Michael Moriarty, Emmy / Tony Award Winning Actor says OKC and 9/11 are "Inside Jobs"

Thanks to my old mate "Roxdog" of The Loose Change Forum for breaking this...

February 7, 2007

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Michael Moriarty , acclaimed actor and former star of Law & Order, and such films as Bang the Drum Slowly, Pale Rider, The Glass Menagerie, Hanoi Hilton, and Holocaust just to name a few… Appeared on the syndicated talk radio show DEADLINE LIVE with Jack Blood (Genesis Communications Network) Tuesday February 6th 2007 to discuss his write in bid for US President in 2008, and his new independent film, “Hitler Meets Christ”

Along the way MR Moriarty discussed some of his published opinions and musings about “Progressive” politics, abortion, terrorism, science, and conservatism gone wrong in the new millennium.

Moriarty began by detailing the evidence of forced sterilzations and the open eugenics plans of the elite.
He quickly went into geo politics saying, “The Bush / Clinton cartel, coalition (are) doing a Napoleon run on what’s left of the free world. They are BOTH progressives. The Republican party became progressive with Henry Kissinger; and never looked back.” (We assume by “progressives” he means Neo Liberals, and Neo Cons)

Moriarty went on to discuss the extensive past of Bush Sr and Bill Clinton in Mena Arkansas when Bill Clinton was Governor. “He (Bush Sr) wanted to run a profoundly unconstitutional, guns and drugs operation out of Mena. So he goes to Arkansas and there’s Bill waiting for him saying Lets break the law together. The reason it’s against the law and the constitution much more so than Iran / Contra is that the CIA has a right to raise funds on Foreign soil, and they are obliged to occasionally… But when you bring in a law breaking outfit of guns and drugs into the domestic United States you compromise the FBI, the state courts, and you just get yourself in the worst possible position.”
Asked again by Jack Blood if he agrees that Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush were running illegal guns and drugs, and laundering money out of Arkansas, Moriarty replied, “ABSOLUTELY, Its fact! Its total Fact.”

Host Jack Blood then asked Mr. Moriarty about his writings pertaining to the Oklahoma City Bombings of 1995. Blood asked, “Who Benefited from the OKC Bombings.” Moriarty answered, “The Clinton Administration. They shot up to a 62% approval rating (from 22%) Janet Reno kept her job, the BATF kept their Dept. the whole Clinton Admin. benefited from that awful nightmare…. That’s why it smelled of a Reichstag fire. Moriarty went on to add that Muslims were involved in the OKC bombings and that it was covered up by the Clintons et al. “There are so many deep lies, those two families (Bush and Clinton) that put together what will prove to be 24 years of progressive presidents, because America will have no more right to say no to Hillary Clinton than they did about Roe V Wade. You have no choice because indeed it is run by the New World Order.
Asked again by Jack Blood to clarify, do you have any doubt the OKC Bombing was an Inside Job? Moriarty replied, “NONE!” He elaborated, “ There were two seismic reports of explosions. There were no children of federal employees in the building at the time in the day care center, and the BATF were no where to be found. (According to local news reports, and eyewitness accounts, they were text messaged not to go in that day, but were standing by.)

Asked about September 11th 2001, Michael Moriarty laid out his theory. “My Theory is that Bush (Sr) talked to the Bin Laden family in Riyadh. The Bin Laden family hired the Pentagon, the Bush’s, to protect their holdings… They hired them for protection in the first Gulf War. George Bush says, I am not going to attack Iraq without Probable Cause. The Bin Ladens say, we’ll give you probable cause… And one of their own relatives pulled this off.” (He has posted articles in the past mentioning that the UN was also somehow involved in 911. “Actually, word just came in that the Jihad arm of the UN blew up the twin towers of the World Trade Center and half the Pentagon. A few of the delegates who sit so politely in the UN General Assembly left the building today and eagerly awaited a nightmare they knew was going to happen, a mini-Pearl-Harbor 60 blocks south of them in Manhattan. They’re even now thinking that a similar stunt at the UN might deflect the blame. Reichstag fires are a big attention-getter and blame-thrower. That’s my description of their best propaganda war weapon: the blame-thrower. Oklahoma City was given a taste of that on April 19, 1995.”

Regarding the Dept of Homeland Security Moriarty said, “Homeland Security, FEMA… They are built NOT to protect the American people. They are built to protect the federal Government in case of the inevitable civil war starts.”

