German friend on Holocaust denial (Williams/Loose Change)

"How many people do you know personally who smelled the flesh of burnt people from a nearby concentration camp? I know dozens. Because I come from a place not so distance from Bergen-Belsen (ever heared of it?)."

Feb. 10:

The "Loose Change" crew have announced they are dropping out of Arizona due to Eric Williams's involvement. I'm not sure I would have done this if I were going in the first place, since Williams's sessions according to Arizona 9/11 Truth have been cancelled, and he was downgraded to a vendor. But maybe they know something about his continuing influence that I do not.

Not that I've made a public issue of it, but I wasn't too impressed with the way the conference was conceived as another "big tent" festival of tolerance for any idea associated with inside-job theory, even if it's been falsified or was ridiculous to begin with (like, unfortunately, much of Loose Change 1 and 2).

Nonetheless, the LC boys took a principled stance on the contemptible (and damaging) beliefs of certain people who seek to exploit 9/11 skepticism to advance their own perpetual agenda. Good for them.

A German friend and unrelenting 9/11 activist, Heiner Buecker, writes on holocaust denial as follows. I wouldn't agree with the false dichotomy he sets up at the end -- that 9/11 truth activists are either with LC or with the holocaust deniers -- but I do agree with the spirit of his letter. - Nicholas Levis

From: Heiner Buecker
Subject: 9/11 movement - important
Date: February 10, 2007 10:21:35 AM EST

we all have to come to a decision now
Thank you to the team of Loose Change!!

(Copies Loose Change press release, which many of you have no doubt seen at their blog

What's going on here? I thought they kicked him [Williams] out?

LTW Crew, I really appreciate that you draw back!!!

I think most of Americans have no clue how the Holocaust-Deniers screw us up in our efforts (especially in erurope/germany) to get the truth out and stop the f*cking war on terror.

As I am from Germany: Williams, Hufschmid, Bollyn, please come to my country and I will prove you wrong. How many people do you know personally who smelled the flesh of burnt people from a nearby concentration camp? I know dozens. Because I come from a place not so distance from Bergen-Belsen (ever heared of it?).

What, you've seen a movie by David Cole or Historical Research? I'm impressed, that's enough prove for me. All people I've met regarding to this must be part of a conspiracy!

To make it clear as the deepest sky in summer: these people do us harm in large scales. Either they're cointelpro or just stupid ingnorants.

And no, please don't mix this up with the efforts by the zionists to use the holocaust for their political agenda. Exploiting a historical event or inventing it are two different things! I'd recommend you all to read Finkelstein's 'Holocaust Industry', which is actually an Anti-Holocaust-Denier book. (and btw, exploiting a historical issue is exactly what Williams does. Now as he got the controversity, now as he got the publicity I think he's book will be sold quite better. Making money from the mockery of the victims of an evil empire, hmm, isn't it that what 9/11 and the f*cking bastards who 'pulled' it is all about?)

Sorry, but I'm really pissed off! Not because of Williams etc. You will find stupid persons everywhere. But because this is exactly what THEY want in their effort to discredit us.

It's really disappointing. I really thought that this event could be the seed of something large.

But from now on, every truther has a decision to make:

Either you're with Loose Change or you're with the Holocaust-Deniers!!!!

I've made my decision long ago, and I'm very happy - and proud - that I didn't failed in my believe that you guys (LTW) will be going on the right side.

Whatever it takes - future will prove us right!!



"Either you're with us or you're with the terr'ists!"

Not all dichotomies are correct. Sometimes, they are mere coercion.

And when mere questions are being considered a punishable offense, which they certainly are in Germany in this regard, another quite obvious dichotomy comes to mind:

"Either you're allowed to ask questions or you're not"

Not being allowed to ask questions definitely contradicts the concept of a free society and smacks of totalitarianism. I don't really know about the Holocaust, but I know that illegitimation of inquiry is suspicious in itself. And even though I agree that it would be unwise tactically to associate 9/11 Truth with Holocaust Inquiry at this point, I think in the long run, we that have challenged the established dogma of 9/11 and thereby witnessed the methods used to silence the truth, should try to spare others with which we disagree from the same close-minded treatment.

The truth fears no questions.

I am totally opposed to any

I am totally opposed to any level of acceptance for Holocaust denial in this movement. I am also completely and adamantly for free speech and inquiry. There is no contradiction between these two positions.

