David Cameron answers this weeks questions..

Well Cameron has answered last weeks questions.

Every week he spends the least amount of time on the highest ranked questions, wonder whether that is because they are not the sort of Q's he gets asked in his normal politcal/media circles.

Totally failed to recognise what I was asking him in the first question, and then does an even better job of skirting the second on MI5/MI6 training extremists.

Please go vote this weeks good Q's up: the current top rated is on 911, and mine regarding whether or not he would be prepared to meet an eye witness to 77 (suspicious plain clothed police filming him and the bus that just exploded) is just outside top 5 :-)


Those are such weak

Those are such weak responses, he totally skirted it all again - "the conspiracy theory side of things" - what a clown.

what a slave..

Tony Blair clone or what - any suggestion that US is too big for it's boots, and u get same old answer:

"Our relationship is very important.." blah blah... w@nk w@nk

Check it, they've just

Check it, they've just deleted the 9/11 question;


What a Nice Person...

Tells you a lot about Cameron...

He's a TRUE caring human, who wants to get to the bottom of 9/11...

Best wishes and good luck

**Edited as a result of the question reappearing :)


just noticed...

that is disgusting censorship!!

Just making a blog there asking why!!
as well as gonna email channel4 and more4 news, not that it will do much, but man i'm pissed.

at least they haven't pulled mine: it's in 4th place now.

it's back up..

I made a new blog post asking about censorship: which was blocked.delayed....

and now it's back up.. not sure if there was just a little error, or they had a go at getting away with it.


Yea I was just about to say,

Yea I was just about to say, who knows if it'll stay up but I bet it was probably your blog dude;




its still up, atm.
wouldn't surprise me at all, if there gonna 'pull' the 911 questions from the blog soon, with the explanation that "david has already answered the 911 conspiracy questions and given his opinion on it, and we have to defend the citizens with yet unanswered questions "

u know, lets talk about standing areas at football matches! things that matter, not crazy conspiracy theories!

Hypocritical tosser

Toke on Dave, try inhaling this time.