With these statements Michael Moriarty joins a growing list of celebrities (Charlie Sheen, Ed Begley Jr, Ed Asner, James Brolin, and David Lynch) who question the Government’s version of events regarding both the OKC bombings and 911. Though we do not agree with all of Moriarty’s conclusions, “Islam is a New World Order Gestapo” Etc… BUT we commend Mr. Moriarty for speaking out about state sponsored terrorism, and agree that an internationalist elite are attempting to destroy the USA from the inside out to create a one world government run by a scientific dictatorship.

While critics may dismiss Moriarty's statements as those of an isolated
Hollywood type living in their own world, the fact is that 36 percent of Americans believe that the U.S. government aided the terrorists attacks of 9/11 according to a Scripts Howard news service poll.

Michael Moriarty’s new film HILTER MEETS CHRIST will be screened at the San Jose Film Festival in March of 2007. Moriarty stars in the film he wrote and directed playing Hitler.

More information about Mr. Moriarty’s presidential run for 2008 can be found at http://www.rainbow93.com Michael can be reached at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com

The DEADLINE LIVE interview with Michael Moriarty can be heard at http://www.realradioarchives.com/sound-1.htm

Jack Blood is available for comment if you should need to ask any follow up questions.

Good for him.

Guess he wanted to be a superhero as well as an award winning actor.

good stuff

i've long sensed a possible connection between OKC & 911. Too many similarities, too many of the same people in power and position to cover up the true nature of both.

someone told me about this Moriarty "that guy is way smart, prolly one of the smarter actors on tv," boy do I now concur.

not to mention...

The same group of 5 or so structural engineers that "investigated" OKC just happened to find their way onto the FEMA team investigating after 9/11, and then into the NIST.


This guy is great to have on our side I have been a big fan. Everyone should Email and tell him thanks.

He would be a great spokesman for a 911 and presidental truth canidate.

Clinton 08! Four more wars!!!

kudos to this guy...

what we need is a celebrities or entertainers for 911 truth.

A group of high-profile, respected actors, actresses, artists, musicians, etc that stand united....

You may say I'm a dreamer....

But I'm not the only one.

Too bad this guy isn't around anymore...

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the only thing wrong with

the only thing wrong with this guy is that he still promotes the islamo-facist scare tactics that all Muslims are bad.
He's really missed the mark on that one.

It might be a good thing with an Islam-critic voice

First of all, I haven't read what this guy has to say about Islam, but I think the attitude towards Islam in the 9/11 Truth movement has a tendency to be a little too apologetic. I mean, just because 9/11 (and probably a few other) terrorist attacks weren't the work of Muslims alone doesn't mean that Islam is suddenly totally harmless and 100% compatible with democracy.

In my view Islam is basically a fascist ideology with a religious wrapping. As a Dane, I felt this first hand about a year ago, when Muslims went nuts in the streets because a newspaper had broken one of their "laws" by publishing some cartoons of their prophet Mohammad.

Anyway, this discussion doesn't have much to do with 9/11 itself, so I guess it's a bit off topic. But I just think we turn a lot of people away if it's "either you believe the official story and can use it to criticize Islam, or you believe 9/11 is and inside job, and that Islam is harmless."

Especially here in Europe where I guess there is more opposition towards Islam than in the States, because we have had more Muslim immigration and experienced the problems this has caused.

Bottom line - the fact that 9/11 is an inside job doesn't say anything about Islam in general.

You won't find ME fighting for Democracy!

"Democracy", is neither implicitly nor explicitly compatible with "peace" either. (Two wolves and one sheep, voting on dinner)

Don't forget one of the most hard-core confrontations still looming on the American horizon: That of a propaganda machine which has been afoot for many decades before 9/11 itself, telling people that "Democracy Democracy is the solution to all". When in fact, America was actually founded upon something of a largely forgotten (and suppressed) concept of a constitutional republic (law to protect the minority voice, even if that be a minority of one, from the ravenous cravings of unbounded Men) protecting curtain inalienable rights, while simply a "tradition of democracy" (World Fact Book) would/could be used in providing a method of voluntary collective pooling of resource and interests. A place where democracy, was never supposed to be unbounded by the provisions of the first principal protecting basic inherent rights of all people. Alas.

Note, that for whatever form or activity a nation may democratically choose (count the fucking paper votes by hand, dear people), that in a constitutional republic, not even the super majority is permitted by law of the land in subjugating the inalienable rights of even the one. This was also in-fact, intended to include and protect even the "swarthy foreigner", but all people drift towards tendencies of racism and prejudice. Nothing new here.