Being for free speech doesn't mean that I have to tolerate lying. Holocaust deniers don't merely ask questions they purposively mislead people. What's very frustrating to me is that by associating the legitimate question regarding 911 with the very old disinfo techniques of the Holocaust deniers we are doing the movement and really the world a great harm.

It is, however, useful to study Holocaust denial and how it works because you can find similar rhetorical tricks, the same methods of falsification, in the 9/11 disinfo movement (ie no-planes hit WTC=no gas chambers)

Please take a look at this website:

So then, you must oppose laws criminalizing questions, right?

Why do these laws exist, in your opinion? Why not simply expose the liars?

I do oppose laws

I do oppose laws criminalizing speech. I haven't studied the history of how those laws came to exist in Europe, but on its face it seems that authoritarian elements in the various governments used the public's legitimate disgust with Holocaust denial to push state control over thought, speech, and inquiry.


It was Napolean who said "the victors wight the history"
With that being No one wants to deny the Holocaust for what it is, millions died, you cant deny that. Just like you cant deny the planes hit wtc 1 and 2,, but the issue is the you cant deny the official story of the six million figure our your a deniar or a revisionist,,, which has a very very negative reaction from most people. Beleave it or not everyone in this 911 truth movement is a denier of the official story or a revisionist. YOU CANT DENY THAT!!!

The issue is not "questions" but historical falsification

Sure, as I said in introducing Heiner's letter: I don't agree with the dichotomy he poses at the end. I do like Heiner.

You're free to question anything you like. You're also free to falsify, twist, misinterpret and bullshit to arrive at any conclusion you like. And if you do, you will get this treatment: to be rightly condemned. In words. (I don't support German anti-speech law, but I do understand why after the experience of WW2 Germans might want to rein in Nazis!)

The excuse for advancing any propaganda can always be, well golly we're just engaging in free inquiry. Bullshit. The historical record on the Nazi holocaust is open (it's not like 9/11, where evidence is withheld from us). So state your premises, facts and findings and put them up to scrutiny or begone.

Williams's book is not courageous for asking taboo questions. It's merely false in content and methodology.

In the case of Hufschmid, AFP and the German neo-Nazi party leader Horst Mahler, historical falsification is pursued in the service of an explicitly Naziist ideology (under whatever name). These are declared racial supremacists who exploit hatred and a Jewish "global conspiracy" theory. In stating falsehoods so as to conclude that the Nazi holocaust did not happen, they have an ulterior motive.

I don't know what Williams's motive is and I don't care. At best he is an unutterable fool.

I don't even know why this is being discussed

Holocaust and 9/11 truth are two completely different entities. The only people trying to link them are our enemies. Thus Eric Williams should have been fired, correctly, but that's really all we need to do about it. Making it news just baits more trouble. Just putting it in the title of your blog is problematic.

Sorry if you find it taboo

I didn't make this news - Williams did, by publishing "The Puzzle of Auschwitz" at the same time he organized the 9/11 conference. Today the LC guys have done something positive in reacting to the fact that Williams is still associated with the conference, and this is also news.

Williams wasn't "fired" but demoted in status at the conference (which far as I know is not employing anyone), from director and featured speaker to vendor.

This issue exists because certain people who profess 9/11 skepticism also openly promote certain Nazi ideas and historical lies -- and there are others, too many, who may know better but prefer to close their eyes and tolerate it. The cause suffers from the association. I didn't create the problem and I will put it in my headlines if I wish.

It would be a different matter if, as in Germany in 2003, the press unfairly associated 9/11 researchers with a Nazi (Mahler) who happened to attend a presentation. But Williams was organizing one of the conferences in the US.

Eric Hufschmid's works on 9/11 -- which present nothing that one can't find in other videos or books -- were promoted to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars by a financier who was hailed as some kind of savior. And all the while, you could easily find Hufschmid's writings on race and the holocaust on the Web.

There are too many other examples. People try to say the problem is irrelevant, or claim ignorance, or come up with excuses for it. Enough.

According to Arizona 911 Truth

"As a result of the controversy surrounding Eric D. Williams, he has stepped down from involvement in the 9/11 Accountability Conference. The 911 Accountability Conference does not support Holocaust denial, nor does the 9/11 Truth Movement. No speaker listed here is known to have published works related to the Holocaust. "

He's not anywhere on their website, so I have no way to determine whether he will be there as a "vendor." Perhaps you do. But this is not "Eric D. Williams' conference." It is a project of Arizona 911 Truth.


