Democratic agenda 2008

I have decided to be a Democrat, in support of candidates like Bowman
and Kucinich. Does anyone have other candidates to recommend?

Bowman on the issues is here:

Kucinich on the issues is here:

Any other suggestions?

Why was this voted down?

I just pushed the vote up, from 1 to 5. Only two people put in votes. I gave it a 10.

Look at this politician's statement, from his website:

"9/11: The truth about 9/11 is that we don’t KNOW the truth about 9/11, and we should. I will sponsor (and have already lined up co-sponsors for) legislation initiating a truly independent investigation of 9/11. There is mounting evidence of possible complicity by elements of our own government."

I had never heard of Dr. Bob Bowman before, but I will remember his name from now on. Go look at his website (URL given in M.Morrissey's blog entry).

Being a Republican or a

Being a Republican or a Democrat means nothing. They're both an illusion. It's the ultimate divide and conquer technique. Both parties are beyond corrupt.

I support Bob Bowman, but it doesn't mean that I'm a democrat. I also support Ron Paul and others who are against the new world order and globalization and who are for the Constitution and the principles that our country was founded upon.

"Being" a Democrat

The goal is to have a forum to present your views and issues. Here in Germany, the Democrats have an organization; the other parties do not, except for the Reps. Hence my goal is to try to promulgate my views (which are those of Kucinich, Bowman, etc.) within that forum. This is not about winning, but about getting a message across. Remember that the Kennedys and MLK, all killed by you-know-who, were Democrats. If there's room for them and for people like Bowman and Kucinich, there's room for all of us. I'm also looking at Obama--and even Al Gore, if he runs.

No matter who one supports, 911 Truth is a simple and very clear-cut issue. No theories required; it is simply a call for truth. That alone makes it radical.