9-11 Visual Aid

artwork that says "9-11 was an inside job"

911 artwork

is clearly a new sub-culture, like 911 music.

I like that. Art was and will be always a great way to transport a message.

Show "that totally destroys that" by retun of the wi...

I don't like that Jewish

I don't like that Jewish Star of David on the Ins"I"d, hope I'm wrong but what's up with the anti-Semitic bullshit if that's what it is?

Good Eye DBLS...

Did not spot that, very subtle...

Best wishes

Good eye.

That might possibly have been inadvertent (doubt it) but it's not good.

there is no way that he did

there is no way that he did that meaning the star of david-----

this brings up something though....

people that are jews can be very paranoid sometimes

slightly excessive----

people in america dont give a fuck about the jews---they dont hate them

maybe this is just the beginining of open dialogue about all this stuff

so do you know who is Jewish by esp then?

Can you feel it their electronic presence?

pretty much..... freaking

pretty much.....

freaking libertyforum.....when you first go in there, it seems like a bunch of jew hating militants

then they seemed like hardened cynics

then you realize theyre all jewish!!

and all they do is sit around and talk about how much they hate jews...

weird....kinda funny

i definitely have more appreciation for the yiddish sense of humor now

in the end though----its just more evidence that it's not "the jews" that did 911

kind of a test from god about racism or something

911truth stands forever as helping the world purge itself of unnecessary racism

For the record

I am actually the artist who created this piece from strach. The "i" and the "d" naturally combined in that form as a result of the style. I recommend all people (races, religions, etc.) stop being so thin skinned, overly sensitive and easy to get offended; because often it creates illusions of "anti-this or that". The 9-11 Truth movement must be strong not paranoid.


I think people would like to give you the benefit of the doubt

but the fact is, if *we* picked it out, you can be sure the people who are hell-bent on misrepresenting the Truth movement as anti-Semitic will be all over it. This has been a week when we'd be crazy not to be thin-skinned about this, and this is a classic case of "just because you're paranoid..."


those who would or those who are misrepresenting The Movement are doing just that "MISREPRESENTING"; it is up to those who are true to The Cause to REPRESENT.

Okay, but I'd love it if you could "represent" minus

the freaky-coincidental Star of David. If people didn't like this graphic, they wouldn't be bothering to point this out to you.

thats whats cool about real

thats whats cool about real art----

this guy didnt mean to put in that star of david----but it gave us the chance to have this conversation

art from the soul--can bless reality in an infinite number of ways---never fails
where as that dees psyop poster---that was pre meditated propaganda to try to make 911truth look "bad"
god bless the jews---hopefully after this is all over we can have a big laugh about this---while looking towards a good future for all god's children