"Democracy! Democracy!"... is nothing I care to see manifest the world over. Besides, I swore an oath to uphold and defend a constitution of law, not men. A constitution which is flawed, but nonetheless offers a means of amendment, to ever and endlessly improve upon its provisions and protections FOR ALL PEOPLE... even if that be a minority of one.

I'm a saddened that so many of my fellow countrymen have lazily drifted from their duty of understanding, upholding and defending this gifted concept once offered so long ago... but it may simply be the tendencies of man, to selfishly buy into such crap advance throughout the ages by all mental midgets such a George W. Bush.

He was hardly the first, and not likely the last.

God speed to us all.

Radical Islam is very real...

Radical Islam is very real, and its origins go back to the "Muslim Brotherhood" network created during and immediately after WWII.

The Nazis cultivated relationships with radical sects of Islam and used them in the Middle East. After WWII, we brought many high level German/Nazi intelligence officials to the U.S. and those relationships to the Muslim Brotherhood were cultivated and strengthened.

It does 9/11 truth a disservice to run around saying that radical Islam doesn't exist. It leaves open to the charges that the whole "9/11 truth movement" is some sort of psychological denial of the dangers.

Yes it is greatly exhaggerated

Yes it was created, funded and fomented by Western governments

Yes many radical Islam operations have been micro-managed and then used to create crisis pretexts for military intevention.

Unfortunately, a lot of this has been done using people who REALLY DO hate the U.S. and want to hurt Americans, and our interventionist actions over the last half a century have given them plenty of good reasons.

Let's just be careful that we not make "radical Islam denial" a pillar of the 9/11 truth movement, because it hurts us. Just point out the facts about its origins and nature, we don't need to say that it doesn't exist. That is a very big thing to try to prove and frankly isn't true.

We are easily misled on this issue

Swmorgan, you say: "Yes [radical Islam] was created, funded and fomented by Western governments."

Yes, partly.

Western colonialism had a big role in 'creating' radical Islam. It is an amazing story. Brutal, and high-handed. These folks remember, but we never even learned about it.

For instance, read about how the Iraq borders were created, by the British. The whole purpose was to hobble that nation economically, by eliminating its access to a good port. Just look at a map of it: almost totally land-locked. Its only port is in a swamp.

Then too, this radical Islam movement shows peoples' reaction against international consumerism and related conformities which seem to rob a region of its own identity.

In the mix you'd also have to mention the fall of the Caliphate, at the end of WWI. These folks have not recovored from that blow. I think, in the same position, you or I might also not easily recover. It involves one's sense of self-respect.

That doesn't mean radical Islam is not dangerous. It certainly can be. But radical anything is dangerous. Radical Catholicism has been dangerous in northern Ireland, as has radical Pretestantism in the same region.

You mention "people who REALLY DO hate the U.S. and want to hurt Americans..." Indeed, they do.

In the long-term I hope for solutions that involve more understanding -- more people learning Arabic and Turkish and Indonesian, and living abroad in those lands, more people learning the history of those regions, studying the Koran, stuff like that. We are really very ignorant of it all, and so we can be easily misled.

please try to be even handed

Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, and these folks...



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I now read some of Michael Moriarty's statements on Islam, and he actually at one point advocates using the same tactics as for Japan during WW2, i.e. nuke'em.

So I hereby retract my support for this guy. He seems to be more of a jerk than I would expect from an actor.

I still think there should still be room for criticism of any religion or ideology within the 9/11 Truth community though. And I don't believe it's all the Nazi's or the US' fault. The Koran is full of quotes like "kill all unvelievers" etc.

blaming religious texts

you wrote: The Koran is full of quotes like "kill all unvelievers" etc.

If you like that kind of thing you should also check out the Torah and especially the Talmud. I wonder how poeple would react if we were to scour those texts for material that might have a bearing on Israeli and/or Jewish American involvement in 9/11? Oh I know, though, Muslims aren't real people.

In reality, anyway, religion is a smoke screen for the real motivations of the elites, and a way of duping ignorant people into working on their behalf. That's obviously not the whole stroy about religion, but in this context its is.


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and he talks about Mena too?

and he talks about Mena too? this guy clearly knows his shit. i must confess ive never heard of him until now, but good for him. much respect to Michael Moriarty. now if we could just get him to stop falling for the "Islam is evil" crap. you would think a guy who can see that 9/11 was an inside job would be able to see through the "war on terror".

Not able to muster enthusiasm.

