KING 4 NEWS - Was 9/11 An Inside Job Cartoon

One day, reporter John Hughes of KING 4 News in New York became fed up with his role in dumbing down the masses by reporting propaganda.

He decided to be a rogue reporter and hit the streets. Here's what happened.

Great Summary.

Great summary of where we are today as a society in dealing with Nine Eleven among other things. We have to just keep pushing it out there with these people because we are better off than we were before with this information and these people.

Investigate Nine Eleven.
Speak out.
Pass out.
and when people begin to wake up they will be ready to tackle the issue of the Federal Reserve. Thankfully.

Let's get Arundhati Roy to get exposed to this stuff as well. She would make for a great spokeswoman.

Letter to Ms. Roy's Agent, David Godwin

Hello David:

I'm familiar with some of the writings of Ms. Roy and, at the urging of some of my colleagues, have elected to send you some informational material to pass along to her:

9/11: Press for Truth

9/11 Mysteries Part One: Demolitions

The material more or less picks up the topics likely not allowed into Michael Moore's "Farenheit 9/11" for widespread theatrical release and covers the abuses of the (inherently abusive?) military-industrial complex for psychological warfare right here in the U. S. A., which we are still feeling the effects of in '07.

I thank Ms. Roy for her existing work and request that she please consider carefully the above-linked information.


Where do we turn? Judicial

Where do we turn? Judicial system is appointed and I don't see a Eliot Ness or anyone in a white hat. I am loosing hope. I just want people to look at the 9/11 evidence and see for themselves that there is no longer any honesty or righteousness left operating our government.

Without looking at the evidence they are supporting the corruption that has taken over.