9/11: The Conspiracy Files 2/18/07 9pm on the BBC

BBC To air on Sunday Feburary 18th at 9pm on the BBC TV.

9/11: The Conspiracy Files - bbc.co.uk

We all know what happened on 9/11, the day the world changed. Or do we?

Sunday 18 February, 9pm

The Conspiracy Files investigates the growing number of conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 attacks.

Incredibly some believe the American Government allowed or actively helped the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon.

Those who question the official version believe the World Trade Centre buildings were actually demolished by explosives; others ask why there was so little damage to the Pentagon's outer wall if a plane really had hit it.

And why was America so unprepared when terror attack warnings had been received?

The Conspiracy Files travels across the United States to investigate, speaking to eye witnesses and tries to separate fact from fiction.

BBC explores 9/11 conspiracy - bbc.co.uk

September 11 conspiracies will go mainstream on Sunday as BBC airs an hour long documentary that investigates the growing number of conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 attacks.

9/11: The Conspiracy Files, will try to answer the question that has so far being doing the rounds on the Internet ever since the hijacked planes crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center: "Is it an inside job?"

According to the BBC, investigators have travelled across the United States speaking to eyewitnesses trying to separate fact from fiction.

The programme produced by Guy Smith raises another important question: "why was America so unprepared when terror attack warnings had been received?"

According to a Scripps Howard poll, 36% of 1,010 Americans believe that the government is responsible for the attacks either by omission or by commission.

The official 9/11 commission report concluded that "there were specific points of vulnerability in the plot and opportunities to disrupt it.

"The outrage caused by September 11th allowed the present administration to instantly implement policies its members have long supported, but which were otherwise infeasible," according to the main conspiracy website, 911Truth.org, which receives thousands of visitors every day. "9/11 was exploited to launch an open-ended, perpetual "war on terror," actually a war against any and all enemies the US government may designate. The case of Iraq shows that the target countries of this war need have nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11."

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Thanks for the info !!!

sorry about that, got it

sorry about that, got it fixed.

Nice Little TEASER / TRAILER on the BBC website !!!

Must admit it looks quite good (for a trailer) !!!

Trailer Link :   [ HERE ]

Fingers crossed... The TRUTH will set US free

Best wishes and good luck !!!

wow.. this week has been

wow.. this week has been amazing.

critical mass guys!!!

this will probably not be an all out postive film, but hopefully will at least be balanced in their critism of both conspiracy theories ;-)

DBLS already saw the

DBLS already saw the commercial for it, here was his blog submission:

I've just seen the ad for the program and it starts with The Statue of Liberty with a shadow and sound of a plane passing by over it, then a soundbite of Alex Jones saying "Bottom line 9/11's an inside job, it's a self inflicted wound" - which then echoes out to show a shot of the burning Towers and some narrator saying "What's the Truth about 9/11? The Conspiracy Files next Sunday at 9pm (February 19th)".

Sounds crazy, too bad I can't see it here in the US.

Thanks both of your for the info on this!

Cant somebody record it??

Cant we have somebody record it and submitt it to 911blogger for us to watch?

Wow that would be awesome if alex jones is in the film.

Hopefully somebody can record it and subbmit it to google, 911blogger, digg, netscape and other sites to help get the word out. I am looking forward to seeing it.

I've just seen the ad for

Edit: I'm going to try and record this on a DVD recorder and rip that etc, it's not definite yet though so everyone else should have a go at recording it to!

Loose change #12

Also loose change went to number #12 in google as a result of yesturdays articles!!

don't know if this will help

here's a link where bbc has 19 or so channels to watch online


Show "Time to put your heads in a box and whistle?" by BMAC
Show "No branes theory at Dylan Towers Center (DTC)" by BMAC
Show "Remember when he found the black boxes" by BMAC

this from an acloholic.

this from an acloholic.

Show "Though you would be chiming in Chris but" by BMAC
Show "I do drink coffee but no booze" by BMAC

awwwww,i have a new groupie!

awwwww,i have a new groupie! i dont roll that way though BMAC, sorry. you can send your sister over here though, i wouldnt mind.