“Islam is a New World Order Gestapo”

That is in no way different from a racist statement like "The Jews did 9/11." I get the impression he would also like me to cede authority over my body to the state -- I thought that was some Rockefellerian NWO kind of thing, but I guess it garners broader support than that.

I congratulate him for having the guts to come forward and express his beliefs about 9/11 and OKC publically.

Not the way I took It.

Gestapo: the German state secret police during the Nazi regime, organized in 1933 and notorious for its brutal methods and operations.

I ,dare say, I think what he means is that the Elites are using Islam to terrorize & as a means to their end goal, which they are. Just like they're using radical Jews & radical Xians... etc.

No he's saying "mankind

No he's saying "mankind without the 'Golden Rule' (whatever that means) is a beast" and that "Islam has no 'Golden Rule' nor does the 'Koran Bible'", he's essentially blatantly insinuating that Islam is a 'beast Religion', I think he's quite a bigoted asshole.

Golden Rule:

Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.

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He's still a little ignorant.

"As only Americans stopped United 93 from reaching its dreaded destination, only Americans can end the Progressive New World Order."

He still thinks Americans brought down flight 93, therefore he thinks 'radical Muslims' were involved in the attacks. We hate what we fear, he'll come around upon further research. If not, he's not as enlightened as he would like to think.

"Islam is a New World Order gestapo"

I find that very hard to disagree with, but would add the caveat of "Islamicism is a New World Order gestapo".

I don't think he meant to say that the the RELIGION of Islam itself was created by the NWO.

The point is, like SO MANY otherwise well-intended social, political and religious movements Islam has been hijacked by a group of radicals in order to create a crisis and pretext for ongoing wars and intervention.


Where did he say this at?

This means nothing unless some MSM Reports this.

I'm not sure I agree with

I'm not sure I agree with this guy on everything, he seems unnecessarily harsh against things like Islam, "no golden rule in Islam" what does that mean? I'm not a Muslim and there are certainly some fanatical people in the world calling themselves Muslim, but it's not an "evil Religion", it's Abrahamic which means comes from the same roots as Christianity and Judaism. This guy seems incoherent, perhaps he’s just old, but his views are a bit skewed in my opinion. He tries to call Kissinger a Progressive? What? I don't know what to make of him and I don't think he'll ever become President with such bigotry.

Lou Dobbs Calls Out Elitist On North American Union

i dont always agree with Lou Dobbs, i think hes ridiculous when it comes to the illegal immigration issue. yes, its a problem but it not the biggest problem this country faces like Lou seems to think. not even close. that said, he does a GREAT job here:

Lou Dobbs calls out elitist Robert Pastor on the stealth movements towards a North American Union that are taking place in secret without Congressional or voter oversight.



Didn't think this would make it through the monitors.

Latest Report reveals 25 Most Corrupt Members of the Bush Administration

More than more than 160 cases of misconduct over the last six years and then narrowed the list based on type of offense, the official’s level of responsibility and the impact on the public trust. The majority of the officials in the report have been convicted of crimes, are currently under criminal investigation, or are being investigated by the inspector generals of their respective agencies.

Original Article →

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

I wonder what Kevin Barrett

I wonder what Kevin Barrett thinks of this guy and his views on Islam.

call and ask him!

I'm posting this from Kevin's latest email for two reasons--it mentions his show tonight with the phone number at the end of the text, AND because I had attempted to post this as a blog but it disappeared in the ether. In any case it does touch on the subjects of 9/11, religion, and bigotry...

"Holocaust Myth" Libel Debunked

[This Friday on Truth Jihad Radio, 6-8 p.m. CT, http://republicbroadcasting.org, I will be discussing "bigotry, accusations of bigotry, and their role in interfaith dialogue and the 9/11 truth movement" with my guests Carol Brouillet and James Powell]

Last year, during a guest appearance on a Madison, Wisconsin talk radio show, the host compared 9/11 skeptics to "people who think the Holocaust is a myth." "Of course it's a myth," I responded, explaining that the word myth, in the academic sense, means: "Sacred narrative that is believed to be true, and that often inaugurates and legitimizes a social order or a way of understanding the world." Scholars are far more interested in the social and political effects of myths than whether or not they are true, I continued. Calling the Holocaust a myth, and exploring the destructive effects of that myth, as Norman Finkelstein does, says nothing about whether the story is true or false.

After a commercial break, the host came back with: "We're talking to Dr. Kevin Barrett, who says the Holocaust is a myth." That host was either an idiot or a liar, for he was confusing, whether deliberately or through sheer stupidity, the academic and popular senses of the word myth, only a few minutes after I had clearly explained the distinction.

