Praise For 9/11 DVD Project!

Kudos to Tom Tvedten and the 911DVDProject! I just got my order of
20 plus a few extras he threw in. Nice surprises... ("911 Mysteries IS
available, BTW-- I got several of them!) He also puts postcards in each
of the DVD's for an added touch in connecting with new prospects.

This is the ticket. Check out the "action items" here on the homepage.
EVERYONE needs to follow these three action protocols: 1) The
Eleventh of Every Month Street Mayhem, 2) Distribute as many DVD's
as possible (esp. "911 Mysteries" and "Loose Change 2") to as many
people as possible! Go to to order. Please
donate the nominal amount back to the Project when you receive your
order. (You are getting them for Less than a buck a piece, after all!)
...and 3) Use the Graphic of WTC 7 for Mass Emailing. Let's send these
things, along with DVD's, to editors and politicians as well.

I also recommend 2 of the lecture DVD's: "David Ray Griffin 9/11 and the
American Empire" and "Steven Jones at Utah St. University"-- these are
great for giving out to professors, etc. Thanks again, Tom!

I have received two seperate

I have received two seperate orders from the 9/11 dvd project. Great service!

Thanks RL McGee, I will

Thanks RL McGee,

I will foward this to Dr Tom and our 911 DVD Project members. Spread the word and use us often.

Keep fighting the Good Fight!

ya.. i just got an order the

ya.. i just got an order the other day too. i was really happy with everything i got. it came with cards in the dvd jackets that have 9/11 truth stuff on there, as well a few deception dollars and stuff like that

i've also ordered dvd's from and those ones are great too and the movie seclection is a bit different. so i highly recomend both sites.