FYI - As of noon Sunday he was still listed on the Vendor's Info page of the web site. I hope that they will get around to editing this soon.

Just thought you ought to know.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


When does asking questions cross over into 'lobbying'?

I am all for freedom of speech and freedom to pursue controversial research. much of science is predicated on this freedom.

but - when honest questions give way to lobbying campaigns (under the thinly veiled guise of legitimate research) in order to forward personal interests and political agendas - i think it is only appropriate to call it propaganda.

not all research is created equal. and when certain avenues of research insist on forwarding ideas and facts that are demonstrably inaccurate or debunked - yet systematically inserted into the pubilic vernacular anyway - this is more propaganda than science or research.

One example would be the phrase "aluminum planes cannot slice through steel." it is inherently dishonest in that the planes that struck the towers hit prefabricated sections that simply broke away at their weakest points - where they were bolted together.

Now - if this is communicated to a researcher - yet he persists in claiming "aluminum planes cannot slice through steel" - this person is no longer raising legitimate questions - instead opting to lobby the community to believe inherently false assertions.

this movement has seen much of this. taking the "no planes" theory as an example, we have seen this 'research' pushed to the front of the line through persistent and the insistence of certain activists. but - unfortunately - VOLUME is not a suitable substitute for TRUTH. swamping and spamming the internet with material based on fallacious ideas that ostensibly ignores any evidence that serves to debunk or contradicts the premise of their ideas is NOT intellectually honest "QUESTIONING" - it is propaganda.

all the rightiously indignant insistence over the 'legitimacy' of research will not make it legitimate. you cannot LOBBY lies into being the truth.

much of holocaust denial-based research is inherently inaccurate science - and comes disturbingly close to revealing ulterior political agendas based on hate. It is no coicidence that David Duke advocates Holocaust denial.

in my opinion it is beneath our dignity to even discuss.

"in my opinion it is beneath our dignity to even discuss."

Well said.

Everyone who professes opposing 9/11 Truth because "some individuals in 9/11 Truth are 'holocaust deniers' " is an enemy of exposing the Truth about 9/11.

Everyone who professes to support 9/11 Truth AND "denies" the Holocaust is an enemy of the sincere 9/11 Truth movement.

And, every sincere 9/11 Truth movement member who gives this nonsense attention by repeatedly responding and protesting is an unwitting dupe playing into the enemies' of 9/11Truth hands.

How should we deal with the

How should we deal with the neo-nazis and Holocaust deniers who attach themselves to this movement? Should we ignore them?

Heiner is the man!

Back in 2003 we have a serious setback here in Germany because one of this ****heads attended a 911 truth symposium.

Horst Mahler.

You've read right, attented, he was just a guest. Without beeing invited. The rotten media mixed that up with all the truth speakers out there.

Aka: All the crazy conspiracy nutjubs like Horst Mahler, Gerhard Wisnewski, Mathias Bröckers and Andreas von Bühlow...

They repeated and repeated this over and over again. That's so sick.

Thx for adressing this!

I don't understand what you're saying here


Horst Mahler is a Neo-Nazi

and Holocaust-denier

- just forgot to mention.

good for the Loose Change guys

The Loose Change crew was right to boycott this event. It's a shame that Williams had to smear the entire event with his Holocaust denial lunacy, but it's better that the LC guys not get associated with any form of anti-semitism, even indirectly like this (and please remove references to American Free Press in LC2E). People can squabble over nuances of free speech and totalitarian thinking, but this has nothing to do with free speech: this is about factually incorrect speech, which in addition spreads bigotry.

If the LC crew had attended this event, then a few months from now when LC Final Cut arrives there would have been a host of stories in the msm about how the filmmakers consorted with anti-semites. Don't give the msm that smear.

Questions about the Holocaust do not belong in the discussion of 9/11. We are not trying to say anything about the Holocaust; we are trying to prove that the government version of 9/11 is a fraud. The introduction of tangential issues only fuels disinformation.

While I don't see the whole

While I don't see the whole conference as being compromised, I agree it was a good tactical move for the LC crew to withdraw considering their history as targets.

That said, I'd feel ambivilant about going. For those who are, beware drama...someone wanted Williams placed; it's doubtful they'll just give up on using him JUST because he's been forced out as a speaker.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

yeah.... if anyone ever


if anyone ever comes up to you now and tries to say that 911truth is anti semitic

you can tell them about this
this is etched as an example in cyberspace forever