Last week, a blog entry by Mark (gravy) Roberts from the blogs section at 911blogger.com, citing an out-of-context fragment of a private email, repeated the "Barrett calls Holocaust myth" libel. Of course it's a myth, Mark! That doesn't mean it isn't true. I have no doubt that among the 60 million people killed in World War II, a great many were Jews who were killed because they were Jews, Gypsies killed because they were Gypsies, homosexuals killed because they were homosexuals, communists killed because they were communists, Slavs killed because they were Slavs--and, perhaps worst of all, decent people killed because they were decent people who insisted on telling the truth in the face of a lying, war-criminal regime.

This does not mean that the Holocaust narrative is not a myth! In a scientific culture, one would expect the dominant myths to be empirically true--meaning backed by empirical evidence, not true in an absolute sense. Evolution, the big bang theory, the Holocaust, Pearl Harbor, the story of Muhammad's reception of the Qur'an, Genesis, the Gospels of Jesus, etc. are all examples of myths that are used by contemporary communities. Whether they are empirically true or not is irrelevant to their status as myths. I regularly use these examples in the classes I teach, and whenever the subject of mythography (the academic study of myths) comes up. Occasionally Muslims look askance at my characterization of their (our) sacred narrative as a myth, while others react badly to my characterization of the Holocaust as a myth -- even though I NEVER do so without explaining the term first! The moral: An educator's job is never done.

That said, I do think that Americans are going to have to get used to the fact that most of the world's Arabs and Muslims who have an opinion think the Jewish Holocaust body count has been exaggerated by Western historians, due to the natural tendency of the victor to rewrite history at the expense of the vanquished. The Arab world's leading statesman and political commentator, Mohammed Heikal, does not deny the Holocaust, but he claims that after conducting extensive research he believes that the true number of Jewish victims was less than one million. I suspect that very few of the world's 200 million Arabs or 1.5 billion Muslims would disagree with him. Personally, I have no idea who is right, the Western consensus or Heikal and other non-Western intellectuals and their Western supporters. I simply have not had the time or interest to do the research necessary to have an informed opinion on this question. If refusing to accept someone else's sacred story on faith makes me a heretic, I plead guilty. Given the ludicrous lies about 9/11 and other matters that have been perpetrated by Western academia, media, and governments, I think anyone who accepts anything these Western institutions say about anything, without personally verifying it through careful research, is a gullible person indeed.

The point of this fence-straddling is dialogue. As a person who has lived on various sides of various cultural fences, I see my interfaith-dialogue role as one of helping each side understand the other. This is not always easy. Arabs and Muslims generally regard pro-Zionists in almost exactly the same way that Jews and most Americans regard pro-Nazis or "Holocaust deniers"—as defenders of the indefensible who must be morally corrupt if not downright evil. I have spent countless hours talking to Arabs and Muslims trying to explain why Americans and especially American Jews think the way they do, and pointing out that pro-Zionists are not necessarily evil. Likewise I am sometimes compelled to explain to Americans why the Arab-Muslim world is essentially unanimous in questioning both the numbers and the meaning of the standard Western version of the Nazi Holocaust narrative, and trying to point out that 1.5 billion people may be wrong without being evil. This is often a thankless task. Extremists on one side call me a Holocaust denier while those on the other side call me a Jew-loving race traitor. (DB Smith actually called for me to be arrested as a Mossad agent because I am so friendly with Jews!) Interestingly, those extremists are virtually never Muslim—they're all white power types. Anti-Zionist Muslims are almost always polite and open to dialogue. It's just that nobody on this side of the fence wants to hear them–maybe because their argument about Palestine, and the irrelevance of the Holocaust story to it, is so compelling?

[Questions? Comments? Rotten tomatoes? Call in this Friday, 2/10/07, on Truth Jihad Radio, 6-8 p.m. CT, http://republicbroadcasting.org: (800) 313-9443]


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Take a look above in this thread...

RT, I'd like your take on my comment above, if you have a moment to look at it. Title: "We are easily misled on this issue."

sure, here it is

I think that masses are manipulated all throughout the world and all throughout history to sacrifice themselves for the sake of one or more powerful individuals or groups. This has to do with the will to power and the tendency of cheaters to get ahead because good people are more interested in enjoying the gift of life than trying to fill a void in their souls.

When we look at any group made up of ignorant people (including perfectly well educated people who are simply unaware of what is really going on around them) we find that it makes little sense to study their motivations at face value, since these are created for them by the system that is kept running by the general consensus that it is better to join the cheaters and prosper with them rather than to stand for principle and lose something for it.