Hilarious, the uncensored

Hilarious, the uncensored version! Irrelevant, but irreverent!

"True enlightenment is attained when one can, at will, see through the illusion of reality." - Me, intoxicated

"Avery Labels" - Dylan retracts offensive comment about KBarrett

See below. Frankly I think that Kevin has done more and better for 9/11 Truth than Dylan et al have done or will do. Before y'all have a coniption, let me explain. Loose Change was not the first documentary about 9/11. Loose Change is not the best documentary about 9/11. Somehow Loose Change was promoted more than the ones previous, and it can be argued that it's because it was the most well made to date at the time (and I mean LC2E, the first one was pretty blah) Basically, they were in the right place at the right time. They don't own the truth, and they do not know anything that anyone else does.

Kevin Barrett on the other hand has made no film of his own. But before LC2E came out strong, Kevin had arranged for David Ray Griffin to speak at the U of Wisconsin, which longtime truthers will remember as a watershed moment that came before Loose Change's explosion online (which was helped along by coverage in the MSM.) Kevin continues to be one of the most erudite, funny, and active figures in the truth movement.

Kevin does not just talk about the lies, Kevin deals with the very important issues at the root of much of the 9/11 narrative, which is the chasms within the Abrahamic traditions. No offense, but I don't think the Loose Change boys have as strong a grasp on the real and profound issues affecting 9/11 discourse, including Jewish/Muslim relations and competing historical myths.

Had Dylan read and understood Kevin's incredible essay here:


I think he could have come up with a better quote than "Barrett has made some off-color remarks about the holocaust." Here's a tip Dylan, historical fabrications did not begin with 9/11, and a myth is not necessarily something that is untrue.

What I see Kevin as doing is one of the most important things that anyone in the truth movement can do, which is to bridge the gaps between zealots who for one reason or another want to stifle any discussion that doesn't agree with their own world view. If it turns out, as seems likely, that Israeli elements were involved in the attacks, this will become a known fact. It will not be swept under the carpet and there will be fallout. Those who currently write-off those who examine the Israeli connection as anti-semites are simply raising stakes that they have no control over.

In addition, for people to treat the holocaust any different than any other historical event, i.e. making it unacceptable to question, is so evocative of the methods used to suppress the truth about 9/11 that it should at the very least give people pause lest the public wonder if in fact the sensitivity betrays the accuracy of the charges. Anyone who is confident that a historical narrative will stand up to scrutiny should logically be promoting such scrutiny, not discouraging it, as we have learned all too well from our experience with the falsified historical narrative of 9/11.

dylan avery Posted: Feb 12 2007, 08:28 PM

I'd like to make a quick statement. I did in no way mean to slander Kevin Barrett. I was asked to produce a quote and I did so.

First, I apologize for lumping Kevin together with Eric. And second, I respect Kevin for what he's been able to accomplish, despite the odds being incredibly stacked against him.

Kevin has the following to say regarding that particular email:

"I would also appreciate a retraction of your blog remark about me. It has led people to lump me together with Eric, when in reality I don't share his opinions at all.

In fact I may be the only Muslim on earth who does NOT question the basic facts of the standard Western holocaust narrative. But I think the other 1, 499,999 Muslims have excellent reasons (from their perspective) for questioning it--yet those reasons, and the Muslim-majority perspective on just about everything, are systematically blacked out and/or lied about in American media and academia. That pisses me off enough that when an asshole like Rabinowitz won't stop bashing me with his anti-Muslim bigotry, I'm happy to throw the other side's argument in his face just to pull his chain."

There ya be. Hope that clears things up a bit.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


This is just another part of the recent "holocaust" campaign...

Getting in Dylans ear and playing the response.

Playing off "truther vs truther"... So obvious.

That's the problem when you let others start setting agendas and framing what can be discussed or not, Dylan should just get on with what he does, stuff his "advisers".

His true mates are with him.

