(Video) 911Truth: Methods of Manipulation


What keeps us from uniting against tyranny? What are the false paradigms that divide us? Fear and disinformation divide us, along with distractions from the real issue at stake here: Freedom vs. Slavery. The founder of ParadigmProject.com has distributed over 2,000 Alex Jones Production films and now seeks to boost support for paradigm-busters like PrisonPlanet.TV - we urge you to join PrisonPlanet.TV today and act locally for liberty! Sometimes, the hardest thing to face and believe - is the truth.

this is so great. the BOC

this is so great. the BOC song fits well too.

the Alex Jones C-Span

the Alex Jones C-Span comment is the shit. nobody fits so much info into such a tight space as Alex.

Yeah, he smiles afterward....

....because he knows he nailed it....

(although I wish he hadn't....'cause it could be misinterpreted and diminishes what he just said....).

Great clip, though....and you can't see the Eisenhower clip often enough, especially when you know the historical context....he must have stonewalled those bastards as long as he could....Kennedy, unfortunately got steamrolled, hoodwinked, and ultimately canceled after he realized what he was facing, opposing.

10 points

for the military-industrial complex speech...

Show "Ha, how ironic Bruce!" by Killtown

Ass-Kickin' Good!

While the BOC's Don't Fear The reaper is great and works well, I wish it wasn't so loud at times. Regardless, this is still a great short.

I'm starting to pull together pieces like this beecause they are great for public screenings of longer films. If you add a cartoon and two or three shorts and/or trailers to show before the feature film, it's almost like going to the movies. Only different.

This one wil definitely be added to my trailer/shorts library.

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

Yeah, we just started showing short 9/11 clips before films...

....at our Movie Night events....it's really great for early arrivals to have something to watch until you start the main film (which should start later than announced, for the inevitable stragglers).