Immersing ourselves in the Koran, etc. is fine as long as it is done comparatively with other groups' sacred texts and narratives. Understanding how one group is misled into behaving badly is useless unless we are doing it as part of an effort to understand how all other groups are similarly used. In this context I woulod suggest it means examining "radical Islam" with no more and no less skeptical scrutiny than that with which we should examine Judaism, Christianity, and Zionism and the myriad ways that these traditions have been used to mislead people and manipulate them into self-and-mutually destructive behavior.

You can go all the way back to the schism that created Christianity and marvel at what a profound (and in many ways negative) influence the metaphysical legends of a small group of semitic people have had on the world. radical Islam is just one of the latest blossoms on that complicated mess of historical shrubbery.


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Please be aware that Michael Moriarty has rather radical and racist views and is not to be trusted:

- He thinks nuking Muslim states is OK:
"Tragically, the only language Islam, like Hirohito's Japan, understands is violence. The measures Harry Truman took to end the war with Japan may prove tragically necessary with Islam."

- He thinks infiltration is OK:
"The RCMP and CISUS of Canada are now doing what should have been done immediately after 9/11. They are deliberately infiltrating Mosques..."

- He spreads racial and religious hatred:
"I have no hope for Islam in general. None at all. As with Japan, that psychotic nation will most likely be the last of our enemies to seek a peace." "Islam...is [a] Kamikaze Nation, exactly like pre-World War II Imperial Japan. " He compares the Quran to Hitler's Mein Kampf

- He calls for Israel to become the 51st US State (this possibly explains something!)
"We Realists see no reason why Israel should not willingly and eagerly agree to become America's 51st state." He cynically states: "[This will] provide us with a cultural center and military base from which to protect freedom-loving peoples in the Middle East... This 51st state can and will prevail until the last man and woman rocket off to other planets."

- He says we must stay in Iraq
"...[E]ven though we're in Iraq for the WRONG REASONS, we MUST stay there."

Racist war-hawks for 9/11 Truth?

I know there's always been diversity of views within the truth movement, but this is getting really strange.

You said it.

What is it the guy said to open each episode of The Twilight Zone? Presented here, for your consideration...

lmao---- anything's possible


anything's possible ..
i guess

Developing: John Conner mentioned on 'The View' today

Jack Blood will have Conner on his show today (next 5 minutes or so from the time of this post) to discuss what happened. For those who would like to listen to the interview, go to Revere Radio and use one of their free streams located at the top/right side of page:


The show archive will be posted here later tonight:


Here's a thread about it over on Loose Change's message board:


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-Dan Wallace

how? was Danny Bonadouchy on

how? was Danny Bonadouchy on or something?

Go to the Loose Change thread

There's a description of what happened and why. Also tune in to Jack's show. Conner should be on in a few minutes.

"We are going to keep up this fight till the end, till the very end... They took it from the top to the bottom. We're gonna take it from the bottom to the top!"
-Dan Wallace


Had to laugh at Dylan's new avatar...

Check it out...

Looks like Mark Roberts (aka Gravy the king 9/11 debunker and NY tour guide) is giving someone a personal "tour".

Made me laugh anyway...

Best wishes

I knew it...

Mark is definitely on the freakin' payroll...
This body language between him and the guido mobster lookin' guy speaks volumes.
Mark even physically acts like a cop, it seems.

Agreed - He definitely deports himself

as someone who has had law enforcement or military training of some kind. Very curious.

I look forward to meeting him in the future.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

"I watched the show. Rosie

"I watched the show. Rosie was the one who quoted John Conner saying "9/11 was an inside job." Rosie held her hand like a bullhorn and said the words twice, directing her attention to the audience. "

hmm, interesting. somebody has to get video of this.

Jack Blood said they will be playing the clip of what she said

"We are going to keep up this fight till the end, till the very end... They took it from the top to the bottom. We're gonna take it from the bottom to the top!"
-Dan Wallace

I bet Barb was pissed...


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....ya think?....


Was Rosie confusing John Conner with Alex Jones?

just a thought... I don't know the context of the conversation, and both use bullhorns.

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This is gettin' good!

I want to see this.

Just found the video posted on youtube

Wow, Rosie's a truther.

I think ...

the dam just broke


I just blogged it here. Hopefully it will be posted soon.

FYI, Jack Blood just said John Conner won't be on the show today. Sorry for the mix-up.