Best wishes

This is exciting, BUT

I just can't believe they are going to give alternative theories a fair shake. It's the BBC for crying out loud! Sure, it's slightly less manipulated than the likes of our networks, but I can't imagine the powers in Britain letting this on air if it's damning to the government.

In seven days and 1 hour...

We'll find out...

I'm expecting it not to be too "pro" 9/11 truth, but will be very happy to be pleasantly suprised !!!

Fair and balanced would be great (and not Fox news' version)...

Fingers crossed

i agree with you but

next weekend (the 17th) is a new moon (favorable for night time air strikes), Congress is in recess from the 19th to the 23rd, and if ever there was a moment that Bush could "distract" by trying something stupid (like attacking Iran) that could be the moment.

I hope to God I am wrong about that, but it would put these "conspiracy files" or they wouldn't even be aired at all.

Food for thought. Maybe if enough people scream loud enough this week, it won't happen like that.

Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times: http://www.rochelletimes.blogspot.com

Agreed, I can sense the desperation...

To kick things off in Iran.

I suppose all we can do is hope that "forces" are trying to prevent this disaster.

All we can do is carry on our vigilance of potential false flag ops and carry on spreading the TRUTH.

Anyway, back to topic, the wheels are in motion, let's see how good the BBC really are...

Best wishes

The Future

Will this really be aired as intended, or will the powers-that-be take control of the media?

This one too

The true story about Iran dossier(or what CNN won't say)

Please record this

Somebody from the UK please record this.

Thank you.

New Video

I just ran across this new video. Check it out. I think your gunna like it! http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/80.html More proof that 9/11 was an inside job. (as if we need more proof)


It got frontpaged!

Well done to all of us

400+ diggs

Been on there for an hour. Proberbly got 10000 clicks

Show "No braines Avery smear on Barrett cowardly" by BMAC
Show "Time to stand up for Barrett people" by BMAC

Dr. Barrett stands up quite well on his own,

especially when he is not quoted out of context.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

doggin' Ghouliani

Monday, addresses members of the Churchill Club, Santa, Clara, CA ... Tuesday, delivers speech at opening ceremony, World Ag Expo, Tulare, CA. Hillary possibly in LA on Feb. 22.

727 diggs and rising!

Wow. Some excellent comments there as well, seems like now only the camps could possibly contain the truth. It once has been said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

Let's roll!

How close is Iran to a nuclear bomb?

With US troops so close to Iran's borders, a small event could easily ignite a wider escalation and even trigger an 'accidental' war (no shit)


Putin's speech. MUST

did you get it? Space

this media surge in britain

this media surge in britain is not mentioning building 7

this is very telling.....

time for this idiocy to end!!
the fake msm is planning on manipulation of loose change-----hopefully dylan will tell them to screw off

and everyone on the computer takes advantage of their fake hype and let everyone know about wtc7!!

the dangerous rise

things are a bit touchy---cause on the one hand --everyone is real happy---but still.....

careful careful----

as the cfr begins to fall apart

Paul Craig Roberts takes a stand

Show "http://www.opposingdigits.com/loosechange/" by DHS


why do you keep posting this crap, dhs???

what are you???

911 on the BBC

The BBC is WORSE than FOX News, because its MORE subtle. Expect an ostensibly reasonable balancing of the evidence with subtle pro-USA angles all over it.

If they cant provide a muddying of the water of a particular peice of extremely strong evidence of an inside job theyll omit it, but dont underestimate their power and the sophistication of the BBCs ability to muddy the water. It wouldnt surprise me if they TOTALLY OMIT the WTC7 FREE FALL SPEED DEMOLITION, but the Norad standdown is easier to dismiss as governmental incompetence, so expect that bit to be in the propaganda.

The BBC is BRITISH STATE MEDIA. Prepare for THOROUGH rebuttals please everyone, and distribution of those rebuttals, cos unlike us they have nationwide broadcast network.

UPDATE: From Alex Jones...

Just heard on Alex's show that he has received a call from the shows producer... and to expect a...


Can't really say anymore until this Sunday.

Best wishes..