follow The Yellow Brick Road". There is a reason for the grid on the ground in the animation.).

-Vertical speed/G Loads based on radar altimeter and full flight plot starting from take off completely debunks those that think there can be up to 3 seconds missing.

I did an emergency radio interview last night with Mike Chambers.
You can listen to the archive of the show from last night at and download the archive on the main page
which covers our preliminary analysis including excuses others have used that the FDR may be missing 2-3 seconds of data.

Feel free to email me for further details.

FDR Readout Files can be downloaded from our forums in the American 77 section.

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Top job JDX and all at PF911T...

You know that you'll have all the PentaShills out in force now :)

Great job pushing for the TRUTH.

For everyone who plans to listen (highly recommended) if you skip to 1hr 12 mins, that is where the interview starts.

Direct link (for convenience) :

I would also like to send my thanks to Mike Chambers of and a BIG Shout to all at

Best wishes and good luck

According to BTS

You are right John.

Perhaps the above title should read,

"Breaking News! Additional Files decoded of the Flight Data Recorder that the National Transportation Safety Board Claims is from American Airlines Flight 77".

But im not sure if there is enough room for that in the above title.. :-)

Thanks for your support veritas!

Cheers to both!