Political Judo

The Chinese word for "crisis" is a combination of the words "danger" and "opportunity".

We are certainly in a very dangerous time. The folks who brought us Afghanistan and Iraq are now set to launch a war against Iran.

The Congress-critters are spineless jellyfish. Indeed, Hillary Clinton and other "leading" democrats have made noises in support of attacking Iran. The mainstream media is still horrible, and won't cover false flag attacks, the most important facts about 9/11, or the most credible spokespeople for the 9/11 truth movement.

Given that the neocons hell-bent on war are not listening to the people -- even though we've sent millions of letters and emails and written devastating critiques on websites and in editorials -- things are pretty bleak.


But, this crisis is also an unparalleled opportunity. Never before have so many understood the world's secret history of false flag attacks. Never before has there been an opportunity to peel back the lid on 2,000 years or so of hidden facts, to destroy the false myths created by the warmongers, and to create something new.

I read a biography of Richard Nixon by a well-known historian. In that book, it was revealed that Nixon was considering using nuclear weapons in Vietnam. At that time, Nixon was also repeatedly saying that he didn't care what the American people thought about Vietnam, and that he was going to escalate the war anyway.

However, the biography says that when Nixon saw hundreds of thousands or millions of protestors on tv, he dropped his secret plan of nuking Vietnam. Remember, Nixon dropped those plans even though he said he didn't care what people thought.

It is time for millions of us to hit the streets. If we do, we can stop the Iranian war.

And if we stop the Iranian war, the American people will finally listen to the truth about false flag attacks, 9/11 and the truth of what has really been going on for the last 2,000 years.

We can use the neocons' own momentum -- of their increasingly big lies, of their greater and greater mugging of the Constitution, of the escalation of their insane plans to create a world war in the middle east -- to hoist them on their own petards. We can use their powerful attacks against us to flip them upside down, like a Judo master does to his opponent.

If we use their own momentum against them, we can seize the "opportunity" inherent in this crisis. We can wake people up to who has been trying to attack, and how they've manipulated us. And we can undo THOUSANDS of years of terror by exposing the hideous secret of false flags for all of the world to see.

But more emails and blogs and essays aren't going to do it by themselves. We also need to pour our bodies out onto the streets in the millions. We need to vote with our feet. We need to walk the talk. Millions of people in the streets is the only thing which will work.

There's no time to spare. The Neocons in the U.S. and Israel could launch a false flag at any time, and then attack Iran. Now is the time, as there might not be any future opportunity to turn the tide.


Thanks, GW:

Sunday is the Eleventh, a day in every month throughout every year when We the People of the planet may assume as ours and ours alone.

Look for me on the street, open and willing to discuss our past, our present, and hopeful visions of a possible future only waiting for us to walk boldly into with pride of principal, and love for humanity and the delicate blue rock we all must share.

Judooo-Flip! To George W. Bush and his entire like-minded band of ninny-fools.


We live in exciting times

Well said, GW. Never before has a false flag op been so grand in scale, nor so botched.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Yeah, they knew it was botched and obvious early on....

....and were nervous....witness Bush's strange Nov. '01 speech warning (pleading with?) us "not to entertain outrageous conspiracy theories....." about 9/11.

They've played the "delay" card pretty well so far, but that seems to be changing....I sense that this could explode into national consciousness overnight, any time now....Brzezinski's false-flag warning, the pathetic CNN anti-semitic smear, 9/11 Truth addressed on Democracy Now (the Mossad angle, no less!)...all point to....something in the air, IMO.....

Someday there will be a

Someday there will be a story about how the internet
unravaled this entire operation. They thought they had sufficient control over all the information. Thankfully,
they did not.......


But don't discount blogs, emails, etc. Remember, there are still people being turned on to 9/11 Truth every day. Don't discount the value of informing them. Stuff like Rosie, Brolin, etc. doesn't happen without these blogs, emails, websites, etc.

Some else made this point recently...

...while being interviewed by Alex Jones. It was Sunsara Taylor of World Can't Wait.


They discuss her appearance on the O'Reilly Factor, where I think she did a great job of standing up to Bill the Shill's horseshit and name calling. He was finally reduced to little more than repeatedly calling her a "loon", thereby proving his superior intellect.

I honestly think that she expected her interview with Alex to be one with a whacko right-winger. She seemed surprised that he was polite, unprovocative, and exceedingly knowledgable of the issues and diversions that allowed for a kind of intellectual discussion that most people who only get their news from teevee are never allowed to see or hear.

Ms. Taylor does appear to be mostly interested in just ending the horror in Iraq. Ok, probably stopping an invasion of Iran, too. I'm also interested in ending the former and preventing the horror of the latter. However, I want more. I want accountability. I want 9/11 truth. Gallows poles? Ok by me.

Whether she and the organization with which she is affiliated, World Can't Wait (yeah, I know - supporters of the Revolutionary Communist Party helped initiate it.), is really interested in exposing the treasonous fraud and deceit of 9/11 that got us there in the first place is unknown to me. If they are, great.

Regardless, she made a very interesting point:
That being that during the 70s there were massive demonstrations all over the country, particularly on college campuses which were being shut down by protests. Defection and rebellion within the military by those "stupid animals to be used as pawns for achieving foreign policy objectives" (as Henry Kissinger lovingly refers to our fine American service men and women) were escalating rapidly.

What turned the tide? Nixon telling America that he was going to end the war in Vietnam by escalating into Cambodia. That is when people began turning out in the tens of thousands to protest. Sadly, the parallel, Bush's "surge" (it ain't 20,000 but, more like 60,000 more troops) has yet to produce a similar reaction today. Maybe the Wantada mistrial will spring a leak in that end of the dam

Yes, sorry to say but, I'm afraid that I will have to agree with Sunsara and GW. Until we see something along those lines, probably as soon as in the coming weeks, it may be too late. We need to be in the streets if we want to be heard. If "they" think that We The People really are going to end their crap game, and I mean by at least appearing like we are willing to exercise our unaleinable Right to alter or abolish this government, I doubt that they will do anything of significance regarding leaving the Middle East or re-opening a 9/11 investigation.

The interview is definitely worth a listen.

Time to be in motion. I'll look to see you on the streets this Sunday and The Eleventh Day of Every Month.
Look for me. I never go out in this weather without my tinfoil hat.

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

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Read this GREAT IDEA from a


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