Surprise! Wolfowitz as Prophet

We are blessed to have men of such vision in high places.

Here he addresses the West Point graduating class in June 2001:

Rumsfeld was similarly prescient:

"[Meyer calls] attention to Donald Rumsfeld's bizarre Pearl-Harbor-propaganda campaign that had begun even before the Bush Administration took office. Rumsfeld spent 2000 and 2001 carrying around extra copies of Roberta Wohlstetter's Pearl Harbor: Warning and Decision, praising the book to the skies, and offering free copies to all and sundry. Wohlstetter's book, while it ostensibly supports the official myth that Pearl Harbor was a perfidious surprise attack, includes enough information to the contrary to enlighten the discerning reader to the unspeakable but implicitly acknowledged truth: The Roosevelt Administration provoked the attacks, knew they were coming, and left thousands of sailors in harm's way as an offering to the gods of war. Wohlstetter's book is a perfect illustration of neocon doublespeak: Tell a vivid, simplistic, emotionally-charged lie to the masses ('Perfidious surprise attack! Heroic purple-fury response!') yet include as a subtle subtext the unspeakable truth that only the elite are smart enough to discern and strong enough to handle: 'Roosevelt sacrificed thousands of American lives to the greater good of getting the US into the war."

During the "event", Rumsfeld (top decision-maker and top target at the Pentagon) chose to absent himself from the chain-of-command and instead do a photo-op in the open at the impact site.

Unfortunately, Wolfowitz's oracular powers failed him on 9/11, preventing him from correctly perceiving the long-anticipated event or taking any effective action:

From Paul Thompson:

"Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz has recently left a meeting with Defense Secretary Rumsfeld around 8:46 a.m (see (Before 8:46 a.m.) September 11, 2001). Wolfowitz later recalls, “We were having a meeting in my office. Someone said a plane had hit the World Trade Center. Then we turned on the television and we started seeing the shots of the second plane hitting, and this is the way I remember it. It’s a little fuzzy. ... There didn’t seem to be much to do about it immediately and we went on with whatever the meeting was."

the pearl harbor analogy

Let's be measured in our response to this kind of information. I'll admit, when aligned with Zelikow's 1998 invocation of Pearl Harbor in his article on "catastrophic terrorism," it does seem like the major players here were intimating foreknowledge of something. Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, and Zelikow were all peddling talk of Pearl Harbor in the few years (even months) prior to 9/11.

Let's also consider, however, that 2001 was the 60th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and that in the popular imagination Pearl Harbor would seem like a natural analogy for any kind of "surprise" attack on America. That is, what other analogies would make sense on 9/11?

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