How They Think

Just in case you don't understand how these folks think, let me lay out how I see things.

The Senate is about to get a report showing that a cabal within the Pentagon, known as the "Office of Special Plans", slanted the intelligence and made up fake stuff to justify the Iraq war.

The Libby trial is pointing towards Bush and Cheney as the source of the leaks which outed CIA cover agent Valerie Plame.

Bush's popularity is in free-fall

So how are these folks going to save themselves? What are they going to do?

Are they going to correct their ways, change their decision-makers, and start acting better?

Uh . . . no.

They're going to get us into war with Iran.

And how they are going to do that? By carrying out another false flag operation. See this statement by a Congressman and this one by a very connected insider.

But won't they destroy America, democracy, the Constitution and the economy in the process? Sure. But they don't care.

Like wounded animals, they just want to defend themselves. A better analogy is Anthony Hopkins in "Silence of the Lambs". They have no problem killing more people to escape prison. They intend to create more chaos and more destruction in order to keep control and escape punishment.

That's what they are going to do . . . Unless we the people stop them.

This becomes more apparent....

....every day....

I'm sure it was Cheney

who leaked Plame. There is an excellent book called:

Vice: Dick Cheney and the Hijacking of the American Presidency (Hardcover)
by Lou Dubose (Author), Jake Bernstein (Author)

Although it is not strictly a 9/11 "truth" book, it does reveal alot about Dick Cheney and topics that have a direct bearing on 9/11 such as the secret and illegal energy meetings made before 9/11 targeting Iraq and Afghanistan for oil. It also mentions the fact that Cheney made marks on a newspaper about Plame when he was angry that her husband leaked the truth about the fake Iraq WMD story about transferring nuclear materials.

Another relevation in the book is the fact that Cheney fired the messenger when the CIA told him there were not WMD's in Iraq. Twice. That's how you create your own reality.

The main argument of the book is that he has essentially taken over the presidency of the United States. This is why I consider him a prime suspect in the 9/11 attacks among other reasons.

It's worth reading.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

The need for pressure has to be stepped up.

These Neocons are just disgusting, We know who is involved with the Plame leak. The big lie is about to be revealed, but the MSM talking heads are going to dilute this alot to confuse people. Meanwhile the fighting at the border of Iran is underway, that is certainly where the extra troops asked for by Bush are going to be needed. The surge is on if Congress passes it. Speaking of Congress, I watched quite a bit of the debate yesterday concerning the surge bill, and all that I saw accomplished was whether they would approve of Gary Webbs Amendment to the bill or any other Republican Amendment added to it. It then became a question and answer session between John McCain and Webb on the Repugs side and Harry Reid (Who had the floor) and Dick Durbin and Barbara Boxer. Now at issue was the bill concerning the surge money, which soon became Webb questioning the Democrats commitment to the troops, which Reid in turn said We are always committed to the troops,Blah, blah, blah. It took 1 hour for the discussion to actually come down to;"Lets be clear here, We vote for the surge package, We vote for the surge package with the fact We support our troops, We vote for the surge package with the Webb Amendment, We vote for the surge package with the McCain Amendment, and we support our troops, We vote for the surge package without the McCain or Webb Amendments, and We support our troops, or We don't pass the surge Amendment, but what kind of message does that say to our troops?" This is ridiculous, it made Me wonder what the hell is wrong with this Congress..You either decide to pass it or not. I say hell no! Get our guys out of there.